Then You Look At Me

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We'll Be Alright Now (The End/ Epilogue)

~’Cause when you unfold me and tell me you love me and look in my eyes. You are perfection, my only direction.~ Sam Smith.

Chapter Theme Song: ‘Fire on Fire’ by Sam Smith.



A month later

“ that guy is the main character, he’s the mafia drug lord, he’s going to kill all those people there and—”

“Will you just let them watch the movie for themselves? You’re spoiling it, Arden.” Aiden frowns, and me and Riley snickers at the annoyed look on the boys’ faces.

“Arden is the wrong person to watch a movie with,” Alex adds. “Especially Reborn of the Mafia Lord."

Arden raises a finger. “Can I just tell them one last point?”

“No!” The boys chorus, and Riley and I double over in laughter.

Arden scowls, folding his arms as he stares ahead. Everyone continues to watch the film silently.

“It’s bugging me, just one point! That guy is going to break into a prostitution house, rescue some of the girls and assassinate the trafficker, then that pretty girl with the red hair is going to—”

Alaric flings a pillow at him, and he dodges it skillfully as everyone cracks up in laughter.

Melissa appears at the kitchen’s doorjamb in an apron. “Dinner is ready, someone go get Ansel.”

“Go get Ansel, Rainey,” Alex says, and Aiden waggles his brows.

“If she goes up there now, she won’t be coming down anytime soon.”

I look at him naively and everyone titters among themselves while I crinkle my nose bewilderedly. Whatever that meant.

Melissa shakes her head, fighting off a smile. “I am going to pretend I don’t understand a word you just said. Rainey, sweetie, go get Ansel for me.” She turns away and returns to the kitchen while I willingly get up from my spot.

Alaric smirks, and Alex is smuttily waggling his eyebrows for some reason. Riley glares at him then slaps him on the shoulder. “You’re too nasty-minded.”

He laughs and pushes his lips toward her, and she smiles and gives him a small kiss, causing Arden to put a hand over his eyes. “Get a room, you two. I am trying to watch my movie.”

“Should we pause the movie?!” Riley calls after me, and I shake my head.

“No, I’ll be down soon!”

“Definitely not ‘soon’!” Aiden yells and everyone laughs again while I flash them an oblivious look over my shoulders.

“You people are weird.” I chuckle as I disappear up the last step.

Ansel has been trying to get as much rest as possible; it helps with his recovering process. He’s doing a lot better than a month ago. His wound is healed and he’s regaining his strength. To say I am elated would be an understatement.

I make my way to his room and knock on the door twice. When he doesn’t come to get it, I turn the handle and open the door, immediately noticing him lying shirtless onto his stomach. I smile softly as I enter the room, gently closing the door behind me.

I delicately trot over to him, climbing onto the bed and peering over his shoulders. His eyes are closed, and he looks so peaceful as he lies there asleep. I use my forefinger to draw lines along his long lashes, my lips spreading into a smile when his forehead puckers from the disturbance.

Trailing a pathway from his nose to his lips, I bite back a chuckle as he shifts in his sleep, a soft groan leaving him. Enjoying this a bit too much, I softly begin to trace the pink flesh of his lips with my finger, when suddenly a hand comes up to lightly grope my rear. My cheeks tinge pink at the intimate contact as his eyes open. Hazy, sleepy circles gazing into mine.

Without a word, he turns over onto his back and pulls me onto him, so that I am sitting on his groin. His dark hair falls into his face as he stares up at me from between the strands. Taking my hands in his, he interlaces our fingers.

“Why’d you wake me up?” He whispers, and I smile.

“Melissa says dinner is ready. So, I came to get you.”

He pulls his lip between his teeth. “Is that genuinely what you came for?”

My eyebrows furrow questioningly as I chuckle. “Yes. What are you trying to say?”

He juts his lower lip while he shrugs, and I tilt my head with a smile. “Say it.”

“Say what?”

“What you’re thinking.”

“I just think deep down you know what might happen if you come up here, alone. In this cute little skirt.” He tugs at the hem of the fabric and my face gets even more red as I pretend to be oblivious.

“I don’t know get you mean.”

“Oh, you don’t?”


“Lemme show you then.” In a quick movement, he flips us over, so I am lying flat against the bed while he hovers above me, his palms pressing into the mattress to bar me in.

I now resemble a healthy tomato as I gaze up into his salacious eyes, the muscles in his biceps flexing as he effortlessly keeps his weight above me.

I swallow, knowing exactly what this position means. “What-what about dinner?”

“Dinner can wait. You’re what I want right now,” he utters, and my heart races. “Since my mom could come up at any minute, let’s skip undressing...”

I nod my head nervously, as the sexual appetence raises between us. He presses his lips onto mine while his hand trails down my body. Our tongues tangle together as he presses into me, allowing me to feel the strength of his arousal. The kiss isn’t slow this time, but fast and rough, showing just how impatient he is.

His fingers slip through the waistband of my underwear and the first brush of them against my opening causes me to gasp into his mouth. He continues to kiss me while rubbing me back and forth and I close my eyes as I savor in how good it feels. His fingers enter me, and he strokes me slowly while still kissing me eagerly.

But the foreplay doesn’t last long before he pulls his fingers out and gently tugs my panties to the side, breaking our kiss to look me in the eyes.

“You mean everything to me, Rain. I love you so much.”

I smile at his words, as he fiddles with the strings of his shorts. “I love you too.” I utter, and his lips tug up as he lifts the pillow next to my head, retrieving a shiny packet from underneath it. He rips it with his teeth before taking out the rubber, and I run my hand over the healed scar on his chest while he slides it on. Even with this small wound on his torso, he is perfect. This permanent mark will forever serve as proof. Proof of his undying love for me.

He puts his lips onto mine again as he positions my thighs apart and in a firm action, he enters me. I gasp loudly into his mouth as he begins to rock to and fro. It isn’t as painful as the first two times luckily; I am guessing my body is gradually getting accustomed to this. I grip his biceps while he moves in and out of me, and the pleasure raises as his lips travel along my cheek to get to my neck. I tilt my head as he gently nips at the skin there, tattooing my body with evidence of his affection.

As our thighs roll together, he straightens up to lock my gaze. Those hooded eyes. They are enough to throw me right off the edge, and he knows because he doesn’t break eye contact, not for a minute. He places his palm to my neck while his thumb massages my throat—something I notice he likes doing—and I raise my hips to meet his thrusts as I feel my climax approaching.

“You’re near, I can feel it,” he breathes out, putting his forehead onto mine. “Cum for me.”

I moan loudly, and his strokes get more dominant as he shoves his mouth onto mine to silence the sounds. Wet and hot, he moves against me, plummeting into me as if it’s his last day on earth. With every plunge, I feel my body soaring higher and higher, and I begin to pant heavily as I feel a strong wave of pleasure creeping in.

Ansel pulls at my lower lip as he speeds up and I sink my nails painfully into his biceps as my orgasm tears through me like a sword’s blade. I cry out against him and he lifts my chin, tears staining my cheeks as he claims my mouth. He continues to plunge into me, and I continue to whimper through the fulfillment until he shivers against me. His movements slow down before he comes to a halt, and I battle to catch my breath as he rolls over against his back.

I sweep wet hair from my forehead as my chest moves in breaths, and Ansel props up onto an elbow to dispose of the used protection. As soon as he’s done, he lays back down, sending me a smile as he pulls me closer to him.

I lay my head against his wet chest and he moves away hair from my eyes. “You alright?”

I nod with a smile, my worn eyes looking up at him. “Just fine.”

He chuckles and I tighten my hold around him. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, anything.”

“You remember that time Olivia was bullying me in gym class? The time she squirted that ketchup on my bench.”

His forehead wrinkles as he looks down at me. “Who’s Olivia again?”

My face goes blank as I look at him in awe. “Are you serious?”

Ansel narrows his eyes, seeming quite ignorant and I try to hide a smile. “She’s the girl who likes you. The one who plotted with Jace to harass me in the school’s bathroom.”

His lips shape in an ‘o’ as realization dawns on his face, and I realize that he was genuinely unaware. I press my lips together to restrain a laugh, and he trails his fingers along my arm. “I remember now, what about it?”

“When you came over to tie your sweater around said ‘don’t react, it won’t be good for you’ It was as if you knew something about me, but we didn’t really speak much at that time, so what did you mean?” I stare at him expectantly, and he gazes up at the ceiling while he thinks back.

“The truth is, at that moment, I did know something about you.”

I narrow my eyes. “Really?”

“Yeah. You remember that time you saw me and my brothers leaving that police station? While I was inside and the officers were searching for Arden’s file, I saw your name among them. I realized that you seemed to have had past issues with the law.”

I raise my brows at this, and he continues.

“So, I just figured, you didn’t need any trouble.” He shrugs, and I smile.

“How thoughtful. So, you have loved me since then.” My grin stretches wider, and he chuckles.

“Maybe. What about you? Staring at me from your locker mirror.”

I chuckle while he pulls me closer, squeezing me into his arms. “Checking me out every chance you got.”

I bury my face into his chest. “I was not. We just happened to have looked at each other at the same time.”

He laughs. “Really?”

“Yes, really. Alright, let’s say I was checking you out, then why were you looking back?” I raise my brows challengingly while childishly jutting my lips.

“Because I have eyes.” He kisses my forehead and I close my eyes with a chortle, shaking my head at his response.

“Thank you for looking at me,” I mutter in a more serious tone, while I raise my head to gaze at him. “You changed my life.”

He smiles at me, his eyes shining with growing affection. “I’ll always love you.”

I sigh at his comforting words. “Me too.”

He lowers his head and our lips meet again. When he pulls away, I begin to giggle, and he smiles at this. “What?”

I rub my eyes. “You know, Aiden said if I came up to call you down for dinner, I wouldn’t be returning anytime soon, now I know what he meant.”

Ansel titters, shaking his head. “Those smutty photocopies.”

I crack up in laughter and he smiles down at me, admiration settling onto his face. He pushes my hair behind my ear, and I lean further into his touch.

“Now that Greg and Jeff got what they deserve, and Ron Moretto is dead, I feel lighter and life finally feels so much brighter.”

Ansel nods. “Yeah, I told you we would be alright. And things can only get better from here on out.”

I beam at the reassurance. “I believe so too.”

“Ansel and Rainey, the food is getting cold!” Melissa calls at the door.

My cheeks heat up in embarrassment, and Ansel simpers at my flushed face as he tugs my skirt down. “You know, you were moaning really loud. I think they probably heard us from downstairs.”

My eyes tear open, and he chuckles as he gets off the bed, extending his hand toward me. “I’m kidding. Come.”

I smile and put my hand in his and he pulls me up, keeping our hands interlaced as we make our way out of the room. Melissa is no longer standing outside the door as we make our way down the staircase and into the living room.

Aiden raises his brows mischievously as soon as he sees us, and the rest of the room is wearing broad, electrified smiles. “See, what did I tell you? You won’t be coming down anytime—”

A finger pokes him in the head and he gropes the spot, spinning around with the intent of cussing someone out, but when he realizes its Melissa, his face relaxes as he rubs the area. “Ow, mom...”

“Stop your antics and get your butt into the kitchen,” She says, and he gets up like a timid puppy, cautiously walking past his mother and toward the kitchen. Everyone erupts in fits of laughter as we follow him.

Life couldn’t get any better than this.


“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew it.“-William Shakespeare.

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