The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Date Night

That day Ian held onto Kira as though he was to lose her all over again. His adopted little sister, a girl he failed to watch become a woman was alive, saved by the vampires he hunted. The remaining time of sunlight was dedicated to sharing a recollection of the past ten years. Ian escaped, found by a First-Class Marcus Jensin, he was adopted and trained to fulfill his need for revenge. The revenge was not in his sister’s name, but in his parents because there lied the hope that Slave 267 was alive. Kira did not go into much detail, she wanted to avoid that, avoid causing a tension between the two. She was surprised he remembered her though it should not be, she was raised by him. Ian knew his name, his family, he knew what it was like to live as a human and yet he could do nothing to show Kira the same.

Ironic that it is the vampire that teaches her to be human. He asked about the tattoo—having seen it only once and on a vampire. Kira laughed, lying about its origins with a falseness of it being the signal of a human servant—a protective spell even.

Emily arrived at sunset, not ten minutes after Kira awoke from a short-lived nap. They greeted each other fondly, wrapping their arms around the other to embrace. It felt like eternity since they last saw another.

“You look exhausted.” Emily frowned, placing her hand on Kira’s forehead, “And you have another fever.”

Her bags were set down beside the bed as Kira shut the door.

“I have to work during the day.” Kira said wearily.

“No wonder you’re sick.”

Kira shrugs, she doesn’t feel as worse as the last time, though staying indoors is an unwelcoming idea now. As the guest unpacked Kira continued filing paperwork for the association, a very redundant job that gave no use. She still had yet to know what Anti-Vampire Weapons are made from; Ian would know. Asking him made her feel horrible, he would think she is a spy or something and after being reunited with her adopted brother it was not what she wanted. Kira kept quiet for a while, she was trying to gather courage when asking Emily. She fiddles with the wrapped package under the sheets.

“Hey Em...if you’re not too tired—”

“You haven’t explored the city, have you?”

Kira chuckles guiltily, “A little, but I was...with someone.”


Emily saw Kira’s expression, a relieved happiness, as though one of the many weights she carried was lifted. Who could have cause her to the such a face? The vampire had never seen her give that face. Immediately Eona came to mind and a sudden rage of jealousy swept over Emily.

“Who was it?”

Kira shook her head, Emily would not believe her. It was no one important right now because all that mattered was spending time with Emily, away from the pressure of the Main House. Her vampire has always trusted Kira so for the meanwhile the rampant emotion was suppressed--right now she could not read the human and thus left it be. Obviously, Kira had been out, having taken the initiative and guided the two towards the bookstore. Thoughts dwelled on slipping her fingers between Emily’s, but Kira was scared off by shyness. Slowly Emily wove her arm around the shaking girls then brings the two closer.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

Kira shook her head and grabbed Emily’s arm, feeling safe and warm by her side. The book store proved to be a great idea; aside from the rough start it was great Ian pulled her out in the middle of the day. Kira learned how broad Emily’s taste in books were; fantasy, literature, poetry, romance and to her partner’s surprise no real interest in medical textbook. It should not be, after all having studied medicine for nearly four-hundred years does make studying ...redundant. Kira had a more traditional like (of course in vampire novels) but had no knowledge of what she did enjoy in human genre. Emily suggested many books (varying between classical and historical) and paid for the five Kira settled for.

After that they sat at a cafe and ate. Upon leaving Emily received a phone call and excused herself for a moment. Once again, they were reunited and held onto each other, Emily said she had some business to take care of in the Red-Light District and as long as Kira stayed close she could go. Kira was not going to complain about that part. Many vampires wondered the Red-Light District; wanderers, strays, one could even find an Insane or even some cannibalism if they were lucky.

Kira awaited outside for a moment and observed the vampires that ignored her as though she was invisible. Was it the signal on her neck? Could they sense the queen’s power emanating from it? They could simply be ignoring her, but in the world of shadows coincidences are rare. If she wanted to, Lady Eona could just let me turn. Not that I want that...but... Kira caught the gaze of a hooded vampire across the street. She felt their aura, their malicious and returned a fearless glare--the vampire vanished the second Kira turned her attention back to Emily. One of those that attack the hunters? Kira’s brow is poked, “What’s wrong?”


Emily paid no mind to it; there are many vampires in the world and seeing a familiar face ‘here’ would be no surprise. Again, the two locked arms...after a few blocks and once they were alone Emily stopped them both, softly she kissed Kira. For a second Emily pulled away allowing Kira a chance to breath and the choice to continue. Without a second thought kissed again, this time wrapping her arms around the doctor’s waist as lovers should.

Another break and Emily spoke, “Shall we?”

She asked lustfully pulling Kira even closer. “Yes.”

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