The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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A Confession

When Kira returned she received a slap to the left cheek. It was so hard it even drew blood from the queen’s nail. There was no surprise in Kira’s expression, only the dapping away of her blood then sliding the cloth back into her pocket. The queen was furious—Kira leaves without telling her for two days and leaves nothing, but a note with no indication of her location.

“You are not to leave this house without informing me!” The queen bellowed.

The strength of Lady Eona’s power forced Kira to her knees, into submission.

Though the brutality was acknowledged, the servant showed no fear and said with no emotion, “Forgive my negligence, milady, it will not happen again.”

She refused to meet the queen’s eyes, but it was out of defiance rather than submission. The human did not take kindly to being disciplined at such an hour in the daytime.

“See it does not.”

A noble was visiting, a member of the Senate, to discuss domestic issues and other topics Kira ensured she did not hear the details because it was very unlikely she would be anywhere near this meeting—probably locked in her room if she was lucky. Kira did not understand why the queen was angry, she had left a note and Emily said she had called the queen and informed her of the extra care and need for round-the-clock care for a bit longer. Perhaps it was the fact she came home with Emily’s scent on her that made the queen angry. Furthermore, what business is it of the lady to know where Kira is always? She is not a possession—she isn’t a ‘slave’! The idea infuriated Kira to the point where her fist slammed into a tree and snapped it. Though her fist throbbed it neither bled nor bruised, but turned red.

The setting sun provoked this anger resulting in Kira’s running. She ran, further and further and further until stopping deep in the woods, out of range of any at the Main House. She exhaled loud and long, a yell that would frighten any beast nearby. Ah, she saw the memories in my blood...that’s why she was angry. Kira laughed at how she could forget that detail so carelessly because it would mean she knows what Kira thinks of Emily. I wonder if she’s jealous. That could not be, Kira could not allow such a thing to happen—the queen cannot love a human.

When looking at her hand it was noticed how it neither throbbed or was red and it became a concern. The venom of a Pureblood is already within her and to avoid turning the seal, which shares power between the forger and person, acts to suppress the change. Regardless how much venom there is, Lady Eona has nearly intimate power and therefore there is no way the seal could weaken. Maybe the virus mutated and I absorbed some vampire abilities? Nonetheless the problem that the queen still wanted her blood did pose many risks.

“There is a way to block a vampire from reading your memories.” The doctor answered.

Emily traces her fingers thru old books on the shelf near the stairs. When Kira came over, she gave up the want to hide it from the doctor—after all the vampire is not stupid and knew already the moment she examined Kira. Though Emily made no jester nor gave a hint to it care, Kira felt she had betrayed her. The doctor saw the frown on the humans face and allowed it to stay that way for the mean time—that is what she gets for not telling her. The book was found and opened, leaving in the air dust and a stale stench of dried blood that once drenched the corner of every page. The smell oddly brought Kira discomfort, an inching to her nose, though just an action, alerted the doctor.

Emily asked curiously, “Is the smell bothering you?”

“A little.” Kira confirmed.

Emily tugged on the scarf when leaning over and glanced at the tattoo—black. That’s odd, something seems different.

“Its probably a side-effect, it’ll go away.”

No use worrying her over something that has no evidence. The two read thru the book, though Emily read most seeing that much was an old-scribe version of the vampire language. All that was necessary was for Kira is build up a resistance to it, like working out, she would have to practice developing the skill. There was a single solution to this practice: Kira would have to give her blood more often and to Emily. Rather, Kira asked her to do this, the only person she wanted to do this--the person she wanted to do this for. If things were to continue down this path...then Kira could burry her feelings for one person with those of another.

“It will have to be somewhere she can’t see. Also, it would be best not to change your habits around her or she’ll get suspicious.” The doctor tapped a pen against the table, “You should also set a limit to how much she takes from you, we can’t have you passing out because she takes too much to have her fill.”

Kira turned red and quietly whispered, “I know that.”

Emily set her cup down and continued, “Then I get to pick—don’t worry it won’t be somewhere embarrassing; unless you’re into that sort of thing.”

Kira squealed when borrow her face into the pillow on the couch. She’s cute when embarrassed, but of course unless it was wanted Emily never would force herself; Eona may be reserved, but the doctor is far more controlling than the queen with desires. It would be a lie if it was said Emily was not over-joyed to know Kira wanted her to do this for her. Its not even about the blood which she craved for, but the fact the girl, the young woman she loves has similar feelings. Emily knows, though, that half the heart she captured already belonged to another. Its not a bother that she cannot have all the love Kira can give, but its the idea that Kira chose Emily that mattered. I want you to stay the way you are; for one life-time that would be enough. Emily laughed, affectionately pushing Kira’s arm. When sitting up Kira leaned all the way over against the vampire and sighed.

“I’m a horrible person, aren’t I?”

Emily shook her head, “No just a dishonest one.”

Emily slowly caressed Kira’s head then went to refill their tea. For a moment Kira contemplated her actions, if she was really doing the right thing; doing what she wanted or playing a cruel game. I hate myself. Loving both of them; I don’t even deserve to be loved by either. By choosing one she believed she would hurt the other and its something that could hardly be bared with. She has a choice and the choice made is what will keep the possessor of Kira’s other half on the right path. I won’t regret it...I can’t. Kira stood and walked to the kitchen. Emily isn’t a substitute either.

“You want anything? I was thinking on shopping, but I don’t know...”

Emily’s sentence trailed off at the silence. Standing in the doorway she did not move. Always told to act on her own feelings, to so what she wants, yet knowing what she wants is to not be a burden. I can’t complain; I was saved by her, but the only way I can repay that is by being a servant she can rely on. Kira stepped forward as Emily resumed the preparations. She felt a weight on her back, more than she expected and even more surprised when tiny arms wrapped around her sides. I know what I want.

Kira spoke shyly, “Remember when I said I had someone I liked?”


Kira presses her head against Emily’s slender back.

“I was talking about you...”

“Is that so?” Emily spun around and pressed her lips against Kira’s.

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