Then You Look At Me

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~Every look, every touch, makes me wanna give you my heart. I be crushin’ on you baby, stay right where you are~ Ariana Grande.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Moonlight’ by Ariana Grande.

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His lips are soft, just as I had imagined. He smells like fresh laundry and his minty breath caressing my face as he breathes causes my stomach to twist in a knot. I feel like my hunger has been satisfied. I have been fantasizing about kissing him ever since he hugged me that day in his kitchen, but I never thought that his lips would taste this sweet.

I have never been this intimately daring, and amidst the tingles dancing their way through my body, I can feel the sudden wave of humiliation rushing in.

Am I kissing Ansel right now? Did I just kiss him?

Shit, what am I doing?

I pull back immediately, and his eyes flutter open, amazement glistening in them while he stares at me. Blinking rapidly, my lips part while I struggle to gather my thoughts.

I cannot believe I just did that. I cannot believe I just kissed him. What was I thinking? What have I done?

Ansel lowers his eyes awkwardly, his cheeks tinging to bright red while I press a palm over my face.


“Don’t. Don’t say it.” I interject, shutting my eyes in embarrassment. “Please don’t say it. I am sorry.”

“No, don’t be sorry.”

“I didn’t mean to do that…I just got carried away and—”


“I think I need some fresh air.” I spring from my spot and quicken toward the balcony door but as soon as I grip the handle and slide it open, his presence appears behind me. A gush of wind stings my face and I stiffen as his palm encloses around my hand, his chest almost pressing into my back and causing my knees to weaken. He gently peels my hand from the knob and replaces it with his, slowly sliding the door close.

My breathing is instantly irregular because memories of that day he embraced me in his kitchen come rushing back. He is standing behind me just the same and my cheeks heat up at the vivid memory.

Despite the door now being closed, his palm is still gripping the handle while his other hand is palming the wall above me, trapping me into the cage of his strong arms. The fresh scent of his deodorant plunges into my nose considering I am literally beneath his arm, his tall stature towering over me effortlessly.

“Rain…” His voice is low, and his breath fans my nape, sending a shiver down my spine. The warmth of his body juxtaposes the cold air seeping through the narrow spaces of the door. I find myself struggling to breathe from the proximity.

“Turn around…”

The command makes me swallow uneasily as I slowly whirl around, my back now pressing against the transparent door. I look up at him. The yellow lights from the city below us illuminate his features and I realize how darker his eyes appear; his pupils dilated.

His gaze falls to the necklace he got me, cascading down my chest and he reaches his hand up and pulls the pendant between his fingers. He grazes my skin in the process and that causes my cheeks to brighten.

Smoothly, he rolls the eagle on his fingers and my eyes drop to the motion. Something about it kindles the burning tension that hangs thickly in the air.

“This looks really nice on you,” he compliments, his pink lips barely turning up, yet the dimples in his cheeks make their appearances. “It’s beautiful…just like its owner.”

I stare at him, the intensity on his face almost knocks the air out of my lungs. He then moves in closer and I hold my breath as he presses his forehead against mine. There is barely any space left between us as he brings his hand up to trace his thumb along my lower lip. The action makes my legs become jelly and I grip his arm in efforts of keeping my balance.

What is he doing? This is a dream, right?

“Why’d you apologize?” He whispers, almost inaudibly.

I pull my eyes up and our gazes connect. I take a minute to decipher whether the question is rhetorical or not but when his expression shifts to one of inquisition, I realize he is waiting for an answer.

“Uh, because…I didn’t mean to do that.”

I really did not. His eyes just appeared so soft and genuine that my body reacted all on its own. I have never been the type to come on to someone, and I would have never blatantly kissed him like that if he did not look at me the way he did.


My lips part skeptically as he watches me, a foreign look in his orbs that I have never seen before. They appear fervently hypnotizing.

“Because I-I just got carried away for a second and I didn’t-I wasn’t thinking—”

He latches his lips onto mine suddenly, pushing the words back down my throat as his hand comes up to cup my jaw. I am immensely startled that my knees cave in, but Ansel grips my waistline to keep me from falling.

Is he kissing me? Or is this just another erotic imagination of mine?

My eyes fall shut as his mouth moves against mine passionately, his soft lips molding with mine in a synchronized pattern. I am quite unsure and just a little insecure mainly because I have never kissed anyone before. At least, before earlier. What if I am not doing it correctly?

My heart skips a beat as he deepens the kiss, slightly parting my lips as I feel his hot tongue makes its way into my mouth. The intrusion is foreign, but I like the way it feels. I knot my fists in his shirt, his hand coming up to tilt my head further into his kiss.

I cannot believe Ansel has the capability to kiss like this. The more I get to know him, the more colors I discover to his personality and the more I become aware that he has the ability and skill to do anything.


Our mouths slowly begin to increase their paces as the passion grows to a higher peak. Heat creeps its way downward, causing me to clamp my thighs together as a wet sensation pool between them. I had no idea I could feel this way and the stimulation heightens when I think about the fact that Ansel is the one evoking these feelings from me. The nubs on my chest painfully harden against the fabric of my bra and I tighten my hold on his biceps, causing him to lightly groan in my mouth.

He gently pulls me into him, and I instantly feel something firm and rigid poking against my inner thigh, proving that I am not the only one who is severely aroused. Though I am dangerously caught up in the heavenly moment, I still find myself flushing profusely at the feel of his nature against my bare leg. His palm which lies on my waistline smoothly slips under my tank top and traverses up to the center of my back. I shiver involuntarily as our tongues battle feverously, our crammed bodies grinding against each other all on their own.

He presses into me, forcing my back into the transparent door while he begins to skim my neck. A gasp involuntarily leaves my lips as the arousal in his pants makes its presence clear again, this time more prominent and bulging.

If we do not stop, this may escalate further than we planned.

He showers kisses along my neckline, and I suck a breath in, my head tilting upwards while I shut my eyes at the blissful feeling.

“Why are you so beautiful, Rain?” He whispers in my ear, his soft lips slightly brushing my earlobe and sending chills throughout my body. “You’re so perfect…”

I softly moan as a response to his words. I feel the warmth of his hand as it slips under my skirt. He gropes my thigh; the veins in his hand protruding from the action as I feel the need between my legs rise unbearably.

If we do not stop, we may end up—

“A-Ansel…” I manage to get out just before his lips find mine again, kissing me so hard that I swallow the words I intended to utter. The only sound that can now be heard is our heavy breathing and the wind from the balcony whistling against the glass door as we kiss fervently. I shut my eyes as he pulls my lower lip between his teeth, his hand roaming its way until I feel his index finger brushing against the waist of my panties.

“Guys, guess what?!” The door to the room thrust open and we jerk apart instinctively as Alex, who already caught onto the scene, gawks at us in amusement.

An upsurge of humiliation creeps my face while Ansel salivates his lips, his brother smiling mischievously as he jerks a thumb behind him.

“Sorry...I think I should have knocked. Should I leave and come back later?”

I nervously glance at Ansel who shakes his head, his face equally as red as mine. “No, Al. What’s the news?”

Alex grins from ear to ear, elation etched on his features. “Riley has woken up!”

“What? Oh my God, who told you that, Alex?” My eyes bulge from their sockets as I stare at him in utter disbelief.

“Her mom called my cell to get through to you, but I was at the bar down the street. So, she just passed on the message. But we won’t be able to see her until tomorrow morning.”

I smile blissfully as Ansel sends me a beam. “See, I told you she’d be fine.”

I nod my head, unable to contain the overwhelming joy inside. I do not know what I would have done if I had lost my best friend. I thank God she is okay and now I cannot wait to see her tomorrow morning.

“We’ll go by the hospital first thing tomorrow,” I tell them, and they nod in agreement.

I feel like a heavyweight has finally been lifted off my shoulders. I will do whatever it takes to ensure nothing like this happens to her again, even if it means dealing with Kendra and her uncle myself.

“Well, one of Alaric’s friends asked me to drink with him; I think I’m gonna take him up on his offer. So, you two can get back to what you were doing.” Alex waggles his brows, reminding me of the intense moment that just occurred between Ansel and me. He begins to leave the room, swinging a smutty smile our way before closing the door behind him.

A wave of awkward silence sweeps between us, now that we are alone once again. I can't help but wonder what would have happened if Alex had not come. The desire between us was so strong that we had no control over our own bodies and feelings. A huge part of me wish Alex had not left though, he would have made this less awkward for me. For us.

I fiddle with the hem of my skirt as I clear my throat, attempting to break the ice. “Uh…I’m going to take a shower…”

“Okay, yeah. Me too.”

I look at him, stiffening at his response and he quickly clarifies it. “After you, I meant…”

This is so weird.

He anxiously rakes a hand through his hair and I nod, shifting my weight. “Uh, yeah. I know…”

Ansel sits on the bed and I can feel his eyes on me as I quickly plod to the bathroom. I close the door behind me, blowing my cheeks out apprehensively while I move over to the mirror. I stare at my reflection as my mind traverses right back to what just happened. I find the desire rising afresh between my legs and I press my thighs together. I need to stop thinking about this. I flash my head to eradicate the erotic thoughts as I quickly undress.

I am much in need of a cold shower.

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