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I was going to marry my high school boyfriend, I was going to be a heart surgeon. I was going to live a quiet life. I was a good girl, the perfect daughter. But then Finn Edgemore the third came crashing into my life, turning it upside down. He claims he didn’t follow me to college, he also told me he wasn’t a good guy. And yet I was drawn to him. And when I was with him I felt alive, like I’d finally woken up from a long sleep. Finn pushes my boundaries, he awakens something deep inside of me I didn’t know was there. With Finn, I’m a bad girl. My name is Maddy Adebayo and I’m screwed. This story will contain elements of cheating, a coming of age relationship between a bisexual man and a straight woman. It is a mixed race relationship and a story about friendship and love. And explicit sexual material. Us is a stand alone, but it’s recommended to read Tell Me You Love Me before as the stories are interconnected 🥰

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

New beginning

So I’ve taken a small liberty with this book. First year students at Clemson live in student housing buuuuttttt I really wanted my characters to live together so I’m pretending that Freshman can live off campus. Enjoy 🥰


“Ok so I think that’s everything.” My dad said as he looked around my new apartment. My new home. It felt crazy to say that. Although home for me would always be my parents place back in Palms Beach.

“Don’t forget you call your mom every night. If you can’t call text.” He said as he took his glasses off and wiped away a tear.

“George. Give her a break. Let her settle in first.” My mom said giving me a quick wink as she smiled at me. Her dark eyes flashing mischievously at me.

“I know I’m sorry sweetheart. It’s just I’ll miss you so much.” My father choked out. I wrapped my arms around him breathing in his sweet cinnamon scent. He kissed the top of my head. “Ok if your mom’s fine with you not calling, call me instead.” He fake scolded my mom.

I couldn’t help but laugh as my mom swatted at his arm.

My parents were amazing. They were kind, supportive and loving. And it was thanks to them that I was stood in my new apartment getting ready for the next step in my life. To say I was excited was an understatement. I couldn’t wait for River to arrive so I could show her around. We’d constantly texted each other over the summer vacation whilst she and her boyfriend Grayson were on their tour of Europe. She would send me postcards from each city she visited. My summer vacation was spent with my family. My dad took some vacation time off from the hospital he worked at as a doctor and we all went to Florida. Even my older sister Megan came with us. It was a perfect send off for me, a way to say goodbye to my old life and hello to my future.

And here I was, standing in the middle of my new apartment saying goodbye for now to my parents. Waiting for River to come and Phoebe to arrive. I’d yet to meet Phoebe in person. We’d spoken over the phone and FaceTime. But we’d never actually met in the flesh. I was excited about finally meeting the people from Rivers other life. And by people I meant Finn.

Finn Edgemore, had pretty much stalked me through social media ever since Thanksgivings last year. River had come back home to spend time with her stepmom Selina and she decided to call her friends. It wasn’t the first time I’d spoken to him through FaceTime but it was the first time he noticed me. Apparently they were all drunk during that first call to me.

Only this time it was different, he shamelessly tried to flirt with me asking me questions. Telling me he thought I was hot. And honestly I was flattered. I mean who wouldn’t be? The guy is hot. So freaking hot. With his only black hair, grey eyes, full lips and pale skin. He looked tall, and I subtly asked River in a round about way how tall he was.


She said he was six foot three. Sigh.

He was taller than Trent. Oh did I forget to mention Trent. Yeah he’s my boyfriend, has been since I was sixteen. Trent was our schools Star footballer, along with Asher Cole. The pair of them were considered Gods in our school. And River and I were, well we were not. It wasn’t that we were unpopular it was just, that we preferred to stick together rather than try to be popular. So it was a huge surprise when Trent Lane asked me out. And I’ll admit at first I wasn’t that interested. But damn he was relentless in asking me out, and River said I should give him a chance. And so I did. Trent was a good guy. He was nice and sweet and nothing like the other jocks on the team. He took me to a fancy restaurant for our first date and brought me flowers. He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek when he said goodbye. He never pressured me, instead focusing on waiting for me to be ready. We were together for 8 months before we finally had sex.

It was my first time, but not his. He was sweet and gentle but, and here’s the but. It’s a big one. I never got a freaking orgasm from it.

At first I put it down to the fact it was my first time and uncomfortable. But then we had sex again and well, it kinda happened again. By the third time I wasn’t expecting anything and again I got nothing.

You can see a pattern emerging here. I put it down to experience, maybe I was doing something wrong. But Trent wasn’t a virgin and Trent, well he always got his freaking orgasm. I tried to to subtly ask him to maybe do more to warm me up, but he all he seemed to do was move his fingers a little inside me before pulling out and shoving his cock in me. And I’m not even sure if he’s ever even heard of a clitoris.

Sex with him is frustrating. But he’s such a good guy and he really is the sweetest boyfriend so I’ve always just kinda put up with it and then well, taken care of it myself. But damn what I wouldn’t give to have an orgasm which wasn’t brought on by my own hand.

My phone pings bringing me back to the present. I look up and my parents are fussing over by the kitchen, my mom’s looking in the cupboards and my dad, bless him is still wiping his eyes and sniffling. I smile at them. My phone pings again. I get it out of my pocket and my heart beats a little bit faster. And then I feel guilty because the message is from Finn and not my boyfriend. You see after the thanksgiving call, Finn sent me a follow request through Instagram. So naturally I followed him back. A month or so passed before he sent me a message through Instagram. Before long we were pm’ing back and forth pretty much every day. His messages were filled with innuendoes but bit by bit he’d tell me something real about himself. And I found myself opening up to him too. I told him that I was going to be a heart surgeon like my dad, but deep down, what I really wanted to do was work in free clinic. But my dad was so proud of me for following in his footsteps that I couldn’t bear to disappoint him.

I told a Finn things I couldn’t tell anyone else, even River. He made me feel free. And I’d never felt like that before. It wasn’t long before he asked for my number and then we began talking.

Every single night before I went to bed. I’d never met anyone like Finn before. He was like a breath of fresh air. And as such I found myself looking forward to his calls each night. He was like no one I’d ever met before. He was bisexual for a start. He told me all about his exploits and I found myself masterbating to his stories after I’d hung up the phone to him. I knew it was wrong and I shouldn’t be thinking about a guy who wasn’t my boyfriend but I just couldn’t help myself.

Shame floods my cheeks as I think about Trent and if this is cheating? I’ve been torn up about this for months. Am I cheating on Trent?

My phone pings again. I finally read Finn’s text.

Finn: Hey Queen,

Finn: I’ve arrived at Clemson….

Finn: Party tonight at Alpha G I’ll be there….looking forward to finally meeting you…😍

My breath hitches as butterflies dance around in my stomach. The thought of coming face to face with him frightens and excites me at the same time.

“I’m just going to use the bathroom.” I blurt out startling my parents who are still looking through my cupboards.

I make my way down the hallway into the main bathroom in the apartment. Walking over to the mirror I look at my reflection. My skin is dark and my eyes are even darker almost black. My hair is braided at the moment, falling down my back. I smile to myself because I can do this. I can go to that damn party and meet Finn face to face. We’re friends why shouldn’t we meet? It means nothing.


I hate second guessing myself. I feel uneasy but at the same time exhilarated.

I hear a commotion coming from the living room. More voices, male and female. I take one last look at myself.

“It’s not cheating.” I whisper to myself.

I walk down the hall and hear River’s voice talking excitedly to my parents. I hear Grayson’s deep baritone, Selina’s soft Spanish accent and another male, who I assume is Bob, Selina’s new boyfriend.

“Here she is. My baby girl all grown up.” I look up to my dad and see his eyes fill with tears again. “I’m so proud of you Madeline Nneka Adebayo.” He wipes at his cheeks again.

“Dad. I’m not that far away. And I’ll be home soon to visit.” I say throwing my arms around him for another hug.

“I know baby girl.”

I hear a little shriek come from behind me.

“Maddy.” I turn to face Rivers beautiful face. She’s positively glowing. Her skin is tan from her summer spent in Europe, her hair is a pale, sun kissed blonde and she looks happier than I’ve seen her in awhile. After her father died the light dimmed from her eyes. It was devastating to watch your best friend shrink into herself with grief. But then she met Grayson, and boy was their story a complicated one. He was her former stepdad, yes I did say stepdad. Married to her mom, whose a total bitch by the way. Anyway River and Grayson fell desperately in love, he divorced her mom, is with River now and the rest as they say is history. But more than anything he made her happy. He loved her and with him she was the happy go lucky River I’d always known. So to me it didn’t matter how they met or that he was older than her. He made her smile and that made me smile.

“How awesome is this place Mads? You did good.” River squeals with delight whilst jumping up and down. “Come here I’ve missed you.” She held her arms open for me and her eyes watered with tears. I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame.

“Hey tiny.” I said as she laughed softly at her pet name.

“I’m not that small.” She huffed out. Grayson came and stood next to her, the guy was huge. And he made her look even smaller than she actually was.

“Yeah you kinda are Sunshine.” He said placing a kiss on her cheek. She looked up to him with such love and devotion in her eyes. And I felt unease in the pit of my stomach because I’d never once looked at Trent the way River looked at Grayson. I didn’t nor had I ever looked at Trent in that way. And if I was perfectly honest he didn’t look at me the way Grayson did River or the way my dad looked at my mom. I heard more voices coming from the hall as yet more people came into the apartment.

A girl of average height, with shoulder length red hair, who I instantly knew was Phoebe along with her mom, an older woman who was her double and a tall balding man who was obviously her father.

“Phoebe.” River ran over and threw her arms around her friend as everyone in the room turned to look at them. Poor Phoebe’s face coloured the same red as her hair. River said she was shy.

“This is Maddy.” River breathed our excitedly dragging Phoebe over to me. She gave me a shy smile and I knew then in that instant I’d love her just as much as I loved River.

“Welcome to the rest of our lives.” I said smiling at River and Phoebe. They both smiled back at me and I felt the excitement prickling around the three of us.

I just knew this was going to be an exciting new chapter to my life.

Ok, so I’m kinda back. Updates will be slow. But I’ll try my hardest to update weekly.

First chapter in Finn and Maddy’s story. I hope you guys liked it. I feel like it could have maybe been better but with everything going on right now this is the best I could offer.

Stay safe everyone.

Also a BIG thank you to everyone out there who works in healthcare, the shops, delivery drivers, and all other key workers who are currently keeping the world going right now. Thank you.

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