Then You Look At Me

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~Kiss me like you wanna be loved. This feels like falling in love.~

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Kiss Me’ by Ed Sheeran.



Ansel’s eyes are positioned on me while he plays the guitar, each string bringing forth a soft melodic sound that soothes the atmosphere of the club. His knees are splayed while the base of the guitar rests on his thigh, his hand skillfully plucking the threads while he smiles at me. Emma is singing her heart out while she periodically glances at him; I do not think she notices where his focus lies at all.

“Ansel is so talented.” Riley smiles, slightly swaying to the rhythm while we sit in one of the booths. Alex has an arm around her, occasionally biting her ear or fiddling with her earring while she tries to pry him off with a red face.

“Ansel is the epitome of perfection!” A body flumps down next to me, a trace of coconut filling my sense of smell as Tim turns his face to grin at me.

I smile in amazement. “What are you doing here?”

He braces against the seat, rubbing his thigh. “Emma is my sister, and this is my brother’s club.”

“Really?” I cock my head, and he smirks. “Yeah, really. What?”

“Nothing, it’s just a small world.”

I notice that Alex is now nestling his face into Riley’s neck; the two getting a bit intimate in the corner of the booth. I decide on giving them some space and look back to Tim.

“So, do you perform here too?”

“Nah, I’m not an ‘art’ guy. I’m more into coffee and beverages.”

“I figured that much.” I simper.

“So, you are all hanging out here tonight.”

“Yeah, we came here straight from the mall.”

“Oh. A Date. I see.” He smirks with a cheeky glint and my face tinges red.

“I’ll share a secret with you.” He shifts in his spot, gesturing that I bring my ear closer. I lean into his direction and he drops his voice. “If you guys are going to drink tonight, ensure Ansel doesn’t get drunk.”

He backs up proudly as if he just shared with me valuable information, and I squint my eyes in utter confusion. “Huh?”

He moves in again. “Alright do not tell him that I told you but when Ansel gets drunk you won’t be able to handle him. He’ll be a bit…out of control.” He whispers the last part with a quite dramatic face and my befuddlement worsens as I blink at him.

“I’m sorry I don’t think I-I’m not getting it—”

“You’re not getting it-okay-you two are dating now, right?”

I nod.

“Then just don’t be alone in a room with him, he’s not himself when he’s intoxicated. He’ll probably talk a great deal or be a lot more sexual than usual and—”

“Tim, you’re here.”

Tim snaps his lips together at the presence of Ansel, who rests his guitar on the table of the booth and points his thumb behind him. “Emma is around the back; she was just asking for you.”

“Yeah, I have some stuff to give to her.” Tim then smiles and discreetly gives me a look of caution as he slides out of the booth.

What on earth did he mean?

“Hey…” Ansel sits in Tim’s previous spot, planting a kiss on my cheek. “You okay?”

I smile, my face coloring pink from his sudden affection. “Yeah, Uhm, you know I was thinking that I’d do the poem piece…if the spot is still open.”

Ansel’s face lights up and he drops his jaws dramatically, causing me to chuckle. “Yeah, yeah, of course, it is always open. Just let me go announce it if you are ready. Are you ready?”

“Yeah. I’d prefer to get it over and done with before the anxiety kicks in.”

He laughs. “Alright, did you bring a paper or…”

“No, I have a lot of them stored in my head.”

“Woah, impressive. Alright.” Throwing me a dashing smile, he gets up from his seat and moves toward the front of the room. I run my palms along my thighs in slight nervousness then fiddle with the ring on my finger as I take a deep breath. I have never once thought of performing my poems in front of people and it has been a while since I have exercised that talent of mine since so much have been going lately. I hope I do not get tongue-tied; that would be quite embarrassing.

“Okay everyone, tonight there will be a special performance!” Ansel’s voice comes over the mike and I feel my heart skips a beat. “By a special person of mine, my one and only, Rainey. She will be blessing us with one of her original poems, please give her a round of applause.”

The club begins clapping while Riley and Alex snap their gazes to me in surprise. I smile at their astonished expressions while I slide out of the booth. “Wish me luck, guys.”

“Whooooo! Go, Rainey!” Alex yells into his fist, his voice booming above the applauding hands as a few people snap their gazes in his direction. Riley giggles, bouncing his shoulder. “You’re not doing it loud enough Alex. WHOOOOO GO RAINEY!!!!!”

I laugh as I glance back at her, I am positive her voice will become hoarse after this. I make my way up to Ansel who is chuckling and shaking his head at the couple in the back who are screaming their throats out.

“I’m cheering for you, okay?” He says and I smile, nodding my head. He hands me the mic, then goes to stand at the corner behind me.

I take a deep breath, squeezing the microphone as my eyes glaze over the room of people. I blow my cheeks out and shift my weight, anxiety coursing through my whole body. I open my mouth, but no words leave them.

Shit. I cannot do this.

I helplessly glance behind at Ansel who is smiling as he nods at me, encouraging me with his eyes. I smile weakly and return my focus ahead, shutting my eyes tightly.

I can do this.

“Heart melts in despair as taunting voices approach my doorway. Gasping for air, my soul greys and burns like flares as my ashes fall onto misty air. The walls of my shell; they crack and break while sorrow seeps through its shattered flakes. Shackled feet and a bondage soul, pulling me into the desolate dark hole. Life is but a lonely road, with brown, withered leaves and broken souls, if I die tomorrow, I pray my heart will live on, inspiring those that were bid to die old.”

I skeptically open my eyes, and everyone is gawping at me quite indulgingly. Then a roar of applause booms through-out the entire club, Alex and Riley’s cheers above the rest as they stand to their feet. A smile forms my face and I tighten my hold on the mic, turning around and immediately meeting upon Ansel, who smiles brightly as he pulls me into his arms. I close my eyes as he trails his hand down my hair, planting a kiss on my head. Above the loud cheers, he speaks, his tone genuine and silvery.

“I am proud of you Rain…that was amazing. You’re amazing.”

My smile stretches wider. He has no idea how happy I am to hear those words. Sometimes that is all I need, someone to say that they are proud of me. I do not think I will ever forget this moment.


“Cheers to the poet!” Alex grins widely as we all clink our glasses together. I chuckle as I bring the liquor to my lips, taking just a small taste.

Wow. It is strong. I should be careful; the last time I was drunk I made a complete fool of myself.

Riley grins as she quickly wipes her lips. “No, honestly that was the best poem I have ever heard in all my years of living! Like, I was shocked, my mouth was like this the entire time.” She drops her jaws as a visual and Alex playfully pretends to stick his finger in when she slaps his hand away causing me and Ansel to laugh.

“You’re awesome, Rain. I am so happy you’re my best friend.” She gives me a side hug and I smile. “I am happy you’re my best friend too, Riley.”

Ansel takes a drink of his alcohol as he smiles at us, splaying his arm over the seat behind me.

“An, isn’t that your fifth shot of vodka?” Alex looks between his brother and the half-emptied glass he’s holding.

“Yeah, I’m in a good mood tonight, so why not?” He smiles at me then moves in to plant a kiss on my jaw. I smile at the affection, leaning against the back of the booth and finding that his arm is now around me.

Alex smirks with a peculiar glint in his eyes while he throws a hand around Riley. “Mm. Someone’s about to get quite out of hand very soon.”

I look at him in confusion but a wet sensation on my neck steals my attention as Ansel begins to kiss my neck, snuggling his face against me.

“You smell so good, Rain.”

I stiffen as my face tinges red and Alex laughs, throwing his head back. Riley stares at her boyfriend; confused about what he found so humorous but perhaps Alex is aware of something that we are not aware of. I grip the edge of my seat in utter anxiety as I feel his lips trailing down my neckline.

Why is Ansel kissing my neck right now?

“You know, I think it’s time we go home.” Alex is chuckling as he gets up. “Ansel is not himself when he’s drunk. You girls want to stay the night at our place?”

Riley looks to me for a response, but I am unable to form one since Ansel’s lips on my skin have clouded my analytical abilities. She smiles and decides to answer on my behalf.

“Yeah, I guess we could.”

Alex looks back to his brother and bites back a grin, nodding his head. “Okay, let’s go then.”


Ansel is drunk, and it is the most interesting sight I have ever seen. Aside from him falling asleep every ten seconds, he is quite overly affectionate. Their house is quiet; their parents are asleep, and Alaric and the twins seem to be out. Alex tells Riley to spend some time with him on the couch while I assist Ansel in getting up to his room.

I switch the light on, then hold his hand and lead him to his bed. He flumps down onto the mattress and I sit next to him, smiling at the foreign state I am seeing him in.

It is cute.

He whips his hair from his eyes, and they appear daze and squinted as he pushes his hand through his hair.

“Are you okay?” I regard him in amusement.

“Just hot.” He answers as he brings his hand up to undo his dress shirt. He fiddles with the first button for several seconds as if he has forgotten how to unhitch it. I giggle in enjoyment as I move closer to him.

“It’s okay, I’ll help you.”

He removes his hand and I take over. I unfasten the button and my eyes instantly encounter his smooth chest. My movements immediately cease as I gulp uneasily.

Okay. Maybe assisting him is not such a good idea.

I raise my eyes and he is steadily watching me; the glaze in his orbs causing my stomach to twist in a knot. I clear my throat and drop my focus back to his shirt, but suddenly I am also unsure of how to undo a shirt. I swindle with his button for a few seconds before his hand comes up to rest over mine.

I stiffen and my heart exhilarates as he begins to draw small circles with his thumb on my knuckle. The action feels more than a simple contact and my eyes watch his finger in strong apprehension.

“Since the first day, I saw you…” He begins and I finally meet his eyes. “I knew you were going to mean so much to me…maybe that’s why I kept looking at you. You gave me a feeling no-one else could.”

The blushes on my face deepen and he raises his hand to the area between my cheek and neck, gently pulling my face closer to his.

“Kiss me…” He whispers.

I search his expression, wondering if he is being serious or if it is just the alcohol talking.

“I want you to kiss me, Rain.” He says again, his eyes now focused on my lips. Anxiety builds up into my stomach as I lean in and press my lips against his in a soft kiss. He takes full control of it, sculpting our mouths together as he caresses my face. His kisses always tend to pull me out of this world and into a different dimension; everything around us disappears whenever we lock lips.

He temporarily breaks away and his eyes peer deeply into mine while I stare back at him. Then as swift as the wind, he gently prods me against the bed and hovers above me.

My eyes enlarge in astonishment as I blink up at him. His necklace is now released from his shirt and his dark hair hangs over me, grazing my forehead.

I gulp. “Ansel?”

His expression is unsmiling but soft and fixed as he slowly begins to undo his shirt. I watch his fingers, my cheeks becoming a lot rosier than ever before. He does not take his eyes off me as he tugs the garment off his body, revealing his toned torso that is now only adorned with his thin neck jewelry.

My breathing has increased as I pull my eyes from his chest and to him; my skittish orbs peering up into his hypnotizing pair. He lowers his head and connects our lips again as he kisses me tenderly, his hands palming the bed to keep his weight above me. He spreads my lips with his and slides his warm tongue inside, my head tilting up from the force of his fervent osculate. I can hardly feel my body that is now filled with anxiety as he gradually deepens the kiss, now using one hand to keep his weight above me while his other gropes my jawline, gently stroking the area.

I can feel the arousal rapidly building up between my legs and I know I am not the only one as Ansel’s nature nudges against the inside of my thigh. He breaks the kiss but does not move away just yet, as he quietly moves his lips against mines.

“Do I have permission to touch your body, Rain?”

I nod my head, my breath hitching in my throat. Ansel kisses me again, while his hand slips beneath my shirt. I shudder a little as he caresses my bare waist, causing my eyes to fall shut as my chest rises in a profound breath. He trails his way up to my bust and my eyelashes flutter in nervousness as his palm slip beneath my bra. He comes up to meet my dazed eyes and a short breath leaves my lips as he gropes one of the sensitive buttons on my chest.

He begins to slowly stroke the rigid nub on my areola, and it hardens noticeably at each light stroke of his thumb. I close my eyes and I tilt my head back as he trails soft slow kisses along my neckline.

How is it that he is merely touching my chest, yet it is enough to turn me into a melted pile beneath him? My hand tangles in his duvet and I pull at his covers, bucking my legs in raw desire as I bite down on my lower lip.

This feels heavenly and surreal and I genuinely don’t want him to stop.

He switches to the opposite bud, granting it equal attention as he massages it torturously. I feel a moan building up inside me but pull my flesh between my teeth again to keep it away.

His lips settle at my ear. “You’re so aroused…just from me touching you like this, Rain.”

His voice is way too erotic and soft as he flicks his finger over my rigid nub. A soft moan finally escapes my lips, one I was unable to hold back and Ansel pulls his hand from my bra and curls his fingers under my shirt, lifting it to my chest. His eyes rake over my bare stomach in pure admiration and my face tinges red as I stare at him.

“Your body is so beautiful…” He says and my lips form a small smile. He presses his lips against my stomach and all the air leaves my lungs as I shut my eyes, tilting my head back. His lips feel exceedingly divine as he kisses the area, all the while stroking my thighs with his hands. I am not sure how much more of his torture I will be able to withstand.

He sits up onto his knees, my body trapped between his thighs as he keeps our gazes connected. He begins to undo the button of my jeans and I steadily watch him with nervous eyes and pink, parted lips. He pulls my zipper down, quite slowly, the vibration filling the room and thickening the sexual tension. My red lace underwear with a small bow at the front comes into the view, and my face flushes to the same color as I lay my head against the pillows and shut my eyes. After a few seconds of no contact, I reopen my orbs to find him looking at me, a strong gleam of love and care in his eyes.

He pulls my zipper up and fastens my button, coming up to meet my gaze as he caresses my jaw.

“I want you so bad, Rain…but I’m not clear-headed and I don’t want to touch you when I’m tipsy.” He says softly, pressing his forehead against mine. “I want to be levelheaded and sober, so I can remember what touching you for the first time felt like.”

A smile stretches my lips and I nod my head, admiring how respectful he is towards me. He kisses my lips again, then lays down beside me, pulling me into his body from behind. He wraps his arms around me and cuddles close to my back. I feel his nature that is still protruding against his pants pressing into my lower back and my body slightly stiffens.

He chuckles lightly. “You’re the one who did that to me.” He kisses me on the cheek, and I smile to myself while I close my eyes. My heart is genuinely contented and at peace as he buries his face into my hair.

I have met many sides to Ansel, and his intoxicated side is just as equally intriguing. I guess Tim knew what he was talking about.


~Settle down with me. Cover me up, cuddle me in. Lie down with me and hold me in your arms. And your heart’s against my chest. Your lips pressed to my neck. I’m falling for your eyes but they don’t know me yet. And with a feeling I won’t forget, I’m in love now.~ Ed Sheeran.

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