Then You Look At Me

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Heart Ties

~You can hold me down if you’d like to. I don’t really mind ’cause I love you~ Boy In Space.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘7UP’ by Boy In Space.



“Alex, why’d you pull me away?” Riley crosses her arms, her small lips slightly forming a pout. I smile inwardly at how cute she looks, attempting to size up to my towering 6 ft height.

“Because you may not have noticed, but they were about to confess to each other, I felt it coming.”

She twists her lips contemplatively, shifting her eyeballs to the side. Then as if she has just gotten a divine discovery she opens her eyes slightly wide, snapping her fingers. “Oh, yeah, you’re right. Why did I not notice that? I almost ruined it, damn.”

I smile. This girl is something else.

One of the reasons I like Riley so much is because she has no idea when she is being adorable. Unlike all the other girls I have dated in the past, Riley is effortlessly attractive; without her even knowing it. There is just something sexy about her oblivion, and the way she acts like a rebel with just a height of 5′4 tends to make me smile in both amusement and amazement.

My eyes drift behind her as we stand in the noisy living room then I jerk my head in the direction, my lips creating a smirk. “See? They’re kissing.”

She swings her head to where Ansel and Rainey are canoodled on the pavement. The sight shapes a grin on her face as she begins to whirl her head back to me.

“Aww, they are so cute—”

I quickly peck her lips with mine and move away. She is caught off-guard as she stares at me in awe, blushes racing onto her face instantly.

I smirk at her reaction. “What?”

She blinks her eyes and I can tell her breathing has become erratic. “W-why do you keep kissing me like that?”

I chuckle. “Didn’t like it?”

She tries to frown but the flushes on her face is an obvious contrast to her failing efforts. “No…”

I take a step forward and she raises her head to look at me.

“Then why are you blushing?” I whisper.

She swallows uneasily then uses a moment to gather her words. “I-I am not…It’s just cold in here.” She begins to fan herself and I start laughing while she looks at me quizzingly.

“You know Ry, normally when a person is ‘cold’ they don’t fan themselves,” I note, a smile dancing on my face.

She realizes her mistake and flops her hand by her side while I titter in amusement, salivating my lips. The taste of her cherry lip balm pleases my senses as I shove my hands in my pockets.

“Your lips taste nice though.”

Her throat moves as she sharply swallows. “You’re a pervert and I am honestly cold, I’m not bluffing.”

My eyes dip to her small arms and discover them lining with chill bumps. Immediately, I curl my fingers under the hem of my hoodie and pull it over my head. She watches me nervously as I move closer to her, her eyes holding a quizzical gleam. I bring the sweater over her head and gently pull her hands through, straightening it onto her petite body.

“You won’t be cold now,” I tell her softly, as she stares at me in a trance, her eyes boring through mine, and mine through hers.

“Next time, I’ll ask before I kiss you.” I utter, staring at her lips. “I’d like to do that now...can I kiss you, Riley?”

Her gaze is steady on mine and a look of endearment flashes across her irises. She is blushing profusely as she slowly nods her head approvingly.

I move in closer and press my lips onto hers, placing my hand on the small of her back and pulling her into me.



His hand feels good in mine. The contact offers an unearthly bliss; the type you would only experience in unrealistic dreams and imaginations. It is truly a heavenly feeling to learn that the one whom you have feelings for genuinely feels the same way about you.

To adore someone is amazing, but to adore and be adored in return is even more breathtaking.

Ansel keeps my palm tightly clasped in his as he turns the knob of his room door. He reaches a hand to the wall and switches the light on, then slightly jolt, as a canoodled Aiden and Shanelle break apart at the sudden glow of light.

I stifle laughter as Aiden swings his head around. He smiles amusingly at us, his arms still embracing Shanelle as they lie on Ansel’s bed.

Ansel bites back a smile and shuts his eyes, reputably jerking his thumb behind him. Aiden who is still grinning his face off, obliges to his brother’s silent instruction and gets up, taking Shanelle with him. He waggles his brows at me, and I smile in amusement as he leans into Ansel’s ear.

“Is mom and dad’s room open?”

Ansel deadpans him and he laughs buoyantly, pulling Shanelle with him through the door. Ansel smiles as he shakes his head, releasing me to close the door after his brother.

I follow him further into the room, my smile unchanging. “Your brothers are something else.”

“He and Arden share a bunkbed so there is always a ‘rift’ when they bring girls over at the same time.” He titters as he sits onto his bed.

I giggle, watching him from where I stand. He looks so beautiful when he laughs. It is quite appealing, the way his eyes light up and his dimples form perfect holes in his cheeks.

His chuckles slowly settle into a lingering smile as he regards me with intense eyes. I stare back at him, wondering why he is looking at me so intently.

“Come here,” he orders softly.

His simple instruction causes electricity to flow through my body as I mince my way over to him, sitting beside him on the bed. He sits up straight and shifts so that his torso is facing me.

“What do you want to know?” He enquires and I drop my eyes to the mat on his floor. Without hesitancy, I pose my question.

“Ron Moretto says he knows you and your brothers…how is that possible?”

He sighs. “Ron Moretto used to be a friend of my dad’s. They go a long way back, but he betrayed my father.”

“Oh…but how does he know Lea? And do you know Kendra?”

“No, I don’t know Kendra. We were not quite familiar with his relatives. Lea used to be a part of his camp; she was his female ‘bug.’ He used her to spy on male clients who order drugs from him or his enemies and she would deliver information back to him which is what he probably wants you for. So, after his betrayal to my family, Ron used Lea to spy on us and she almost got us killed.”

I nod my head slowly. So, Ron Moretto was once Ansel’s dad’s friend, but betrayed him then used Lea who is his female ‘bug’ to spy on Ansel and his family, thus almost causing them death. Somehow, I feel like this is a lot deeper than I may think.

“What happened with Ron and your dad? Why did you say Ron betrayed him?” I question. I observe how Ansel shifts in discomfort, his jaws tensing then releasing once again.

“He got my dad’s brothers killed.” Ansel answers simply and I take notice of his eyes; how they become slightly darker but resumes to their normal shade in a flash.

“Your uncles?”

“Yeah…” He drops his gaze to his hand. He seems a bit discomposed; I can tell that this is indeed a touchy topic. I do not want to spoil his mood, so I decide to rest the subject for tonight.

“Uhm, you don’t have to tell me about everything right now…if you don’t want to,” I mutter and he keeps his head bent, making it quite difficult to discern what his expression is like.

“I know that some things are hard to speak about…I know what that’s like…” I prim my lips, staring at my fingers in my lap. I can relate to his discomfort; therefore, I cannot insensitively squeeze information from him when I am hiding a few dark secrets myself.

Ansel sighs and finally raises his head. “You can ask me whatever you want…I’ll try my best to answer.”

“It’s okay…” I smile a little. “You don’t have to talk about it tonight. We’ll take our time, okay?”

He nods in approval, but his face has not returned to normal and it makes me quite uneasy. I want to see his smile again; this look on his face is not one that I am used to. I am also vastly curious about where his feelings lie for Lea. Does he still love her?

“Uhm…do you still have feelings for her?” I skeptically ask, fondling with a loose thread on my jeans.

Ansel shakes his head without hesitancy. “No, I don’t have feelings for her anymore. The reason I called her here tonight is to gather some information about Ron. Like, how does he go about recruiting female ‘bugs’ and what does he normally do if the person objects to his request…stuff like that. But do not worry about Ron Moretto…he cannot hurt you. I will be here to protect you. I’ll take care of it, okay?”

I nod my head; his response provides a huge wad of relief. He smiles at me and my heart swells at his beaming countenance. Earlier when I brought up the sensitive topic, I almost got scared that I would never see the light in his eyes again.

He moves a bit closer to me and I slump my shoulders nervously as his eyes pierce through mine.

“I meant what I said outside, Rain…” He utters. “I like you a lot. More than you know.”

Although he had already confessed on the pavement the words still make my heart skip a beat as they roll off his tongue.

“I like you too…” I mutter, watching as his captivating eyes dip to my lips. I salivate them insecurely and he moves his head in, pressing his forehead against mine. My breath catches in my throat when he parts his lips to speak.

“I want to kiss you.”

His voice is a whisper as his lips barely graze mine. I shut my eyes, feeling a tension building up in the pit of my stomach.

“Can I?”

I nod my head, swallowing the lump forming in my throat. He positions his palm between my cheek and my neck and gently presses his mouth against mine. The fervor his lips offer sends a chill throughout my body and I feel all my senses come alive as our mouths move together in sync. He splays my lips with his and slides his warm tongue inside, his hand traversing from my neck to my waist, groping it firmly in his hand.

My hands grow tangled in his T-shirt and our breathings are irregular as the passion heightens, our bodies drawing closer together. He palms my waists, pressing me against him and I feel his hard pecs beneath his thin layer of clothing.

His lips temporarily leave mine to softly nip my neck and I tilt my head, granting him access as I close my eyes.

This feels good. Too good.

His lips are warm and wet as they glide along my neckline, the burning passion rising between my thighs and seeping onto my undergarment.

His palm slips beneath my top as he caresses my bare stomach. I shudder slightly at the feel of his hand while he finds my lips again, kissing me fervently. In one swift movement, he positions his hands on my waists and pulls me onto his lap. I break the kiss with a slight gasp, and he chuckles lightly, his eyes swirling with amusement.

“What?” He looks effortlessly handsome as he smiles up at me, his lips red and glistening. My thighs are pressed against his legs while my fingers are reflexively laced around his nape. I can feel the bulge of his nature pressing against me as I swallow hard.

“N-nothing…It’s just…I’ve never sat on a guy like this before…” My face tinges red.

I feel his rigid arousal constricts under my body and my breath catches in my throat.

“Do you want to get off, then?” He softly asks, pressing his forehead against mine. “If it’s uncomfortable for you…you can…”

I suck a breath in, shaking my head. “It’s not…”

“Are you sure?” His nomad-blue eyes search mine for any sign of discomfort. They are soft and sincere, causing my heart to beat unhealthily faster.

“I’m okay…”

He smiles at me then kisses me on the lips again before reaching a hand over to his drawer. He pulls out the top section and I watch him as he retrieves a small box from the inside.

“I got this for you yesterday. I was going to give it to you tonight after the party.” He extends the item toward me and I take it from him inquiringly.

“W-what is it?”

He leans back on his elbows, his lips quirking up. “Have a look. I’m not good at buying stuff but I figured you would probably like that one; I’m not sure.”

I remove the cover and peer inside the small box then the air gets caught in my lungs when I notice two small rings lying inside. I look up at him, struggling to find my voice. “Y-you’re asking me to marry you?”

Ansel laughs; a deep, breathtaking one that transpires from deep within. The sound is pleasing, and I find myself enthralled by how white his teeth are. “No, not yet. It is not a wedding ring. It is a promise ring.” He sits upright to retrieve both pieces of jewelry from the box and I watch him speechlessly.

They are so beautiful. He is so beautiful.

He slips his ring on his middle finger then reaches for my hand and gently slides mine on. Luckily, it fits. I cannot help but wonder how he got my ring size so perfect, but I am not appalled; Ansel has great memory and discernment.

I stare at the slim silver jewelry; completely mesmerized. It is simple but enchanting and an inkling of happiness sweeps through me as my lips form a smile.

“Do you like it?”

I nod my head, blinking back tears. “Yes…”

“I was going to give it to you tonight after declaring how I feel about you,” he continues. “But you beat me to it.” He smiles a little as I feel my eyes gradually pooling with liquids of affection.

“You know, right? You are the only one who has my heart, Rain…and I want us to be together…if…you would want that. I don’t want to force you to do—”

A tear escapes and slides down my cheek, and his face softens entirely as I quickly reach a hand up to sweep it away.

“Sorry…I don’t usually cry this much, it’s just—” I wipe my eyes again, desperate to get rid of the tears leaking from them. “I just…get really emotional around you…you tear my defenses down, that’s all…”

“It’s okay…” He stares at me with solace, his eyes warm and gentle as he lays his head against mine. “It’s okay, you tear mine down too…it’s okay.”

I wrap my arms around him and let the tears quietly fall as he rubs my back, pressing a kiss against my head.

“I want to be with you too…” I mutter, my tone low and brittle.

Ansel smiles against my hair, then trails his fingers through the strands. He gently tilts my head back to look into my glossy eyes and I peer up at him as he studies my appearance.

“You’re so beautiful, Rain. Even when you’re crying…”

I smile a little and he pulls me back to him, wrapping his arms around me. I nuzzle my face into his chest, closing my eyes in bliss.

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