Then You Look At Me

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~It’s you, babe and I’m a sucker for the way that you move, babe. And I could try to run, but it would be useless. You’re to blame, just one hit of you I knew I’ll never be the same.~ Camila Cabello.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Never Be the Same’ by Camila Cabello.


Third-person Pov

“Alex? What are you doing?” Riley regards her boyfriend with a face of sheer confusion as he cocks his ear up the stairs, his face set in concentration. She raises her brow and approaches him as he stands by the staircase, peering up the wooden stairway to identify what it is he is listening to.

She playfully slaps his arm. “What are you doing?”

“Shh, Ry.” He presses his finger to his lips. “You are hindering my mission.”

“What mission?” She makes a face and Alex grins, his large dimples appearing in his cheeks.

“Alright, let me share this with you.”

Riley nods attentively as he shifts his body to face her, lowering his voice cautiously. “When Ansel is drunk, he gets a little…” and he giggles mischievously as Riley screws her face up in bewilderment.

“He gets a little what?”

Alex salivates his lips. “Alright, watch.”

He uses his hands to form out a perfect replica of a woman’s body and begins to hump the air as a demonstration. Riley’s eyes tear open comically as she quickly stifles a gasp with her palm.

“Oh my God.” Her face is as bright as a bulb. “Are you saying, right now, they could be—”

“Yes, yes.” Alex grins, rubbing his palms together. “As we speak, they could be getting it on.”

“So, this is why you let them go up alone and told me to stay on the couch with you?”

“Yes, yes, my partner-in-crime. We are getting somewhere.”

“Oh my God, this is juicy, this is too juicy, we should eavesdrop—” Riley goes to chase up the stairs but Alex grabs her arm, chuckling quietly as he pulls her back.

“Not so fast, little one. Your feet are a give-away. We must be quiet. Follow my lead.”

He carefully moves up the stairs, and Riley has a grin of excitement pasted on her small face as she follows closely behind him.

“This is so fun.” She softly sniggers and Alex titters, pressing his finger to his lips. They stealthily tiptoe to the door and press their ears against the cold wood.

“Are you hearing anything?” Riley whispers.

“Nope, you?”

“Nope.” She frowns. “Maybe we should crack the door a little and peek in.”

Alex laughs, gawping at her. “I created a monster; you are enjoying this a little too much. I don’t want to see something I shouldn’t and scar myself for life.”

“Let me then…” Riley nudges Alex to the side and he watches her quietly with a wide smile on his face. He could not like this girl any more than this.

She gently opens the door and peeks into the room, her face scrunching up in wonderment when she sees Ansel and Rainey cuddled close together, sleeping soundly.

“Are they still at the foreplay?” Alex interrogates.

Riley’s lips form a small smile and she takes a step back and pulls the door up, turning to an inquisitive Alex.

“They are sleeping.”

“Damn, that means they got it on already. They must have been really quiet while doing it.”

Her smile is unwavering as she shakes her head. “I don’t think they did it, Alex.”

He smiles in agreement, nodding his head. “Yeah, you’re right. My brother is very respectful; he will not sleep with Rain if he is tipsy. Well, time for us to get to the bed.” He puts his arms around her and pulls her into his chest.

“Where do I sleep?”

“On the couch with me.” Alex bites his lip, his mesmerizing eyes staring back into hers.

Riley feels her stomach forming a knot. “We both will not be able to fit on your couch, Alex.”

“I’ll be lying down, and you’ll be lying right on top of me, all night.” He smirks. “That should work.”

Her face is red as she gulps uneasily.

“Don’t worry, my chest is quite comfortable, and I’ll cuddle you in my arms, so you won’t be cold.” He places his lips at her ear. “We can share body heat.”

Before Riley can offer a nervous response, Alex sweeps her up into his arms bridal style, his strong biceps supporting her body close to his sculpted torso. He carries her down the stairs as if she is nothing but a light feather, and Riley resists the urge to check him out openly. His face is smooth, the lights from the hall shining on his god-like qualities. She observes the visible beauty mark behind his ear and the snake tattoo that is professionally designed on his neck.

He positions her feet onto his living room mat then begins to organize the cushions at the head of the couch. He puffs them while glancing back at her with a boyish grin on his face. She feels her heart skips a beat at how handsome he looks. The lighting in the room is relatively dim but the lights from the porch are enough to regard the perfect creation standing in front of her. She cannot believe that he belongs to her.

He dramatically throws himself against the couch and lets out an exaggerative sigh then looks to Riley who is standing anxiously in her spot. He smirks and pats his stomach.

“Come here.”

She stiffens instantly and he laughs. “I’m not going to bite you, Riley.”

She presses her lips together with playful squinted eyes as she slowly approaches him. He takes her hand and guides her onto his body, splaying his legs so she can lie in-between them.

“What if your parents wake up tomorrow and see us like this?”

Alex smiles. “They wouldn’t have a problem with that. My Dad gives each of us packet of condoms every week.”

Riley gasps. “Really?”

“Yeah, my drawer is filled with them, all sorts. He has five boys, so he knows what he signed up for.” Alex winks and she chuckles, shaking her head.

“You’re something else.”

Riley can feel the heat rising to her face as she nestles her head in the heavenly scent of his neck, their bodies pressed together with no room in between. Alex reaches his hand up to trail down her hair, then he plants a kiss on her head.

“Goodnight, Ry.”

She smiles as she closes her eyes, laying her palm on his sturdy chest. “Goodnight, Alex.”



“Rain, could you take this up to Ansel for me please?”

Melissa extends to me a tray with food while I stand behind her in the kitchen. Riley and I decided to assist her with preparing breakfast; it is the least we could do for spending the night at her place. Mr. Austin and his sons are already seated around the table, except for Ansel, who I left asleep earlier.

He had too much to drink last night. A little too much.

Recalling the intimate moment that we shared, my face becomes flushed as I retrieve the tray of scrambled eggs and toasts. Melissa sits a glass of orange juice beside it then places a packet of aspirin in the corner.

“Tell him to take the pills after eating okay?”

“Okay.” I nod as I begin to head out while Riley helps Melissa to put toasted breads on each plate.

I make my way up the staircase carefully, balancing the orange juice that is swirling around in the glass. I reach the door of his room and knock just to ensure I do not barge in on him at an inappropriate timing. He does not come to answer it, so I knock again, shifting my weight while I wait. Failing to get a response, I hold the tray in one hand and pull the door open with the next.

Ansel’s bed is neatly made but the room is empty. I rest the tray onto his nightstand and glance around, my face scrunching in wonderment. “Ansel?”

The room is quiet, and his window is open, his curtain dancing about from the strong surge of the morning breeze. Where could he have gone? I feel slight panic settling in as I rapidly move over to the bathroom and plunge the door open.


He is just stepping out of the shower, completely naked with his dark hair wet and lying against his forehead. His nude body is dripping with water as he steps onto his mat and he does not seem surprised by my sudden entrance. I am frozen with wide eyes as he reaches for a towel from the rack, a small smile on his lips.

“Good morning to you too, Rain.”

I turn around quickly, pressing my palms over my eyes.

Oh my God. I just saw his—

“I am so sorry. I am so sorry; I should have knocked. I shouldn’t have barged in here…” I squeeze my eyes tightly as I hear his footsteps approaching behind.

Oh God, he is naked, he is naked, and I saw everything.

“I’m sorry. I-I’ll wait downstairs—” I motion to move off when he swiftly wraps an arm around me, pulling my back against his bare chest. I gasp audibly as he reaches a foot out to nudge the door shut.


“Why are you apologizing?” He nestles his face into my neck, and the cotton towel he is now wearing is not doing such a good job at restraining his nature.

His nature that I just saw by accident. How will I ever unsee that?

“I-I just brought your breakfast and you weren’t in the room, so I just thought something happened to you…” I swallow hard. “I-I didn’t see anything though…”

I did. I saw everything.

He tightens his hold around me and my chest rises in a short breath.

“Then why are you shaking like this?” He whispers as he takes one of my quivering hands in his, interlacing our fingers. I close my eyes, gallivanting in the unearthly feeling of our skins making contact.

“You’re standing very close…and you’re only wearing a towel…that’s why.”

My voice is barely discernable, but it is the best I can do since his nude form can still be seen in my head. Vividly.

“Is it uncomfortable?”

I shake my head. “No…”

“Are you sure?” He releases my hand to slowly slip his palm beneath my shirt. I suck a breath in as his hand encounters my bare stomach.

Is he still drunk? Is sexual-Ansel still present?

I raise my head to look up at him, my brown orbs reeling with curiosity and he smiles as if he is reading my mind. “I am not drunk. I am perfectly sober.”

I feel him tracing small circles around my navel with his index finger and I shut my eyes and hang my head. It takes him literally no effort to arouse my desire. My thighs press together, and I shift slightly.

“All the alcohol has left my system…so, I know exactly what I’m doing, Rain.”

He is right. He knows exactly what he’s doing because if someone can merely touch your skin and you feel as if you are being pulled from the Milky Way and into another galaxy then they must be quite certain of what they’re doing.

“I hope I didn’t come on too strong last night.” He says as he begins to lightly kiss my neck. My eyes almost roll to the back of my head and my legs become jelly.

He is always aiming for my neck. Always.

“I wasn’t in my right mind but for some strange reason, I can still remember how your body felt…every part of you.”

His soft, calm voice is enough to set my body ablaze and I salivate my lips, laying my head back against his shoulder. The air is thick with tension and our breathings meld as he caresses my bare stomach.

“And I also remember how you reacted to my was similar to how you’re reacting now...”

I sharply swallow, my entire body drowning in adrenaline. I am positive he is able to hear the heavy thumping of my heart. He gently nips at my neck and my eyelashes flutter nervously as his wandering hand begins to trail lower down my stomach.


Riley’s voice makes me writhe away from Ansel instinctively, my breathing still uneven as my back meets the door. He smiles and I try not to look at his perfect abs as he reaches for another towel, his eyes still locked with mine. I can see the bright gleam of desire in them while he dries his hair, refusing to break eye contact with me.

I struggle to find my voice. “Uhm...I’ll be outside, okay?” I jerk a shaky thumb behind me, and a smile is fixed on his face as he nods.

Uneasily, I turn around to grip the doorknob with a clammy palm. The door refuses to open despite me twisting the handle and I begin to rattle it, my forehead wrinkling in agitation.

This position is so nerve-wracking, and this door won’t let me out!

Ansel comes up behind me and reaches his hand around my body, placing his palm over mine and steering the knob in the opposite direction. The door opens with a soft click and a wave of embarrassment races to my face.

“You were turning it the wrong way.” He whispers, and I pull my gaze up to meet his amused eyes. His lips quirk up and I inwardly scold myself for being so anxious that I forgot how to open a door.

“Thank you…” I mutter, quickly leaving the space with heated cheeks.

Riley’s face is set in confusion when I step out of the bathroom but upon seeing me, her expression softens to one of relief. Perhaps she was experiencing the same state of bewilderment I was in earlier. The same one that led me to see Ansel’s entire naked figure.

“Oh, there you are, I thought you were taken by some supernatural powers.” She quips and I smile, shaking my head.

“The lady in charge of the uniforms called a minute ago. She was saying we have to come by and pick them up now because she has a convention to get to at 1 pm today.”

I nod. “Alright, we can leave now.”

“And she said we’ll only be able to get two ties for now because she hasn’t gotten—” Riley trails off as Ansel steps out of the bathroom, now wearing a white tank and grey shorts.

I cannot help wondering why he did not put those on in the first place, but something tells me he intentionally wanted to get me apprehensive.

Riley’s jaws slightly drop, and she cocks her head to the side, looking between me and Ansel.

“Wait, why are you two coming from the bathroom—you know, never mind.” She chuckles. “I’ll wait for you downstairs, Rain.” She waggles her brows cheekily as she leaves the room, and I get the feeling that she will be sharing this with Alex.

My face is red as I turn back to Ansel who is already smiling at me. “You’re leaving?”

“Yeah.” I purse my lips. “We have to pick up Riley’s uniform.”

He nods his head and steps up closer to me. The anxiety returns within me as he wraps his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. He smells so fresh and clean as I take in the scent of his shirt.

“Will you be at school tomorrow?”

I nod my head. “Mm. It’s Riley’s first day.”

“Okay. Alex and I will drop by your house at seven to pick you guys up.”

I smile as he takes my cheeks in his hands and plants a swift kiss on my mouth. His breath is heavenly as it mingles with mine and I desperately wish I could stay with him longer. He is effortlessly addictive.

“I’ll text you.” He says as he lets me go and my inner teen-girl is puling at the release.

“Okay. Your breakfast is on the nightstand and your mom says to ensure you take the pills after eating.”

“I will.” He smiles and I return one before turning away and leaving his room.

I give him one last wave before pulling the door up. A gigantic smile surfaces my face and the only thing I can think about is seeing him at school tomorrow.

I miss him already.


~Blurrin’ all the lines, you intoxicate me. Just like nicotine, heroin, morphine, suddenly, I’m a fiend and you’re all I need.~ Camila Cabello.❤️

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