Then You Look At Me

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Don't Leave...Please?

~Travelled so far on my own, I don’t know where I’ve gone. And I don’t wanna be alone, when I am so far from my home~ Clairo.

Chapter Theme Song: 'Feel Something' by Clairo.



Alex and I decide to leave the party early. Alaric is not yet finished with his ‘business’ so he and the twins will be coming later.

Rain is too out of it to drive, so I decide to drive her car instead while Alex stays next to Riley in the backseat. The twins will take his car home later.

Passing by her house, I realize that the entire home is in pitch darkness; it appears no-one is there. I know better than to leave her alone in her drunken state. I don’t trust that Jeff guy at all. Honestly, I have never distrusted someone so much in all my seventeen years of living.

The man clearly has this taboo obsession with his woman’s daughter, and he doesn’t even try to hide it. The way he stares at her without her knowledge and the way he gets all defensive when she’s around the opposite sex, tells it. He has some serious issues, and her mother is too blinded to see that. I worry about Rain; being in a situation like that must be pretty hard for her.

“We’ll take them to our place; it seems no-one is home,” I tell Alex.

He nods, barely mumbling a response due to his drowsiness.

I glance over at Rain, and she’s sleeping soundly in the passenger’s seat. I don’t know, but there is something about her, something that makes my curiosity sparks whenever I am around her. I can tell, just by looking into her deep amber eyes, that she hides more than she shows.


Alex is struggling with Riley in his arms as he climbs the stairs. I try not to laugh at how hilarious he looks as I take Rainey up behind him, hoping he doesn’t fall on us as he staggers.

“Riley weighs a ton…” He says out of breath. “And she’s so tiny…”

I laugh as he balances on a leg to open our room door. His shoulder bumps into the doorframe as he enters.

“Alex, be quiet, you’ll wake Mom and Dad.” I remind him.

He lays Riley onto his bed, sighing tiredly. He braces his back as he makes a pained face. “She’s little, but she’s dangerous.” He smiles. “That’s why I like her…”

I put Rainey to lay on my bed, supporting her head on my pillow. She doesn’t move or make a sound, and I smile at how peaceful she looks. Her eyelashes are long, and her lips are stuck in a small pout, making her appear feisty even in her sleep. Before I even realize, my smile has stretched wider.

“I’m so tired, I’m gonna crash in the twins’ room. Where will you be sleeping?”

“I’ll just sleep on the couch downstairs or something,” I tell him.

He nods. “Alright.”

He leaves the room quickly as if he’s dying to get some sleep. I am about to do the same but Rainey looks quite uncomfortable so I sit at the bedside, turning my back to her so I can take her shoes off.

I untie the thick laces and slip the leather boots off her feet. Her black painted toes come into view, and I smile at her small feet.

I motion to get up when two small arms encircle my waists, restricting my movements. Rainey hugs me from behind, pressing her face into the base of my back. I freeze, turning my face to the side to see if I can catch sight of hers, but I can only see a glimpse of her dark hair.

I don’t think it’s her intention to hug me at all, she’s drunk, and I know that.


“Don’t leave me…please?”

I swallow hard. It’s not her intention to say that either. I know that as well.

I gently grip her hands to unlace them, but a wet sensation seeps through my T-shirt, stilling my movements. She sniffs, and my brows furrow as I turn my face to the side again.

“Are you crying, Rain?”

“Dad…” She mutters. “Why…why did you leave me?”

She thinks I’m her father, and I know I shouldn’t be hearing this right now because I am not the intended receiver. I gently unwrap her hands and turn to her, but she quickly laces her arms around my neck and hugs me, burying her face into the crook of my neck. Warm tears soak my neckline, and she hugs me so tight, I can barely breathe. But I wouldn’t want her to let go despite because something is hurting her. I’ve never seen Rainey cry; she appears so strong.

“You left…” She quietly sobs. “And bad things happened…he did things…he did something to me…”

My forehead puckers, and I grip her cheek, softly pulling her face back to look at her. Her eyes are screwed shut, and tears are seeping beneath. The sight breaks my heart, and I take a deep breath.

“Rain…who did something to you?”

She doesn’t respond, she just cries softly.

“Tell me…”

She says nothing, and I respect her drunken state and decide against forcing things out of her. I pull her back to me, wrapping my arms tightly around her. I am not the intended receiver, but I will comfort her.

He did something to me. There is only one person that comes to mind when she utters that statement.

“I called for you…every night,” she mumbles again, her speech uneven and slurred. “But you didn’t come…you didn’t come for me…”

I reach a hand up to trail my fingers through her hair. “It’s okay…I’m here.”

Her hold tightens on me. I grimace at the pain a little, but I don’t want her to let go.

“Stay with me…please?”

“I will, I will stay with you,” I whisper. “You’ll feel a lot better in the morning and it won’t hurt this much, so let’s get some sleep, yeah?”

“Don’t leave…don’t leave me…”

“I won’t…I promise I won’t.”

Her arms are firmly wrapped around me as if she’s scared that I will run away.

But I won’t leave her, not when she’s like this.

I can’t move much, but I shift a little so I can lay down with her head nestled on my chest. Her body is cuddled close to mine, leaving no space in between, and I trail my fingers through her hair until she falls asleep.

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