Then You Look At Me

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Pull the Trigger

~Pull the trigger, don’t hesitate, just shoot.~ Russ.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Pull the Trigger’ by Russ.

N.B: Chapter contains curse words, violence and mentions of sexual assault.



“Ahh! Fuck…are you boys insane?!” Blood gushes from Jeff’s mouth as he struggles to open his swollen eye. His arms are tied behind him, making him quite helpless and pathetic as he breathes heavily, his face contorting in pain as he wriggles in his seat. I squat down, gripping his jaws in one hand while my gun is tightly embedded in the other. I glare at him inhumanely and his fearful eyes cause a smirk to rise from the corner of my mouth.

“I won’t ask again. What the fuck did you do to her?”

It is always the rapists and perverts who have the smallest minds and cannot defend themselves. Jeff, apparently, only has strength for girls since it was quite easy for us to capture him here. When we showed up at Rain’s house, we parked a little further down from the gates. Jeff was leaving the house at the same time, his head buried in his cell while he chuckles to himself. Alex and I hopped the fence at the back and cornered him in the garage as soon as he was about to open the car door. From the looks of it, he was on his way to the gym, considering he had his gym bag and is dressed in sweatpants and a muscle-shirt. It is extremely pathetic that despite his brawny built, two teenage boys somehow managed to gun-butt him in the head, stepped in his groin, and pulled him away to the car, genuinely not caring who would witness the scene. My anger had clouded every judgment and I was just impatient to see his blood on my hands. If someone were to speak of the incident however, I have already fabricated my alibi. I am too much of a good guy to capture a man and beat him senseless or better yet, to death. Everyone knows that.

“Hey, hey!” Alex grasps a handful of Jeff’s hair from behind, pulling his head back to look up at him. “He fucking asked you something, didn’t he? What. Did. You. Do. To. Her? Do you not understand English?”

Apparently, he does not. Perhaps ‘blood’ is the only language he can decode.

I sigh, standing to my feet and aiming my gun at his knee. Alex smirks and releases him as he gazes at me with a clear look of trepidation. “D-don’t, don’t do it…”

I press the trigger without hesitation, drilling a hole in his knee as he cries out, clenching his teeth and writhing in pain. “Ah! Fuck…”

Blood spumes from his fresh wound, and I push my hair back in frustration. I am losing patience.

“I will not ask again, Jeff. At this point, your silence is only allowing me space and time to decipher how I will kill you.” I state. “Look around, look where we are. We are in a warehouse. An abandoned warehouse far away from Crossview. There is no-one around…no CCTV, nothing. And to make things so much better, there is a wide body of water behind this building. We can easily kill you right now and dispose of your body there. All you need to do, is answer the question, Jeff. Just answer the fucking question, what did you do to Rainey? That is all I ask.”

“Answer the question.” Alex echoes, pulling up an old crate and plopping onto it, playing with his gun while he grins at Jeff. “All you need to do is give an answer, you rapist.”

Jeff glares at me stubbornly and I hiss beneath my breath. He seems to be tired of living. I gash him across his face with the head of my gun. His head thrusts sideways from the impact and a deep cut forms on his cheekbone as he groans. I grip his face and pull it to look me in the eyes, my thumb intentionally sinking into his fresh wound as he grunts. Sticking my gun into his mouth, I drop my brows in aggravation.

“You’re wasting my time. You do know it will take me nothing to pull the trigger and blow your brains out, right?”

“It would take him nothing at all,” Alex adds.

“I would surely get away with it, you know why?” I smirk. “Because I am Ansel King. I am a good guy, Jeff. Everyone knows that.”

Jeff’s voice is muffled as he grumbles, and I remove the weapon, raising a brow. “What was that?”

“You’re a deceiver…you tricked Rainey into thinking you’re a good guy…but you’re a devil under disguise.”

I clench my teeth. “Wrong answer.”

I shoot him into his shoulder, and he cries out again, gritting his teeth in excruciating pain.

“Look at him, screaming like a little bitch.” Alex laughs. “He’s not talking, An. Kill the motherfucker.”

“You’re right. I got a ton load of homework and a chemistry test to study for, so I don’t see why I’m here wasting my time.” I stand to my feet, straightening my spine as I aim at his chest. I cock the gun, getting ready to rest my finger on the trigger.

Jeff stares at the weapon, his body shuddering in fear. He knows I am going to kill him, right here, right now.

“Wait…!” He coughs. “Wait, I didn’t—I didn’t rape her…I didn’t!”

Alex looks at me and I exhale heavily. “Then what the fuck did you do?”

“I swear…I didn’t rape her.” He squeezes his eyes tightly. “I tried to…but it didn’t happen, I swear.”

I shut my eyes. He tried to. He tried to.

“What do you mean by ‘you tried to?’" Alex questions.

“I-I tried to have sex with her, but her mom came…I swear, I didn’t do it…”

The infuriation within me has now risen to a higher degree and I blow my cheeks out, squatting in front of him.

“But you touched her. You touched her, didn’t you? Where did you touch her?”

Alex watches him carefully as he makes a pained face, refusing to answer the question. I press my gun into the bleeding wound on his knee and he bawls out, clamping his teeth together.

“O-okay, okay, I touched her—”

“Where?” I narrow my eyes.

“Y-you already know where. W-why do I have to say it—”

“Answer the question or I will personally finish you right here!” Alex sneers.

“Her chest…” Jeff grumbles. “And her—you already know, okay? You already know where, just let me go, please!”

I close my eyes in agony and due to my photographic memory, I can clearly imagine what the bastard did to her. How scared she must have been, how lonely and hurt. I recall the night she embraced me in her drunken state, how she cried helplessly, and asked me not to leave her. This asshole shattered her heart, her mind, her soul. I press my knuckle to my forehead, sighing heavily. This man is fucking dead.

“You do know that I am going to kill you, right?” I reopen my orbs, gazing into his pleading ones.

“Just let me go, I promise I won’t touch her again!”

“How long have you been doing this to her?” I question. “How long have you been abusing her?!”

“J-just since she was ten…” His tone is skeptical, as he watches the gun in my hand. “Ten years old, please…”

I hang my head, my eyes burning with what feels like tears. I bury the hand holding my gun into my hair, squeezing my eyelids tightly. Ten. Ten years old.

“Until when, you asshole?” Alex asks.

Jeff sighs dreadfully. “Fourteen…until she was fourteen, please just let me go, I won’t do it again, I haven’t done it in three years—”

“Three years!” Alex jolts up, kicking the crate away. “Do you fucking think three years is a long time, you son of a bitch?! Three years is just like yesterday, do you know how hard it must be for her, you piece of shit!”

I sharply swallow, looking heavenward as I blink back the drops of melancholy welling in my orbs. “I am going to kill you for what you did to her. I will not wish you peace in the afterlife, neither will I hope your soul attains forgiveness.”

“Please…don’t-don’t, please…”

I kick the chair back and he topples over, his head hitting the hard concrete as he mewls pitifully. I wipe my eyes, moving around to his trembling body.

“You like to touch, don’t you? How about I ruin your hands so you can never use them again, mm?” In a swift action, I stamp down onto his wrist, twisting my foot as his bones crackle beneath my sneakers. He cries out, wiggling on the floor like an injured worm while Alex smirks in satisfaction.

“Who gave you the right to put your hand on her? How dare you? Did you fucking think I was kidding when I warned you at that luncheon? Did you think I was only bluffing? Or did you think that because I seldom talk and appear so polite that I wouldn’t fuck you up?”

He sobs feebly, mumbling his pleadings and I kick him in the face, a spurt of thick blood sloshing from his mouth as he coughs. I stoop down, pulling him up by the collar as his head bobbles on his body, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

“I only warn once, I am not a fan of speaking, and after I told you specifically to stay away from her, you went ahead and attempted to come onto her in her kitchen yesterday, do you take me for an idiot, Jeff Anderson?”

“Just let me go, please…” His tears are a light pink from mingling with the blood on his face. “I promise I won’t touch her again…”

“How can I be so sure of that?” I raise a brow. “You don’t seem to follow instructions well, Jeff. Does he, Alex?”

“Nope! He is a disobedient molester, that’s what he is.”

“And molesters deserve to die,” I state, my eyes peering into his. “You know that, right?”

I plunge a fist to his face, jolting his head to the side as he grunts, struggling to keep himself from becoming unconscious. I point my gun to his forehead and his eyes widen as he shakes his head. “Don’t, don’t! I am not the only one. I wasn’t the only one who touched her. Please, listen, I am not the only one!”

I narrow my eyes at him, and Alex looks at me in equal bewilderment.

“What did you just say?” My jaws become tight.

“Greg…he was the first one to touch her. I swear. He was the first one to do it, I came in and I stopped the scene. Please, I am not the only one who did it.” Tears spring from Jeff’s eyes and I freeze, my entire body becoming numb.

Rainey was not only abused by Jeff but his bastard friend as well. I feel a wave of vertigo as I close my eyes, taking a deep breath. This is just too much to digest.

“You two deserve death and nothing less,” Alex mutters. “You cruel sons of bitches.”

I release Jeff and he gazes at me with swollen hopeful eyes. “Will you kill me and ruin yourself? You will ruin your life if you kill me! Rainey would not be happy about that. How would she feel? To know that you’re throwing away your future. She wouldn’t want that--she wouldn’t want that!”

“Shut the fuck up,” Alex warns.

I aim the gun at him, exhaling heavily in efforts of easing the rage within me.

“Ansel King, please…”

“Where can I find Greg?” I breathe.

“He’s probably already at Crossview’s gym. Please…” Jeff shakes his head desperately. “Please, just don’t—”



Third-person POV

The bullet pierces through Jeff’s stomach as his eyes tear open in awe, his gaze dropping to the dark red blood seeping from the wound.

In a state of stupefaction, his body quivers as he raises astonished eyes to the boy standing in front of him.

Ansel’s lips rise in a simper as he moves over to Jeff’s puling body. He squats down, untying the arms of the wounded man as he coughs, the hot red liquid leaving his mouth and racing down his chin.

Once he is released, Ansel grasps a portion of his brown strands and tilt his head to the side. His eyes are emotionless and cold as he glares at a debilitated Jeff. “I am very protective of the people I love; you understand that, right?”

Jeff is unable to reply as he is busy trying hard not to choke on his blood.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Ansel slightly titters as he yanks Jeff away, his weak body flumping against the floor as he stands to his feet. He kicks Jeff’s cellphone which he had confiscated as soon as they had arrived, to the farthest corner of the room then whirl to him, smirking dastardly.

“You want to live? Then try to reach that cellphone then pray the ambulance gets here on time. It is only a matter of time before you bleed out and if any of the circumstances which I have just stated fails to work out then you will die right here in this cold warehouse. Pray that the heavens work in your favor.”

Alex smiles.

“Let’s go, Al. We should visit Greg as well.” Ansel announces and his brother nods his head as they begin to leave the warehouse.

Jeff wriggles on the floor in a pool of blood, unable to move from the pain rushing through his body. He grips his stomach, gazing at the cell lying many feet away. He attempts to seek help from the virtual assistant on his iPhone, swallowing a chunk of saliva before speaking.

“Hey, S-Siri, call 911…!” He chokes out, squeezing his eyes tightly and gritting his teeth.

The interface logs on immediately before the computerized voice sounds in the warehouse. “Calling 511…”

“No, fuck! Not 511…”

“Researching fuck, not 511…”

“No! Call, 911, 911, Shit!”

“Calling 911, 911, shit.”


The brothers are laughing as they approach the car, Ansel throwing his brother the key as he reaches for the handle of the door.

“I hope she never gets it right.” Alex sniggers. “We all know that Siri-assistant does whatever the fuck she wants to.”

Ansel titters as he hops into the passenger seat, his brother getting around the steering wheel before tucking his gun into his waists. “Do you think it was wise to leave the cell with him, An?”

“Yeah, trust me, if he makes it out alive, he won’t be telling the cops anything.” Ansel reaches for a packet of disinfectant wipes to get Jeff’s bloodstain off his hands. “The look in his eyes told me all there is to know. He’s scared. And even if he does decide to speak, I have that all figured out; he has no evidence.”

Alex smirks, adjusting his hand brake before turning the radio up. “Where are we heading?”

“Crossview’s gym. I won’t be leaving any stone unturned.”

“Got it.” Alex swings out of the dusty abandoned lot and speeds down the street.


~Don’t hesitate, just shoot.~ Russ😈

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