Tate's Foxy Shifter (Shifter World - Book Ten) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Two: Newly Activated Fated Mate

Tate sat at a booth across from a pretty brunet, but his thoughts were on the newly activated Fated Mate. She looked so lost, and scared. He wondered how she’d gotten into a place like this.

He heard something and paused. It sounded like the voice of the greeter. He listened in on the conversation and nodded his head to the brunet, so she thought he was listening to her.

“Yeah, there’s several Fated Mates tonight, boss. I think we’ll make some real money on them.”

Tate had to strain to hear the other man.

“Good. Place numbers on their booths, so we know which ones, “won the prize”.”

The evil laughter the man let out, gave Tate chills.

“Are they all Shifters?” Another man asked.

“No, sir. There are a few humans, a Witch, a male shifter, but I think there will be plenty of men who will want a piece of him; and something I cannot comprehend. She’s human, but she’s not human. She’s not a Witch either. She’s full of power that I don’t understand, and she almost ripped a Shifter in half…”

“Doesn’t matter. As long as she’s a Fated Mate.” The first voice said.

Tate felt himself growl. He knows the man was speaking of his little mama. He loves all of his charges. But Sharissa is his favorite, and always will be.

He almost didn’t hear the announcement to go to the next booth. When he moved to the next seat, he smiled at Mara.

“Hey there, Red.”

Mara smiled at him. “Hi, sexy.”

“So, anyone take your breath away?” He asked as he leaned in closer to her.

She smiled as she pointed a couple of seats down from them. “Just one.”

Tate looked and chuckled. Alec sat in front of Josiah, talking about sports.

“So, what was going on over there? I saw you straining; like you were trying to listen to something.” She whispered as she leaned in closer to him.

Tate nodded. “I overheard the greeter talking to his boss. They know about all of you. So, we’ll see what happens next.”

She nodded and they talked about things that they didn’t really care about. When it was time to move, Tate found himself sitting across from the newly activated, Fated Mate.

She hadn’t been looking at anyone the whole night. Tate watched her head slowly lift up to look at him and sucked in a shocked breath.

“Fuck, me.” He breathed.

The moment her eyes met with his, she pounced across the small table between them, and almost knocked him out of his chair.

“Fuck.” Tate groaned as he wrapped his arms around her to stop her from sniffing him.

“You smell good.” She said against his throat.

He chuckled. The Goddesses are so fucking evil!

“Careful, love.” He whispered as he tried to push her back into her seat.

“Don’t you want me?” She asked as she pulled back and looked into his eyes.

Tate groaned as his dick instantly became hard. “More than you know.”

She smiled and tried to push herself against him again.

“But not here.” He said as he moved forward and pushed her back into her seat.

She looked around, panic in her eyes; as if she’d forgotten where she was.

“How did you get here, sweetling?” He whispered as he took hold of her hands.

The Goddesses have to be testing him!

She looked back at him and jumped onto the table.

“Ah fuck.” Tate groaned as he watched her rub her hands over her breasts, pushing them up almost to her chin.

Fuck she was sexy and fucking horny as hell. Damn, she’s definitely in heat, now.

“What the fuck, Tate?” Daryl hissed from Tate’s right.

Tate looked over at his Alpha. Yep, the Shifter is the Alpha to a fucking Vampire now.

Tate took a deep breath, then stood and helped the girl back into her seat.

“We all know the Goddesses have a wicked sense of humor.” He said as he placed his against over the girl’s face to get her to look at him and stop moving. “Sweetling. You need to tell me why you are here, and how you got here.”

The sweet Shifter, shifted her body so she could move her arms up and touch his abs. She moaned when his muscles shifted under her touch.

“I…I don’t know. I found myself outside and came in.” She said as she looked up into his eyes, which were boring into hers.

He smiled. She’d sensed him inside and followed her instincts.

“You need to stay calm for now, sweetling.” He said, then kissed her nose.

She moaned as she closed her eyes and leaned up towards him.

“Open your eyes for me.” He whispered.

Her eyes popped open and she smiled up at him. “Mine.” She whispered.

He chuckled. “Yes.” He said with a nod. She moved to climb onto the table again and he shook his head. “No, love. You can’t do that here.” He said as he forced her back into the chair. “You need to listen to me.”

“Okay.” She whispered.

He knew everyone in the room could smell her now. Her scent was so strong, his cock was jumping in his pants, wanting to pleasure her beyond her comprehension.

“You need to act like you don’t want to jump my bones right now…”

“But I do.” She said with a pout.

He chuckled. “I know, sweetling. But we can’t do that here. There are people who want to hurt you, and we’re going to stop them. Okay?”

Her eyes wandered around the room then came back to his and she nodded.

“Good girl.” He said, then gently kissed her lips.

She moaned as she leaned into him.

He growled, then pulled back before his body forced him to take it further.

She frowned, and he kissed her forehead.

“When we get out of here.” He whispered.

She nodded vigorously and he sighed. If they don’t get out of here soon, he feared they were both going to go crazy.

“Now sit back down, and we’ll continue our time here.”

She shook her head. “Please don’t leave me.”

He looked around them and saw that everyone was changing seats.

Daryl stood behind Tate and nodded.

Tate smiled at his beautiful mate. “I’m not going anywhere.”

She smiled up at him and he could feel her calming in his grip. He let her go and she started to panic again. He placed his hand over hers to calm her.

“I am staying right here, my love. What is your name?”

She smiled as she took his hand with both of hers, then pulled his hand to her lips and sucked one of his fingers into her mouth.

He hissed as sensations flowed through his high wired body. Fuck, no wonder Dustin had practically attacked Sharissa when he’d first found her.

“Sweetling.” He said as he pulled his finger from her mouth and moaned at the popping sound it made.

“Excuse me, but it’s my turn here.” A man said as he pushed on Tate’s shoulder.

Tate turned his head and growled at the man.

“Sorry, this seat is taken.” Daryl said as he stood between Tate and the Shifter.

“You can have this seat.” Gerald said as he stood up from in front of Sharissa. “I’d like to talk to him again, anyways.” He said as he winked at Josiah.

Josiah grinned at his mate.

The Shifter grumbled as he moved to sit in front of Shar.

Shar faked a smile for him and talked about something that made no sense to anyone else, and the guy sighed as he pretended to pay attention to her words; when he was really checking out her large breasts and wide hips.

Tate could hear Dustin growling from his place down the row and chuckled, then turned his attention back to his mate.

“What is your name?” He asked again.

“Chelsea.” She whispered. The shyness returning as she hid her head under their arms.

He smiled as he laid his other hand on her head. “Beautiful name.”

She looked up at him and smiled.

“I’m Tate.” He whispered.

“Are you a Shifter too?” She asked softly.

He shook his head. “No. I will explain everything once we get out of here.”

She nodded her head excitedly as she sat up and looked at him.

He could see the excitement in her eyes, of the prospect of being alone with him.

“They’re ending the game.” Daryl whispered as he leaned closer to Tate.

Tate nodded.

“We need to let them take her.” Daryl said, knowing how much this is going to hurt the Vampire.

They had all thought that Tate wasn’t a Fated Mate, because he’s a Vampire. Boy had they been wrong. Like Tate said. The Goddesses have a wicked sense of humor.

The men were led away from the booths, and two men had to pull Tate away from his newly found mate.

“Don’t draw any more attention then you already have.” Daryl growled at the Vampire.

“I know that, Alpha.” Tate growled back. “But what if they cockblock me…”

“Never thought I’d hear Tate say that.” Dustin said with a laugh.

“I guess they won’t let anyone touch the girls yet.” Tate grumbled. “They plan to sell them.” He hissed, then told them what he had overheard.

“Fuck.” Dustin said as he watched the greeter place numbers on the booths of their mates. All except for Bridget, who was not a Fated Mate.

“So, I heard you have taken a liking to one of the finalists.” A man said as he approached Tate.

Tate looked at the man and almost tore his head off. He’s the first man the greeter had spoken to. He recognized the man’s voice. He wasn’t a Shifter. He was a…Tate sniffed the air and almost growled. He’s a Dark Wizard.

“Yes.” Daryl said as he tugged on Dustin’s arm. “We all have.” He said as he pointed to the others in their group.

The man looked at them and grinned. Each man in their group was dressed in the most expensive clothes they own. Which anyone who knows clothes, could see, that they’re worth several grand and tailor-made.

“Of course.” The Wizard said, then pointed to the booths, where the women were held captive by several men blocking their exit. “They will be auctioned off in an hour.”

Dustin almost jumped on the man. Raj had to take hold of his friend’s arm to stop him.

Daryl had to fight his own Cougar as well. He’s the Alpha, he has to stay strong for his pack. And their mates.

“As long as you guarantee us that none of your men will lay a hand on a single one of them. Not even the one who’s in heat.” Daryl said as he pointed to the men who had started pawing their mates.

The Wizard turned and hollered at his men to keep their hands to themselves, or he will cut them off. The men backed off, grumbling as they turned to face away from the Fated Mates.

“They’re all Fated Mates.” The man said as he turned back to Daryl and the others. “So, the price will be high.”

“Price doesn’t matter.” Daryl said.

The Wizard nodded, then turned and walked away.

“How the fuck are the Dark Wizards still in business with anything like this?” Dustin growled as he pulled his arm out of Raj’s grip.

“Apparently, they hadn’t gotten the message, two years ago.” Dylan said as he cracked his knuckles.

Tate heard his mate whimper and growled.

The others looked at him and laughed.

“Imagine that.” Dominic said with a wide grin.

“Our Vampire has a mate.” Dylan said with a chuckle.

“Tate.” Dustin said as he placed his hand on one of his closest friend’s shoulder.

Tate turned to Dustin and snorted. “I swear to the Goddesses.” He said with a snarl.

“Anything happens to Chelsea, and I’m killing every single fucker in this fucking building.”

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