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A story about a boy who was raised to be a submissive and a king. They were opposites no matter how you look at it but, that didn’t matter to them; especially him. You might think the king saved the slave that night they met but, is that really true? Was it the king who saved the slave from a life of suppression or, did the slave save the king from a life of desolation? Find out in, Dragon’s Claim.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One~The meeting

Roman POV

“Ready?” I asked my troops. We were currently about to raid an illegal omega trafficking compound. We had to get the omegas out safely and capture the people who ran or worked for this place.

As long it was my duty to protect and serve my citizens. So I normally went on these types of missions. When we did one everything had to be perfect and completely ready. And everything was ready except my dragons. They were particularly fidgety and I didn’t know why. Maybe they were excited for the mission or something. I just currently needed them to me my other six sets of eyes and ears.




I counted down before we bursted in. My dragons instantly flew in a direction and I followed them. We passed by a ton of cells with women in induced heats. The cells kept going. I figured out that this is where they must be kept.

I followed them through hallways and tunnels until we made it outside a steel door. I could faintly hear whimpering and smelt a absolutely delicious smell coming from the room. It was like no other. The smell made my desire spike and my will to get on the other side of the door stronger.

My dragons and I started trying to break the door down. When we did the smell instantly got stronger and my dragons flew to it. It also made my dragon come to the front of my mind; ready to fight me for control. ‘Mine!’ He growled possessively.

I didn’t understand what he was staking his claim on until I saw him. A male omega with curly dark brown hair and the palest skin I’ve ever seen with little trails of sweat rolling down it. He was curled up in a fetal position so, I couldn’t see his face.

I was broken out of my apparent trance when I heard whimpers. That’s also when I smelt it, his heat. It was a deliciously tempting smell that I had to Ignore to be about to help my little mate out.

When I finally got to him the whimpers had stopped. My dragons crowded him and latched onto his tiny little body. I picked him up when I noticed him and started carrying him out.

When I made it back to the front of the build all of the omegas had been freed and some people in our custody. We rounders everyone up and finally made our way home after a long and eventful night.


After giving the omegas a place to stay and swearing the warriors to secrecy about my newfound mate, I finally took my babyboy home.

I carried him in the house and into my room. I grabbed some clothes for him and brought him into the en-suite. I carefully took of his sweat soaked shirt and pair of panties that made him look so sexy.

Then I placed him in the bathtub and started to fill it up. My dragons were now all resting on the edge of the tub, watching our little mate as I washed him. I would every now and then see their eyes trail lower than they should’ve. I also tried to not look at his intimate parts.

As I washed his body, I had noticed his skin was sunken in almost everywhere. His bones stretched over his skin all over his body. As soon as he woke up I would feed him like no tomorrow. He needed a bunch more meat on his bones.

As I thought of what to feed his tiny malnourished body I could help but to get excited. Every meal for the rest of his internal life I would get to have him sit on my lap as I fed him. That’s three meals a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

I moved my way up as I washed his body along the way, until I made it to his face; his perfect face. He had the cutest little button nose. A sprinkling of freckles along his cheeks and nose. Some of the happened to look like tiny stars. He had a thinner top lip than his bottom but, his lips were still full. I looked back down to his curvy body that practically was the epitome of sin. He was so gorgeous.

After washing him off I put my t-shirt and his panties back on him. Now I could finally bring him to bed. I changed my clothes and brought him to bed.

I laid down with him so that his front was to mine. I was in a position that made it seem like I was protecting him and I was. I held my arms firmly around his waist and looked at him until I eventually fell asleep.

My last thought being, “I could do this forever.”

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