The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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The Human among Immortals

Kira had to beg to attend the staff and Eona to the Big Apple, although it took none to convince them. Eona had already decided Kira was to attend but wanted to see just how far her precious human would go to come with. A city by the name of ‘New York’ it was composed of nearly all humans in its population. Kira was excited to see a big city, nonetheless that Lady Eona allowed her to go and be a personal attendant. The queen saw it more as an opportunity for her than the whims of an eager teenager wanting to go somewhere. Wolfgang, Kira could tell, was not happy about her presence, though the rest of Nightcore were.

Typically, the staff would be in a separate vehicle, arriving before the queen, but Kira specifically was ordered to act as the queen’s public servant. ‘That’ was not something Kira had planned for. The queen existed the limo, as instructed, Kira remained behind, between the Nightcore guards and with her head low. The moment they were within the hotel Kira slipped away and remained in the shadows of the room as Lady Eona greeted the incoming nobles.

As far as Kira knew, there was to be a meeting between the Hunters Association and her Majesty tomorrow morning--a gesture of goodwill. Not that Kira really cared, but her master felt the need to inform her anyway. The un-comfortableness of this meeting reached Kira more than others. Hunters were not to be trusted, they kill vampires with no regard of the pride or honor. No doubt they wish Lady Eona dead, but even if she must throw her own life in the way, Kira will do what she can to protect the queen.

To Kira’s fear, Lady Eona ordered that Kira sleep in her suit and no exception was to be made. The reason was for protection, as the only human in the building the safest place was by the queen’s side--this seemed to include the same living space as well. Kira remained in the room while the vampire enjoyed a party. She had not felt comfortable and proceeded to message Emily none-stop.
How’s the party?

Emily texted first.I didn’t stay long--Lady Eona wanted me in the suit.

Kira replied.

So you two are sharing a room then? ;)

Kira growls to herself.

Shut up I’m on the couch!

Her message was instant to rebuttal the claim.

Like that will make a difference.

Emily was likely laughing behind her phone before she sent that.

-......- bite me

Kira shut her phone as she hears the door open. Lady Eona stubbled in a drunken stupor and would have fallen over had Kira not caught her. Kira assumed Lady Eona had been faking it, but the smell of alcohol was so strong it nearly made her gag. Already frustrated at Lady Eona’s state, she lifted the queen into her arms and walked toward the bedroom.

“Since when can you carry...” The queen’s words slurred towards the end. To think a vampire could actually get drunk was something new.

“I can do this much.” The human sighed.

Softly the queen was sat on the bed and progressively her cloths are removed. Her night wear is laid beside and Kira stops once the bra and underwear are visible. She ignored the queen’s appearance by averting her eyes, having herself perform many simple tasks to prepare the immortal for bed and to keep her mind from wondering.

“Is that all you can do?” Teased the queen.

Kira’s paused for a moment but rolled her eyes at the obvious play for a reaction. The servant could not recall a time she had seen Eona drunk, perhaps tipsy, but nothing as this. The queen was disappointed at the lack of a response but chose to continue with her game. As Kira face her back to the queen, she began to mix aspirin in water, preparing for the chance of a hangover the tomorrow morning. After shaking the bottle, she left the room, going to the couch and setting up for her to sleep. It was large, a modern white couch deep enough for Kira’s small frame to be hugged on two sides with room left over for another to fit without leftover space. Kira fluffed up the pillow, placing one against the armrest and another to use as a body pillow between her legs. Having noticed the lack of a blanket, she returned to the queen’s room to search for a spare.

Eona was not where Kira left her, initially assumed to have gone to the bathroom to lose the contents of her stomach the human turned and was caught by the queen from behind. Alarm made Kira jump as the woman wrapped her arms around the human and pushing her body against the smaller frame. Her breath tickles Kira’s ear, and slightly Eona’s arms tug at the crimson scarf. Kira’s heart raced, louder and faster each time Eona moved. Eventually Kira was pressed against the wall, the queen traced her fingers up and down the human’s sides. Her breathing staggered, having become lost in the queen’s intoxicating voice. The vampire queen nuzzled her face into Kira’s neck, she unwrapped the scarf and allowed it to fall to the ground.

Kira managed to speak up, but with little force behind her words: “I heard that a vampire’s thirst can only be satisfied by the ones they love.”

Eona slowly stopped, she pulled away and backed away from Kira and plumped onto the bed.

“I wonder who told you that.” She huffed.

Kira lost the strength in her legs and had to use the wall as the means to keep herself up. Eona’s effect on her made her lose all power, all self-control and she felt that no matter what she did she could not resist the attraction and lust either portrayed towards the other.

“So, you are sober.” Kira managed to say.

Eona laughed guilty, “You heard right—a curse of being immortal I suppose. I can only imagine what you think of me, how disgusting it must be to be near someone like me.”

Kira shook her head slightly. She had seen Eona feed before: blood bags, tablets, wine-infused and when she was younger, humans who wanted to be turned also became her meals. Occasionally this occurred in the house to this day, but it was far less frequent the one-time Eona noticed Kira’s presence when she passed by. The queen hated herself for doing such a thing from then on, she had seen the look in Kira’s eyes, the disappointment. It was a vicious cycle, her craving for the human caused her to seek blood elsewhere, a useless effort to quench her thirst, and the only means to keep it under control and protect her human.

“You haven’t been feeding, properly have you?” Kira asked out of the blue.

Eona’s head shot up and stared in horror at the human. What use is drinking blood if it doesn’t satisfy? As a servant this would not do, she could not allow her master to suffer, but it wasn’t the servant that wanted this. In another way, this was her being selfish, this was the only way she could be closer to Eona without crossing that line, without breaking that line between master and servant. I’m such a cruel person.

“Eona...” Kira struggled to get herself strength, to move closer to this woman.

Her legs were like cinderblocks, a feeling of numbness came worked from her thighs to her feet and yet she pursued. Her voice trembled, but not as much this time, as she was sure this was what she wanted, and this was the only way to come close to that desire. Kira now stood in front of the queen, closer now by her own will, looking into the despite eyes of this immortal goddess.

“I don’t mind if you want my blood.” Kira touched her neck.

No matter how many times the queen bites her, Kira will not turn—to her understanding Lady Eona’s power ensures that will not happen. The queen’s heart soared—it was the first time Kira had said her name and for her to offer herself—it was a dream come true.

“If it will help you…even a little...” Kira smiled, “I want you to take my blood.”

Without a moment’s hesitation Kira found herself on the bed, placed under the captivation of those eyes. Eona slowly unbuttoned Kira’s jacket, pulling off its cover one arm after the next; then was her collar, once removed it revealed the crossed tattoo which forever marked her neck. Eona paused for a moment, reflecting Kira’s beauty as a mortal and as a woman. How is it such a woman allowed to be in the queen’s sinful existence? She touches the neck then looks hard into Kira’s eyes still wanting to know if this is what this woman wants.

One step closer and it’s only a matter of time now, until that day comes. I can’t help it Kira... Her fangs reach out--Eona’s hands snake under the shirt and find their marks, only this time it is gentle; a fragile bird is what is held. Those fangs pierce Kira’s neck. There was no pain, it was hot, a sensation spreading from her neck slowly spreading throughout her entire body. Eona pulled away for a moment, allowing the human a chance to catch her breath, but alternatively it was to give the queen a full view of the face this young woman was making. Her face was red and flush, even more as the queen looks so intently at her, it was even embarrassing. The immortal smiled with increased lust, wanting the blood that touches her tongue to sour to the heavens. She wanted this woman to feel the same as her, she craved to indulge herself and return the passion and satisfaction, but not yet. Kira was not prepared for that, but this much she was…Eona leaned forward, pressing her breasts against the younger’s as she drank in the taste of her lips.

To humans it would be a betrayal to their kind. Giving blood to an immortal willingly was something unforgivable, but she thought it otherwise. It was different this time. That was…intense. Kira wrapped her scarf, hiding the marks on her neck--she doesn’t want Emily to know. Of all people she could not know, Kira wanted things to stay the same between them. The more she thought, the more she came to realize it was not humanity being betrayed, but Emily. There was no turning back though, Kira would not regret the decision not for Eona’s sake. She felt dizzy, at points her vision blurred, but a quick shake to her head corrected it. Maybe I should start drinking more tomato juice. It would be bad if Kira became anemic and worse if Emily noticed--of course sooner or later she might anyway.

For an odd reason Wolfgang gave Kira a retractable knife, instructing her to strap it under the sleeve of her tailcoat.

At first Kira refused, “I’m just a human—I’d only get in the way.”

But Wolfgang commanded it saying it would be for ‘Kira’s’ protection and not the queen’s. Its out of character, for Wolfgang to trouble himself with Kira, at least her safety as far as any are concerned. For a moment the commander paused, glancing at the younger’s neck, he changed his mind then hurried along. Kira was puzzled but shrugged it off when speeding to the queen’s side.

The meeting was in a large office, high in the skyscraper which made Kira’s stomach turn. The humans of the association stood on one side (the window’s side) as the opposite was dominated by vampires and Kira. Not to their surprise, the hunters observed how each vampire had their eyes to reveal the truth nature while a single young girl remained unchanged. Hunters naturally have an impeccable sense and are able to tell the difference between human and monster. Kira held no such presence, rather it was as though she didn’t exist--a feather-like atmosphere occupied her existence.

Association President turned his attention to the dark-haired girl who looked no older than a high school-er. The guards from both parties were sent outside and Kira was to go with them had the queen not ordered her to remain. This filled the president with even more curiosity: Could this be the human she had referred to during their last meeting? If that was the case keeping the human here and allowing her to display her presence of being both well-cared for and relatively free would be the correct choice of action.

“I trust you do not mind—this is the member of my house I place my complete trust and faith in. She will provide for us during the course of this meeting.”

Respectfully Kira bowed and made way to the beverage cart at the edge of the room. Why does she want me here? She tuned out the conversation, concentrating on the perfection of the tea and brew of coffee. She served the human as she did the queen, not wanting to cause any tension between the two. Carefully the president watched Kira, then stared at her having the feeling the two had met. Kira glanced back trying to understand why he stared so intently. She was only serving coffee.

“What do you think Kira?” Her Majesty diverted the attention.
Kira blinked a few times at the calling of her name, having her nothing else before she turned to the queen.

The Association President was baffled at the queen’s question—asking a servant for her opinion, regardless of the servant’s significance was out of the question!

Kira looked at Lady Eona apologetically, “My apologizes, but I wasn’t paying attention.”

Eona gave a summery which involved how the Association should handle vampires who’ve fallen into insanity.

Kira pondered for a moment before responding, “As long as innocent people, vampire or otherwise are not hurt I don’t think it honestly matters.”

The president gave an annoyed huff—sounds like it was rehearsed.

“That being said...” Kira continued in a sterner tone, “If an insane vampire has walked into a noble’s territory, then by right and duty the nobles should deal with it and hunters should mind boarders.”

The president laughed, “Forgive me if I do not take the words of a human, brainwashed to be livestock—”

The cup in Kira’s hand shattered, followed by the windows surrounding the room crack, catching the two humans off guard.

“I would appreciate it if we could continue this conversation civilly.” Eona asked with intense politeness.

Kira glanced toward Lady Eona and cleaned off her exposed, burned hand before wrapping it in cloth. Awaiting the queen’s permission to continue, Kira kept close to her side and stopped serving both for the meantime.

“Do you realize what vampires have done to us?” The old man growled brushing the tip of his blade’s handle.

“Do you of humans?” Kira asked forcefully, “I’m speaking from experience sir when I say humans are no more saints than immortals.”

Kira bowed once more, when returning to her master’s shadow. The meeting concluded after a few short hours and thankfully the sun had died down by that time.

“I’m sorry.” Eona said regretfully, motioning to see Kira’s wrapped hand, “I should not have used my power as I did.”

Kira smiled, explaining that it only stung a little, but she was happy. Happy that Eona had come to her defense as she had, being insulted by the Association President, being called cattle—if Eona had not acted as she had, Kira was certain she would have ruined the meeting by acting out in violence against the man. Just as Eona reached to grab and embrace Kira publicly, one of their party spoke aloud of their forgetting of the quarter’s report from the hunters. Kira noticed the queen’s forwardness and stepped back, announcing she would retrieve the documents herself seeing as the humans were more likely to be forthcoming with correcting the error for her than with an immortal. Wolfgang agreed, commanding one of his guard to be on standby to walk her back to the hotel as the rest made ready to set off.

Eona sighed as she watched Kira return to the building, a gesture her commander noticed.

‘You mustn’t allow yourself to sound so defeated.’ The elder said reading his report, ‘She will eventually come around, you must be patient.’

The queen pouted leaning against the vehicle’s door when watching the buildings pass, ‘I am already at the end of my patience, especially with the good doctor.’ Eona frowned, ‘The longer I wait, the further from me she becomes. If I am too patient, I may lose her forever. For us forever may not seem much, but she does not have the burden of eternity as we do.’

Wolfgang paused his reading, ’And you do not wish to give her that burden?’

‘No.’ The queen shook her head, ‘I fear her becoming as us and losing the innocence and beauty of being the mortal she is.’ She looked to the Commander, ’We, born immortals, we Purebloods, do not understand what it means to become a vampire—I fear she should she turn, she will change in more than just her body.’

The elder pondered little, ‘It takes a strong will to conquer the beast that is our instinct and you know well my stance concerning the girl.’

Eona rolled her eyes, ’You’ve made it very clear.’

‘I need not remind you then, nonetheless the decision is yours and I will respect it.’ Wolfgang returned to his reading, leaving Eona to think further into the subject.

To Kira’s misfortune the elevator that arrived held also the Association President.

“You’re—” The President realized the elevator’s fellow occupant.

They stared at each other and Kira broke it when she was about to take another elevator. Jensin grabbed Kira, pulled her in and presses the ‘close door’ button—in return Kira freed her arm kicked his shin back causing the surprised man to lurch forward and be met with blade to his throat.

“That was for earlier.” Kira said maliciously, “Do not ever call me livestock again.”

In shock of this seemingly harmless young woman, Jensin was rendered speechless until Kira retracted the blade from her arm and spoke again with an entire one-eighty of tone, “What floor.”

“Fifty-three.” He answered, adjusting the tie at his neck.
The President assumed she must be on an errand for that irritable vampire she calls a queen. If she had come back to get revenge from his comment earlier, she would have jumped him the moment they saw another.

“I’m sorry for what I said earlier.” Jensin began, “When you have seen what I have of vampires, you begin to understand that they aren’t capable of kindness.”

Kira disagreed with his judgment. He is a hunter of the immortal, all he has experienced is the worst of vampires and based on his comments from the meeting, has never attempted to understand the best of vampires. The servant caught her own train of thought that reflected the exact same ideology she herself had fallen prey to. Nonetheless, despite her own hypocrisy, she is learning, is trying to learn and understand her own people.

“Three questions.” She said with shown fingers, “I will answer three questions you have and that’s it.”

It was nearly afternoon and Kira was both exhausted and had a sharp headache. She had no patience during the daylight--her hatred of the sun sparked an intolerance towards anything; light-basking humans were the top of her list typically. The president laughed at how a human could be so compassionate towards murderous blood-suckers. What a strange child who is so ignorant of world’s reality.

“What business does a such a young human have as a vampire’s servant?” The first question echoed.

Kira glared, bleeding colors of the setting sun could have easily fooled those into seeing them reflected in the eyes of this human: “I was saved by the queen—before her I was raised to be a blood bank, discarded by my human parents.”

President Jensin ignored his own floor and proceeded to follow her to the conference room and as the two entered locked the door behind. Kira ignored his action and grabbed the papers left on the far end, keeping as close to the shadows as she could. The President noticed these strange habits and proceeded with the second question.

“I grew up without having ever seen sunlight—kept in a pitch black and windowless cell most of the time, the only light that reached my cell was the moonlight from the opposite room.” Kira glanced at the setting sun, “I get physically sick if I stay in the sunlight for too long.”

A twitch--a sudden alert to the left toward the window. The President sensed it too, the presence of vampires with killer intent. Kira would probably not tell the difference—she is a human with no degree of professional training. Kira had never felt this dread before; a chill up her spine that causes her to shake. What the hell is this? She reaches for the gun under her tailcoat.

“Kira, right?” Jensin ordered, “I suggest you get behind me—right now!”

From under his cloak he unsheathed a razor-ed sword, arming it towards the window. Kira held fast, not wanting to make any uncalled-for actions. In her mind she would be fine--as a servant to the queen, the scent should still be on her and therefore ‘she’ should be safe. The same could not be said for the President of the Hunters Association. The windows cracks then shatters allowing all the blinding light to enter the room. What? Five masked and hooded vampires appear--these were no servants of the queen. Not a word was spoken, not when they charged flashing their vampiric extensions against the hunter. Her first thought was to leave the hunter--he could handle himself and she would only get in the way, but the thought changed when one of the five hoisted her up against a wall.

“W-who the fuck are you?” Kira dodged an attack.

The vampire reached his free hand and tugged on the scarf. There were fang marks, very fresh at that, and a strange tattoo that emulated an immortal’s power. The President saw these marks and knew exactly they could only belong to the queen. The queen is a Pureblood though, therefore how is this person still a human?

Kira tried to reason, “I-I’m a servant to the queen!”

The vampire came closer--Kira knew at seeing his eyes, he meant to kill her regardless. I can’t die! She held her arm to trigger the blade, but her body froze still as she contemplated if she could thrust this weapon in his chest if she could kill a vampire. His power became visible—a tail-like muscle that broke from his lower back that snaked around his leg.

Kira heard about vampires possessing powers but other than the queen and those of the house had never seen one manifested in this way. Never just ended. The vampire burst into ash and dust, becoming nothing more than a pile at his feet. Kira dropped onto the ground and coughed—her collar is seized and yanked away to fully few her tattoo.

“I thought it was odd—for the queen of monsters to take in a human, you are nothing more than food to her.” Jensin whipped away the blood from his brow.

Kira shoved him back angrily and just as she was to jump and hit him again her legs gave out and she dropped back.

The president rolled his eyes, “She took so much you don’t even have the energy to stand—is that the price in return for saving your life?”

He reached to lift her up but found the edge of her blade in his face. Her breath was staggered and weak and her hand shook when holding the weapon. The heat from the sun and her anemic state drained every ounce of energy. Jensin was more surprised at the weapon she possessed, the weapon of a hunter, the bane of vampires: An Anti-Vampire Weapon.

“Last—question—” Her breath staggered with sarcasm, “I serve her—because I want—to—I care about her—more than you know.”

Kira shook her head again and shot up. After what Wolfgang has put her thru there is no way in hell she will allow a hunter to save her. As much as the president admired this girl’s loyalty it was both misplaced and inconsiderate. Though she shook it off Jensin could easily see the weariness in her eyes. Kira is weak both in body and mind right now--she could not handle killing a vampire, it would be murder to her.

The phone in his pocket rang. The situation was dire, they were attacking from the top and working their way down, mowing down anyone in their path (mainly hunters). The president grabbed Kira’s forearm and lead the way to the stairs.
Kira shouted at his touch, “I don’t want your help—!”
“But you need it.” Jensin ignored, “Your precious queen is not going to come and save you now—you are still human and therefore its the Association’s responsibility to protect you.”

The car screeched to a halt—the rumbling made the driver hesitate at his breaking. Eona looked around and saw nothing, but her instinct drove her to leave the limo and race back—the tower they were just at smoked. Quickly Eona withdrew her phone and dialed—

We’re sorry the number you have dialed is unavailable—

She clicked it shut. Wolfgang appeared beside her and bowed to await his orders.

“Find her...” The queen stared at the skyscraper, “Find Kira and being her back!”

The commander’s wings appeared and circled around—all heard this order: find their precious human. She was among hunters—for now that would be enough, but Eona feared that something far worse would happen. As a human who has been bitten by a Pureblood could happen, but it could not afford to happen yet. Her guards ask for her to remain, but the queen rejects their plea because she is as safe here as she would be inside the tower. No one, human or vampire could stand a chance against her.


Blood dropped on her face; his blood, from the gash across his back. The vampire quickly turned to dust becoming one with the smoke and debris from the explosion. The president wanted to rise, but already he lost much blood.

“Why did you save me?” Kira asked in shock.

Humans have never saved her, have never thrown their life to protect hers. Kira caught him as he fell over. What do I do? Blood soaked her hands, this man’s blood that pools under them. She hears them, hears more vampires coming, drawn by the scent of blood. Kira takes his sword, puts one of his arms around her neck and walks. The nearest room was an empty, a place where cubicles may one-day be. Kira shut and locked the door behind; bashing the security pad she pulled the president into an office with one large window and a maintenance lift a story under. She was not strong enough to safety put him an entire floor down or protect him, hell she doubted she could save herself. What do I do?! What do I do?! What do I do?! The door is cracked. Without an idea or any clear-thinking Kira pulls the president to the window, breaks it and drops him to the gondola below—barely made it. With her clothes soaked in his blood she dashes out of the office and to the other side of the floor. As she ran, she slipped her blade’s edge across her arm further allowing for the scent of fresh blood to draw them closer—and to tell everyone from the house where she was. With the president outside the scent of his blood would not be caught as easily as it will on her.

The door broke, and three blurred shadows zoomed in—all of whom made their way towards Kira. More joined leaving the human out-numbered seven to one. I have an Anti-Vampire Weapon and the president’s blood—they’ll defiantly come at me. She took her stance and held the sword just as Wolfgang had drilled. The vampires did not move. Sights faded in and out. Dammit—!

“We have no quarrel with you girl.” Said one thru plastic, “But we do with the owner of that blood.”

The grip on the handle tightens. It felt warm in her finger tips, a very familiar feeling even—the sword pulses, as though it has a heartbeat. In an instant Kira is up in the air, held by her shirt once again—she thrusted the sword, but the something hard came from the vampire’s shoulder and slapped it away.

“Where is he?” The vampire who held her asked.

Kira needed to stall and knew how, “Funny little-all-me can give you all this trouble.”

She is brought to meet the eyes of her attacker, “Keep it up little girl. Either way we’ll find him and until then...”

He clenched her side and squeezed harder and harder until a crack was heard, “I can make sure you scream however long it takes.”

Kira did indeed scream as the first and second rib cracked, but before third the vampire found the hidden blade lodged in his head, delaying his reaction long enough for Jensin’s sword to find its place in his chest, rendering the immortal ash beneath the human’s feet.

The atmosphere around them changed, a sinister malevolence that emanated from this single human was enough to have every vampire leap back in fear. Kira held the sword in one palm, her other hand holding the left of her side where bruising and two fractured ribs rested. There were two feelings that began to take over her own senses: the first came from the weapons she held, a humming that sent vibrations from her hands all-the-way up her arms and went no further. Something was calling out to her, someone, whispered unknown and soundless instructions into her mind, but somehow her body followed them. The second emanated from her neck, a beast desiring to break thru the surface and consume all around. To her it was suffocating, her throat was dry, itching with an insanity that would have driven her into the same had the Stigma not prevailed. Her neck cracked and the eyes that glared at these beasts was not a comrade, but a monster.

“Sorry, you’ll have to play with me a bit longer.” Kira taunted with a smirk.

In the blink of an eye she is in front of a vampire; without a chance for him to feel the sword reducing him to dust. Shit... Black spots blanket much of her vision—just doing that was far beyond her limits. Kira dropped, unable to move as her neck cracks and burns taking all chance of breath. I’m burning! The vampires’ attention turned away, yet Kira’s senses degraded to the brink of consciousness. Do not worry, young one, I will protect you. The voice was clear as day, as all sound from the real world became mute. This was neither a voice nor a person Kira has known.

The first soldier called out, “Your majesty!”

Eona cast a shadow—protecting Kira from the evil sun. The President had been found, though his state was of no imminent concern because he only passed out from blood loss. He was given first aid then handed over to his kin. Kira had moved, not on her own because she was no longer conscious. Eona bent to the human’s side and placed her forehead against the other. Kira’s arm bled and was wrapped to keep it from losing anymore, but it didn’t bother Eona—the safety of her precious human mattered more than anything. This should not have happened to you.

One tragedy after the next, so long as Kira remains in the world of the vampires she will continue to suffer. It would have been better if you had lived a normal human life. Its too late for that, like Kira’s hidden feelings, it was impossible from the start. There would be no going to the human world, there was no hope for a normal life. A member of the guard took Kira into his arms and awaited command.

“We will leave the trivial matters to the humans.” Eona commanded, “For now give Kira first-aid; we’re returning to the Main House.”

Eona bared her fangs, “Summon Doctor Addy!”

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