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The Pureblood King

Politics was an abstract idea, it never applied to Kira and she never paid attention to it. That being said, it did not stop the queen from spending nearly a week in teaching Kira in preparation for the upcoming Senate meeting. To many of these old vampire’s dismay the hunters would be joining in efforts to improve relations. Kira was somewhat happy to go, seeing that recent events had stabilized the day-to-day activities of her life. Though the queen took extra effort in getting closer to Kira, there was no longer an awkward distance between them, however with the knowledge of the doctor and the human being together, the queen seemed very intent on winning her love over. Nonetheless she was fair in her methods. Emily herself had known the truth of Kira’s feelings towards their queen long before either of them began dating and it was only natural that one way or another they would surface. She was content nonetheless, though half her heart belonged to the queen, the doctor was proud to claim the other half and to be the one Kira had chosen to be with. Relationships with immortals are a fickle thing after all.

Occasionally now, Kira and Eona would exchange their blood with the other, the amount however lessened more for the sake of caution for the human’s health than caution towards her emotions. Progressively, the burning in her neck became usual and though it continued to be painful Kira’s body grew numb to it—it only ever occurred when the queen took the young woman’s blood a sign the doctor annotated that something was amiss with the stigma. Two hypotheses were forged: first, the stigma was mutating, seeing as it was altered from it original purpose to begin with this would not come as a surprise. Second, someone or something had altered the stigma, but the exact method or alteration could not be located and for the doctor it was not scientific evidence that led to this suspicion, but rather an uneasy feeling. Those questions and the web of theories were all kept to herself, either spun in the doctor’s mind or kept in her research journal, locked away from all, especially from Kira. Emily admitted…she was not quite ready to reveal the truth to her lover.

In the recent weeks, a difference in her day-to-day life most noticeable was her training with Nightcore. Her progression was staggering: she moved faster, her hits were harder; vampires possess strength more than ten times that of a human, therefore if a human was to obtain the same strength, then that person would surely become a dangerous weapon. Many noticed this change, but only Wolfgang, the only to personally train the human throughout her entire duration, noticed this change was drastic. He also thought this change was do to the exchanges of the queen’s blood and considered nothing else, that was until he found that the exchanges were occasional, however the effects were unusually prolonged. He watched the human carefully, looking for signs of change neither the queen nor the doctor would see because he was a warrior, training the human to become one herself, they shared a different connection. In his long life, the Commander understood people by their means of fighting and can always tell a person by the habits of their fighting—Kira’s fighting habits had not changed, therefore he held no linger worry.

Kira pushed herself more now than ever before; she had to get stronger, she had to obtain power—there was no guarantee of safety, but if she could be of use, even a little, in protecting Eona that would be enough. After what Jake told her about the Syndicate Kira knew understood these vampires were likely after the queen’s life. She wanted to know more about them, about their leader, the mythical leader few had seen, lesser had met, and none survived. The hunters had known of him, but as the immortals there almost no first-person account of this leader. Wolfgang had once mentioned his facing of this immortal, a man who had caused the death of the queen’s mother just after she was born. Kira felt a sadness for Eona in that regard, they both understood what it was like to grow up without a mother.

For this meeting Kira had dressed herself in a manner like the queen, but enough of a difference for none, but she and Eona to take notice. A white tailcoat and black dress shirt where the only color was the red of her scarf and in parallel the queen had a black pantsuit with a white dress shirt accompanied by a red hand-purse. After the meeting, the plan of the three-day event was for the members to have a congressional meal following the second day, all two-hundred immortals, two representatives of each of the queen’s territories, with the third day to reach a conclusion of the issues brought up in the first-day’s meeting. Such a tactic was done every-other month, perhaps more, depending on the events and problems brought with the times. Such a set-up of government had served the nation well in the thousands of years of its existence, but despite its appearances, the head of state was very much a monarchy and the queen’s decisions were absolute and final.

“Someone got pumped.” Ian chuckled when wrestling with Kira.

Emily and Ian had gotten on better terms as well, a plus considering they were both family. President Jensin talked with the queen, but eventually both migrated toward the group of three. A human, a hunter and a vampire; as these three have gotten along the old timers hope future generations will do the same.

“This is Ian, one of our best Investigators.” The Association President stressed.

Lady Eona smiled, as members of the Senate glared, “So you’re the older brother I’ve been hearing about.”

Ian did not know whether to take the statement as sarcasm or else and only agreed. Eona first and for most thanked Ian, had it not been for his selfless act then Kira would not be here today. Its amazing that there are only five years between the siblings. Vampires of different cultures, ages and backgrounds attended this meeting--its said to be a milestone in vampire and human history.

Outside the chambers the less significant attendees listened in and to Kira’s relief she didn’t have a single duty to fulfill. It was casual, just Ian, Emily and her having normal weightless conversation. In a world of darkness, the light which Kira always squinted her eyes to became a welcomed radiance. That light was momentarily put out: Catherine, Elisabeth’s mother, came to the group and greeted Emily respectfully. Kira’s instinct had her slide behind Ian; an alarming aura that had been met before. The woman’s eyes traced the remaining two to her left.

“And who might you be?”

Ian automatically assumed upon the experience of before and began, “Second Class Investigator Diaz--”

“I wasn’t talking about you dear boy.” Catherine snickered ambitiously.

Kira spun around to having the vampire in her face with an interested expression. Catherine was startled at first, how this human girl turned ‘before’ she had even arrived was very interesting. The vampire caressed Kira’s cheek, an action Emily did not approve of:

“Hands off.” Emily put herself between Catherine and Kira

She’s mine.” Emily threatened with an odd familiar hostility towards the young immortal.

"Yours?” The Noble said quizzically with an amused surprise.

Kira felt a twitch in her spine and suddenly looked behind for what appeared to be towards no one. The woman smiled, noticing the diverted attention and came closer, passed Emily and whispered into Kira’s ear so low that neither behind would hear.

‘You have very good senses.’ Catherine paused before changing her vocabulary, ‘Al menos heredaste algunos rasgos útiles de mí’. ′

Emily caught exactly what the woman had said and went to strike at her.

‘I wonder though.’ The Noble’s pearly fangs were shown in her smile, ‘If you’ll sense what comes next for you.’

Catherine vanished, leaving Kira in a daze.

Emily spoke to Ian cautiously, “You have to be careful around her if the opportunity presents itself you would best kill her because she will do much worse. Don’t take her lightly though, she is not what she seems.”

Emily snapped her fingers, unable to catch Kira’s attention. I know that voice. Kira could not place it where, or when, but she knew that voice, knew those words, but without knowing how the gravity of what she did say alarmed Kira. What is this feeling? The servant walked towards the Senate doors; a walk became a jog; a job to a sprint to outrun a vortex of pressure following close behind. This isn’t right—somethings wrong! A member of Nightcore noticed Kira’s alarm and ran beside her.

“I caught it t—” The explosion sent them across the floor. everywhere and yet it was unclear if her eyes were open or not. It was a cold, hollow place that felt familiar and yet she knew she had never been here before. Enough light came from an entrance, but the light erupted into fire, a heat that consumed stone and wood and life. She smelled something foul, a burning of charred flesh she was not familiar with until seeing the numerous bodies that litter the floor. The area changed to a castle consumed by that heat and alone within the chaos was a blonde-haired man who held the corpse of a woman vampire. At first his back was to Kira, but he turned to face her with eyes that cried blood.

Kira awoke less than a minute after the first explosion. Everything was in that same chaos and for a moment Kira believed she had not woken. She coughed, gasping next for an impossible wish of fresh air. Emily appeared at her side and found her human had only been hit by the force of the explosion because the Nightcorian Knight had protected her before running off to protect the queen. Ian joined soon after, wielding his upholstered Anti-Vampire Weapon, shaped as a gun. Kira’s ears rang and her vision blurred, but the moment she laid eyes on a masked vampire everything became crystal. In one motion she stood, the next she ran and after the third she was out of the reach of her brother and her lover.

The Senate chambers were much a mess as outside, but there was a greater body count—Kira ducked, evading the claws of a vampire; a blade extended from her forearm and broke thru their heart, rendering them ash. Faster. Kira jumped on a desk and leaped between levels. Further. She avoided oncoming attacks and saw her goal. Finally. The queen and her guard; the Association President and whoever was alive retreated to a place behind the chambers—an open area meant for socialization. Another explosion cut off their exit and the extraction had been apart of the trap that rendered them surrounded.

Kira slide before the queen, standing beside the Nightcore who came between the queen and the Syndicate. Another blade protrudes from Kira’s other forearm—a curtsy of the Association. Even Jensin, having no affairs with the vampires and given the chance to flee refused to do so. Wolfgang did not protest Kira’s presence, rather he welcomed it; no matter how small, any chance to increase the protect of the queen was better than none. Syndicate against Nation; vampire against vampire against human; something far more malevolent was coming. Unlike those veterans of battle, Kira was motivated by adrenalin and raw instinct.

These vampires were nothing like she faced and they had the intent to kill her; one wrong move and it was over. Protect her—I have to protect Eona! A slice to her arm makes Kira recoil and luckily slipping and falling had actually saved her life. This was insanity, what can one weak human do against an immortal? They’re going to kill me. Eona destroyed any that came near her, but the sheer number disabled her an accurate attack to protect Kira. If only I their power... She spat blood, having been kicked across the room with the sound of her ribs cracking and breaking. There’s too many of them... Kira stood against the rejection of her body, she stumbled, the sharpness in her chest caused her to cringe and gasp as her body shook, yet still she kept fighting.

“KIRA STOP!” The mistress shouted

Eona threw a dozen to the air and rushed to Kira. Another vampire appeared, he was different than those before far more powerful. As the fighting continued he entered, unfazed by any attacks his enemies ‘attempted’. His mask was as a blank, black, canvas with only two slits for his eyes which was to allow only his crimson to show. Much of the fighting ceased in aw of his raw power, but Kira ran still. The Pureblood King approached the queen, yet between the two vampires stood a bloody mutt. She panted hysterically, fighting every second the urge to shut her eyes and fall. Suddenly a thought, a doubt, brought about by the facing of death again, one she had long suppressed came to the surface: Am I really fighting for her?

“Get back now! You can’t fight him—he’ll kill you!” Eona went to move to Kira, “That’s an order!”

The remaining members of Nightcore surrounded Eona and held her back. It was too late for Kira, the moment she ran here; fought to protect Eona; this was to be her fate the moment she met the queen.

The king gave this human a rare mercy, “You’ve shown courage for one so young, for that I will grant you leniency. Leave this place.”

Kira shut her eyes and eased her storm. The pain in her arms was a testament to her power; the pain in her legs reflected her speed; the throbbing in her chest was a reminder—she is…had always been…prepared die for Eona’s sake. Or am I fighting ‘because’ of her? Kira charged.

Eona screamed, “STOP!”

Blades sparked as they slid across the king’s arm. They did not cut. Kira noticed the lack of cutting and attributed to the lack of a smooth cut being rough and jagged. Am I risking my life because I want to or because I’m supposed to? The human was angered by those thoughts, thoughts that reflected a doubt she would not allow herself to believe. She knew who she was, even if none of it was hers, it was enough, it was what she knew and what she would use. If she did not accept that much of herself then she would not be able to move passed, be unable to surpass that doubt.

She would not think of this now, Kira cast out those thoughts and focused only on the battle, the enemy before her. In order to win this, she would have to let go of herself, to throw away the instinct of self-preservation and have trust in the training and lessons Wolfgang had given her, that her body would know what to do. Wolfgang taught her that for any warrior, victory was achieved by forgetting. One must forget their past, their hopes and dreams, the people they know, the people they want to protect because all of that blinded one to the purpose of a battle: victory. Think only of the battle, think only of your weapon, think only of fighting, think only of your enemy and forget everything, but remain yourself until its end. That was the hardest part, Wolfgang emphasized, to forget all, but yourself risked forgetting your sense of self and it was that action that determined the difference between warriors and fighters.

Kira held that lesson in her heart, but fear, a warrior’s greatest enemy did not allow for this to happen. She was scared, scared to lose, scared to be unable to protect the people she cares about, those she loves; scared to forget the past and lose the future—if she lost, she would lose everything. Kira dodged a swing of the king’s arm, having her arm broken as she blocked the foot that came to kick her at the crouch. The pain was intense, enough to make any grown adult cry out, but for her this was not a pain she would allow to overcome her. She had to fight, had to stopped him—no there was not stopping him with only her, but Wolfgang knew, Kira knew, she was not fighting to win, she was only there as a distraction.

This human showed courage, she fought to protect the queen; foolish and stupid. Nonetheless if she had been a vampire then having such a loyal opponent would have been a treat. The king slammed his fist into Kira’s gut—she coughed the crimson again and yet with what little strength left she grabbed his arm and ripped her blade across his mask. Splitting the mask at an angle and in half, it was a great insult to the king—his power became visible, a living rock of sunset came from his shoulder and wrapped around his arm; jagged fragments shot out and pierced Kira as she stood, a few ripped thru her body as the rest impaled. I won’t move—if I move then—! She was unmoving for a moment longer, long enough to look to Eona and the others and utter a single word.


The human’s body did not possess the strength to remain up and her legs buckled as the rocks that had impaled her crumbled on her body’s impact to the ground. Blood poured from her motionless form as a pool formed across the floor. Ah...I get it... The sound she can hear is her name fade into black, I’m dead.

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