Then You Look At Me

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Ice-cream & Dopamine

~Heavy thoughts when it gets late, put me in a fragile state. I wish I wasn’t going home, dealing with it on my own~ Lany.

Chapter Theme Song: 'Malibu Nights' by Lany.



Ansel parks up at the curb to my house, and I unsnap my seatbelt while I offer him a grateful smile.

“Thanks for taking me home.”

His eyes look a darker shade of blue in the dark, the yellow streetlights barely illuminating only half of his face. I can still see the smile on his lips as he nods his head. “You’re welcome.”

I grip the handle on the door as he begins to unsnap his seatbelt. “Wait, I’ll take you up,” he quickly offers.

He opens his door and gets around to my side of the car. He takes my hand and helps me out, and before I can comprehend what’s happening, he sweeps an arm under my legs and lifts me into his arms. I am surprised at the sudden gesture, but automatically lace my arms around his neck, deciding not to protest. It's much too cold out here.

He bumps the car door close with his knee, then proceeds to carry me up the steps to my door. I feel like a light feather in his arms as he holds me close to his torso.

I open my clutch and slip the house key from inside, sticking it into the lock while Ansel uses his shoulder to thrust the door open.

The house is dark, only the moon dispatching silver beams through the transparent windows. I don’t bother to turn the lights on since I don’t want Ansel bearing my heavyweight for too long.

He climbs the steps, his breathing still regular as if he’s carrying a newborn baby. I do the same procedure to unlock my room door, and he takes me inside and gently puts me to sit against my bed.

My room is a lot darker than my living room, mainly because the drip edge of my rooftop blocks the moonlight from seeping through my window.

I peer up at him, and he looks back at me from where he stands just a few feet away. He has helped me so much tonight, and I don’t know how to repay the favor.

“Thanks.” I smile awkwardly.

He nods his head, then for some strange reason we weirdly stare at each other. No words leave our mouths, just eye-contact, and silence. Although the room is dark, I can see his eyes twinkling with such sheer affection, and it causes butterflies to dance around in my stomach. The sight is so blinding that I swallow hard and hastily switch my night lamp on.

The dark was giving off an intensely bizarre vibe, and I can tell Ansel could feel it too.

“Uh…I should get changed or I'll catch a cold—” I jump up but immediately wince as a pain shoots through my ankle.

“Woah, be careful, Rain.” Ansel moves closer to me as I plop back onto my bed, holding the spot with a pained face.

“Something’s wrong with it.”

“Let me see.” He sits down next to me and gently grips my leg, placing it into his lap. An action such as this would normally make me skittish but the throbbing pain in my foot provides some amount of distraction.

“This hurts a lot more than getting a tattoo,” I grumble.

Ansel tries to hide a smile as he scrutinizes my ankle. He frowns when he realizes that the area is bruised.

“Your ankle is red. Do you have ointment?”

“Yeah, it’s in the first aid kit in my bathroom.”

He willingly goes to fetch the medicine then returns to the bed. He gently dips the cotton ball into the sticky ointment and applies it onto my ankle. He glides it over the surface, and when I wince just a little, he raises apologetic eyes to me.


“It’s okay, I’ve felt worst.” I smile weakly.

He tries to rub the area more tenderly, watching my face to sight any discomfort. “Still hurts?”

I shake my head. “No.”

He lowers his head and slightly blows over the spot, and my cheeks heat up like I’m running a fever. When Ansel does something like this, it is hard not to fall crazily hard for him. He meets my eyes and I try not to display the apprehension on my face.

“That should be okay. By tomorrow you’ll feel a lot better,” he promises, closing the first aid box. I tell him thanks and he takes the medication kit to the bathroom. I look at the area he tended to. I can still feel his hand on my skin, and it makes me smile a little.

“Would you like me to stay with you until your mom gets back?”

I snap my head up as he closes the bathroom door.

“Yeah…I’d be happy if you could.”

He smiles. “Well, I think I have a suit of clothes in the car so I’m going to get changed and come back, alright?”

I nod my head as he quickly leaves the room. I attempt to stand on my feet, and although the ache is still present in my ankle, puling like a girl will not make anything better.

I limp over to my wardrobe and pull out a fresh suit of clothes. I slip the wet dress from my body, and my thoughts flow right back to when Ansel saw my chest earlier. The embarrassment is still fresh in my mind. I don’t think I will be abandoning my bra ever again.

I balance on a leg as I slip the shorts on then pull the T-shirt over my head. I tie my wet clammy hair into a messy bun then shamble my way downstairs.

I switch the lights on and amble to the kitchen. The front door of the house opens then closes as I grab a large tub of ice-cream from the fridge. I haven’t had desert in a while, mainly because I detest using the kitchen when Jeff and my mom is around. Since they aren’t home yet, it’s a perfect opportunity to savor the moment.

“Rain, is your foot okay?” Ansel anxiously asks from behind me.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I swing a smile his way as I limp to the kitchen’s island.

He watches me cautiously as I plop down onto a chair, extending a spoon toward him. “Ice-cream?”

His concerned expression instantly morphs into a heart-melting beam as he prods over to me. He hops onto the stool across from mine and accepts the utensil.

“I haven’t had this in a while,” I comment as I uncover the tub. The vapor transporting the aroma of the mint-chocolate chip cream tingles my tongue and I waste no time to start digging in. Jeff and my mom will be home soon, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity of enjoying ice-cream in the comfort of my home.

Ansel watches me with an amused look on his face, and I lick my lips as I meet his gaze. “What?”

“You seem to like ice-cream a lot. I’ve never seen you like this.”

I shift in my spot, peering at him skeptically. “Like what?” I ask, taking another scoop of the delight.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I can explain it. You seem unbothered and relaxed. For once…you don’t seem tense.” He stares at me intensely.

I smile sadly as I realize that he is correct. Sitting here alone with Ansel and having ice-cream gives me a sense of comfort. My brain releases dopamine whenever I am around him, and I am addicted to the new-found feeling. He’s my happiness. I pray one day I can muster up the courage to tell him that.

“I guess I just like this.” I shrug, sticking my spoon into the hard cream while I avoid his eyes.

“Like what?” His voice is serene, almost as if we’re sharing a secret. The house is so quiet that I fear my heartbeat will give away too much.

I hesitate, staring at a piece of chip poking up beneath the green folds of the sweetened food. I’ve never liked a guy before, and I’ve never felt what it is like to be truly loved by one. My feelings for Ansel are so foreign, and I don’t know what to expect. It’s scary.


“I like being here with you…” I mutter. “It’s nice…”

There is a brief silence and I peek up beneath my lashes to see Ansel wearing a smile on his face.

“I like being here with you too,” he says softly.

I smile, nervously focusing back to the ice cream as I take another scoop onto my spoon. Ansel begins to dig in as well but pauses with a slight titter as he points at my lips.

“You got something there.”

“Oh, thanks.” I follow where he pointed his finger and begin to wipe my mouth.

“Is it still there?”

He gestures to his face. “Yeah, it’s right under your lower lip.”

I frantically wipe my hand under my chin but frown when I look at my palm and see no evidence of it.

He holds back a grin as he shifts at the edge of his chair. “Would you want me to get it for you?”

I nod my head, dropping my hands at my sides as he brings his hand to my face. He begins to clean the smear off, his touch gentle against my skin. Then his thumb grazes my lower lip unintentionally, and that shifts the mood into something else. He slows his movements, bringing his eyes up to meet mine. The same intensity that happened earlier in the dark returns, and I swallow hard as he stares at me.

His orbs are swirling with so much emotion, and his hand is frozen on my face as he studies my gaze.

I know my cheeks are red, but there is nowhere to hide now since I am trapped under his deep and enthralling eyes.

He dips his gaze to my lips, and I can hear my heavy breathing. My chest rises and falls in breaths as I watch his head moving closer to mine.

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