Then You Look At Me

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I'll Take Care Of You

~You’re the perfect melody, the only harmony I wanna hear. You’re my favourite part of me, with you standing next to me, I’ve got nothing to fear~ We The Kings & Elena Coats.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Sad Song’ by We The Kings ft. Elena Coats.




°°Flashback Begins°°

“Please stop…” Tears spilled from my eyes.

I was ten, but my mom had already made me knowledgeable of the good touches and the bad ones, and what Greg was doing had to be bad.

It hurts a great deal. His fingers were rough against my forbidden place, causing me to clamp my legs together, squirming and crying. I was still dressed, but I felt naked, violated. It all felt so wrong.

“Relax, Rainey, we’re just playing that’s all,” he gruffly whispered, his hand continuing its harrowing assault.

“Please stop, I really don’t like it…” I cried louder and instantly the door pushed open to reveal Jeff.

Greg pulled his hand from my dress and I crawled away from him and into a corner, hugging my knees in fear as wet torrents of grief flowed down my face.

“What the fuck, Greg?” Shock transformed Jeff’s face as he stared at the scene in front of him.

Greg got up and moved over to him. “Relax, Jeff.”

“Relax? What the hell, she’s my woman’s kid.” He glanced at me as I buried my face in my lap, my whole body shaking in fright. “And she’s ten for fuck’s sake, are you crazy?”

“She’s not much younger than that thirteen-year-old girl, plus Rainey acts a lot more mature. Stop making a big deal out of this.”

Jeff ran a hand over his face. “You know, I am starting to think you’re fucking insane or something. What if she tells Miranda? Huh? Where the hell would I end up?”

“She won’t tell Miranda and even if she does, that wouldn’t change anything.” Greg lamented. “Miranda is crazy about you, Jeff. Who would she believe? Her young lover or her kid who misses her Dad and is probably seeking attention?”

Jeff stared at his friend, absorbing the words he uttered. The rage slowly faded from his face, and he placed his hands on his waists, glancing at the floorboard deep in thought.

Greg smirked. “Don’t you think I’ve already thought it all through? I am not an idiot, Jeff.”

He sighed, fanning him off. “Whatever. Now get the hell out of here before Miranda gets back. Rainey’s crying and you being on the scene will make it a lot more suspicious.”

Greg quickly left the room and Jeff draws in a breath, cursing a profanity before plodding over to me. The sound of the creaking floor prompted my head up. He squatted down next to my weeping body and I shrunk away from him, fresh tears leaving my red and swollen orbs.

“Hey, it’s okay, he’s gone alright?” He whispered, lifting his palms. “He’s not here anymore, it’s okay. I won’t hurt you.”

I believed his words and sat still, staring back at him. My hands trembled around my legs as I sniffed.

He exhaled heavily. “Greg didn’t mean to do that. He says he’s sorry if he hurt you, he just wanted to play with you that’s all.”

My lips quivered again, and he shook his head quickly. “No, don’t cry. He said he won’t do it again and he’s wondering if you could forgive him.”

I shook my head frantically. “I don’t want to see him anymore. Please don’t let him come back here. Please…”

Jeff clenched his teeth, he did not like that I was making ‘a big deal out of this,’ according to him.

“Rainey, sweetie, don’t make a big deal out of this. Greg always brings you candies; don’t you remember that? Huh? Don’t you want more ice-cream?”

“No…I want my dad…” I puled. “I want my mom…”

He sighed and the muscles twitched in his face. “If you tell your mommy what Uncle Greg did, she will cry…do you want your mom to cry?”

I stared at him. The thought of seeing my mother in tears made me more sorrowful. He noticed this and decided to play on it.

“Good, your mommy will cry, and your daddy will get mad at her, and do you know what will happen next? You will lose them both forever and you will be shipped off to a new home, with strange people that you don’t know. They will lock you in their basement without food and you won’t get to play with your toys anymore, do you want that?”

Tears streamed down my face and I shook my head.

“I wouldn’t want that for you either, sweetheart. So, don’t tell anyone alright?”

I did not offer a response, I just sobbed softly. He reached out to me. “Give me a hug.”

I flinched, moving away from him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, Rain. I promise. Come on.” He skeptically pulled me into a hug, wrapping his arms around my fragile body.

He said he would not hurt me, but it wasn't long before he broke that promise.

°°Flashback Ends°°

A piercing throb in my stomach pulls me from the horrific memories that frequently invade my dreams. I bring my knees up to my chest as I grimace at the pain, sweat drenching my forehead and dowsing my pillow. The sun is setting outside, the golden sunrays forming a slim light ray from the window to the bed.

I could not make it to school this morning. I woke up with a terrible fever and a stomach-ache which is probably caused by stress combined with the fact that I had not eaten anything much for dinner last night. My mom left for work this morning thinking I had already left for school, but I laid in bed all day, hearing when Jeff drove out of the garage many hours ago.

I wince at the ache again. My throat is dry and despite the growl in my stomach, I lack the appetite to eat anything. I close my eyes and try to fall back into slumber when a loud knock sounds at the door downstairs.

Choosing to ignore it, I squeeze my eyes tighter, wrapping an arm around me. Maybe if no-one comes to the door, they will eventually go away.

I jerk when the pound comes again, followed by another. I think on the fact that Jeff and my mom each have a key to the house, so there is no way it could be one of them. Additionally, there is always a spare key in the potted plant on the porch.

Deciding to answer it, I push the covers off me. The person at the door decides to ring the bell this time and I press a hand against my forehead as I sit up. Bearing in mind the cold tiles, I slip my feet into my bed-side slippers to avoid further ill-health.

My muscles are sore from lying in bed all day and my body feels like a feather as I weakly make my way downstairs. As I enclose my hand around the knob, a thought comes to mind.

Could it be Greg?

I gulp in anxiety, contemplating whether I should return upstairs or not.

You are not weak, Rain. Stop acting like you are.

The bell sounds again, and I close my eyes, deciding to muster up some courage and open the door.

My entire body relaxes when I come face to face with Ansel. He is wearing his uniform, his knapsack hanging off his shoulder; it seems he came here straight from school.

“Hey…” He stares at me with a worried expression, his eyes scrutinizing my face. “Are you alright?”

His presence makes me feel so safe, so secure, so contented.

I swallow hard, nodding my head, but my body is saying the complete opposite. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

“You didn’t come to school today…I was worried about you since today was our math presentation.”

Darn. The math presentation. How could I forget?

“I am so sorry…” I sigh, pressing a trembling hand against my forehead. “I didn’t mean to—” I wince, gripping onto the door edge. Ansel’s brows knit in concern as he quickly reaches out to hold my arm. “Woah…are you alright, Rain?”

I shake my head. “I don’t know…” I crouch over against the door, my hand gripping the edge so tight that my knuckles become pale.

He moves closer to me, pressing his hand against my wet forehead. He frowns, a line appearing between his brows. “You’re burning up. Do you have a fever?”

I attempt to stand straight, and he watches me with concern.

“I’m fine…”

“You don’t look fine to me, let me take you upstairs, alright?”

He slips his other arm through the strap of his knapsack, fixing it onto his back. I sigh, shaking my head in disapproval. He is always pausing his life to tend to mine and I should not put that burden on anyone.

“I’m fine… I just need…”

He sweeps an arm under my leg, the other supporting my back as he easily lifts me into his arms. He frowns, bringing his head down to look at me. “You feel so frail, Rain…damn.”

His eyes are soft and filled with care, but I am much too weak to offer a response. He notices this as well and gently presses my head against his neck. “I’m here now…I’ll take care of you.”

I close my eyes as he takes me up to my room.

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