Then You Look At Me

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~Made a wrong turn once or twice. Dug my way out blood and fire. Bad decisions, that’s alright. Welcome to my silly life. Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood, miss ‘no way it’s all good’, It didn’t slow me down. Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated, look I’m still around. Pretty, pretty please, don’t you ever, ever feel like you’re less than perfect. Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel like you’re nothing, you are perfect to me~ Pink

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Perfect’ by Pink.


Third Person POV

Olivia watches as Rainey and Ansel both get out of the black Honda at the front of the school. Her blood pumps rapidly through her veins at the sight of them walking together. She swallows hard, in hopes of alleviating the strong pang of resentment and bitterness within her. The brisk whistling wind flurries her brown long hair into her face. She pays it no attention as she bites down hard on her lip.

She can’t understand how Rainey has been at the school for only four days, yet she somehow managed to grab Ansel’s attention. She has been proclaiming her love for this boy ever since she first saw him in seventh grade, and she doesn’t deem it fair that a new girl should come along and snatch him right out of her hands. He belongs to her.

“Jace.” She utters her cousin’s name, her eyes still glued to the devastating scene in front of her as she digs her nails in her palms. Jace is oblivious to his cousin’s calling, typing away on his phone while chuckling to himself.

“Jace!” she yells.

He snaps his head to her. “What, Olly?”

“Stop looking at nudes for once in your life and be productive. That girl over there.” She points to Rainey, who is oblivious to the two pairs of staring eyes while she walks with Ansel in the direction of the school’s building.

“Oh, the girl I gave a tour on her first day of school...what about her?”

“She’s moving in on my man, and I don’t like it.”

“Then do what you always do, threaten her or slap her or something.” Jace shrugs, not wasting a second to pull his eyes back to his cell.

Oliva frowns and snatches the phone from his grasp, earning a desperate whine from him. “Damn, she was about to send a bikini picture.”

“I cannot threaten her or slap her or whatever...she fractured my fucking wrist the last time.”

“That was her?” Jace chuckles. Olivia stares at him straight-faced, and he clears his throat, attempting to bring forth a serious demeanor.

“I need you to distract her. As much as I hate to admit it, you’re good looking, so make her like you or something...or have sex with her and get her attached. I don’t care what you need to do, but you need to do it fast. Before Ansel gets stolen from me.”

“You know Olly, something can only get ‘stolen’ if it belongs to you, and as far as I can see, Ansel doesn’t even notice you exist.”

Olivia glares daggers at him, and he gulps. “Sorry.”

“Come on, do this one thing for me, you asshole!”

Jace sighs. “I really don’t have the time to be-”

“I’ll do your homework for a month.”

“That’s weak Olly, I can’t-”

“I’ll get you a date with Lisa.”

“Now we’re talking!” Jace clasps his hands together and Olivia smiles in satisfaction as she crosses her arms. “So, you’re in then?”

“Yes, yes I’m in. But the date with Lisa must be at my house, just us two.”

“You sex machine.” She grimaces. “If I’m gonna let you fuck my best friend, it has to be worth it, Jace.”

“It will be Olly. Relax,” he smirks.

“And don’t try to back out, I really need your help.”

“Don’t worry about it. I mean, this is what comes with being an amazingly attractive god. Sometimes duty calls.”

Oliva fake gags at his conceitedness.

“Heavy is the head that bears the crown.” He continues, running his hand through his hair while he smiles arrogantly. “I will make her fall for me in just one day, you just watch.”

“Make who fall for you?” Tate, Jace’s friend comes on the scene, looking between the two mischievous people curiously.

Tate and Jace are neighbors and their parents are partners in a famous local liquor business, which forces them to be friends even if they don’t want to be.

“You know that pretty new girl-”

“Shut up, Jace. She is definitely not pretty.” Oliva rolls her eyes. “Rainey, the same girl you keep chasing around like a fly, Tate.”

He narrows his eyes. “What are you guys doing?”

“I’ll make her fall for me. She looks like a good fuck, an easy fuck.”

“Dude, you can’t do that.” Tate frowns. “I like the girl.”

“Tate, my man.” Jace presses a palm on Tate’s shoulder, smirking. “You like every girl at Crosshill High. Relax, we can just share her. I fuck her Wednesdays; you fuck her Tuesdays. It’s not like you’re planning to marry the girl or something.”

Tate sighs, rolling his eyes while Jace extends his hand toward Olivia. “My cell, I still need that bikini picture to get through Geometry.”

She hands the device to Jace, smiling mischievously at the devilish plan she formulated.



I hate school, but I hate being at home more than I hate being at school, and if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose school in a heartbeat.

It’s been a long torturous day, mainly because I haven’t seen Ansel since this morning. I spent my lunch period in the office trying to get my gym gears. I didn’t eat lunch, but I am more disappointed that I didn’t get to see Ansel. That would have been my only shot since we don’t share any more classes.

I know I am getting attached, and it’s not healthy at all. I’ve always been independent; I don’t need anyone. But life feels better when I am around him.

The final bell rings as students scurry out of their respective classes to bombard the hall. I open my locker to throw my textbooks inside when a presence appears beside me. The scent of cinnamons and peanuts plunder my nose as I turn my face to be greeted by the same boy that made me late on the first day of school.

The perverted nude-lover.

“Hi.” He smirks, tucking his palms inside his black hoodie while he leans against the opposite locker. Tate stands behind him, a strange look on his face while he ruffles his hair.

“Do I have some business with you?” I impassively ask while I shove my History textbook in.

“Yeah...I think you owe me a date,” he coos.


“Dude-” Tate grabs onto his shoulder and he nudges his hand off, shooting him a stern look before he looks at me again, grinning wildly.

“You owe me a date, which is the punishment for being so sexy.” He bites his lower lip and I try not to gag.

“I don’t know you.” I make clear. “And you don’t know me either. Goodbye.” I slam my locker and turn to walk away. Tate cracks up in laughter while Jace slithers in my path. His pride seems partially hurt, as he tries to force a smile.

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember me?” He says as he leans on the locker beside him. I think he lacks the ability to stand straight.

“Oh, I do. But I am confused as to how five minutes of exchanging two words give us ‘history’.”

Jace swallows, straightening his spine. “Uh, well, you see...”

I glance at the time on my cell, impatiently whipping my hair from my eyes.

“Ever since that first day I met you, you were just so...I don’t know, you were on my mind so much after that. I’ve never really thought about a girl the way that I kept thinking about you. I mean, I just couldn’t get you out of my,” he chuckles. “You left quite an impression on me.”

“By what, asking where my math class is, to which by the way, you gave me the wrong address?”

Tate laughs again, hunching over and holding his stomach.

“Let’s start over, yeah? How about I take you out tonight? Fanciest place in town, amazing food and view. You know, my parents have good money.”

“Oh, they do? But how sad, I am not interested in your money nor am I interested in a date with you.”

“Come on.” He bites his lip. “You don’t have to play hard to get, babe.”

“I am not. Word of advice, money does not work on every girl. Second advice; ensure there isn’t a booger in your nose the next time you want to pull off being ‘hot’. Excuse me.” I render a tight-lipped smile and walk away.

Tate vulgarly laughs, slamming himself into a locker as tears spring from his eyes. “Damn, that was funny as hell!”

“Fucking bitch.” Jace spits. “There’s nothing in my fucking nose!” Tate laughs harder while Jace slips his cell from his pocket to scrutinize his face. He curses under his breath when he discovers that there is, in fact, dried mucus in one of his nostrils.

Wiping his nose with the sleeve of his black sweater, he frowns at Tate, whose face is covered with tears as he chuckles non-stop. “Shut the fuck up, I am not done, alright? I am going to mess her up so bad even you will be sorry for her, you asswipe.”

Tate nods, attempting to calm himself down while patting his friend’s shoulder. “Yeah...Good luck with that.”

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