Tate's Foxy Shifter (Shifter World - Book Ten) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Seven: Aggravation

“Chelsea!” Sharissa hollered when she saw Tate and his mate appear in her living room.

“Hello, Shar.” Chelsea said shyly.

Sharissa grinned as she pulled the woman into her arms. “Welcome to the family.”

Chelsea choked on her emotions as she hugged the other woman. “Th…thank you.”

“No need to thank me.” Shar said as she smiled at her. “You’re one of us.” She said then pulled her to the kitchen where several of the females of their pack were gathered.

“Nice.” Dylan said as he patted Tate on the back.

Tate smiled as he watched the women leave the room. “She’s amazing.”

“I’ll bet.” Drezden said with a chuckle.

“So, I hear you were having trouble with her.” Dustin said as he joined them. “Did you work it out?”

Tate shrugged. “Not sure. Maybe some of it. But she’s still very sensitive, and scared. Her father and pack treated her really bad all of her life.”

Dustin nodded. “Sharissa and Lyvia told us everything. Half Wolf and half Fox. Interesting combination.”

“Means she will have the ferocity of a Wolf, and stealth of a Fox.” Daryl said with a grin. “How is she doing?”

Tate looked at his Alpha and laughed. The brothers stared at him as he bent over laughing.

“Tate?” Dustin asked as he stared at the Vampire.

Tate snorted as he pulled himself together. “Sorry.” He said as he cleared his throat. “Just never thought I would have an Alpha.”

Daryl grinned as he placed his arm over the Vampire’s shoulder. “Never thought I would welcome a Vampire into my pack. Family, yes.” He said when he saw Tate glaring at him, then chuckled. “But an actual pack member?”

Tate grinned as he chuckled. “Right. Okay, so what do we do about my mate’s pack?”

“What do you mean?” Dustin asked, confused.

Tate looked at his best friend. “If Shar and Lyvia told you everything, then you know who her father is.”

“Ah, fuck.” Dustin grumbled as he smacked himself in the forehead with the palm of his hand.

“What am I missing?” Dylan asked as he watched them.

“Holy fucking shit. Can it really be?” Drezden asked, his eyes open wide.

Tate looked at the youngest Kraftman brother. He was always the smartest.

“Chelsea’s father is the Wolf Alpha of the pack on the other side of the border.” Dustin said with a growl.

“Wait, you don’t mean…” Dylan started, then stopped as his eyes opened wide.

“The ones who have been cockblocking Fated Mates.” Daryl said with a growl.

“Mother fucker!” Drezden hollered as he kicked the couch.

“Careful, Brother. Sharissa will kill you if you destroy her furniture.” Dustin said as he took hold of his brother’s arm.

“Sorry.” Drezden grumbled.

“We understand that they’re the same pack who tried to rape your mate.” Dustin said as he placed his hand on Drezden’s shoulder. “But you won’t get a chance for revenge if you destroy our furniture and Shar castrates you.”

Drezden snorted a laugh, then plopped down on the couch he had just kicked.

“I’m just glad that Chelsea hadn’t been activated while she was still in her pack.” Tate said as he looked around the room at his friends.

“Agreed.” Daryl said with a nod. “We need to call a pack meeting.”

“Well, half of us are already here.” Dylan said as he pulled out his phone.

A scream from the kitchen had all men jumping and running.

“What the fuck?!” Dustin hollered as they entered the kitchen to find a man lying on the floor, Sharissa on top of him, pummeling his face. “Shar!” He hollered as he ran to his mate.

“Tate.” Chelsea cried as she ran to her mate.

Everyone watched Dustin pull Shar off the intruder.

“No! Let me at him!” Shar yelled as she tried to get away from her mate.

“Damn it, Sharissa!” Dustin hollered as he tried to hold his mate. She was so much stronger since she’d shifted earlier that day.


Shar stopped fighting her mate when she heard her daughter. Joy ran to her mother and wrapped her arms around her leg.

“I’m okay, baby.” Shar said as she leaned down and lifted her daughter into her arms.

The man on the floor found his moment and got up to run.

“Don’t think so.” Daryl said as he jumped on the man and held him from behind, his arm wrapped around his throat. “If you thought my sister was bad, don’t piss me off. I’m their Alpha.” He growled in the man’s ear, and the intruder stopped struggling. “Get me some rope!” He hollered.

Dylan and Drezden disappeared out the door.

Dominic looked at the man his brother was holding, and then his sisters. Their mates were all staring at the man with wide eyes. “What happened?” He asked, and all five women started talking at the same time. “Enough.” He said as he slashed his hand through the air then looked at Shar, who was still seething. “Sharissa?”

Shar’s eyes flicked to Dominic then back at the man Daryl was still holding on the floor.

“He came through the back door and grabbed Chelsea. When we heard her scream, we went into action. I was the closest to her, so I tackled the man before he could get to the back door with our new sister.”

“Do you know him?” Tate asked his mate, who was clinging to him.

Chelsea nodded. “He’s one of my father’s men.”

Tate cursed. “Call your father, Pearl.” He said, then took his mate and left the kitchen.

The others looked at each other, then Dylan nodded to his mate, and Pearl pulled out her phone.


“You want permission to do what?” Kristoph asked as he stared at the Fated Mates.

“To wipe out a Wolf pack.” Daryl said as he stood before the powerful Elder.

Kristoph snorted. “A whole fucking pack?”

“Only a few of them are good.” Chelsea whispered.

“Then we will spare them.” Daryl said with a nod.

Kristoph looked to the Fox Shifter. “The Alpha is your father?”

Chelsea nodded as she leaned closer to Tate.

Kristoph looked at Tate and chuckled. He’d never have thought the Vampire was one of them. “I can’t give you permission to wipe out a whole pack.” He informed them.

“What about the adult males?” Tate asked.

Kristoph studded the Vampire. “Why?”

Tate looked down at his mate, then at the rest of his pack.

“Because they’re the pack who have been cockblocking Fated Mates.” Daryl said as he stepped forward.

Kristoph looked at Daryl. “Are you sure?”

“We had our suspicions.” Dustin said as he took a step closer to the Elder. “Then Chelsea was attacked by one of them. And Tate got enough information from him, we could start a fucking war with them.”

Kristoph looked at the Vampire. “Tate?”

Tate nodded. “It’s all true, sir.”

Kristoph sighed. “Give me your prisoner, and I will discuss it with the Elders.”

Daryl nodded and left the house to gather their prisoner.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Pearl whispered.

Kristoph smiled at his daughter. “Where’s my beautiful granddaughter?”

Pearl smiled. “With her other grandparents.”

“Ah. Maybe next time.” He said, then turned to Dylan. “Are you keeping my daughter happy?”

Dylan smiled as he pulled his mate to his side. “Yes, sir.”

Kristoph nodded.

“Here you are, sir.” Daryl said as he pulled the Wolf who had attacked their women earlier that day, into the living room.

Kristoph nodded. “Thank you.” He said, then took hold of the prisoner and waved to the group. “I will call Pearl with our decision.” He said, then he and the Wolf were gone.

“So, what now?” Lyvia whispered from her perch on the couch with Raj.

Daryl shrugged. “Now we have our pack meeting.”

“You going to tell us what’s going on?” Gerald asked.

Daryl looked at the large man, then turned to Tate and Chelsea. “It is up to our new sister.” He said, then backed away.

Everyone looked at Chelsea, and Tate felt her stiffen against him.

“It’s okay, sweetling.” Tate whispered into his mate’s ear. “They’re your family.”

“We won’t judge you, little one.” Gerald said with a big goofy grin.

Chelsea giggled as she continued to cling to her mate. These wonderful people are her family. She never had a real family, outside her mother, and a couple of others who got beat any time her father saw them talking to her. She took a deep breath and stepped away from her mate, to tell her family her life story. Tate stayed close to her the whole time, squeezing her when she started to cry and kissed her gently on the temple when she got to the part where her father had killed her mother. When she was finished. The house was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop.

“That is horrible.” Mara said as she jumped to her feet and moved to their newest member. “You have us now, Chelsea. You never have to go through that again.” She said, then pulled the woman into her arms.

The rest of the women joined in on the hug, and the men chuckled as the women almost fell to the floor.

“They almost raped me, so I’m in for whatever we’re going to do.” Tamara said as she stood back from the group hug.

“I think the women should stay home…” Daryl started to say before his mate slapped his arm. “Fuck woman.” He said with a growl.

“You know that we are just as capable.” Saffron said with a snarl.

He laughed as he pulled her against him. “I know, Mafilia. If you had let me finish. I was going to say, as a protection detail. Because I don’t think Chelsea should go back to her pack.”

“I agree.” Tate said as he held his mate.

“You should have led with protection detail.” Saffron said as she pulled her mate against her.

Daryl grinned down at her. “You should let me finish before you hit me.”

She smirked. “Maybe.”

A phone started ringing and everyone looked at Pearl. That fast?

Pearl looked at her pack as she answered her phone. “Hello?”

Everyone waited with bated breath.

“Oh, hi Kota.”

Everyone let their breath out as they listened to Pearl’s side of the conversation.

“Wait, what?” Pearl looked at her mate, then her Alpha, then at Tate and Chelsea. “Okay. Thanks, Brother.” She said, then hung up.

Everyone stared at their Witch. Something was going on; they could feel it.

“Kota was almost killed by a pack of Wolves, who were looking for their Alpha’s runaway daughter.” She said as she watched Chelsea.

Chelsea blinked. “I…I didn’t run away. My father threw me out…told me to never come back.”

“Is Kota all right?” Dylan asked.

Pearl nodded. “He will be fine. Luckily, he heals fast. He got away after killing several of them and getting the information he needed.” She said, then looked at Tate. “He thinks that her father found out that she’s a Fated Mate, and she’s now worth something…”

Chelsea cried out as she tried to run from the house.

Tate captured her and held her against him. “They’re not taking my mate.” He growled.

“And we’re not going to let them.” Daryl said as he watched the Vampire with his Fox.

“Kota is on his way.” Pearl said as she read her phone after it beeped.

“We’re all staying at the Kraftman estate.” Daryl said as he headed for the door. “No arguments.” He said, then left the house.

Everyone turned to Saffron, who was staring at the door where her mate had just stormed out. As if he’d heard her thoughts, the door opened again, and Daryl grinned at his mate.

“Coming, Mafilia?”

Saffron grinned as she ran towards her mate.

They heard Daryl’s bike roar to life and leave the driveway.

“Everyone; go gather what you will need for a week. We will gather more, later, if we need it.” Dustin said as he headed for the hall that led to the bedrooms.

Everyone scattered, heading for their homes.

Being the second oldest of the Kraftman brothers, put Dustin as Daryl’s beta, his second.

So, when both the Alpha and beta tell you something, it is carried out.

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