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~~~~~•••Prologue•••~~~~ The cold and dark are synonymous, but so are lies and betrayal. Everything we once knew are being overturned and everything we didn't are coming to light. Nothing is really as it seems. The chaos makes even you question your genuinity. I'm not who I said I was, I became the thing I hated and now nothing makes sense. Have I been lying to myself my entire life? Now a war is coming and I'm at the center of it all, but unlike before dying isn't an option or a choice. It's not on the table. I have to do much more than just survive, I have to live. Too many people already gave up their lives for this! Ps. I'd advise reading book one first since this is the continuation to reduce any confusion. Break a leg guys✌.....I'm so psyched to have you back!!!🙈 ***Themes illustrated inside does not reflect the true feelings of author and all are fictional. Aimed solely for the purpose of the art. ***Please Do Not Plagiarize*** ©All Rights Reserved 2020

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The past: The Chancey's dramatic end.

I stalked closer into the large sitting room like a lion about to strangle prey. The man before me had within the last half hour hurled insults and cursed at my name. It was laughable. The things human did as a last resort knowing even then it was futile. He would die, I will kill him and there was no escaping that fate. His security were all dead, littering the halls coming in, more splattered here and there ruining the beautiful decorum that once enhanced their home.

However, in a matter of moments, this place would be reduced to rubble. Beauty would no longer matter, not the expensive vases or paintings, not the gold studded chair handles or the rubies that lined his finger. Nothing, Belle was dead and I was seething with anger, and it won't quell until everything was reduced to nothingness.

"You monster!" Eric Chancey shouted pointing a short stubby finger at me. "You've taken my daughter, murdered her and now you have the gall to turn your atrocity of an existence on me" He panted heavily as sweat glistened on his brow. "You're pathetic you know that! Pathetic!"

"Tsk, tsk" Said a voice and before long my brother stood at my side an amused expression on his face. "Such foul language Mr. Chancey. Don't they teach you etiquette in your human schools? You're actually to beg for your life"

Hayden's voice took on a dark tone and seconds after Eric's body became littered with slashes, his blood soaking his now torn clothes as he screamed in pain.

"Enough brother" I say my voice monotone. "I will kill him. Find something else to play with"

Hayden sighs loudly throwing up his hands, before leaning his head to stare at the cursing human now fumbling to stand upright with his wounds.

"That reminds me, where's that lovely wife of yours?"

" You will" The human pauses, coughing heavily, blood spilling down the sides of his mouth. "Leave my wife out of this. You hear me!"

" Oh? " Says Hayden before bursting out into a fit of scornful laughter. "Didn't he know? Everyone dies today"

"Is everything complete?" I ask completely detached from the bickering between both men.

Hayden scratches his head sighing heavily. "I thought I'd be fun coming along but you've only given me plenty work. Either way, the fire had started to spread, it's under control by Garnett"

"Fine, don't get in my way" I warn walking away from him towards the human that was pushing himself away from my ever nearing steps.

"You're so mean brother" Hayden called after me laughing. "I'll find the wife"

"Leave Victoria out of this!"

I grabbed him by the throat before throwing him into the adjoining wall.

"You have more pertinent issued to attend to don't you think?"

Eric fell, leaving a large hole in the wall, falling on his feet as he cried out in pain, one of his feet broken, I could tell from the angle it was twisted.

He coughed, wiping his hand away from his mouth, staring murderously at me hovering over him. His heart beat was high and erratic, while he panted, his chest moving at an incredibly fast pace.

"You disgusting pathetic creature" He spat at his feet gripping the side of the wall. "I should have never given my daughter to you, and killed you when I had the chance"

I stared, shrugging my shoulders. At Belle's departure from the world of the living, rather at my knowledge of the traitorous behaviour of the Chancey's and their affiliates I've completely rid myself of feeling and the tree, bearing emotions. I erred thinking humans could be trusted, even someone who seemed to know so much. I thought relying on what I was taught by my parents centuries earlier would have helped, but this generation wanted nothing good. Not every fang actually belonged to a vampire and humans could be just as blood sucking if not worst.

"So many missed opportunities lead to present regret" I say leaning down and gripping him by the shoulder pulling him to stand. "But let's not kid ourselves. Your gravest regret was that your plan failed to kill me was it not? Or any of my associates. Give or take the small fry vampires you managed to snuf out. In that case it's neither here nor there for me"

"You're a monster" he choked out. "A beguiling monster with a pathetic existence"

I run a hand over my face, groaning at our boring conversation.

"Yes, I've accepted what I am. But what are you Eric Chancey?" I ask staring into his eyes, taking in the terrified look that he has attempted to hide, yet fail at masking. " What self respecting father hands over a young woman to a monster and not expect it to eat her? That's what all her story book says of villains"

Eric laughed something ear scratching and annoying that caused me to slam him into the wall, before driving a fist into his cheek. Anger and vengeance pooled into my veins like drugs screaming for blood. Blood, blood and more blood. His blood, all their blood, spilling from every corner of the estate. My eyes fluttered between crimson and normal, knowing I was losing control.

"I should have burned your damn coffin when I found it years ago"

"Where are the rest of your friends?"

He laughed again and my eyes narrowed on a cut on his cheek that had stopped bleeding and was starting to heal, as with many others across his body. Interesting.

"Kill me. You will never find them and I will never tell vampire"

I slammed him again into the wall, cracking it further before breaking his other feet, his cries of agony filling the large room in sobs.

"No luck?" Asked Hayden running back into the room. "Maybe this will help"

I turned my eyes from my prey staring at my brother noticing the woman he held in his hand.

"Eric!" She screamed failing about.

" Victoria! You son of a b***! " screamed Eric. "I told you to leave my wife out of this"

Hayden scoffed rolling his eyes. "I don't report to you"

A slap echoes in the room, my eyes narrowing on the fuming woman in Hayden's arms; a large red palm print now glowing on his cheek. My lips upturned slowly, before it broke out into a smile then uncontrollable laughter.

Hayden snarled gripping the woman's hair tightly.

"Did they not reach you manners?" He snapped. "I learnt from humans never to hit a woman. My mother hadn't gotten to that part with me, I was still young and there were very little women to interact with then" His eyes then glowed crimson. "But no one said anything about punishing them"

Eric watched as his wife froze while still alive, screaming for her, tears streaming down his eyes. Emotions. Humans were so full of emotions.

"Speak vermin" Yelled Hayden his voice laced with annoyance. "Lets make this quick. At least spear yourself a gruesome death"

"Never, you killed innocent people!"

"Oh spare me the drama" said Hayden running his hand through his frozen wife, the glass breaking into tiny chards falling to the ground.

"You might think we're you're enemies, maybe we are, but those people you're shielding, they don't care about you or you're people. You're mere pawns in this chess game that's eons older than you are" I say hoping- well not hoping at this point. I know he won't budge.

"Go to hell!" Eric spat.

Eric pulled a knife, stabbing me into the shoulder as I threw him across the room.

"What is this supposed to do?" I asked pulling it out. " A wooden knife. Don't make me laugh. Stakes don't kill us. But what I do will kill you"

Before he could answer, my hand tore his throat from his body, leaving the mangled corpse on the ground.

"Burn it" I said to my brother before rushing off to the garden.


I stared at the place where my coffin laid, feeling nothing. No emotions, no sympathy, as noises of crackling and burning buildings filled the sky with ash and black smoke. Minutes later my brother stood beside me silent as I stared on. It was in the middle of a large garden, something beautiful filled with roses, lilies and violets. There was curtain drape made from some flower that I couldn't place exactly, lavender maybe. The sweet fragrance reminded me of my mother.

"Burn it" I say again, shaking myself from my nostalgia. There was no need to dwell on the past now.

Hayden glanced at me, cocking his head.

"Are you sure? This is your coffin" Hayden catches my gaze from the sides of his eye then shrugs. "As you wish"

I walk off as the inside burn rushing outwards and everything collapses walking back towards the gate. Smoke fills everywhere and so does lifeless corpses.

"Lord Michaelis"

Hayden turns his head from the destruction as I walk on, acknowledging the presence of the vampires that returned with their report.

"Garnett, it's a pleasant day isn't it?"

"Yes my Lord. Everyone is accounted for. No one was left alive"

"Hmm" Says Hayden and I roll my eyes seeing the gory smile spread across his face. "Seems like we're off then"

"Stay back and ensure that everything is as you say it is, then report back" I reply. "I want nothing to stand on this ground"

Hayden folds his hands giving a fake pout. "Garnett this is your duty" He says before dashing off out the gate and I follow soon after.


Yay!!! I'm so excited that y'all came over for book two🙈. You're all awesome. I hope this helps with a little of Yuuki's background and I've left some subtle hints that I'll be building on. Catch y'all next chapter!


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