The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Servant of the Immortal

Ten years later

Sunlight is such an ugly thing. It burns and shines even when its unneeded and unwanted and, in this case, hardly ever. For a person born in darkness, light is naturally an enemy, even if naturally they are of the light. The same goes for someone who should of the dark yet is not—both are considered outcasts and have no place to belong to. Such things were thought about often, but over the years it became second nature for something ‘weird’ to be a ‘usual’ occurrence.

In the same years many things became natural, even though at first, and perhaps now, they were extremely un-ordinary. She tried to avert from thinking about her circumstances because the entire oddity was her everyday life now. Tip-toeing to the thin curtains, she knows these are only here for decoration and had the lady had her way they would not be here—of course the one opening those curtains would not have perfected being light on her feet.

The first is opened, farthest from the bed, then the third until the fifth, the last, which is directly beside the bed. The tea is ready on the nightstand; morning breakfast to the lady’s left and the morning paper folded neatly under the TV remote. Perfection. Everyday she waited in the bed’s shadow, hidden from the sunlight that blanketed the lady in warmth. At last words left this phantom’s lips in a whisper to gently awaken the sleeping beauty.

“Good evening Lady Eona.” Said the one who moved in shadows.

Without opening her eyes the lady smiles and rolls toward the light, preparing to greet its radiance. Its always a welcoming sight for see the setting sun, but more so to hear her servant’s greeting.

“Good morning.” The lady yawns stretching her arms to the ceiling, “Why don’t you come and sit down.”

For a while now getting the servant to ‘socialize’ with her has been a difficulty. Always proper, never going over the line, but Eona refused to make the request into an order—she couldn’t bring herself to. Today, however, her servant came from that shadow and stepped into the light. Honestly her dislike of sunlight is aggravating, yet its peculiar. Shifting to sitting up, the servant brings the tray over her lady and smiles lightly.

Her servant opened a small notebook in her palms while she questioned, “Shall I go over tonight’s schedule?”

“Don’t you have school?” The queen questioned with a hint of suspicion, “You can’t keep skipping it just because you work; I can take care of myself.”

The servant’s smile faded a bit. Lady Eona and the other servants have always cared for her and in turn she has dedicated her life to repay that kindness, that includes conducting herself in the appropriate manner. She is human and they are above her. The servant bit her tongue—it was not her place to refuse. Eona noticed the blank expression as the tea was poured.

“Kira...I know you don’t like it, but you have to learn to interact with human society—”

“Excuse me.” Kira bowed and made for the door. Her hand touched the handle just as it locked; as always, the lady’s powers are strong.

“Alright, alright I’ll go!” With a quickness, so not to be further pressed by the lady’s innumerable, ego she snapped.

The atmosphere lightened as Eona turned on the TV and the door unlocked. Kira left, walking the hallway she scratched her head. Why should I learn about the humans? Its not like I have any intention of living among them. Inside her room, (a cozy apartment-like area with a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom) she undressed.

The sun is nearly down now, a blessing for Kira, but an annoyance for the time as well. She was the youngest in the main house, surprisingly by only a few years, but the only one actively in senior high. The school was one she went to every day and every evening, mainly for electives with humans and core classes with the others; the class she hated most was ‘Human Society’, but it was part of the curriculum. Lady Eona hoped for her to interact more during the day, but Kira’s mistrust of light forced her to settle for only a few classes and the rest at night.

This limited Kira’s interaction during the week and in a way, it was a bit lonely. Her company is always welcoming...for many reasons. Its hard though, Kira is the only human in this house and its likely she even thinks herself below the others. Everyone has worked to treat her well and fairly, but the gaps are noticeable...Kira is different than them. She tries her hardest, wanting to fit in, but I only she would try to fit in with other ‘humans’—its a selfish wish. Walking to school was no trouble, rather it felt as a nice stroll in the luke-warm breeze.

Those in the main house believe her to drive to school, but in reality, Kira parkour-ed down the wood-line, cutting over three out of five miles to the town and school. Its night now and though her human senses are limited, they are never-the-more-sharper than at this time. The darkness is her friend and ally, her parent and teacher and the first thing she knew. At the sharp break between the forest and grass Kira removes her ragged outer coat revealing a pressed and clean white uniform.

At night there are fewer students...most have gone home, unaware of who takes their place at sunset. Unlike her classmates, Kira’s uniform had a single distinction—a crimson scarf hung around her neck. There were two reasons for this: one, it was the first gift Lady Eona had given her and second it hid a certain predicament from the past. No one paid mind to it, rather her friends said it suited her well. In the lecture hall they gathered waiting for the time, their time, when the moon arose from the clouds and revealed their true nature. The president of the class sat in a chair to the side reading a book. He was a noble by rank, one of the many aristocrats to attend Mountain View Academy. Kira made every effort to avoid involving herself in the class government—she didn’t want to overstep the boundary. At last the moon’s light came into the windows and cast itself, revealing the night class’s truth.

Class President spoke the words all his fellow immortals knew to be true, “Shall we begin?”

Their eyes glow red, illuminating the darkness with their bliss. Kira enjoys this habit of theirs, their kind carries great pride and this leads to proving that pride. Kira maybe the only human among them, but she feels closer to them than her own kind. She is a servant of them and indebted to the kindness of one, Kira has never thought for a second a life outside of this. This is her life and despite of what Lady Eona wishes it’s impossible to integrate her servant into the human world. She loves this life, however dangerous, its living with the rulers of the night that have made life worth it--being a servant of Vampires...that’s enough for her.

Classes concluded around midnight, just two hours before Lady Eona has an engagement with a human ambassador from the Britain. Kira gathered her books and packed them in the single-shoulder backpack she brought from the Main House. If she left now she could make her stop and have plenty of time between going up the animal trail and preparing for the humans to arrive.

“You going to work?” Jake, Kira’s closest and first friend, asked.

Many nobles were also well-mannered and human-friendly and treated Kira no differently than any other of their kind. However considerate of the physical aspects, Kira would be thought to be a vampire as well. Acting, walking, talking like them, she is the most vampiric human in this world. Even to her friends the servant is always respectful; happily accepting the social status of being at the bottom and is content with such. Though they never spoke this aloud, Kira could tell they are in agree-ance with her philosophy.

She answered in a mellow tone, not highly respectable; enough though to appease her habits and Jake’s annoyance of the formalization, “Yes, my master has a meeting and I have to prepare for the guest’s arrival.”

None knew of Kira’s master, of who she served and even if they knew she is another’s property. To some touching a human who belongs to another vampire means nothing, but others take it as an attack to the owner. Kira needn’t worry about it, most of the class are aristocrats and think such behavior is below them while also having to maintain their families’ names.

Occasionally a stray vampire will wonder in and out of the town, but their presence goes unnoticed and with Kira around vampires, her scent is well hidden. Nonetheless the scent remains, the sweetness of her flesh and blood that many yearn to tear their fangs into. Such an atmosphere was trivial, in fact she hardly noticed anymore.

“You ever going to tell us who your master is?”
Kira shook her head when tossing a soda to Jake who leaned on the human’s desk.

Lady Eona is...special among vampires and because of that Kira feared people knowing about her keeping a human would tarnish her mistress’ credibility. Having a human for food was one thing, but Kira was only a servant...only that. The honey-haired young man pokes her forehead.

“Better not be some old geezer who only wants you as a snack.” His expression was suspicious and pout-y when nibbling on a Pocky stick.

Jake had a dark sense of humor, a twisted satire at the relationship between humans and vampires; servants and masters. Kira laughs at them though too. Jake traces the tips of Kira’s long raven hair, kept neat in a low pony-tail. His fingers worked their way down to the crimson scarf and felt its silky texture. Softly he looked at Kira who paid little mind to what he was doing. Closer to her neck, he pulls his hand back before getting to close to it.

“I’d trap them in an ice coffin.”

Kira giggles childishly. Jake is a care-free guy, he loves poking fun at things and is very much a playboy, but he can be counted on when needed. Just as all of the vampires Jake is beautiful--flawless completion, a handsome frame and even his voice can be intoxicating. Nearly every girl falls for him and in the human world he is a well-renowned idol. Above all else he is Kira’s best friend.

The two are alone now, the remaining students have left and even the moon has hidden itself. Kira turns around and pats Jake’s shoulder staring into his green eyes. Before they came too close the girl’s head drops, lightly touching his chest with her brow. He listened to her heartbeat, how musical it sounded, yet unlike the others it was calm and steady. The only girl’s heart he has yet to make flutter, the only one who heart he wished to be his.

“Thanks Jake.” She grabbed her bag, “See you tomorrow.”

The way up the mountain was slower than down. Not that it was difficult, rather the moon had returned, but not for her to see, and in the sky the galaxy painted from one horizon to the next. Long ago Kira found an opening in the woods, a small gap between a ridge and the woods. There Kira also had another friend she often visited—peeking his little head, the little one sensed his only companion and rang from his cave to a tree then down a branch, skidding from a vine and onto her shoulder. Kira continued, gently rubbing the little ferret’s head when climbing to their viewpoint. The two adored the night, its cool breeze, its portrait sky--they lay and watch, both hoping to count the innumerable number of stars. From her bag, comes an assortment of nuts she shares with her furry friend.

“Do you believe in reincarnation?” Kira breathes continuing to watch the stars, “Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue being human, but if I had one wish, it would be to be born an immortal next time.”

The ferret gives a squeak as he nuzzles himself on Kira’s chest; often taken as an answer of agreement—or he just wants more treats. Nonetheless Kira continues talking.

“As long as I get to be beside her, it wouldn’t be bad at all.”

Looking at the pocket watch its decided to move on. The ferret knows it as well and removes himself, quickly returns to lick Kira’s nose then runs back into his burrow. Upon arriving at the main house Kira notices Lady Eona sitting in a window reading. In this light the lady is especially beautiful, her marble-like skin and silky-smooth hair that is kept down are a few of the many admiration the servant has towards her mistress.

Eona sees the human at the wood-line and waves—Kira smiles shyly returning the same. Quick to change is her pace to return to her master’s side. Inside Kira straightens Lady Eona’s hair to bring out its full length, then braids it into a jeweled hair-net—very official. When done Lady Eona is slipped into skinny a black dress, topped with a tiara. As the servant held the tiara, difference in their height is noticed; Kira went on her tip-toes but goes back down when her mistress bends her knees to adjust to the young human’s reach. Their eyes met—Kira averted them first, bowing and retracting to create a gap.

Eona curls a devilish smile, “You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Kira’s face burst red, she turned around hiding that fact. Lady Eona giggles enjoying the faces she makes.

“I’ll—go make sure everything is ready for the guest!” The human stuttered making for the door.

The back of her scarf is seized. Kira is yanked, brought down onto the couch and is unable to get up. The woman vampire lies besides, dropping down to having her head in Kira’s lap.

“Lady Eona—!”

“Didn’t I tell you to call me ‘Eona’ when we’re alone?” Her ladyship’s voice lowered.

Kira fell silent, feeling the red rush to her face; giving a heavy sigh when leaving back to get comfortable. For an adult vampire, she acts rather childish at times. Lady Eona will always be Lady Eona, in private, in public, alone and even unto the grave—she is the master and Kira is the servant. The vampires wish Kira would be more open and wouldn’t take the ‘master’, ‘servant’ relationship so seriously. She’s lived among vampires her entire life and in this house for ten years—the members of this house raised her like family, but she has since stopped acknowledged it that way.

Eona listens to Kira’s heart, how quickly it beats. She turns her head and touches the scarf, catching the scent of sweet Cherry Blossom. Just under it lies her neck, the tender flesh of it that would make any vampire want to break with their fangs. Eona would not do that, not to Kira. She has endured enough and it would be cruel to ask such a thing of her. Her human companion shuts her eyes. For a human to be up at this hour is difficult, though Kira’s body has adjusted to being nocturnal she has to wake during the day to attend school. She doesn’t complain, doesn’t get angry, and has never argued with anyone, but Kira was quick to come up with an excuse.

“I should be going...” Kira said shyly, “I really do have work...”

Eona did not move, but spoke. “The staff can take care of it—just stay here, your lap is quite comfortable.”

Kira relaxed her body, despite her heart racing even faster. For a while its quiet the only thing heard are their heartbeats and the human’s sleeping breath. Eona watched Kira as she slept and with her vampiric eyes sees the blood that flowed in her veins. She held her thirst steady but knew it would only grow throughout the night.

Eona smiles at the thought: Kira is mature for a seventeen-year-old, perfect at fulfilling the role of a servant, but has a single flaw. She never laughs from her heart, she conceals her desires, her feelings, and takes the value of her life lightly. Happily accepting that she is below vampires, Eona wishes Kira would be at least a little more selfish.

Kira’s hand moves, it brushes Eona’s shoulder then rests on it. The young human had fallen asleep and thankfully she had no nightmares—not since she’s with Eona. Having been born into a cruel life it was no surprise there were nightmares, nor that it took many years to get out of inhuman habits. Looking at her now, one would not be able to tell how much she has suffered in a short lifespan.

Eona reached her hand and touches her servant’s cheek. Kira is naive if she thinks that simply living as her servant is even close to a happy life—there is so much more. On a sad note the nap ended quickly, though Kira was the only one to sleep. The lady still refused to move, not until Kira turned on the offensive and lifted the vampire into her arms and back on the couch. Eona was speechless as Kira walked out—since when has ‘she’ been the one to carry? Lightly she giggled. I forget you’re no longer a child. Outside, far from the room, a heightened body leans against the wall trying to barricade her heart. One of the maids see Kira and ask for help.

“I’m coming.” She said when adjusting her scarf, “I just have to catch my breath.”

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