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“I can’t believe you dragged me to a party, on our first night here. We could have waited until next weekend?” River huffed out. I side eye her. Really? She knows as well as I do that Grayson will be back in town next weekend and squashing any chance of a girlie night. Not that I blame her. The guy is gorgeous. He’s like a GQ/ instagram model.

“Isn’t Grayson coming next weekend?”

Her face flushes and she bites her lip, a nervous habit of hers.

“Yeah. He is your right. Come on let’s go in there then. Phoebe said she’d meets us here too.” She looks down at herself. Straightening her dress. “How do I look?”

I raise an eyebrow at her. “Seriously? You always look beautiful.” She blushes again. Her beautiful face flushing pink.

“Come on tiny dancer, lets show them what we’ve got.” I say as I drag her ass towards the party.

“Pffft I’m not that small.” She mutters. I laugh because yeah she kind of is that small.

The music hits us the moment we walk into the fraternity house. The smell of beer permeates the air. There is literally people scattered about everywhere.

“How did you find out about this?” River shouts out looking around.

“Umm some guy gave me a poster for it.” The lie falls so easily from my mouth, I don’t want to tell her Finn told me about the party. Or that I’m here to finally meet him. The further I walk into the frat house though the more I’m feeling less and less comfortable now that I’m actually here. I promised myself that this year I’d actually live. Do something crazy.

River and I have always kept to ourselves and done the right thing. But then she moved to New York and did the ultimate craziest thing ever. She fell in love with her stepdad. He left her mom for her and the two are deeply in love and seeing her and how happy she is made me want to do something a little crazy. I guess I just wanted my own little piece of crazy.

Truth was I was kinda sick of being the good girl. And seeing how happy River was made me want to do something out of my comfort zone. Just this once. Which was why I dragged Rivers ass to some stupid frat party all in the hopes of finally meeting Finn Edgemore.

“Oh there’s Phoebe and Finn.” River said pointing into the crowd. Sure enough their they were. I’d never met Finn face to face yet. I’d spoken to him through FaceTime numerous times, we’d shared long, deep meaningful conversations over the phone and I’d confided in him things I couldn’t tell anyone else. At first he’d ask about River but then the calls became more personal and I started opening up to him. I told him things about myself that I’d never told anyone before. And here he was in the flesh.

My skin prickled and I’m not sure why. Was it nerves? Excitement? I looked over to him. He was breathtaking, there was no getting away from that. He was tall at 6’3 with broad shoulders but he wasn’t too muscular, no he had the body of a runner rather than a footballer like Trent. He was also taller than Trent. He was wearing a tight black tee that showed off his broad shoulders and his sinewy muscular arms. His hair was an inky black and the way he ran his hands through it was something else entirely. This guy just oozed sex appeal. Everyone around him couldn’t help but stare at him. Even the guys. He was confident but not arrogant and it seemed people were drawn to him the way bees were to honey. His smile was confident and his jawline was sharp. His lips were full and the way he rolled his bottom lip between his teeth was something else. He literally took my freaking breath away with how gorgeous he was.

“Ooh they haven’t seen us yet.” River sang next to me. Waving frantically to try and get their attention. She let go of my hand and ran towards Finn throwing her arms around him. He picked her up like she weighed nothing and spun her around like a rag doll kissing her cheek as he did. He looked genuinely happy to see her. The girls who were surrounding him on the other hand not so much. Instead they were throwing her glares and filthy looks. Little did they know that the relationship between Finn and River was purely platonic. Not that River cared what they thought, as she was totally oblivious to the death glares. A smile formed on my lips, River was gorgeous but she had absolutely no clue to it. Still smiling I looked up, to him watching me. His pale grey eyes meet mine. His inky black hair makes them almost look silver. My breath hitches and my lips part.

“Queen.” One word drips from his lips like honey, seductive and sensual.

And my stomach erupts in butterflies. My skin prickles with awareness. Everyone else fades into the background. It’s just me and him.

“Finn.” I say my voice more breathless than I intended. But damn I have no control over it. His eyes bore into me with such intensity. He’s everything I thought he’d be and more. His jawline is sharper, his lips fuller and his eyes, are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Such an unusual colour framed by long, dark thick lashes. He’s positively breathtaking. It’s no wonder people are flocking to him.

“At last we meet.” He whispers huskily into my ear. As he wraps his arms around me to hug me. “Your Instagram pics don’t do you justice.” He smiles at me wolfishly, like I’m some kind of prey. My whole body shudders with the intensity of his silver grey eyes. I swallow trying to buy myself time whilst I try and think what to say to him. Licking my lips, I see his pupils dilate with lust and he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Such a tease Queen.” He almost purrs in my ear. “But I fucking love it.”

Holy shit. I’m in trouble.

Big trouble.

He slowly looks me up and down before finally looking back into my eyes. And then just like that he shifts his attention back to River. I’m instantly overcome with disappointment at the sudden loss of his attention. And it must show on my face because he gives me a crooked smile half way through talking to River and Phoebe.

Oh he’s good. He’s very good. And he’s sucked me right in.

“Does anyone want a drink?” I ask trying so hard to appear unaffected by his presence.

“Can I get a water please.” River says smiling at me. “Want me to come help you?”

I shake my head, because if she came with me I knew Finn would follow. And I needed a breather away from him. Finn was fiercely loyal to River and Phoebe. He had also grown close to Grayson.

“Could I get a water too please?” Phoebe said blushing a deep red. I smiled soothingly to her. She was so shy and introverted and I liked her instantly. She was sweet, shy but once we’d gotten talking back at the apartment I knew that we’d become the best of friends.

“Of course.” Taking a deep breath I turned my attention towards Finn. I needed to ready myself before I looked into his beautiful eyes again.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked brightly but the word drink came out a little breathlessly. I openly winced at myself and I heard his deep laugh next to me. It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. A deep rumble. And my body instantly reacted to it. The hairs on the back of my neck rising.

“Nah I’m good Queen.” He said as he held up a bottle of beer. Before he casually slung his arm around Phoebe’s shoulders pulling her to him. Phoebe blushed a deeper shade of crimson before gently nudging him in the ribs and laughing.

I turned quickly on my heels and walked towards the kitchen holding my breath the entire way. Finn was unlike anyone I’d met before. He was charismatic, commanding and I knew that if I’d let him, he’d consume me. My phone pinged alerting me to a message.


Shit I’d completely forgotten about him. Running my hand down my face I felt like the worlds worst girlfriend. I hadn’t called him since I’d arrive nor had I really thought about him. Instead it was Finn who filled my thoughts.

Trent: hey babe, how u? Want to meet for lunch tomorrow at All in?

Trent had come to Clemson too, he’d earned himself a full ride and scored himself a place on the football team. Trent Lane was going places. I just wasn’t sure if I was going with him.

So I’ve been finding writing a little therapeutic during these crazy times.

I hope everyone is staying safe. And once again thank you to everyone who is working to keep everyone safe, healthy and making sure we all have food.

A big thank you to all the NHS workers over here in the UK! You guys are amazing!!

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