Then You Look At Me

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You're The Only One I See

~He listens to me, cares for me, so I truly believe God sent me an angel up from above that’s gonna love me for life. Might as well be perfect only because it’s the only way I can describe, so if this isn’t love tell me what it is cause I could be dreaming or just plain crazy. If this isn’t love tell me what it is cause I never felt like this, baby.~ Jennifer Hudson.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘If This Isn’t Love’ by Jennifer Hudson.



After the incident with that presumptuous waitress, Ansel and I ate our food in peace, laughing and chatting while blocking out the rest of the world. I still noticed a few girls staring his way and subtly flirting but he always kept his gaze on me, and it helped to ease my insecurity.

The thing with Ansel is that not only is he exceptionally good-looking, but he is polite and sweet. Females tend to mistake his kindness as an invitation to flirt, even in my presence and it is quite unnerving.

“I have to stop by Club Naked this evening. Emma wanted us to perform tonight.” He wipes his fingers on his napkin. “I would want you to be there. And maybe…just maybe, you could perform one of your poems, considering you didn’t get the chance to do so last time.”

I smile a little, raising my shoulders. “Maybe…if I feel crazy enough.”

He laughs. “If you feel crazy enough?” He eases up to slip his wallet from his jeans and I extend a hand to stop him.

“It’s okay, my dad topped my card up this morning so I could just pay for it.”

“No way, I’ll pay, Rain.” He gets up quickly and I sigh in acceptance as he plods over to the cashier.

I bob my head to the acoustic music softly playing in the restaurant as I idly watch him from where I am. I notice how the clerk smiles shyly as she punches in some digits in the register, retrieving his payment with an obvious blush on her face.

This is getting annoying.

She hands him his receipt then says something to him. Ansel shakes his head and shows her the ring on his finger and the lady nods with a face of disappointment.

Was she hitting on him?

He makes his way back over and I see a few heads turning at each step he takes. He smiles as he reaches for my hand and I offer one back as I stand from my chair.

“Let’s go find Alex and Riley.” He interlaces our fingers and I ignore the glares of resentment from females around us, half of which is already seated with their significant other but still has the time to covet.

Ansel opens the door for me, and I step out, squinting my eyes from the sun as he lets the door automatically close behind us. I am silent as we walk along the hallway and he glances at me, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“You okay, Rain?”

I nod, peering up at him. “Yeah…it’s just…what did that lady say to you?”

A few people begin scampering in my direction and Ansel gently pulls me out of their path, protectively tugging me to the corner while he takes my previous place. “You mean the cashier?”


I realize I am being pathetically jealous, but I cannot seem to control it. I have never been the petty type, especially over a guy but Ansel tends to defy my nature in every way possible.

“She wanted us to go out. But I told her I have a girlfriend,” he answers.

“Oh…” I lower my eyes to the floor. It is great that he made it clear that he is in a relationship, but I am still bothered by the fact that I can’t enjoy a date with my boyfriend without a female attempting to shoot her shot. Do all girls have to go through this?

A gentle tug of my arm makes me turn my head as Ansel leans his back against the wall of a department store. He pulls me against him then wraps his arms around me, nestling his face into the crook of my neck.

His hair smells clean and I identify the faint scents of his body wash and deodorant as he snuggles against me.

“You’re so easily jealous, Rain.” He whispers, and I shudder at the feel of his lips moving against my neck. Ansel tends to aim for my neck a lot, almost as if he is discreetly trying to torment me.

“But I like it. It’s cute.”

My heart rate increases as I take notice of how intimate this position is and to add to that we are in public. I glance around at a few inquisitive faces that are gawking at us during their passing; a lady almost tripping over her little daughter to get a peek. I chuckle slightly and Ansel pulls his head back, smiling.


I shrug. “People can be so inquisitive, that’s all.”

“You don’t have to worry about these girls, okay? You are the only one I want. And when I have my eyes on someone…they are the only person I see.”

His reassurance is enough to eradicate all my insecurities and racing thoughts.

“Okay…which explains why you kept on staring at me since the first day I came to Crosshill High, I think I get it now.” I smile teasingly and he laughs, brushing his thumb across his nose.

“Uhm, in case you don’t remember, I caught you checking me out from your locker mirror.” He crosses his arms and my face becomes a giant tomato.

“I did not. My eyes just naturally drifted to you and you just turned around at odd timing.”

He feigns understanding, nodding his head. “Oooh, I see. But how do you explain when you were staring at me from the bleachers in gym class? Oh, wait, before that you were checking me out from the side mirror of Alex’s car on the night of Tate’s party. I see you do that pretty often by the way.”

I laugh, shaking my head. “Okay, okay, I’m waving my white flag, you win.”

He chuckles, putting his arms around me and pulling me in. “Of course, I won, as long as I have you, I have everything.”

I smile as he brings his head down to plant a kiss on my lips.

“Damn, you two do all the romantic stuff!”

Our kiss breaks at the sound of Alex’s voice and we turn our heads to see him approaching us with a smiling Riley perched on his arm.

“I don’t know how you two find all the romantic places, but you do. I mean, the backseat, the mall’s hallway—”

“Don’t forget the driveway of your house, under the moonlight on the night of the party.” Riley aids and Alex nods dramatically. “Yeah, I totally forgot about that one. The moonlight-slash-confession kiss.”

“Woah wait, how did you two even see that?” Ansel is as equally baffled as me as he looks between Riley and his brother.

“You don’t need to know that, it’s our little secret.” Alex grins, pulling Riley into a side hug while she chuckles in amusement.

I smile, shaking my head. “Anyway, we were just about to come to you guys; Ansel has to be at Club Naked tonight.”

“Okay, we can leave now then.” Alex shrugs.

“Riley, I got your stuff for school, but we’ll have to pick up your uniform tomorrow,” I inform her, just as Alex passes by me to whisper into his brother’s ear. “An, can I talk to you about something later?”

Ansel nods. “Yeah, of course.”

I glance at them in slight curiosity but decide to mind my business as Riley beams at me, tucking her arm in mine. “You didn’t have to buy all that stuff for me, Rain. Thank you.”

I frown playfully. “Don’t thank me. This is not enough to pay you back for always being there for me.”

She smiles, cuddling close to my arm as a kitten would and I laugh, shaking my head.


~I’m selfish ’cause I don’t wanna share him with nobody. Not even those people that came before me.~ Jennifer Hudson.

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