2.0 Mafia's Captive - I wish, I knew how to Quit You!

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10- Forged In Fire

He melted in my arms as she sat on his lap. I kisses his neck on his sweet spot making it even harder. I can feel his body heated with my touch.

“Nandu! Please!! What happened to you? I’m hating you and I betrayed you, cheating on you then why you are loving me so much?” He pleaded.

“I love you and I trust you!! I seen love in your eyes!! Only love!! Your lips are lying but eyes are expressing the truth. If you really hated me,
why will you invest your life to safe me?
Why will you stop yourself from touching me?
I touched you, but you are requesting me to go away then why not you left that girl? Why you hurt her? I was your rival then why you are not able to treat me same like some random girl for you!! I know, you love me!! Only love!! If you had lusted me you may had used this golden chance and lot more chances you had in our married life, but you never took advantage of me... You always loved me and will be loving me forever!!” I confessed.

“I love you and I know you love me too!!” I whispered in tears cupping his face. Without a word he took me in his embrace and hugged me hard. He kissed my teary eyes followed by cheeks sucking off my tears.

“I love you hubby!!” I pulled him in a small kiss to my surprise he responded me dominating me. I really missed this man in from long. I was dying for his love. I was starving for his touch. I wanted to get him. His undo my shirt buttons one by one. I was just shocked by his sudden change. He slid of my shirt from my shoulder placing wet kisses all over my shoulder licking my collar bone like a hungry lion. He bitted on my neck gifting a mark of his lovemaking me scream in pleasurable pain. “Ahhh!!” He stopped out hearing my scream.

He moved apart seeing my eyes with a fresh drop of tear. I held his wrist from leaving me alone. He looked away unable to face the situation. But not today!!

“Everything yours!“I whispered wiping off my tears. He hugged me pouring out all his love.

“Continue!” I whimpered slapping on his shoulder. He digs his face on my assets and started nipping my skin my fist the hay with one hand and the another started scratching his back by the inexpressible pleasure which I’m experiencing for the first time of life. After getting enough placed a little bite and smoothed my pain making me moan in painful pleasure. I was totally lost in his skillful pleasuring torture. He caressed my back while tracing his hands up and down. He turned hard by now. He caressed my waist while tracing my navel. A shiver run down my spine by his touch. He pressed my left curve in my palm making me moan aloud.

“Do u like it! “He whispered, I blushed hard by hearing me. He kissed my neck.

“Shall I continue?” He asked like a gentleman before removing my shirt totally.

“Yes! Love me!” I panted in pleasure.

“It tastes amazing!!” He whispered while sucking my melons. He kneeled my right curve while tasting other making me moan crazy. He kissed my lips and returned back to my left. I was shocked by his speed.

" ahh... ” I screamed in pain. He sucked it slowly while soothing my pain. I stared her with a lovely teasing smile.

“Do you really wanna do it? Can I mark you as mine?” He asked with an intense eye lock. He had bitten my lip as a response. I loved his gestures. I nodded my head blushing.

“Answer in words” he whispered In my ear while licking off my earlobe.

“It’s just hard to speak! Just do it!! “I said blushing.

“Aww, my baby is blushing!” He teased making me blush more.

He pulled away my shirt in one go. I crossed covering myself.

“You look beautiful” He whispered removing my hands. He leaned down kissing my navel travelling down. I pulled him up by his neck and kissed him.

“Just complete this hubby” I requested desperately unable to face his sensual torture.

“As you say Highness!!” He chuckled unbuttoning his jeans. I closed my eyes shyly.

“Open your eyes!” He commanded. I opened my eyes looking at his dark brown eyes shining in the dim lamplight and the sounds of heavy rain are giving me a dreamy feeling, but this is not dream... This is true. My hubby is loving me!! He is mine forever and ever.

“I love you hubby!” I said kissing him.

Soon he changed into our birth suite, he worshipped my every inch marking each other which is witnessed the heavy rain caused by thunderstorms.

This moment, this second I felt my life is beautiful... No, he made my life beautiful!! His love is the only feeling I wanna feel the rest of my life!!”


Next morning,

He woke up first by the rays of sunrise. He took few seconds to trace the surroundings and soon his eyes fell on Nandu who is sleeping peacefully hugging him. He got up with a jerk and checked himself. He was shocked to find himself and her naked under a single sheet.

“Shit Dammit!!” He cursed himself reminding the night incident.

“What did I do? I shouldn’t have done this!” He scolded himself getting his pant on.

“What will be she thinking about me?
I should hate her, I don’t deserve to be loved!!
I don’t deserve her trust!! I don’t deserve her in my life!! She is loving me so much and I did all nonsense with her. How can again face her? I used her dammit!! I took advantage of her innocence, of her love, of her trust!
I shouldn’t have done this!! I just can’t do it!

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