The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Pitiful and Beautiful

Each day she sat with Jess, but neither spoke. Silently they ate at lunch and silently their classmates watched over one--wanting to protect them in a fight, after all they know what happened. This continued for over two months, Kira would come and sit down, say nothing, and eat while gradually Jess’s hateful expressions lightened. Now the two sat and ate quietly with no negative feelings for each other.

“Why are you sitting with me?” Jess frowned.

Kira looked across the table like it would be an obvious answer: “I’m not very good at making normal friends, I figured it would be nice to try.”

The Senior gave a confused expression, “So you want to be friends with someone who bullied you?”

Kira shrugged casually, “Not the worst thing that’s happened in my life.”

Jess bit her tongue, remembering when everyone saw Kira’s back—those horrible scars. How is it she can so easily drop something like that? It pisses her off! Why is Kira unaffected by anything she does? There is no way something could be so bad that she could take all those beatings like nothing—! The Senior observed the Junior across from her, trying to read the girl’s motives. Everyone has a motive, the girls she surrounds herself with want to take some of her popularity and fame for themselves, drawing from their connection with her to further their own ends. In this school, in this world, everyone uses someone for their own gain, Jessica learned this early on because of her parents and decided she would use rather than be used.

Kira said quietly, “I was a slave once.”

Jess’s eyes widened in disbelief. A slave? How could she have been a slave, then how is it...adoption?

“So, no.” Kira shrugged, “Your bullying was nothing compared to everything else I’ve been through.”

Kira continued eating, treating their conversation as a casual topic. Jess could no longer it--it made her sick to know what she had done to someone who has already been thru hell. Kira could not possibly be human; how can anyone just write off something like slavery as though it never happened? It pisses her off all the more—why is Kira so carefree? How could you want to be friends with me?

“I hated humans for a most of my life. You all brought me nothing, but misery so I decided to stay away.” Kira halted her meal, “I came back, and everyone started talking to me--I dunno maybe it was out of pity, but for once I was happy.”

It’s a thank you then. Everyone ignored her before, they didn’t know how to handle the outcast, but after knowing she acted harshly partly because of her torture they wanted to help. Its because of Jess Kira was able to become friends with everyone and for that the kindness must be repaid. Jess dropped her head then angrily jumped up and grabbed Kira, pulling her to the exit. Just before, Kira motioned at the crowd to halt--seeing as many of them had stood abruptly. Under the stairs, hidden from the view of any the two stood.

“Sorry...” Jess mumbled.

Kira gave a half-smile, “For what?”

“You know what! Now you can stop pretending to be my friend and get lost—l”

Jess’s sentence was cut off when her forehead was poked. She staggered back, thinking she was being hit, but the case wasn’t so. Kira stood there and began to explain her action. It was something her family had done to get rid of the crease in her forehead, an action to affectionately motion that all would be fine. It may not be the same for humans, but its all Kira knew to make Jess feel better.

“I really don’t know how to act around humans. Really this is the first time I’ve tried so I’m sorry if comes off that I’m pretending.”

This girl is stupid, she isn’t the one who should be apologizing! She should hate Jess, want her dead even for everything that was done to her by ‘everyone’. If Kira really was a slave then by right she should hate this entire world; she is unfazed by any of it. Jess grinds her teeth huffing: “Do whatever you want, I don’t care.” Kira giggled a bit, “Well the how about an introduction? I’m Kira Nightraven.”

Annoyed, Jess took the extended hand and shook it replying in a similar matter.

“You’re an idiot, but whatever, I’m Jessica Williams.”

Sunday came again—a day Kira looked forward to every week. Gradually she found herself able to withstand sunlight for longer periods of time, but would very quickly pass out, exhausted, once she returned home. Emily and Kira became closer. during the day class Kira would spend her free period in the nurse’s office drinking tea and contemplating different topics with her companion.

Eona noticed changes in Kira, a free spirit whenever she was not in the queen’s presence. I’m losing her. So carefully she has cared for her precious human, raised her as best as a human can around vampires and now she is being pulled away. How can I make Kira notice me? She has done her best to have Kira feel comfortable around her and based on what Kira said and did during the ball there is ‘something’ there.

Now its how to make those feelings blossom that is a challenge. She could force herself on Kira, make her feel trapped and therefore unable to change the subject--bad idea. Building up to a climax maybe an option, going out with Kira and then confessing--it would seem out of character for her however. Kira is the type to keep quiet about what she wants, that’s what Eona hates the most. She could ask for an honest answer though, wanting to hear it from Kira’s own lips what is wanted. Either way it has to be quick, it has to be now otherwise it will be too late...for Kira and for her. I wonder if she’ll reject me then. Eona was scared most of all of Kira’s rejection. No not only that, she was scared of Kira dying and hating her--if she hated her and lived then it would be alright, she would be alive. How ugly this side of the queen is.

Everyday she watched Kira come home and everyday the queen’s emotions flared at not possessing this entirely. Its good though, for there to be at least one person who will not so easily bend to the queen’s desires. Yet this bothers her the most, the one person she wants is the one person she cannot have.

A picnic under a shady tree is nice, but with the weather quickly changing to winter’s breath it was chilly. Though Emily was unaffected, Kira had to bundle up in many layers. Myths often depict vampires as ice-cold beings who are the undead and without souls. In many cases vampires themselves believe they have no souls, but Kira knows different.

To many speculators’ surprise Emily was quite warm and their sharing of a blanket was the only defense the human had against the cold. The two watched the leaves fall and blanket the ground as soccer teams play against each other nearby. Today they went bowling and found Kira was partially good for a first-timer but was later crushed at ping-pong. With the weather becoming colder it would be difficult to do anything outside, for Kira at least. Emily did not mind saying there would be plenty of things to do including something called ‘roller skating’ that sounded rather dangerous.

“N-no way!” Kira blushed dramatically at the question.

“I figured you would have dozens of guys confess by now.” Emily smiled devilishly, when leaning closer.

“N-no! They haven’t, and it doesn’t matter if they do cause’ I already have someone—!” Kira hesitated, then proceeded to cough in a foolish attempt to change the subject. Emily’s gaze narrowed.

She smiled evilly, “So you do have someone you like? Who is it? Wait! Don’t tell me its Jake!”

“Of course not! He’s engaged!”

Emily snickered, “You could always have a ‘forbidden love’ affair.”

Kira slugged the doctor in the arm then hid her head under the blanket squeamishly. Emily laughed when poking her head under the blanket to find her tiny human.

“Then who is it?” The doctor continued to pester.

Kira shook her head in a coy manner, now making a hard effort to hide her face. To Emily it was a challenge accepted. First, she pushed Kira back, then she ripped the blanket from her face, now covering the both as she sat on top of the human who had her hands pinned above her. Kira’s embarrassed face was cute and very tempting. Emily asked once more and received a very delicious expression from this beautiful human.

“Is it Lady Eona?”

Kira coughed, “You know...that’s impossible from the start.”
“So you do have feelings for her--how pitiful it is that your sense duty prevents your heart from flourishing.” Emily snickers when resisting the urge to indulge herself.

“She isn’t--” Kira wears frustration now, refusing to look at Emily, “Lady Eona isn’t the one I was referring to.”

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