Tate's Foxy Shifter (Shifter World - Book Ten) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Ten: Fury

“I don’t understand.” Chelsea whispered.

Senshire smiled at her children. “I know what this pack has been doing. They have been interfering with my plans. My sisters and I are not happy with this. Yes, you are all our children. But when you are as evil as this man…” She stopped and took a deep breath.


Chelsea looked up and cried out as she ran into the young woman’s arms. “Francis.”

“Father said that you were dead.” The woman cried as she held onto Chelsea.

“No.” Chelsea said with a shake of her head. “He threw me out of the pack. And I met my mate.” She said as she pointed at Tate.

Francis sucked in a breath. “Vampire.”

Chelsea chuckled. “A good one.” She said, then kissed her sister’s cheek.

Their father had always hated the bond they had shared. Though they had different mothers. They looked a lot alike and had the same likes and dislikes. The only difference between them is that Francis is a Wolf.

“Why are our men dead?” A woman asked as she stared at the dead men all around them.

“Because these men have raped and killed my Fated Mates.” Senshire said as she looked around the crowd.

Everyone sucked in shocked breaths.

“My husband would never…” One of the women started, then broke down when her daughter wrapped her arms around her. “Who am I kidding?” She choked out.

“A new beginning.” Senshire said, then winked at Chelsea and disappeared.

“Wait!” Shar hollered. “Senshire!”

“What is it, Sharissa?”

Shar turned to the Goddess. Everyone watched as Shar stared at the woman.

“How?” She simply asked.

Senshire smiled. “Your father’s blood is still in you, even if you do not have his powers. When you found your mate, it triggered his powers, and granted you one wish.”

“Wait, now I sound like a genie.” Shar grumbled with a scowl.

Senshire laughed. “Not that kind of wish.” She said then looked at Dustin. “You woke the powers within her, Dustin Kraftman. She is what she is, because of you. Her father’s blood reacted to your Cougar and created one of her own.” She said, then nodded, and disappeared.

Shar grunted. “That woman is so fucking confusing!”

Dustin chuckled as he pulled his mate to his side and kissed the top of her head. “Your father’s blood created your Cougar when the powers hidden in your blood saw mine. You may not be able to cast spells or curse people, but you have your own magic.” He said, then tilted her head back and kissed her lips.

Chelsea smiled as she watched Shar and Dustin. She was glad the Goddess had explained that to them. It made a lot of sense, yet at the same time, it made no sense what so ever…

“Who’s the Alpha now?” Francis asked as she looked at all the dead men around them, bringing Chelsea out of her thoughts.

Lambert laughed as he hugged his two sisters. “Our big sister is.”

“Lambert, you fucking let father kick our sister out of the pack!” Francis yelled as she punched him.

“Ouch.” Lambert complained. “Of course, I did. Would you rather he continued to beat her?”

Francis paused; her fist in the air, ready to hit him again. “Father was a horrible man.” She said with a scowl.

“We don’t have to ever worry about him again.” Lambert said, then kissed his sisters each on the cheek, and walked over to one of the few men still alive.

“What now?” Francis asked as she looked at her sister. Her Alpha.

“Now.” Daryl said as he joined them. “We build a village in our community, for you and your pack.”

Francis smiled up at him. “Whatever you say, sexy.”

Saffron growled from behind them, and they turned.

Daryl chuckled. “Sorry, kiddo. I’m already taken.” He said, then moved over to his mate and kissed her on the cheek.

Francis sighed. “Too bad.” Then she looked at the other men who were from the other pack and licked her lips.

Chelsea laughed. “Sorry, Sister. But they’re all taken.”

Francis frowned. “Damn. A lot of sexy Shifters.”

Chelsea nodded. “Yes. And one sexy ass Vampire.”

Francis shook her head. “I can’t believe you’re a Fated Mate, and your mate is a Vampire.”

Chelsea laughed. “Yeah. And I’m with pup.”

Francis squealed and they both jumped up and down, then hugged each other.

“Let’s get your pack home.” Tate said as he walked up behind his mate.

Chelsea turned from her sister and smiled up at her beautiful, Vampire Mate.

“Whatever you say, Vamp boy.”

He chuckled as he pulled her against him. “You’re going to pay for that.” He said, then they disappeared.


“There are some men missing.” Francis said as she looked around at the bodies.

“There’s some in the barn.” Shar said as she pointed at the barn.

Francis shook her head. “I checked in there.”

“How many are missing?” Dustin asked.

“Eleven.” Francis said as she looked at him. “A scout and ten warriors.”

“What could they be doing?” Shar wondered.

“Ah fuck.”

They turned to the voice and Lambert stood beside them grumbling.

“I forgot all about it. Our father sent them after the Fated Mate offspring…”

“NO!” Shar screamed so loud everyone stopped what they were doing. She started shaking and Dustin moved the other two away from her.

“Sharissa.” Dustin said softly as he approached his mate. She was still getting used to being a Shifter. “Calm down, Mafilia.”

She glared at him. “Calm down?” She demanded. “Our babies…”

He kissed her. She sighed as she leaned into him. He lifted his head and smiled.

“You will be useless in helping them if you let your Cougar take over.”

She nodded. “You’re right. But she’s just as pissed off as I am.”

He nodded. “Believe me, so is mine.”

“What’s going on?” Daryl asked as he joined them.

They explained to everyone what was going on, and a chorus of growls floated in the air.

“Call Tate and Bridget. They can get there faster.” Daryl said as he and Saffron headed to where he’d parked his bike.

“Bridget wouldn’t be a good idea around the kids right now.” Shar said as she pulled out her phone and dialed Tate.


“Joy, can you help me gather the others for supper?” Amirah asked as she looked at her eldest grandchild.

Joy nodded. “I’ll get them, gramma.” She said, then ran out to the back yard where the others were playing. “Time to eat!”

The others turned to her and cheered.

“Not so fast.” Someone said, making them squeal.

“Bad guys!” Joy hollered as she pointed at the men who had snuck through the break in the shield.

The little pack formed themselves behind Joy.

“Aww, look at that. Are you going to protect them, little one?”

Joy snorted a little snort. “We fight together.” She said, then motioned for her pack to join her.

The other cubs moved forward, while the pup stayed back.

“I think you have a rebel on your hands.” The man said as he pointed at Geralyn.

Joy laughed. “No.” She said then pointed at the man who has been talking. “Geralyn, attack.”

Geralyn growled as she got on all fours and shifted into her small, black and grey wolf, then jumped over the cubs and landed on the grass in front of the man. Who was now laughing, as he stared down at the small wolf pup.

“Maybe I’ll keep you for a pet.” He said, then squealed when the pup jumped on him and sank her teeth into his arm.

“Attack!” Joy hollered, and her pack all shifted, except for Ruby, who started shooting small bolts at their enemy.

“What is going on out… Oh dear Lord! Pike!”

Pike appeared in the middle of the cubs and started fighting off the men as they went after the little ones.

Amirah joined in and killed one of the men who was trying to hurt one of her grandcubs.

“Where did they come from?” Pike grunted as he fought off another attacker.

“Pearl didn’t have time to fix the shield.” Amirah said with a grunt as she tried to hold off one of the men who was trying to stick a knife in her.

“How dare you interrupt us.” The man said as he pulled another knife from his side. Amirah’s hands were already occupied with holding the first knife back. She didn’t see the second knife; until it was too late.

“Gramma!” Ruby screamed as she jumped over one of the men.

Ruby tossed a bolt at the man’s hand. The man cursed as the blade was knocked from his hand. He turned to look at Ruby and grinned as he reached behind him and pulled out a gun.

“NO!” Ruby screamed.

Then something happened that no one thought would ever happen.

Amirah grunted when she saw the gun. She couldn’t move away from either weapon fast enough. She hoped Pike could save the little ones without her.

A small cougar landed on top of the man’s head and he screamed as nails dug into his scalp. He dropped both weapons and backed away from Amirah.

Amirah stared as the small cougar tore into the man’s scalp and face. She chuckled when the Cougar looked at her and she saw bright green eyes.

He finally threw her off his head and Amirah screamed as she watched the cub fly through the air towards a tree. But Joy was quick. She jumped into the air between the Cougar and the tree and yipped when the cougar hit her, and they both fell to the ground.

A large bolt flew through the air and went through the man’s back when he turned to go after the pups.

“Thank God.” Amirah breathed when she saw the Fated Mates join in the fight.

“Ruby.” Pearl cried as she ran to the two cubs who were still laying on the ground.

“Joy.” Shar said as she ran with Pearl to their cubs.

Joy transformed into her human form and started laughing as she pulled the cougar cub into her arms and hugged her.

“I knew you were in there, Cousin.” She said, then giggled when Ruby licked her cheek.

Shar and Pearl slid to their knees with their daughters and held them, laughing with happiness.

“Mommy, I knew Ruby had a Cougar.” Joy said with a broad smile.

“They’re all dead.” Dustin said as he walked up to them. “Are they okay?”

“They’re fine.” Pearl said as she cuddled her daughter to her face. “So beautiful.” She said when the Cougar’s green eyes looked up at her.

“I knew it!” Dylan hollered as he ran up to his mate and daughter. “You little rascal, you.”

Ruby’s Cougar purred as she looked up at her father.

“We need to get rid of these bodies, and have your father put up a stronger wall.” Daryl said as he joined them.

Pearl nodded. “Yes, Alpha.”

Daryl smiled at his nieces. “You guys did a great job.”




They turned when they heard the cubs and pup hollering to their parents.

Daryl looked back at Pearl. “Pearl.”

She looked up at him. “Yes, Alpha?”

He smirked. “It’s not because your wall is weak.”

She nodded.

“We also need him to get with you to put a stronger one up around the community, now that we have another pack.”

She nodded.

He shook his head. “You’re a powerful Witch, Pearl. We just need the extra boost.”


“That was the cutest thing to watch.” Chelsea said as she and Tate entered the small house.

Tate nodded. “Those cubs and pup are already powerful and talented.”

She nodded. “I was worried at first when Daryl told us to stay back and watch.”

He nodded. “Yeah. But he knew something was going to happen, and we couldn’t interfere.”

She sighed. “I hope our pup is just as strong…”

He pulled her to him and kissed her. “She will be.”

“She?” She asked as she eyed him.

He chuckled. “Joy apparently knows the sex.”

She smiled. “A girl.”

He nodded. “I hope she looks like you.”

She chuckled. “I hope she shifts into a Wol…”

He stopped her with a kiss. When he finally lifted his head, he smirked at her. “I would be proud; if our pup shifts into a Fox.”

She smiled as she placed her hand against his cheek. “I love you, Tate Umber.”

He grinned. “Good. Because I love you too.”

She chuckled when he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

“Let me count the ways.” He said as he laid her on the bed and began stripping her, kissing every piece of flesh that was revealed to his hot gaze.


It took a couple of weeks, but they made a home for Chelsea’s pack. Tate and Chelsea bought a large house, and Pearl moved it into the community. With two packs in the community, they had to buy more real estate in the area, to add to their community.

The two packs forged a bond, beyond any bond that has ever been between two packs.

Chelsea made her brother her beta, and her sister kept the peace within the packs.

Some didn’t like the new changes; until they were reminded that the Goddess Senshire herself, had commanded it.

They lived in peace and had a huge celebration for Joy’s third birthday.

Each birthday that passed, reminded the adults how much closer they were to the pending wars.

When Chelsea went into labor, Tate teleported her to the nearest hospital, then called his family.

She had a healthy baby girl, and they named her Hope.

Tate smirked when he saw the little fangs in his daughter’s mouth, already breaking through her gums. She’s going to be a mixed breed, all right.

On Hope’s first birthday, she shifted into a little fox and ran around with her pack, led by Joy.

Chelsea and Tate were beyond proud of their pup. And knew that one day, she was going to make a difference.

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