Then You Look At Me

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It Will Be, Right?

~These arms and this heart, they are the only things that I have left to give.~ Ingrid Michaelson.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Hey Kid’ by Ingrid Michaelson.


Third-Person POV

“You don’t need to feel bad. Knowing the truth is a lot better than living a lie. She would have found out what an ass he is sooner or later.”

Ansel attempts to comfort a heavy-hearted Rainey as she lies on top of him, her head against as his chest as he trails his hand through her hair. He had applied ointment onto her bruised cheek while she told him what went down between her and her mother.

Her mom’s tearful eyes are the only thing haring through her mind. Although Miranda had never exercised concern toward her daughter during Jeff’s acts of abuse, Rainey somehow still feels soft-hearted for her. She does not detest her mother although she neglected her emotionally and physically.

“I know. It just kind of hurts to see her cry.” She lets out a humorless simper, shaking her head. “I know. I am being silly, right?”

“No…you’re not. You just have a pure heart, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I guess…”

Ansel sighs softly, lifting her chin to look up at him. Her chocolate eyes appear breathtaking as she stares at him.

“Everything will be alright. I promise.” He whispers, and her mouth twitches in a half-smile as she inwardly hopes that those words are correct.

Everything will be alright soon, right? She has faced enough turmoil, so she deserves a happy ending…right?

As if sensing her doubt, Ansel lowers his head to connect their lips. His hand slips down to her neck as he holds her in place to glide his hot tongue into her mouth.

If only her worries could be swept away by a simple kiss, Ansel would never stop kissing her.

Rainey cannot deny the fact that when their lips make contact, her racing thoughts become quiet, as if Ansel has the power to still the voices that constantly roam around inside her head.

He’s like a pain reliever, diminishing her worries and replacing them with a delightful feeling that springs up from the pit of her stomach.

With his warm, sultry lips pressed up against hers, his hand leaves her neck to trail down her back, and cautiously, he gropes her rear over the fabric of her school skirt.

Commendably, Rainey doesn’t flinch at the contact, and Ansel lets out a sigh of relief as he runs his hand over her plump bottom cheeks.

Testing her a little further, he slides both palms under the garment, nipping her lower lip to keep her distracted as he grasps her lace-covered cheeks in his hands.

He feels himself hardens as a soft moan leaves her lips, her complexion becoming excessively red. She doesn’t shift away from him, and Ansel decides to award her by deepening the kiss, groaning inside her mouth as his palms continue to work. Squeezing. Kneading. Until she is literally rubbing up against him.

“Rain, there’s someone—” The door to the room burst open and they break apart quickly as Aiden whirls around in a flash.

“Jeezus, Aiden.” Ansel quickly pulls his hands from her, pressing a palm to his forehead. “Do you not know how to knock?”

“I didn’t see anything at all, I swear.” His tone is somewhat amused, and Ansel blows his cheeks out as a flushed Rainey frantically tugs her skirt down.

Ansel frowns, sitting upright. “What is it?”

Aiden’s back is still turned as he bites back a giant grin from his face. “There is someone at the door asking for Rainey.”

Raising a mystified brow, she tilts her head to the side. “Who?”

“I don’t know…but he looks a lot like you. It’s a man.”

Ansel looks at her with narrowed eyes as she quickly gets off the bed and scuttles her way out. Aiden smiles at her retreating back then turns around to Ansel, cheekily waggling his brows.

“Don’t even. Don’t even say anything.” Ansel warns, and Aiden laughs as his brother gets down from the bed to go see who the visitor is.

Riley, Alex, and Arden are gathered in the living room and as Rainey descends the stairs, she looks among them quizzically, just before her eyes land on a familiar pair by the threshold.

Her dad.

Flabbergasted, she freezes in her spot as she takes in the sight of him. He looks slightly older than when she had last seen him, and she notices instantly that he had lost a bit of weight. However, he still seemed healthy.

Her dad is a perfect replica of her; she got most of her features from him, which is why she looks nothing like her mother.

He is dressed in a crisp suit, properly tailored and ironed, and his amber eyes are wet with what appears to be tears. He is a handsome man and looks a lot younger than his age.

“Dad...” She chokes the word out, unable to believe that he is currently standing right in front of her. Surely this must be a dream, right? He is not scheduled to be home until the next three months.

He tries to smile, revealing wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. “Rainey.”

Her brain starts working again, and she runs over to him, pulling him into a tight hug as she buries her face into the manly scent of his jacket. His eyes shut longingly as he encircles his big arms around her, pressing his lips to her hair.

“I am so sorry…” He whispers.

She sobs softly, squeezing her eyes shut as his idyllic, cinnamon scent encompasses her. She had earnestly longed to feel her father’s embrace for these past few months. This is like a dream come true for her. It feels surreal as if this is simply an illusion. She pulls away with doubt, gazing up into his watery orbs.

“H-how did you get here...?”

“I texted your friend; she gave me directions.”

Rainey’s eyes drift to the gates where his young driver is standing next to a black JMC van, and fear begins to settle in. He will not be leaving right away, will he?


“Riley called me yesterday morning, and I immediately booked the soonest flight to be home.”

Befuddled, Rainey looks behind to seek confirmation from her friend, but the living room is now empty since they have all departed to grant them space.

“She told me everything…” His eyes well up again, and Rain pulls her gaze back to him, searching his face cluelessly.

“About what?”

“What that fucking bastard did to you. She told me what his friend did too.”

Her throat burns, and she takes a few steps backward before flumping down onto the couch. She stares at the floor mat while her dad sits next to her, shaking his head repeatedly. He looks large and out-of-place in the small living room.

“I can’t believe I failed you….”

“It’s not your fault…” Rainey feels the tears coming on and she blinks her eyes, meeting her father’s devastating gaze. “It’s really not your fault.”

“How is it not? I was so busy with work; I did not find the time for you. Why did I not see the signs when I came by to visit?” He clenches his teeth, his temples tensing as he breathes heavily. “I got confirmation from Miranda before coming here. I just can’t believe she knew all about this.”

The epiphany of what those men did to his daughter is just too much for him to handle. Riley called him early the day before. She was worried about her best friend after her impulsive decision to cut her hair, and so she felt the need to inform him of what was really happening. She knew Rainey would not tell her father anything, and she believed she owed it to her best friend to take matters into her own hands.

When he heard the news about the abuse, he almost had a heart attack. Rob is a workaholic, but although he is always busy with his job, he loves his princess dearly and would count the days when he would be back home to spend time with her. He often worries about her, which is one of the main reasons he had Riley enrolled in Crosshill High School. He wants her to stay close to Rain to keep an eye on her.

Rob caught the first flight home from Dubai and arrived at Miranda’s house a little after Rainey’s earlier departure. Miranda had just finished her series of weeping and came downstairs to see a furious Robert standing in her living room.

“Why are you here?” She was shocked by his sudden arrival, another huge surprise that she wasn’t prepared for.

“Where is your fucking boyfriend?” Rob’s lips drew back in a snarl, and Miranda’s expression closed up as she pressed a hand to her waist.

“Excuse me?”

“I said, where is your pervert of a boyfriend?” He approached her, venom clouding his irises as his jaws clenched tight.

Miranda swallowed in trepidation, straightening her spine to appear confident. “What-what do you want with him?”

“What do I want with him?” Rob scoffed. “If I get my hands on him, he’s a dead man. How dare he puts his fucking hand on my daughter?! HOW DARE HE?!”

She flinched at the deep growl, a wave of fear coursing through her. She exhaled heavily. “Listen—”

“Shut up.” He pointed a finger to her face. “I hope you know, that both he and his friend are getting imprisoned for this!”

She narrowed her eyes, genuinely bewildered. “Friend? What friend, I have no idea—”

“Greg Taylor. He was the first person to inappropriately touch my daughter, don’t pretend that you don’t know!”

Miranda looked confused as she tilted her head to the side. “I have no idea what you’re talking about—”

“Well, you’ll know in court.”

Court? A case will tarnish her financial and social status.

Rob began to turn away and she desperately grabbed for his arm. “Robert, please…”

He yanked his arm away and turned to her. “You make me sick. You disgust me, Miranda. I am so glad we got a divorce because you are a pathetic excuse for a mother. How can you sit around here and watch your asshole of a man abuse my kid and not say or do anything about it?” He narrowed his eyes to slits, pointing a finger to his head. “Are you mentally ill? Are you fucking sick? Both you and your man are the exact same thing!”

“Rob, please listen—”

“I really don’t want to hear anything. This is partially my fault. My damn fault!” He raked a hand through his perfectly styled hair. “I should have never allowed her to stay with you! She will not be living in this house anymore; I hope you know that. Prepare to speak with my lawyer.”

“Robert! Please!”

He shook his head in disgust and turned away, angrily stalking toward the door. She attempted to grab onto him as she hurried out of her house bare feet, but he didn’t spare her a glance as he nodded to his chauffeur.

“Robert, you’ll ruin me!” She sobbed helplessly. “This will ruin me, Robert. Please!”

With a stone-hard expression, he slid into his backseat before the vehicle speedily pulled away from the gates, revealing an elderly neighbor who was gawking inquisitively at a weeping Miranda. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were puffy and red as she wiped snot from her nose.

“If he loves you, he will come back.” The nosey lady implored, and Miranda hid her face in embarrassment and wobbled her way back up to her doorsteps.

She was trying to save her reputation this whole time, but this ordeal with surely be the death of her career.

Robert texted Riley as his chauffeur drove down the street, and she gave him an accurate directory to Ansel’s house. Hence, why he is currently sitting here in the King family’s living room.

“I am so sorry, princess. This is all my fault.” He hangs his head, feeling a thick pang of guilt growing inside of him. A teardrop leaves his eye, slapping his perfectly polished shoe. This is something he will be chastising himself about for the rest of his life.

He should have been there. He should have protected her.

“You didn’t know. I should have told you, but I didn’t want you getting hurt.” Rainey’s voice cracks, indicating that she’s close to crying again.

“No, sweetie…I am your father…” He shifts to face her. “I am supposed to protect you; I was supposed to protect you, and I failed to do that. I am so sorry.”

Her walls are all torn down now, and tears begin streaming down her face as she sobs liberally, pressing her face into her palms. Her dad cradles her into his arms, a tear gliding down his shaven face as Rainey’s body convulses. She begins to let it all out, crying and whimpering into his jacket as he strokes her back comfortingly.

“I am so sorry, Rainey. I failed you, I am so sorry…”

Her mind is regressing to the numerous nights she had screamed for him to save her, her own strained voice ringing in her ear.



She is mad that he did not come for her despite her frantic screams, but she is relieved that he now knows and is here beside her, holding her dearly to him.

She loves him so much.

She missed him so much.

Her sobs are muffled by his garment, but still loud and unyielding that Riley and the brothers can hear her weeping from upstairs.

She has kept it all in for way too long, and all of it needs to be let out so that she can be free. Her father strokes her hair while he cries as well, encouraging her to give him all her frustration.

It seems like over an hour when she finally stops crying. She feels much lighter than before as her father sweeps wet hair from her face, his own orbs red and worn. She looks up at him and he presses his lips to her forehead. When he pulls away, aggression overtakes his features as he grounds his jaws.

“They won’t get away with it. I won’t let them get away with touching you, baby. I am getting them both imprisoned. Where are they now?”

Rainey swallows. “In the hospital…”

He tilts his head to the side. “The hospital?”

“Yeah…my boyfriend beat them up.”

Her father raises his brows, seeming quite impressed. He begins to ponder, slight confusion surfacing his face. “Which of the boys is your boyfriend? They all look exactly alike.”

She chuckles, and a small smile rises at the corner of his lips.

“He wears glasses…but he doesn’t really wear them at home, mostly at school. He is the one in the red T-shirt.”

Her father smiles, nodding his head. “Mm…I see. Sounds like a good kid.”

She manages a small beam, and he trails a large hand down the side of her hair. “The fact that those bastards are currently hospitalized though does not mean that they won’t get imprisoned, as soon as they are discharged, they’ll be undergoing severe trial. I know a few men in the court system, politicians as well. I’ll give them what they deserve.”

Rainey nods as her father pulls her into a hug, kissing her head. “You’ll be okay, sweetie, you will be okay now. I love you.”

She smiles as she closes her eyes. It comforts her to know that her dad is right here with her; it’s what she has been longing and wishing for these past few months.

“I love you too dad.”

And even though she is yet to face the supernova, who is Ron Moretto, she feels strongly that everything will be okay in the end.

It has to be okay.

It will be, right?


~Breathe out and in. We’ve got to make it to the end so we can begin. Glad to be alive, to get it right. I want to take you in my arms and hold you tight. Hold my hand, and promise you won’t let go of me again.~ Ingrid Michaelson.


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