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Lilith Solomon continues to live her life. Months after graduation she picked up a job in a small Cafe in Hells Kitchen, New York. Living with her twin brothers Kai and Kaden everything hasn't changed. It's worse, they despised her more. Every night she gets these dreams she could not understand. All leading back to her mother's death of the fire she claims is her fault. ~ He brings his other hand to grasp a head full of my blonde curls and pulls me closer to his lips, "please...." He whispers to me, "please don't push me away.". I push on him feeling a small hot tear roll down my face. Why is he doing this? "Dante'." I say his name almost losing my breath. I feel his lips softly graze my bottom quivering lip, "I need you. My soul needs you.". All Rights Reserved 2020 Deaths Flower by Morgan English. Any altering or plagiarism of my work will be taken down and legal actions will be taken as well. I dont own any rights to the songs I suggest in this book. NOT A STANDALONE BOOK...

Romance / Humor
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a rude awakening

"You're the Lord of Hell and you suddenly don't want to punish your souls?"

"I'm tired....I've punished souls since the beginning of time Dante. I need this."

"Where will you go?"

"Somewhere where she's at."

"You told me to make her forget. And I did. But do you realize you will lose your wings and throne if you are gone too long? How long until your little 'break' is over?"

"Until she is mine."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Watch over her when I'm not around. I need her safe. Remember the deal we made."

"Yes, M'lord."

"Don't disappoint me Danté."




Lilith Solomon POV

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Shut up!"

Beep. Beep. Beep.


Throwing the duvet blanket off me I slammed my hand onto the screeching alarm clock.


I sigh rubbing the sleep out of my tired eyes with the ball of my palms. I've worked a double shift last night and came home just hours ago which left me with only a couple hours of rest.

Ever since our father was prisoned for accessory to murder, me and my brother Kai and Kaden lived alone in our house. Leaving me to take care of them and pay the bills. After my graduation, I had to hurry up and find a job. I found Angie's Cafe' across town hiring so I applied... now I'm a waitress/cook/well everything.

The money was decent but not enough. My brothers demanded me to partake a second job, which is crazy I already don't get enough hours of sleep as is.

The twins are still at school, it's they're senior year at Daredevils High.

I remember Kai demanding me to give them money for school things but I told them they would have to wait because the water bill was due. Come to find out later he stole the money anyways and now we don't have water. So what do I do?

I sneak my way to the back of our neighbor's house and use their water hose to brush my teeth and hair. Not my greatest moments. I felt my pride hurting. The boys shower at the school so they were lucky indeed as I'm the one suffering.

Thoughts cut off I here Kaden shout from the other side of the hallway, "Lilith you dumb bitch wake up! We need breakfast!" I jolted from a loud thud against my closed door, hearing heavy footsteps fade away.

I roll my eyes.

Getting up and trudging towards my bathroom I just remembered. We don't have water yet. Fuck me.

Getting dressed I slip on my work attire of a black button-up shirt encasing my figure. Black pants tugging at the hips and name tag pinned against my left chest with my name. Looking myself in my tall mirror I eye myself feeling okay with my appearance. Thanking God my hair isn't oily it's just volumed right, short and wavey almost touching the top of my shoulder. My lips pink and colored, as my cheeks looked flushed and eyes green without a trace of makeup on.

"Lilith!" My brothers shout in unison causing me to flinch.

"Okay okay, I'm coming!" I call back with a long sigh.

Walking into the threshold of the kitchen I'm met with both brothers sitting at the counter table waiting for my appearance. Both similar eyes watch me like a tiny scared feeble animal. "What do--

"Bacon...." Kaden interrupts.

"Omelette." Kai finishes his brother's sentence. Damn, I hate it when they do that. It's creepy.

I nod okay then started picking up the fry pans and tongs.

Kai sighed frustratingly as Kaden texts on his phone. I grabbed the package of bacon from the fridge and egg crate.

"Could you hurry up!" Kai grumbles loudly towards me, eyes narrowing.

Gosh, they are like toddlers. Patients were not the value they learned. I started cooking the bacon and cracked a couple of eggs in the other pan to stir, hearing the bacon sizzle and pop receiving a hot ass burning sensation touch my forearm. "Ouch!" The bacon popped grease on me! Evil bacon.

The twins chuckled at that receiving a hard glare from me. Idgits.

Finally after cooking a butt load of crispy bacon and round egg shapes the way they love it. I made their plates placing them in front of the twins. They didn't say thank you. They didn't acknowledge me at all shoving their faces already.

I look down frowning, I forgot to make me some.

Kai and Kaden noticed before they smirk, "Looks like you'll have to deal with scraps ugly sis. " And there it is, my first insult for today and many more to come. At least that one wasn't the worst one.

They both finished handing me their dirty plates and off they went leaving me with the mess and no scraps either. My stomach gargles.

"See you later, murderer." One of them called out before leaving the front, slamming the door shut.

I couldn't stop the hot tear falling down my cheek as my lips start quivering bringing in the words they said to me. I'm a murderer.

"Have a good day. Love you too." I whisper under my breath, wiping new replaced hot tears.

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