Then You Look At Me

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~When the days are cold and the cards all fold and the saints we see are all made of gold. When your dreams all fail and the ones we hail are the worst of all, and the blood’s run stale. I wanna hide the truth, I wanna shelter you but with the beast inside, there’s nowhere we can hide. No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed. This is my kingdom come. When you feel my heat, look into my eyes it’s where my demons hide. Don’t get too close; it’s dark inside, it’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide~ Imagine Dragons.

Chapter Theme Song: 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons.



“What on earth is going on?” Alex anxiously glances at me through his rear-view mirror. “Why were those men looking for you, Rain? And why are they the same ones involved in Riley’s assault?”

Ansel looks at him. “It’s a long story, Al. I’ll tell you all about it when we get back home.”

My mind is consumed with what just happened. Meeting a new side to these brothers; especially Ansel always tends to leave me dumbfounded. I am so occupied with my thoughts that I have no idea Alex is speaking to me until he swiftly glances my way.

“Rainey, you okay?”

I swallow hard, nodding my head as I bite my lip. Ansel looks back at me, his eyes softening. “Are you sure? I am sorry if I scared you back there.”

I shake my head. “It’s okay…”

It really is. I am no saint either and I will certainly not judge them. This is my battle, yet they chose to fight it with me. If anything, I should be grateful.

Ansel returns his gaze ahead and Alex rakes his hair back in frustration. “Should we return to the hospital? See if Riley has woken up?”

“Uhm, I need to make a stop first, is that okay?” I insinuate. Alex nods. “Of course. Where should I head?”

I swallow hard. “Freetown High. I need to see Kendra.”


Alex pulls into an available spot in the parking lot, and I am hit with a wave of nostalgia as I take in the school I struggled to leave behind. Everything here is still the same.

I blow my cheeks out and open the door to get out as Ansel jerks his head around. “Rain, are you sure you don’t want me to come with you? I don’t feel good about you going in alone.”

“I’ll be fine. Kendra doesn’t scare me.” I assure him. “Plus, there’s blood on your clothes, I don’t want anyone pulling attention to you.”

He drops his gaze to his uniform shirt, smeared in dried blood. He nods as he looks back at me. “Yeah…you’re right…but if you don’t come back in thirty minutes, I’m coming to get you, okay?”

“Yeah.” I smile a little. “I’ll be right back.”

I whirl away to leave when he speaks again. “Rain…wait…” I turn to look at him and he sighs, his eyes glistening with concern. “Will you tell me later?"

I stare at him. “Tell you what…?”

“What happened here.” He clarifies. “Will you tell me why you had to leave?”

I bite my lip, nodding my head to his request. I would have to tell him sooner or later.

His face relaxes in relief. “Promise me.”

The care his orbs hold makes my heart feel contented and I find myself doing as he says. “I promise.”

He nods and his lips lift in a smile, the one that never ceases to knock the air out of my lungs. I reciprocate the favor before hurrying off toward the school’s building.

Kendra and her friends normally hang out in an old classroom at the back of the school, so I know exactly where to find her. I hasten through the hall, ignoring the stares from the kids congregating the aisle. I am not sure if they are gawking because they know my history or because my attire is noticeably different from theirs.

I thrust the door open with rage, its weak screws almost giving way as I storm into the classroom. Kendra sits on a chair, one of her friends perming her dyed hair with a steaming iron. Anger boils in me as her big lips rise in a smirk.

“You evil little—!”

Monica, Kendra’s best friend, presses her palm against my chest, shoving me back. “You better be careful how you speak to her, bitch!”

Kendra laughs as she uses a small pocketknife to clean her nails. “It’s okay Monica, let her come.”

I shove the girl aside and prowl down to her, my hand folding into a tight fist as she smiles widely.

“What the hell is wrong with you, are you fucking psycho? Why did you do that to Riley?!” I yell.

She crosses a leg over the other, tilting her head to the side in feign ignorance. “Mm. I have no idea what you’re talking about, Rainey Slate.”

“You sent those men to hurt Riley; I know it was you.”

She chuckles. “And why would you assume that?”

“Do not play dumb.”

“I am not.” She snickers. “Okay okay, help me a bit here. If the men who kidnapped and beat Riley and probably raped her, were sent by my uncle, does it still count as my doing?”

I narrow my eyes. “I will kill you—” I charge forward as two girls fiercely grab my arms, tugging me back. I hiss, threshing from their hold while Kendra waves a hand around.

“Let her go,” she states, sighing heavily. The girls release me, and I shoot them glares of hatred.

“What a fucking way to ruin my day, Rainey.” She breathes. “You know, I have not had lunch yet and you barging in here with your little tantrum is annoying the shit out of me.”

“Then leave my best friend alone, I won’t ask twice!”

I watch her maliciously as she dips into her pocket to retrieve a cigarette. The shifting causes the curling iron to lightly brush her ear and she hisses, shoving her friend in the stomach.

“You almost burnt my fucking ears, idiot! Move!”

The girl I clearly recall as Jessica lowers her head in remorse, taking a few steps back. “I am sorry Madam Kendra.”

I scoff. Madam Kendra.

She brings her conceited gaze to me, extending a hand to Monica. “Something funny?”

“Yeah.” I shrug. “You.”

Monica drops a lighter in her palm as she narrows her eyes.

“You still haven’t changed. You are still treating everyone around you like shit. You’re still insecure and unhappy with yourself.” I sneer.

She shrugs. “And you haven’t changed either. Still a spoilt rich girl who gets every fucking thing at her feet.” She fires up the joint, slipping it between her lips. She takes a long draw, a thick circle of smoke leaving her mouth as she exhales heavily. “You still think you’re better than me, don’t you, Rainey Slate?”

“I have never once thought of myself as better than anyone. Just leave Riley the hell alone. I am the one who busted your ugly face in. So, you should come for me, not her.”

“Oh, I am not the one coming for you, sweetheart.” She cackles, taking another hit of the drug. She puffs out smoke, smiling wryly. “But you’ll definitely wish it was me when he’s done with you.”

“Oh, you mean the ‘gang leader’ uncle that you have?” I raise a brow.

She titters. “He won’t be taking it easy on you, regardless of your gender. Do you remember what you did to my face? No? Well, let me remind you.”

She hands the cigarette to Monica, then leans forward, pushing back the red bang hiding her bruised forehead. She points to the huge scar that stretches from her head all the way down to her eyebrow as she stares at me with resentment in her eyes.

“Do you remember when you split my head open on the tiles of the floor? Well, he is going to repay the favor ten times. I am sure you’ll be unidentifiable when he’s done with you.” She laughs then, pulling the red bundle of hair back over the spot as she slouches back in her chair.

I stare at her fearlessly and Jessica looks at her skeptically, clearly not liking her threats.

Jess’s different, I am not sure why she is still hanging around her; she is probably scared of her, like most of the school was and probably still is. After what Kendra did to me, most of the girls that used to hang out with us stopped hanging around her except Jessica and Monica.

Kendra sights the look of disapproval on Jessica’s features and her brows furrow in aggravation. “Fix your fucking face or I burn your eyeballs with my cigarette, you fat pig.”

Jessica blinks back tears as she turns away.

“Just so you know Rainey, you won’t be the only one to face it. He will give Riley her fair share as well; for lying and hiding you, this was just a preview. And you know what is the most amazing thing? He’s probably already in your neighborhood.” She chuckles in amusement.

I clench my teeth and bolt forward as Kendra jolts up, stepping up to me. Monica yanks my arm, attempting to pull me back but I shove her down fiercely, my brows pulling together.

“Don’t take it as a habit to touch me Monica or I’ll hurt you!” I sneer at her. She stares at me in awe as she attempts to get up.

Kendra grins while she shoves her hands in her leather pants, showing no signs of sympathy for her friend who is now gripping her hip in pain.

“Have you forgotten, Rainey Slate?” She begins, smirking mischeviously. “You can’t touch a fucking hair on my head. What did those cops say again? Oh yeah, if you lay even a finger on me, or come even six feet close to me, you will be locked up in a youth rehabilitation center. Therefore…you cannot touch me. I am fucking immortal, bitch. Now…see yourself out.”

She turns away as I nod my head. “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely pay for this. Do you know what I regret? Not splitting your head wide open and killing you on that day. I will reopen your fucking wound if you don’t stay the hell away from Riley.”

“Okay, tell that to my uncle when you see him, yeah?” She laughs, plopping back onto her chair.

“Oh, I will.” I assure, stepping back before leaving the room.

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