The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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The Syndicate

In the beginning there were the Ancestors, the original Pureblood Vampires who emerged at the end of the Great White. Without an understanding to their powers most went out into the world in search of others. Along the years they became distant from humans, having the realization they were different and outlived everyone they knew.

Humans began to turn their weapons against the Purebloods, who had given many humans eternal life and saved them time and time again. It was then that the war began; vampires fought each other, humans and all in between. They trusted no one and turned to survival of the fittest and only a few retained power over the ages. Though a Pureblood can control other immortals if another Pureblood over rides that control then it becomes a stagnate fight.

Vampires were hardly organized overall. They minded themselves and were not the type to play well with others. There were fractions however that defied this stereotype, with the continued mutual struggle to survive in human society. Many thought of humans as no more than food after the centuries faded, others hated them because of the need to constantly hide and conceal just to live in what should be ‘their’ world.

Two distinct kingdoms emerged out of the ashes of the ancient feud—vampires under the domain of the Nightraven family became a nation while the other was known as the Syndicate; human-hating vampires who sought dominance of the world. Sworn enemies, one side believes the queen to be a betrayer and the other to be a rival that must be annihilated. Away from the world, hidden in the high mountains does the God of the Syndicate reside. Long has their battle been, so long that memories of how it began became obscured by the collection of what has come to pass since then.

It was remembered when wood became stone; refined to bronze; beat into iron and crafted into steel. Warfare never changes it only evolves into false justifications. The ways of open battle have ceased, an unfortunate outcome of time, but much is gained from human and vampire advancement. The god is all-knowing, all-seeing, he can bend the strongest of Purebloods to his whim, making their thick-blooded inheritance worthless.

There was one who would not yield however: that rebellious queen who inherited the same personality as her forerunner. Those human-loving fakes had no right to be called ‘vampire’, the queen, however, could be saved; being a descendent of the Ancestors and having been corrupted away from the path does give leniency. Of course, if she does not submit then killing her would be the next step, but of course after she is with child. They could not have the power of the Nightraven family end because of the arrogance of one person.

Humans do not take the god’s interest, but this one, Kira Nightraven, intrigued many. This child appeared ten years ago and is thought to be the closest to the queen than even her kin. How useful can this be? The god curled a dark smile as he observes the information. Would you like to know how to make a monster? First you take something innocent, then feed it hate; ridicule; betrayal all that is left is a soul poisoned by the world. A monster is easy to direct, to mold into something that would be considered a paradox of the original personality. All it would take was a betrayal; spark to flame that would erupt into fire and consume the world. She reminded the god of someone, a person very close and yet a human should not remind of anyone. At closer glance a signal only known by the decedents Original Ancestor is seen on this human’s neck. How comical that the queen should use a technique without understanding its true purpose.

‘You know, don’t you?’

This became more interesting; the queen intended to keep this girl human for what reason? That childish Pureblood would very well know what that signal is used for: its use is only for vampires.

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