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I finally met her and saw her in the flesh. In all her stunningly beautiful glory. Maddy was everything I thought she’d be and more.

Her dark skin was like a starless midnight sky, beautiful and breathtaking. She’s perfect. River once described Maddy’s skin as obsidian and she was right. Maddy glowed.

Everything about her was glowing and her eyes were so dark they almost looked black and they were so soulful it was like nothing I’d ever seen before, it knocked the breath right out of me. When our eyes locked my heart literally skipped a beat. Which was strange as fuck but also exciting in a way.

Her hair was different too, she looked more beautiful if that was possible than the last photo she posted on Instagram, now she wore it in braids down her back. She affected me in ways no one else, male or female had ever done before. I knew she was beautiful I’d seen her pictures it’s obvious she’s a natural beauty, but it was more than that. It was they way she spoke to me on the phone like she was sharing all her secrets with me. She had this incredible knack of making me feel special. I’d never had that with anyone before. And trust me I’d looked for it.

I’d looked for that connection since I was fourteen. Fucking anything and anyone that I could, looking for that elusive something that I’d read about in my mom’s magazines or my sisters books. And I’d never found it. Until her.

Until Maddy Adebayo the girl with fuckable full lips, midnight skin and black soulful eyes that made my cock hard.

So. Fucking. Hard.

Except she wasn’t mine. I knew she had a boyfriend. Sugartits had mentioned him, but when Maddy and I spoke on the phone he never, not once came up. I didn’t even know who the fucker was but I disliked him already. He had what I wanted and I was pretty fucking sure he had no idea how special she was. And I knew that she should have been mine.

Maddy captivated me. It was in the way she spoke, the fact she was her own person, she was beautiful, she was absolutely stunning and yet I got the impression she had no idea how perfect she was. I’d complemented her a lot during our phone calls and I could tell in the way her body moved that there was a certain shyness to her. I watched her as she walked towards the kitchen, and the way her hips swayed and fuuccckkk my cock jumped to life. I discreetly adjusted my semi hard cock, downed what was left of my beer and followed her.

I came up behind her as she looked for bottles of water. Caging her in against the kitchen counter, I took a deep inhale of her sweet vanilla scent. I wanted nothing more than to breath her in. She smelt delicious and the urge to lick her neck to taste her skin made my whole body shudder. I wanted to suck on her pulse, to bite it, kiss it, suck on it.

“You smell good enough to eat Queen.” I whispered into her ear, my voice deep and raw scraping from my throat like gravel. I gripped the counter hard, my knuckles flexed, my skin taut and white and I heard her breath hitch. Her skin erupted into goose bumps and my cock was so painfully hard and pressing into her lower back. And that’s when I hear it, her soft moan. She turns her head slightly, enough to show me that she’s biting down on her plump bottom lip. I move her braids from her shoulder and nuzzle into her neck, my lips lightly brushing against her warm skin. I hear her sharp intake of breath before I pull away and grab myself a new beer. And walk away.

Fuck it kills me to walk away from her but if I don’t I’ll fuck her on that kitchen counter and give no fucks about whether people watch or not.

Taking in a ragged breath, I run my hands through my hair. The first time in her presence is unsettling, I’ve never felt the need, the urge to possess someone the way I do with Maddy. I want to explore every inch of her skin. Touch her, taste her. Kiss her, is she sensitive? Will she moan at my touch?

Fuck. Me.

My cock is so fucking hard and straining against my zipper. I try my hardest to adjust myself but, the truth is with what’s between my legs there’s no point I can’t hide it.

Oh well.

I down my beer and head back to Sugartits and sweetpeach.

“So Sugartits, how was Europe? Grayson showed me some pictures.”

Yeah that’s right, the beast who tried to strangle me because he thought I was creeping on Sugartits is now one of my close friends. It’s funny how things work out. Although he hates it when I call her sugartits, but well it’s suits her so I’m not changing it. And besides she’s accepted me calling her that. In fact I think she secretly likes it. I smile as I look down at my tiny best friend. And drape my arm around her small body. Bringing her closer to me. There is and never has been anything remotely sexual between Sugartits and me. But I fuck I love the tiny chatterbox and her incredibly hot stepdad boyfriend. She hates it when I call Grayson that.

“Oh Finn, it was so beautiful. Especially Italy. Have you ever been?”

I nod, because yeah I’ve been all over the world, thanks to my rich ass parents. My life is one of privilege and yet I’ve always spent it searching for something or someone.

And I think I may have found her.

Problem is she belongs to someone else.

Speaking of.

Queen comes back into the room and our eyes meet. She seductively bites her plump bottom lip before giving me a shy smile. And I get the feeling there’s more to her than she’s letting on. Is there a bad girl hiding deep down in Maddy Adebayo? Just waiting for someone like me to corrupt her? To show her all the ways I want to fuck the shit out of her? Because when I do, I won’t stop.

“Thanks Mads.” Sugartits says taking her water from Queen. “Your the best.”

“You got that right Sugartits.” I can’t help but smirk at Queen.

Her tongue comes out and slowly she licks her bottom lip. I can’t help my body’s reaction and I groan. Actually groan as I eye fuck the shit out of Queen in front of everyone at this party.

“You ok Phineas?” Sweetpeach asks. Winding me the fuck up. I send her a dirty look because she knows how much I hate my real name.

“Fuck off Sweetpeach.” I scowl at her. She erupts into laughter.

Phoebe is actually my oldest friend. We’ve been friends since we were 8. She’s so painfully shy and yet with me she a sarcastic bitch. Which truthfully I actually kinda love. I like it when her sassy side comes out.

“So Finn, How are you liking South Carolina so far?” Queen asks me as she brings her drink up to her lips. I swear this girl is determined to give me a heart attack.

“So far so good. Sugartits here has promised to show me around tomorrow, want to join us Queen?”

She nods her head slightly. “Yeah I’m up for that.”

She plays it cool, but I can see it. The nerves but something else too, excitement maybe?

“Yay. It’ll be so much fun. You coming too Pheobe? I’m so excited for this year. I can’t believe I’ve got all my BFf’s with me in one place.” Sugartits squeals with excitement. I can’t help but roll my eyes at her.

She punches me lightly in the shoulder. “Don’t be mean Finn.” She laughs.

“Sorry babe.” I say as I pull sugartits to me and place a kiss on the tip of her nose. I look up to Queen and my cock twitches at the flash of jealousy I can see written all over her beautiful face.

Jealousy looks good on her.

It also means she’s interested.

Which means it’s game on.

Ok so I must apologise for the long gap in updates for this story. But I had a slight case of writers block. I knew what I wanted to write but I just couldn’t get it down on the page. Anyway I hope you like this chapter.

Fingers crossed it won’t take me too long to update the next chapter.

I hope everyone is staying safe and once again a big thank you to all the key workers out there who keep the country going.

Don’t forget to stay in and stay safe.

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