The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Submission to a Superior Power


Ian bashed the door with his shoulder, drew his gun and aimed. Emily moved back, disappearing for an instant then reappearing behind, kicking Ian to the ground inside then shutting the door behind. Certainly, knocked the air out of him.

“I don’t like being charged at before I’ve had the chance to wake up.” Emily yawned.

The hunter leaped to his feet and began to combat the vampire. Obviously, this man is a hunter otherwise he would not have that annoying toy of his and knows Kira--is this the one she spoke about? Kira peaked out from the bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth and a towel over her head. The vampire and hunter halted their attacks (in Emily’s case defense) and stared at the bystander.

“Ah...I’m just gonna—” Kira began to shut the door when Ian pushed it open and pulled her behind him.

Emily became far more aggressive; she moved in front—Kira rammed her fist into Ian’s back and continued hitting.

“What did I tell you about starting fights! Honestly you haven’t changed; every single time—!”

Emily and Ian both drew blanks at Kira.

“Emily this is Ian, my brother; Ian—”

Kira tightened her grip, “This is my girlfriend.”

The servant and doctor returned at different times and cleansed their clothes three times to get each other’s scents off. Though they weren’t exactly hiding anything, both were quite worried if Lady Eona became aware of their ‘activities’ during the two weeks together. Emily did not care if the queen knew but understood Kira’s fear; nonetheless it was not a fear of wrath that was felt—fear of rejection. Eona noticed a change in Kira overall. She seemed more mature; a different aura was projected.

“You’re not wearing your scarf today.” Eona said blandly as Kira brushes her hair.

“It was dirty, so I washed it and set it out to dry.” Kira said truthfully.

“Is that so?”

Eona thought otherwise; Kira was trying to bury her true feelings, casting them out for what she thinks is real between her and Emily. Whatever it maybe between them Eona knows Kira better than anyone—it’s a diversion. In the mirror the signal is seen, upon the neck that has had the queen’s fangs within numerous times. By reading the memories of Kira’s blood Eona would know every secret the girl kept or attempted to keep. Alas she would not force answers, not so long as they did not concern the human’s safety and happiness.

Christmas is on its way, though the Main House did celebrate, it was not in the same, religious, manner as humans. This year the queen wanted to make it extra special, she wanted it to be only the two—with the means of taking back Kira’s heart and her love. The queen was no fool, she was well aware of the relationship between the servant and doctor and was nearly consumed in jealousy and anger. She wanted Kira, wanted everything about her; body, heart and soul. The queen loved Kira and was afraid of losing her—to time, another and to the monster within.

Time and time again the want to reveal the truth became unbearable, but the fear of what Kira would say or do was stronger. The queen’s long, silky blonde hair has been braided into a fish-tail. Once done Kira went to fetch the evening’s attire but was stopped by a tug to her cuff.

“You know you could tell me anything right? You used to all the time...”

Until Kira became cursed by the queen’s desires. The childish smile vanished after that day, replaced by a Kira who hated depending on others and who never laughed from her heart. I wish you would express yourself more and be honest with me. Within a silent body Kira’s mind screamed, wailing for her body to act and yet her sense of duty and responsibility silenced.

It was not the queen’s doing, rather she helped Kira understand how naive and conceited she was. It was a choice, to bury her emotions in the recess of her mind and not to act on them. She is a servant to the Queen of Vampires and must know her place, not for hers, but for Eona’s sake. Quickly Kira looked to the door and felt no presence, then she smiled lightly.

“I finally met my brother again. We aren’t related, but he raised me from when I was a baby until I met you.” She said with a wide smile.

“You both were slaves...”

Kira nodded choking on her words, “I recognized him, but he didn’t at first. I thought it was good, but honestly it scared me—I thought that maybe I really did change, that something was wrong with me.”

Eona stood and hugged Kira. She too was afraid for the human, for the girl’s humanity and life. How could she be told now? Bringing worry and fear against the unknown, how could Eona do that to Kira? No not now, the time would come, but it would not be today nor tomorrow nor the day after.

“To me…” Eona whispered, “You are the only Kira, the only one for me.”

My chest hurts. The tears were not seen, the mixed emotions storming inside Kira’s heart as its two halves rip each other apart. It hurts so much! Eona felt Kira shake in her arms and held tighter. She would not give Kira to anyone, not fully because though its not admitted a part of her feels ‘something’ towards the queen.

“That’s not what’s been troubling you though.”

Kira tried to pull away—she was becoming dependent upon the queen and that is not an action for a servant to do. Eona had Kira face her, slowly she came closer—the servant’s heart pounded in her chest and terrified of what came next she struggled harder to become free. I love Emily! That was the truth, but then why couldn’t she cast aside feelings that should not exist between her and the queen? I’m sorry!

“I didn’t know how to tell you...” Kira skillfully found her lie.
Eona ceased her pursuit.

“Lately I’ve been feeling off...” She began, about to use the otherwise dormant pain from her neck as the liable excuse.

There was a knock on the door, less than a second’s chance to become free of the queen and to answer it—Eona did not allow it, she grabbed Kira’s arm and pulled her to the wall behind the door and answered it herself.

“Milady have you seen Kira?” The maid asked, as this was the first place anyone knew to look.

“She left to go do some chores I believe, maybe twenty minutes ago?”

Kira jumped at the sight of the queen’s crimson eyes. With enough strength to hold the younger down, Eona aggressively pulled down the shirt until from the neck to the shoulder was seen, snapping two buttons from Kira’s shirt. Fangs pierced the flesh and Kira distinctly heard the queen suck her blood. Eona lifted her fangs, but only gave enough time for a single breath before sinking them again. Shit—! All strength was drained, absorbed by the vampire’s fangs until all her weight was supported by the queen. Suddenly a burning sensation emanated from her neck and began to stretch down towards her chest. NGH-!


Kira grabbed Eona’s shoulder and pushed with an unexpected strength, hitting the wall in recoil she collapsed to the floor. Eona staggered then traced the outline of her lips with Kira’s blood. It became hard to breathe, with a suffocation, a dryness in Kira’s throat that made her unbearably thirsty. Eona could have at least warned her! Crimson eyes returned to their human-like pigment as the queen crouched beside Kira. I won’t allow you to be taken by someone else. Eona bit into her arm and allowed the rich blood to drop onto the floor. The smell enticed Kira—a sweat fragrance of lavender that drew her closer.

“For humans, I’ve heard that consuming the blood of a Pureblood is a pleasurable experience. It also has been seen to heal wounds and injuries.” The queen’s eye became red again, “Whenever I take your blood, you will take mine, it will ensure you do not fall ill again because of me.”

Kira hesitated. The queen saw Kira’s tense action and by then her self-inflicted wound healed. With that Eona bit her lip and pinned Kira’s hands to the floor;

“This is not a request.”

She leaned in and passes the blood from her mouth to Kira’s. At first the human squirmed, resisting the passing fluids, but with no remaining strength Kira submitted. A simple exchange became passion—Eona released her captive’s hands and rose them to the waist. Every sense was heightened; the queen’s touch to bare skin was exciting and every word became intoxicating. Kira knew herself to be prey; it felt good, it felt right, but it wasn’t! She loved Emily, she wanted to be with Emily, but every thought was over powered by the queen’s touch; her scent and the sensations of their bodies touching. Eona’s hand weaves under the shirt and makes way, retracing the familiar path marked by eight engrave-ments. I can’t stop her! The heat from her neck subsided, cooled by the queen’s circulating blood. Her eyes glowed brighter, You...are mine!

The moment Kira was given the space, she did not hesitate in running away. Her head was filled only with the queen and the love and affection she gave and enjoyed from Emily was given no place for a time. For the queen it played out as she willed it to: Kira’s body and a portion of her heart welcomed the vampire with open arms and yet her mind was closed nearly completely. Her blood is still rich. At least that had no been soiled, Kira may have figured to shield her memories, but all secrets come to light—even the queen’s. The fact Kira had successfully blocked her memories means there is something she does not want the queen to know and for that matter she can only learn the skill by a single means: The good doctor seems to be doing more than treating her symptoms.

For her comfort the two were becoming too close, the strangeness in Kira’s personality as of late cannot be overlooked. The doctor would not be read, she has always been a suspicious character; calm and calculating as well. Her senses ran wild: in and out her eyes saw the veins of people thru walls; hearing birds in the trees outside—Kira became nauseous and lost her footing. A maid appeared, Ariel, who caught the servant before she reached the floor. Kira panted, exhausted and shut her eyes tightly waiting for her senses to revert to normal. Ariel helped her to her room and would have stayed had Kira asked for her not to. Why... The door was locked; windows shut and inside the closet Kira hid in the black. Why does it hurt so much? Darkness is the only comfort now, away from vampires, duties, everything.

She wanted to disappear, to run away, but had no where to go. Why wouldn’t these feelings go away? She loves Emily; the steady women who always respected Kira’s wishes and provided much happiness as a mortal. Eona is the opposite: over-flowing passion and a bottomless desire with the want to possess Kira for all time. The queen ignores her duties and follows her heart and for a human servant that would be disgraceful and irresponsible. Emily makes Kira feel safe, feel comfortable and while the queen pushes Kira to the very limits of herself.

Kira wants those feelings to fade because they could not be real—an admiration for the person who saved her gone too far. She didn’t have a chance from the start and that can be done is to provide blood for the queen; progressing further in miss-guiding the ruler with the selfish wish to be useful. I have to distance myself from her, I have to know for sure.

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