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6- Narrow Escape

“Seems Miss Nandini is busy off duty too” He chuckled in a mocking tone pulling the chair beside and occupied it between them.

“Yes of course,” Nandini said in serious tone controlling her excitement.

“Why the hell you came here?” Ishan scowled in anger getting up. Manik took the ice cream bowl from her and had the spoon fill of ice cream which she filled to feed Ishan.

“Butterscotch it’s my favourite,” he said licking his lips burning Ishan more.

“What the fuck!! Just get up from here!!” Ishan shouted grabbing him by his shirt. Manik signed his man not to react. He gently freed himself smiling at him.

“I had work with your girlfriend. I will leave if she come with me” he said in a calm tone.

“Why? I won’t come with you” She whispered like a kid and snatched the ice cream bowl from him.

“Why will she come? Who the hell your?” Ishan scowled in anger.

“Yes!! Ask! ask!!” She provoked enjoying the play eating ice cream. He grabbed it again from her.

“Waiter!! ” he called when the waiter came running towards them.

“Get one ice cream like one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of Butterscotch in a single bowl garnish with ghee roasted almonds and Kaju should be chopped well ” He ordered. She was awestruck listening him. He ordered her favourite style of eating. The waiter got the ice cream within a few minutes.

“You remembered my habits?” She asked admiring him.

“What?” Ishan snapped in confusion.

“Bro, what’s your come first sit!” Manik said in a calm tone making him sit beside on the chair. Ishan settled controlling his anger.

“I remembered because I liked tasting those I ice cream filled lips. You know well how much I lust you” He spoke dirty sneezing her knee lustfully.

“But I seen love” she whispered pushed his hand away.

“What is happening here?” Ishan shouted in frustration.

“What’s your problem man, we are long time rivals since college days. ” Manik confessed which shocked Ishan.

“Is it true Nandu! You both know each other!” Ishan asked in disbelief. She nodded yes shocking him.


“I know her and I seen her....” He paused for a second winking at her.

“Seen means!!” Ishan shouted in irritation.

“Seen almost all I counted every mole of her ” He whispered in a husky tone which is only audible to her. She placed her hand on his knees with a gentle sneeze.

“Stop!!” She whispered.

“Say!!” Ishan shouted in tension.

“Will you come with me then?” He asked in a husky tone. She thought for a while.

“Ok, actually I was talking about my dirty secrets like your girlfriend is...” His words stopped by her.

“Stop I will come!!” She scowled standing up from the chair.

“Great!!” He got up to leave.

“What!! Nandu you can’t go!!” Ishan shouted in anger.

“She will come with me and you better go home,” He said taking her hand in his but Ishan tried to snatch her hand from him. In meanwhile some shoot towards Ishan it just missed in Nick of second which alerted Manik and his man, Nandini.

They started aiming towards the black-masked man and shoot them. They circled around Nandini like a shield. Manik took his gun and shot few attackers and took her to his car.

“Get in” he Ordered her.

“I will...” Before she says anything he opened the door and rushed inside and locked the door. Ishan tried to stop Manik but he failed. Manik got angry and pointed the gun towards him.

“Nooo!!” Nandini shouted from the car.

“Sit!! Wear your seat belt then!!” Manik ordered in anger.

“Ok, leave him. Ishan please go stay in our secret place” Nandini said Ishan.


“Drop him safe ” Manik ordered his man and got in the car.

He drove the car towards highway the attackers started chasing them. He took a turn towards the mud road between jungle and drove faster.

“Slow!!” ” she shouted in fear by his speed.

“We will die!!” Manik shouted and he shot the car chasing them. All attackers cars collided as the first car jumped in the air. As he drove in the forest, the rain started to turn heavy which made the road clumsy. The tiers of the car started skidding on the wet mud road. He took a turn which lead him to a wrong path. Their car struck in a mud trap. He pressed hard on the accelerator to get the car out of mug pit but failed miserably.

“Shift to driving seat, I will try to push the car out” he instructed getting down.

“Step on the accelerator and have a grip on the brake,” He said pushing the car but nothing worked that minute. The heavy rain made it harder for him. His body turned dirty by his effort.

She got down from the car understanding the fact.
“It won’t come out hubby,” She said smiling.

“Yes, but we don’t time,” He said in a calm tone.

“What shall we do!!” She asked looking at his messy attire which made her laugh out. He dusted out the mud by the help of rain.

“Let’s walk,” he said. He grabbed his backpack from the car and both started walking in the woods ignoring the heavy rain.

“Hubby, it’s raining so much... This mud is not letting me walk” She complained like a kid.

“Don’t call me hubby and you are trained well for 2years in more worst environment!” He said walking front.

“But now I’m relaxed in the job and tired by morning raid! Hubby” She said with a pout holding his hand. He lost for a second looking at her cute face dripping in water.

“Control Manik!! You don’t melt with that cuteness!! Control!!” He thought himself controlling his eyes staring her in the moonlight.

“What happened hubby?” She asked faking innocence moving close to his as like she gently brushed his body with hers.

“Don’t call me hubby!!” He shouted stepping away.

“Why! Getting feelings!!” She giggled pulling his cheeks.

“I don’t have any, stop wasting time and follow me” He said breaking the topic without wasting any second she got on her toes and pulled him in a deep passionate kiss leaving him in utmost shock.

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