Then You Look At Me

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Club Naked

~I think about you every second of the day, my heart used to be so cold, the world used to be so gray, and I know seasons change, but it felt like it never would. No one seemed to understand me but you understood~ 'Why Don’t We'
Chapter Theme Song: 'Chills' by Why Don't We.



I get dressed quickly in just a simple black T-shirt and skinny jeans. Luckily, Jeff is busy in the kitchen sifting through the cabinet, so we use the opportunity to stroll on past him.

I hate driving, but I decide to take one of my mom’s Mercedes since Riley and I have no idea where the club is, and we might end up driving around for a while.

Luckily, as soon we arrive in the square of the town, the huge sparkling lights written on one of the buildings greet us.

Naked: Club & Pub.

I find an available parking spot and kill my engine. Riley grins, as we watch a few people stepping through the doors of the building.

“Woah, I didn’t take Ansel as a club guy.”

I nod. “Me either.” I unsnap my seatbelt. “Let’s go.”

We get out of the car and move toward the club. I was expecting bouncers at the door but there is no sign of security, so we just stroll on in like everybody else.

As soon as we step inside the room, where groups of people are sitting around mahogany tables, a soulful acoustic rhythm greets us. My strides slow down when I recognize the face on the stage.

“Woah,” Riley mutters.

Ansel’s sitting on a stool, strumming a beige guitar soulfully, while a girl stands beside him, melodically singing a cover for the song; ′Call Out My Name′ by The Weeknd.

I am frozen in place while I watch the astonishing scene play out. I had no idea he could play the guitar; it’s a huge surprise for me. Whenever I feel like I have Ansel all figured out, there is always something new about him.

The music is pleasing to my ear, releasing several mixed emotions within me. Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Pain. It also gives me consolation. It makes me feel like, despite all these built-up emotions inside me, everything will eventually be okay.

He raises his eyes, and among the attentive faces, he spots me. My cheeks redden, but luckily the lighting in the room is dim, so he will not be able to see how flushed I am.

His lips stretch in a smile, and he doesn’t break eye-contact while he gently plucks the nylon strings of the guitar. Each vibration dispatching a soft melodious sound.

“Wow, who thought Ansel could play?” Riley smiles. “Is it just me…or is he staring at you?”

I lower my eyes, awkwardly shifting in my stance. “He’s staring at everyone.”

“No, he’s not. He’s not, his eyes are in our direction and I can see him staring at you,” she whispers.

I look up again, and his focus is still on me, causing a wave of heat to rise to my face. His eyes are quite piercing, even from a distance.

The girl singing the cover, glances at him, sending a smile his way, but he doesn’t see the gesture since his face is fixed in my direction. She ends the song soon after, and everyone cheers loudly, clapping their hands while Ansel gets up from his stool.

“Thank you, everyone!” She speaks into the mike. “For those who don’t know who I am, I am Emma, and this is Ansel, we do music here from time to time as a team, please don’t hesitate to support us. It’s always a pleasure to sing for you.”

The crowd cheers louder, and Ansel finally tears his eyes away from me and extends his hand toward his partner.

Instead, she wraps him into a hug, placing a swift kiss on his cheek. He looks taken off-guard and visibly awkward, and to say my heart didn’t just flip weirdly in my chest, I’d be lying. She moves away, bowing to the crowd.

“That sneaking brat, she has a thing for Ansel,” Riley rants. “I should have known, she kept looking at him through-out the whole song. That little weasel.”

The discomfort in my chest worsens, and I swallow hard, hoping it’s enough to wash down the jealous emotions. I need to stop feeling this way, it’s not like Ansel and I are dating or anything.

Emma says something to him, and he nods, handing her the guitar. She smiles, then disappears behind the curtains.

Ansel hops down from the stage and begins moving through the crowd toward us. I see girls staring at him with heart in their eyes as he slides through the cramped space.

Riley pinches me in the side so painfully, I wince. “Ow, Riley.”

“He’s coming, he’s coming.”

“Hey.” He smiles brightly, his dimples almost knocking the life out of me as he comes to stop in front of us. “I didn’t think you’d come.”

I smile, hoping my tongue doesn’t decide to tie up on me. “Yeah, I was home really bored.”

I take notice of his attire, he’s wearing a black T-shirt, back jeans and he’s not wearing his glasses. He looks good.

“I didn’t know you play, Ansel.” Riley grins. “That was so cool.”

Ansel chuckles. “Well, I play here from time to time, it helps me to get a little extra cash.” He shifts his eyes to me, a glint I can’t quite explain shimmering in them. “I am glad you’re here.”

I stare at him, our gazes locked on each other. Riley looks between us both, smiling softly with mischief shimmering in her eyes. Intentionally, she bumps into my back, sending me right into Ansel’s arms. My chest presses up against his as he brings his arms up to keep me steady.

“Woah, be careful.” He chuckles. “You alright?”

His palms are rested on my waists, sending weird electricity through my body, and the closeness of our faces isn’t helping at all.

I will be killing Riley after this. Or maybe I won’t be, being this close to Ansel is quite divine.

His lips aren’t thin, but they aren’t too plump, they are perfect, with a salmon-pink color. His flawless skin is glistening with perspiration from his performance, and I can feel his abs and his chest through the thin layer of his T-shirt. I realize that if I can feel all of him so easily, he’s probably feeling my chest just the same.


My complexion has become crimson as I try to pull away, but I feel his hold tightens on my waists, restricting my movements. I look up, and he’s already watching me, his eyes flickering with so much admiration that it’s blinding.

“Ooh, get a room you two!” A familiar voice comes from behind us. Ansel releases me and I move away, straightening my T-shirt as I look to see Alex strolling toward us.

“Did I miss something? Sorry for being late I was—” He trails off when he spots Riley. His face lights up with a grin while he rakes his dark hair back.

“Woah, look who’s here. Riley, it’s been a while.”

“Alex.” She smiles, crossing her arms while she looks up at him. She looks really tiny next to his tall figure, and I can clearly see the tinge of pink on her face. “It has only been a week, dude.”

“Felt like forever.” He bites his lip, bravely locking her gaze.

These ‘King’ boys and staring into people’s eyes.

Ansel smiles, shaking his head at his brother’s blatant flirting. He looks at me. “Watch your best friend with my brother, he’s a charmer.”

I smile. I could say the same for him. I am certain he gripped my waists tighter when I tried to pull away just now, or maybe I am overthinking, right? Either way, I am still flushing at how it felt to be that close to him.

“Woah, what a coincidence, Ansel King!”

A voice comes from beside us and I look to see Jace swaggering up to us. Tate, Olivia, and Lisa are with him. I knew they would be here. My night just got ruined.

“You guys are just the people I want to see. This must be destiny, yeah?” Jace smirks, opening his arms widely.

“Who’s this nincompoop?” Riley whispers to me.

Olivia is glaring at me with a face of hatred, but I try not to look at her while I stare at Jace with an expression of resentment. I don’t know this guy, and he’s antagonizing me.

“Damn, you could have told me you’d be here, baby.” He simpers, throwing an arm around my neck.

Ansel narrows his eyes.

I grimace, yanking his hand off me while throwing him a glare of infuriation. “Don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what, love?” He cackles.

“What are you doing?” Ansel tilts his head to the side, staring askance at Jace.

He chuckles, wrapping his arms around himself while he straightens his spine. “What? Am I not allowed to talk to her? We were texting this evening so I thought she would have told me she’d be at Club Naked tonight.”

I shake my head at his audacity. “We weren’t texting, the minute I found out you were the creep who stole my number, I blocked you.”

“Ansel, you performed so well up there.” Olivia reaches for Ansel’s arm, but he yanks his bicep from her grasp, his eyes not leaving Jace’s.

“Don’t put your hand around her,” Ansel warns him. “She obviously doesn’t like it.”

I look up at him, he looks incandescent.

Jace titters, shoving his palms in his pockets while he raises his chin. “Defensive much. What? You two fucking?”

Tate sighs, grabbing a hold of Jace’s shoulder. “Dude, stop, just leave them alone.”

He aggressively shrugs Tate’s hand off, sending him a hard glare before moving closer to Ansel. “Answer the question, are you two fucking? Yes or no?”

“Watch how you talk to my brother, you son of a bitch,” Alex speaks up. “Because I swear to God, I’ll fuck you up so bad you’ll start eating your dinner from a tube.”

Jace giggles, shifting his eyes to Alex. “Are you sure you want to challenge me, you little wuss?”

“Are you sure you want to challenge my brothers, you asshole?”

A stern voice pulls everyone's attention, and I turn my face to discover Alaric and the twins coming on the scene.

Riley gasps, her eyes widening in surprise.

“Woah…there was more of 'em?” Her eyes frantically shift among them all. “This is amazing, there are even twins! And they are all so good-looking...damn.”

Alaric’s jaws tighten as he comes to a stop in front of Jace. “I suggest you get the fuck out of here, you and your friends.”

Jace suddenly looks intimidated as a muscle slightly twitches in his face.

“You heard him,” Aiden adds, his eyes darkening. “Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.”

Jace swallows, nodding his head while stepping back. “Let’s go guys.”

Olivia frowns, sending me a villainous glare as they walk away in defeat.

Alaric shakes his head, jamming his palms into his pockets. “This is why I hate high school kids.”


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