The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Keeping a Safe Distance

School had been a forgotten task, with all going on Kira was fazed when going back to both night and day classes. Jess displayed worry when Kira was gone and though her uncaring disposition hung about, everyone knew the former-bully cared. Being the compulsive liar, she had been, Jess knew whatever Kira told the Headmaster and everyone else was utter bullshit. To her surprise, Kira was rather good at lying, too good, for her comfort, but everyone has their reasons.

“Wanna tell me why you were really gone?”

Kira wasn’t surprised, “I had to go to Chicago for work—ended up reunited with my long-lost brother.”

“Really? I figured you were adopted.” Jess questioned with a hint of sarcasm.

“Not by blood, but he raised me from when I was a baby until I was freed.”

Small world Jess thought. If that’s the case then wouldn’t that person be more of a ‘father’ than a brother? It bothers Jess continuously how Kira, supposedly a former-slave, doesn’t appear affected in the slightest. Nonetheless the details of the ‘work’ she does could give her else wise to concern herself with. To her classmates Kira was quieter, but more energetic now, usually she looked tired and had a grouchy attitude here and there.

Emily was disappointed when Kira did not visit during her free period; however, everyone deserves space and the doctor wanted to avoid being clingy. Kira’s senses are getting sharper. She tapped her pen on her lover’s medical record vigorously. Based on what the maid told me her state is only going to get worse. At this rate her body won’t be able to withstand the strain and she’ll die. There had to be a way to reverse the deterioration or slow it down until they could figure a way to stop it. The queen’s power may not be enough to suppress, much less cure this stigma. Kira was running out of time and the fear grew out of her increased involvement in the night world and with the queen. Nonetheless, something else was amiss, the stigma itself had a strange hum to it, as a cover-up as a bad tattoo.

All their theories were of course best guess, in recorded history this has never happened and thus each were trampling on thin ice. Kira would undoubtedly be destroyed at any attempt to remove the stigma; nonetheless if they tried to overwhelm it she had less than thirty percent chance of survival. Emily pressed a cigarette until it extinguished, She doesn’t even know. A knock to the door was followed by its opening and Kira peaking her head in. Emily shut the file and slipped it back into her desk; spun around in her chair and greeted. Kira said nothing when walking to Emily’s desk and sitting on the floor against it.

“Not feeling well again?”

Kira remained silent when blankly staring at her lap. I hate this. She shut her eyes, relaxing in the shadow of the desk she leaned towards Emily and finally rested her head against her legs. The oldest combs her fingers thru Kira’s hair while attending to paperwork. The school day ended, a first for Kira to stay for. She gave no explanation and Emily did not ask for one; quietly they kept each other’s company and even had a short nap.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Emily continued.

Kira’s attention was to the sky, towards the west mountains. Ensuring that none were around, Emily hugged the human, “Its suppose to storm tomorrow—want me to pick you up?”

“I have to catch up on work...I’m not going...”

Emily smiled, “So you ‘can’ talk.”

Kira gave a low chuckle, “I wasn’t meaning to ignore you, its just...”

Emily poked Kira’s forehead, “I was teasing—you don’t have to tell me ‘everything’ you know. Everyone is entitled to secrets.”
Kira huffed with humor, “Oh? What secrets do ‘you’ have?”

“Where should I start?” Emily grinned.

Emily tucked her arm behind Kira and pulled her against her, “Alright, alright I get it!”

They laugh at Kira’s blushing face. She can dish but can’t take a cuteness Emily enjoyed poking fun at. Night classes completed the sense of returning to a normal life. Jake continued to play the play-boy card, class president read quietly in the corner and it was peaceful for once. Kira missed this, missed her friends and missed having nothing to worry about. I’m spoiled. She sighs when leaning back in her chair.

“Heard you got into some action a few weeks back.”

Jake passed a piece of chocolate during intermission between subjects. Kira explained, but much Jake already knew--never underestimate the resources of a noble.

“Leave it to the Syndicate to cause problems between us and the hunters.”

"Syndicate?” Kira tilted her head in question.

Was that a terrorist group? That would explain the masks and making cloaks, but not their organization. They knew where the meeting was; the target; when the queen would be gone—Kira is no fool, when those renegades attacked. The name Syndicate is news to her nonetheless.

“I’m not surprised you don’t know, they’re not exactly well thought of here.”

The majority of vampires fall under either the Syndicate or the Nation; the rest stay out of the way and typically survive longer than most. The rulers of these factions are both Purebloods: The Queen of the Damned, Eona Nightraven, rules mainly the Americas, Europe, and bits of Asia. The Pureblood King is considered a god, his identity is only his title. Rumors that swirled about his bloodline and origins quickly died leaving his story a mystery.

One believes in coexistence the other domination, but both have faith in their nearly infinite power. Those in the Syndicate live among everyday people and its said the masks they wear represent the one’s that vampires always wear--their true persona against the false personality. Jake said Kira was lucky, Syndicate Vampires digest humans and typically kill them on the spot regardless if they are a bystander or not.

What is for certain, each member is a level S ranked vampire or higher making them extremely dangerous. Kira avoided the queen, she had maids tend to her usual tasks while she either hid or found something else to occupy her time. At the end of night and break of morning all the maids collected in the community bath in the servant’s quarters and soaked.

“Its not like you to avoid Lady Eona.” The maids were like her mothers and friends at the same time, “Did you two get in a fight?”

Questions fluttered in the steam-filled room and none of them were to be answered comfortably. Everyone knows Lady Eona loves Kira and are supportive of the union. They were vampires, they would not understand; hardships of being a human; cradled and pampered and yet trying to fulfill obligations that were not considered. Kira hung her arms over the side of the hot pool and mellowed her head on them.
“What do you think of the lady?” All seem to ask, but only one voices it.

Kira relaxed her muscles in the waters before answering, “Of course I’ve always admired her, but it was as the person who saved me. Anything beyond that it’s…impossible—we’re two different people; statuses; species; anything more than that...”

The group argues against Kira’s unfairness and something along the lines of ‘love conquers all’.

“We all know, and you must too—Lady Eona loves you. Love isn’t a feeling someone confuses or is a phase, everyone saw you two dancing at the ball; obviously you l—”

Kira cut her off, “I’m dating Emily!”

The waters became as still as the air. The maids erupted in rapture and cheer; Kira was in love after all! It may not be the queen, though in the future that may be in debate, but the once solitude-seeking girl had now become a mature woman in an instant. For immortals, time was like a heartbeat, by the time a second best came a hundred and even a thousand years would pass. For Kira, a human, ten years is a lifetime—the realization came that in the eternity a vampire lives an innumerable number of humans have entered and departed their memories.

One day Kira too would be forgotten by everyone in this house; Eona; Emily; Jake—Kira will just be another face. That’s alright, least ‘I’ will always remember them. Despite how short a human’s life is she doesn’t mind it. Living for eternity, even with Emily or beside the queen, would have been possible, but with the signal now its no longer possible.

“L-Lady Eona?!” A maid’s sudden gasp gave Kira the chance to hold her breath and sank under the water; maids nearby swam in front, concealing the servant further.

“How does the water fair?” The queen stood at the bath’s edge, a white towel wrapped around her breasts falling just below her sex.

Everyone looked at each other, questioning that themselves.
“It maybe a bit too hot for your liking milady.” One maid answered, “Shall we draw you a bath more to your favor?” The next followed quickly, knowing that Kira could hold her breath for little longer.

The lady shook her head, “That won’t be necessary, if Kira can hide under the water, I trust it will be a pleasant temperature to me.”

The maids looked at each other, then Kira slipped her head from the water and came from behind the trio who hid her commenting the water’s temperature was fair. Meaning to depart the bath quickly, Kira stopped dead as the queen’s towel dropped on the floor revealing the flawless, marble body of the immortal. Slipping into the bath, Eona sat across from Kira and relaxed, beginning conversation as to the day’s activity for the staff of the house. Kira kept quiet and to herself, keeping more than three maids between her and the queen. Despite the tension, Kira did feel calm when listening to the casual conversations. It was different, like a girl’s night out, talking, laughing, enjoying the time without worrying of the day-to-day activities. This felt like a dream. Kira’s smile fades a little: having something like this is a dream. A hope that one-day things could be different, that they could change.

If Kira remains a servant in this house there is no future, no chance for a change. But to leave this house means to leave everything she is; nothing belongs to her—not her clothes, body, even her name was a gift from the queen. If she was to leave this house, then all that is ‘Kira’ would be gone, would perish and burn away leaving nothing, but a hollow, a shell of a person. Who would exist if not ‘Kira’? Who is inside this person, defined by the immortal who gave her all that exists? The human felt a sickness in her head now, the heat of the bath now catching up to her. Kira stood carefully, catching the eye of the remaining maids and Eona as they heard the irregular heartbeat.

“I’m alright, I think I just sat in the bath for too long.” Kira rose her hand for the maids to remain seated as she stepped out of the bath, her movements watched by Eona.

“I’m going to head to bed, goodnight.” The maids replied the same, as Eona too stepped out not long after Kira dried herself and re-dressed.

Kira left the bath and went outside, needing the cool air to drop her body’s temperature. She walked to greet the dirt-colored ferret at the trees. You’re free, aren’t you? You don’t belong to anyone and always act by your own volition. The ferret shivered in Kira’s hands, December in the mountains can be brutal for a small fellow. Eon, hateful of the cold, dove under Kira’s jacket and hid inside its warmth. If he wanted to come inside then it would be his choice and for a moment Kira thought herself just as he.

Desperate for survival he would agree to becoming caged; no different than her dependence on the queen. Kira watched lights shut out of each window. One by one the servant’s turned off the mansion’s lights then finally their own. Eon had fallen asleep in Kira’s jacket and she would have forgotten about him had he not squealed when she stood.

“You want to go inside?” Eon nuzzled his face into her cheek.
His beady eyes stared at her with the idea that it was to be a rhetorical answer.

As she walked back to the mansion, Eona leaned in the doorway, holding the door open as Kira stood speechless on the outside.

The queen motioned for Kira to come in, “You both will catch a cold if you stay out there too long.”

Kira smiled some, following the queen quietly as they made for the human’s room. Eon slept soundly on the younger’s pillow as Kira sat on the bed and Eona on the chair at her desk.

“Feeling better?” Eona asked and was answered with a short reply.

The queen sat in the chair backwards, resting her head on her arms on the chair’s back, “You going to keep avoiding me? Is this my punishment for not asking last time?”

Kira avoided eye contact.

“Care to explain why then you’ve been blocking me when I drink your blood? Is there something I need to worry about?” Eona heard the acceleration in Kira’s heartbeat, “That’s what I thought.”

Eona stood, moving to in front of Kira and coming within inches of the human’s face.

“I’ve been very patient.” She placed her hands on either side of Kira, who instinctively leaned back and was forced to make eye contact, “I’ve respected your wishes thus far, but it seems those wishes are not honest ones.”

The queen came forward again, now Kira was laying on the bed, the immortal vampire nearly straddling her. Her eyes progressively shaded crimson, her sight taking in the sound of the human’s heartbeat and of the veins pulsing with the delicious, thick blood she yearned for. Kira’s own eyes reflected shyness, the red in her face flushing enforcing the exact expression the queen enjoys seeing. She can almost taste the ecstasy, savoring the scent of Cherry Blossoms, yearning to take it in her mouth. Eona moved the raven hair from Kira’s face, leaving her hand to cup and caress the human’s cheek. The crimson dulls, an action that took Kira by surprise seeing as every time the queen desire her blood they shine bright—this color was deep and moving.

“I…” Eona began softly, “I don’t want to lose you to someone else—I want you to be mine, only mine.”

Kira hesitated, knowing what those words mean. Their significance would spell the end of this life, of the queen’s reputation, her safety—Kira needed to reject her feelings now—the queen would condemn herself for as long as she lived…no…for as long as Kira lived.

“Please…” The queen said with eyes full of longing, “Tell me now, that I have a chance.”

This was her only chance, the moment she would forever secure her place as ‘Kira’ in this house, remaining in this role she designed so carefully for herself, to ensure the life she needed to exist in this world. The human opened her mouth, but rejection did not pass:


The day passed, and neither Kira nor Eona left her room; no hunger for food; thirst for water; a want to be left be by all others. Sunset was not long, but the sky remained bright without a hint of the coming end of day. Out of boredom and an eventual need for Eon to eat, Kira left her room; her attire reflected an uncaring throwing on of casualty as the scent of fresh blood left her room and in her wake.

“You hurt her, I will see to it you do not die quickly.” The Commander hissed when they crossed paths.

Kira stopped and gave a nasty glare to Wolfgang, “Piss off.”
Wolfgang huffed; he appeared in front of Kira, grabbed her shirt and threw her against a wall.

“I don’t really care what you think, but when it concerns the queen’s safety and happiness those are a priority over your own.”

“So, you keep reminding me.” She rolled her eyes.

They were at a stalemate in which neither would give. These two wanted to protect the queen, wanted her to be happy, but had alternate means of seeing how and by what is necessary. She sees the reality of her situation and has judged it with cold logic.

“I’m human, she’s vampire; I’m going to grow old and die she will live forever and forget me.”

“That’s no longer possible—”

“Then what would you have me do! Lady Eona is the queen, she has a duty to your people and can’t be tied down by a lowly human!”

Kira roared clenching Wolfgang’s wrist, “I know that and even still…” Kira choked, “I couldn’t do it—I couldn’t lie, I couldn’t reject her.”

The commander hated Kira, not because she was human, but because her existence caused his queen great anguish. If only Kira hasn’t been bitten, if she had just done as told then Eona’s torture over what was done would have never occurred! Kira is selfish, she’s not considering the queen’s feelings and continuously hurts her through words and actions. Kira is blind, she cannot see passed her arrogant interpretation of being a servant and goes so far as to lie to herself!

“You’re a spoiled brat; in what sense do you think the queen is under the obligation to do what is told? She does what she wants, when she wants, that is what it means to be queen.”

The entire vampire nation is indebted to the Pureblood because she has made a haven, a paradise where people do not have to fight. They can live peacefully; fall in love; experience all the world has to offer. Kira is also in that debt, her entire being belongs to the queen--Wolfgang set Kira down.

“Lady Eona wanted you to have a choice. What you do with that choice is your own, but I warn you: if you make her cry, your death will not be quick or easy.”

Eona sat against their tree; she assumed the little ferret was ignoring her as well and didn’t bother to find him. She did not regret kissing Kira, rather she enjoyed it and wanted more, but with her servant’s infamous disappearing schemes had been frustrating. Emily and she were involved, she knew that early on, but how involved frightened the vampire. The only woman she has loved, taken by an ex-human; her doctor! Eona was disgusted at the thought—then again, Kira still opened her heart to the queen, giving fruit the chance to take her heart completely!

The human was everything the vampire was not: composed, shy, collected, yet a practiced liar. Kira refused to express herself, never acting on her own and above all she had no sense of self. Eona wanted Kira to be free and yet could not help but yearn to clip her fragile bird’s wings. The queen chuckled because she remembered the time Kira promised to marry her when both were younger; Kira has probably forgotten such a promise by now. The maids had not seen the queen at all, though most had just woken and had not yet gone to attend to her. Outside the change of winds swept under Kira’s legs and continued back into the sky.

When enough distance was achieved, the servant looked back, beyond the mansion and saw the oncoming storm. Maybe I should have just gone to school and stayed with Em. Kira huffed when sliding her shaking hand into a pocket and walking toward the Old Man. Over a mile from the main house and taking nearing fifteen minutes to get to, Kira stood over the sleeping queen. Why is it always you? The only person to force Kira to question herself, to have her mind to blank--only this woman. Hating the queen, regardless what she did or wanted to do was nothing to worry about; Kira didn’t have the heart to hate Eona. The queen wasn’t a horrible person, nor cruel, or evil, she was kind and loving and despite her pursuit of Kira anything else would be forgiven.

This woman was as a living statue: unchanging, forever beautiful; Kira would enjoy the radiance for the remainder of her life. Once more her attention was turned to the dark clouds that now loomed over them. There was no chance of returning and fleeing the storm now. Kira glanced at the carving them to the sleeping figure--some promise she made.

She whispered her master’s name tenderly, “Lady Eona?”

There was no response. Kira sighed lightly feeling fatigued and knowing why: as Wolfgang said she causes only heartache. Don’t tell me how to live my life. The queen was taller than her and weighted a bit more, though you couldn’t tell, and yet she was cradled in the human’s arms with great ease. I have nothing to offer; no safety; happiness; no future. That’s why I needed to reject you and your love for me, but I was too weak and selfish.

Eona did not wake, but stirred, a pleasant scent—Cherry Blossoms and a warmth that felt as bright as the sun. The first flash of lightning woke her, in her room where she did not recall returning to. On the bed on top of her is a long overcoat—Eona took it in hand and smelled it: Kira. Lighting flashed and sounded again and a racing heartbeat had the vampire leap from her bed. The sound was in panic, pure terror that had no hope of salvation. The maids were surprised to see the queen up, but not at the subject of her questioning. To the queen’s confusion they would not answer her—the sound continued as another thunder strike roared in the heavens. This young heart was in the basement, furthest from the queen’s chamber and inside the wine cellar. Two maids sat while the third stood outside the broom closet.

“What’s wrong with her!”

None answered. Angered, Eona rose her voice to a shout scaring the maids yet the silence continued. The storm shook the house, the heartbeat pounded hard and fast; Eona grabbed the doorknob quickly, but against their better judgement the maids grabbed the queen and came between her and the door.

“Your majesty you mustn’t!”

Eona was never supposed to know and for ten years Kira successfully concealed the fear: the sun, lightning and thunder. How small they are in comparison and yet they brought the human the greatest terror.

“She usually leaves the house, there’s a cave in the woods and she goes there so no one could hear her. Today though...” The first began. “By the time she came back with you she was already soaked, and it was too late to get to the cave.”

The maids were Kira’s mothers, they kept her secret from the queen and protected her--one of them would kept her company in the cave, but in this broom closet Kira already succumb to fear and would not be touched. In truth they wanted to call Emily, being Kira’s lover, she could have helped, but in this storm the phone line had gone dead.

The maids released the queen and were dismissed with no punishment; motherly instincts. Eona turned off the lights and opened the door, inside the human sat on the floor curled up in a ball. Quietly Eona sat next to her and covered both in a blanket and did nothing but wrap her arms around the fragile bird whose wings she wanted to clip.

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