Tate's Foxy Shifter (Shifter World - Book Ten) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Four: Surprise!

Shar opened her eyes and found herself somewhere she has never been before. Where is she? Is she dead? No, that horrible man is raping her. She shivered. Did she put herself into her own mind so she wouldn’t see or feel it?

“Hello, Sharissa.”

Shar spun around and stared at the beautiful woman. “Senshire.” She whispered.

The Goddess smiled. “You have questions for me?”

“Uh. Well, I don’t know. Where am I? Am I being raped?”

The Goddess shook her head. “He hasn’t done anything, yet.”

“Fuck.” Shar grumbled. “Will Dustin save me?”

“I will not let him wake; until you have saved yourself.”

Shar blinked at her. “What?!”

The woman smiled. “Look for her. She is there. Hidden, but she was awakened when the Elders came after you.”

“Speaking of that. Why the fuck do people keep coming after me?”

“Because of your father’s blood.” Senshire said with a shake of her head. “I told my sisters that it was a bad idea to mate that couple.”

Shar’s mouth opened and closed several times. “So, he wants a son from me…” She blinked at the Goddess, understanding hitting her. Everyone wants a piece of her father’s blood. If she has this man’s son, he will have a powerful son… “Oh, God.” She cried.

Senshire nodded. “I am sorry that I had to do it this way. But it was the only way for you to find her. You have to be scared for yourself, your mate, your family. Then she will come to you…”

“Who will?” Shar asked, confused.

Senshire smiled. “Find her.” She said, then disappeared.

Shar groaned. That woman can’t give a straight answer.

She hoped this was the last time she had to deal with anyone wanting the blood of a Warlock.


Dustin coughed as he opened his eyes. When he looked up, on the stage, his blood turned to molten lava. The man was kissing his fucking mate! He heard a groan and looked over to find his brother waking as well.

“Damn it, Kraftman.”

Dustin and Daryl turned to the Goddess’s voice.

“You can’t be back yet. Sleep.” She said, then pointed at them and smiled when both Shifters fell to the floor, sound asleep. She then looked up at the stage where Shar was being mauled by the stupid Dark Wizard, who wanted the powers of a Warlock. She nodded, then disappeared.


Shar opened her eyes and stared at the face, which was smothering hers, as he kissed her. His hands were all over her body. She can’t let him do this. She has to stop him. But he was so strong. Somehow, he has a lot of power over her.

“No.” She whimpered as she turned her head away from his kiss.

“You will not disobey me.” He said, then turned her head and captured her lips again.

If he fucks her before Dustin comes back, he can impregnate her with his child. And she will be forced to give her child to him. And Dustin. Oh God, what will that do to Dustin?

“NO!” She screamed, a feral growl coming from deep inside her throat. Wow, she didn’t know she could do that.

“How are your eyes silver?” The man asked as he looked into her eyes, fear in his own.

She stared at him. Her eyes turned silver again? She doesn’t know how she does that. A whimper in the back of her mind had her forgetting about the man who was still holding her.

What was that?

“Maybe the threat of your family will make you more, co-operative. I know where your little village is…”

The man didn’t get to finish his sentence. No one threatens her family!

Sharissa found what the Goddess had told her to find and cried out when she felt her bones popping. The man let her go and took a step back.

“What the fuck?” He said as his eyes grew wider.

“No one threatens my family.” Shar snarled as she bent forward and stretched out her neck.

“No. You’re human.” The man said as he took several steps back from her.

“No one threatens my family!” She screamed as she bent her face to the floor and moaned.

“Fucking hell!” The man hollered, then turned to run backstage and escape the creature before him. “You’re not human at all!” He cried out as he opened the door.

Shar pounced on him, and he screamed as she clawed his back to shreds. She then bit down on his neck and snapped it in her mouth.

No bloody mess to clean off her fur.

She blew her nose on the body, then turned and walked to the edge of the stage. She was used to the hearing and eyesight of a Shifter. But this whole shifting thing was crazy. And how the fuck is she an animal? She was human, wasn’t she?

She jumped off the stage and walked over to her mate. He was breathing, so he was alive. Why hadn’t he come to her rescue? She sniffed him and smelt a sleeping spell.



Shar blinked as the voice echoed in her head. ‘Hello?’


Shar nudged her mate with her nose. ‘Dustin.’

She whimpered then licked her mate’s cheek.


‘Yes, he’s our mate.’ Shar said with a chuckle.

She now understands what Senshire meant by, find her.

Dustin blinked as he opened his eyes to the feel of a wet tongue on his cheek. Tongue??? He stared up into the face of the most beautiful animal he has ever seen.

“Holy fucking shit.”

He heard his brother but didn’t dare turn his head from the animal who was staring at him with intense eyes.

‘Get up, I don’t know how to turn back.’ Shar frowned when she remembered that he couldn’t hear her.

“Where did she come from?” Daryl asked as he moved closer to his brother.

When they heard the growl, Daryl stopped moving.

“Don’t come any closer.” Dustin whispered.

Daryl looked around them and frowned. “Where’s Shar?”

Dustin didn’t answer his brother. Somehow, he knew exactly where his mate was.

Daryl jumped up onto the stage and noticed the body by the back door. He ran to it and turned the man over.

“The fucker is dead. But where’s Shar?” Daryl wondered. “Sharissa!” He hollered in his Alpha voice. “Sharissa, come out of hiding this instant!” He hoped she was just hiding. Where the fuck is, she?

Dustin grumbled when his mate sat and whimpered as she lowered her head to the floor. Daryl’s alpha voice was penetrating her mind, and she was confused.

“Daryl, stop hollering for Shar. She’s right here, and you’re confusing her.”

Daryl jumped off the stage and stared at the animal, who was bowing to the floor.

“Fuck.” He mumbled. “I’m sorry Seliana. You don’t have to bow anymore.”

The animal stood and glared at him.

Both brothers laughed at the look on her face.

“How the fuck did this happen?” Daryl asked as he watched them.

Dustin shrugged as he started to sit up, but Shar put her paw on him and forced him back down. He chuckled as he looked up into his mate’s silver eyes.

“I have no clue. Maybe Senshire knows.”

Daryl nodded. “I think she’s having trouble shifting back.”

Dustin nodded. “I think so too. Like Saffron.”

“We need to get her to my truck and out of here.” Daryl said as he took a step closer to his brother and his mate.

Shar growled and Daryl stopped moving.

“Isn’t she magnificent.” Dustin said with a grin.

Daryl nodded. “I’ve never seen her animal in a Shifter, before.”

Dustin lifted his hand up to pet his mate, and Shar licked it.

“We really need to get out of here.” Daryl said as he squatted down to their level. “Sharissa.”

Shar’s head shot up to him and he smiled.

“Look at you. You’re gorgeous.”

Shar purred a response and the brothers grinned.

“Mafilia. You need to let me up.” Dustin said as he tried to sit up again. But Shar’s paw pressed him back down again.

“What the fuck?” Daryl asked as he watched.

“I think she wants me to shift.” Dustin said as he studied his mate.

Shar’s head bent down to his face and she licked his cheek.

“Okay, love.” Dustin said, then sat up and got to all four.

Shar watched as her mate shifted into his Cougar. She didn’t know what she was, but apparently, she’s beautiful.

Dustin’s Cougar’s head nudged her side and she turned and playfully nipped at him.

“Okay, you two. We need to get out of here.” Daryl said, getting their attention.

Shar sighed and blew air into her mate’s fur.


Shar stared at her mate. “How can I hear you?”

Dustin snorted a laugh. “Because you are a Shifter now.”


“How did you shift?” He asked as he turned so he was looking at her, face to face.

“I don’t know. Senshire came to me and told me to look for her. And, well, I found her.”

Dustin shook his head. “This is not supposed to happen.”

She shrugged her shoulders the best she could. “They said it was meant to happen. That is why we were led here. That I had to fear the life of my family, to find her… Why are Goddesses crazy?”

Dustin laughed. “Come on, we should go home.”

“I don’t know how to shift back.” She said with a bit of panic.

He nodded his large head. “We’ll have Mother help you like she did Saffron.”

Shar nodded. “Why does everyone want my father’s blood?”

“I don’t know, Mafilia. We will find that out, I promise.”

“And how the fuck am I a Shifter!?”

Dustin snorted. That, we will definitely figure out.”

“Come on you two.” Daryl said as he turned and headed for the exit. “I’m not shifting so I can hear you.”

Shar giggled as she and her mate turned to follow their Alpha.

She looked at her mate. “Dustin?”

“Yes, Mafilia?”

“What kind of animal am I?”

If a Cougar could grin, she was sure her mate’s Cougar was grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re the most beautiful Cougar I have ever seen.”

She smiled inside. “So, I’m the same as you?”

Dustin’s large head shook as he let out a puff of air. “Mafilia, you’re a White Cougar.”

“White?” She shrieked. She looked down at her white paws and laughed with happiness. She didn’t know there were White Cougars.

He nuzzled her neck. “You’re one of a kind, Mafilia.”


“What’s going on?! Why didn’t you come home with the others?!” Amirah Kraftman demanded of her oldest son as he jumped out of his truck.

“Mom. We need your help again.” Daryl said as he moved to the back of his truck and let the tailgate down.

Amirah sucked in a breath when her second oldest came around from the back of the truck with the most beautiful White Cougar at his side.

“Sharissa.” Amirah whispered.

“How did you know?” Daryl asked as he looked at his mother.

Amirah laughed. “I can smell her. What happened?”

“We’re not sure. But she’s having trouble shifting back.” Daryl said as he walked up to his mother. “Can you help her?”

Amirah grinned. “Of course, I can.” She said, then looked at her daughter-in-law. “Come along, Sharissa.”

Shar looked at her mate then her mother-in-law. Dustin bumped her in the side with his head.


Shar nodded to her mate, then followed his mother towards the backyard.

“I think we should tell the others.” Daryl said as he watched the White Cougar follow his mother.

“Yes.” Dustin said as he stood beside his brother in human form.


They both turned to the front door as it was flung open and Joy ran outside and across the yard towards the White Cougar.

Everyone followed Joy out of the house and watched in shock as Joy shifted into her Cougar, and jumped at the White Cougar, Amirah was leading to the back yard.

“I guess we won’t have to tell them after all.” Daryl said with a laugh.

Dustin smiled as he watched mother and cub cuddle with each other in the grass.

“What’s going on?” Lyvia hollered at them from the front porch.

“Daryl can tell you.” Dustin hollered back, then shifted into his Cougar and joined his mate and daughter.

Daryl smiled as he walked over to the others and told them everything he knows.

“That’s crazy.” Lyvia whispered, then smiled. “But wonderful!” She hollered then ran towards her best friend and shifted on her way across the yard.

Raj laughed as he watched his mate. “I guess it’s a party.” He said, then pointed at his cubs.

The cubs excitedly shifted as they chased after their father.

The other cubs shifted and chased after the others. Josiah laughed as he set his squirming pup down and watched her shift, then run after the others.

“Guess we can join them.” Gerald said, then shifted into his wolf.

Josiah followed suit and chased after his mate and pup.

“Get on my back.” Rolando told his mate, then shifted.

Maddy smiled as she climbed onto her mate’s large Black Bear.

“Come along, love.” Saffron said with a grin as she took hold of her mate’s hand.

Soon, the whole pack was in the grass playing and cuddling.

Amirah and Pike watched from the sidelines.

“This will help in the upcoming confrontations.” Pike said as he watched Shar wrestle with her mate.

Amirah nodded. “But how did she shift?”

Pike shrugged. “Maybe the Goddesses can answer that.”

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