The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Get Up Deadman

They could not reach her because it would not be allowed. Eona held her hand to stay the rest of her troops. She had collected herself the moment the human hit the ground, returning to the cold and calculated nature she had carefully hidden in front of the one that now lay unmoving on the ground. She was first and foremost the queen and could not afford to lose control, losing face as she confronts her Nation’s enemy. There would be no fighting to get to a corpse, there was nothing to do because the human had disobeyed she died, though admirably. Lady Eona stared at the corpse, as it was no longer the human that had once smiled bright to her every morning and eventually turned her attention to the Pureblood King.

‘You should have trained her better.’ The king gave no second look to the body, ‘If you had not coddled her as you had, she would not have had as strong feelings to protect you.’

Eona destroyed a Syndicate vampire in an instant. The king chuckled, surely that is only a glimpse of the rage within. He understood she had struck a nerve, however explained that her mis-guided love for that human is something that can be attributed to their lineage, Nightravens have a habit of falling for humans after all. Now was not the time to discuss the unfortunate fate of a single human however, there was more at stake than a single, flick of life, incompatible to the vast lives of their immortal kin.

“What do you want? We have not met as this for quite a few decades as I recall?” Eona snarled, bearing her fangs at the murderer.

The king held out his hand, ‘An end to this needless fighting between family, to come together once again and prosper as we did in ages past.’

Wolfgang armed his sword, as did all his knights in defense of their queen. The Syndicate prepared to attack again and even the hunters were ready to do the same; fighting beside the Nation. The king gestured for all to ease their intensity; there is no reason for fighting now.

‘There is more at stake than our pride as immortals.’ He glanced to the piles of ash that accounted for the numerous casualties of today’s battle.

The glassed rock on his back grew smaller until it crumbled and dissipated. Eona became distracted, Kira’s body became cold and she could find no sound from within her heart; The Commander of the Guard sent one of his knights to check Kira, even though she was dead, the queen needed to at least ‘see’ something be attempted.

“Your methods say otherwise—a simple letter would have been more appropriate.” The queen said sarcastically.

’I apologize for this aggressive behavior, but you and your predecessors have tested my patience for diplomacy long enough. I will not be asking any longer. He stepped closer, ‘I want our people to thrive as we did during the time of the Ancestors. Let us reunite the bloodlines, reconnect and give a future to our children.’

The king began to walk towards the smaller force.

“It is not pride, but your arrogance that has caused my family and I to ignore your requests—we do not ally ourselves to tyrants.” The queen announced.

‘Who is the tyrant: I who fights for the safety and stability of our people?’ The king eyed the hunters, ’Or you, who bends your head to the requests and demands of food?’

*Bam-bump* *Bam-bump* *Bam-bump* This place was a void of nothingness; no sight, sound, touch, it was emptiness in a hollowed chest. Yet she knew existence; not life; death has always stood beside her—her death. Being beside the queen was being beside her death, the moment they met this was inevitable. *Bam-bump* *Bam-bump* Would it have been any different if she hadn’t met her? Was she born to this fate? Kira’s silent body floated in this space and yet her mind remained, in a sense, ‘alive’. Why do I have to be the one to die? Because I’m human? Because I’m a servant to Eona? She chuckled humorously, Was. What was there to do now? Was this the death a betrayer of humans was destined for?

“Is this your happy ending?” A shadow stood over her, opening the nothingness to a different level allowing for Kira to see and hear.

“Happy ending? Are you stupid?” The shadow laughed at Kira’s response, having never been spoken to in this manner…ever.

The shadow shrugged, ‘It was a simple question, you seem…content with dying; unusual for someone as young as yourself.’

Kira frowned, “I’m not content with anything! I don’t want to die it’s just…!” She bit her tongue.

’You are content with the idea of dying for her.’ She answered, ’But are you really? Do you understand the reality that no matter what, no matter where, or when you are going to die because of her?’ The shadow then asked.

Kira was speechless. She had never thought of that, that by being with Eona the risk of the human’s death escalated, and in all likelihood, it was to be in defense of her or as collateral damage. The young woman had not thought her of death in such a manner, but then again, she had not considered the idea of growing old and passing on in her sleep or anything peaceful as that. Secretly, Kira had accepted that, she had not acknowledged it consciously, but unconsciously she knew: so long as she remained with Eona, as a human in the world of vampires, it was almost certain, she was going to meet a violent and painful end.

‘With that in mind, do you still want to live?’ The shadow now stood at Kira’s feet, ‘After all, it’s not too late, you are not actually dead just yet.’

She was not far off in the distance, standing beside another who Kira had not known.

‘But understand, if you do this, there is no going back—this is when you must choose. What you decide now will impact you and those around you, whether for the better or worse.’

Die now, a reasonable, honorable death in defense of the queen she loved and served or die later, in a manner that maybe far worse than such a simple and peaceful death. Kira sat up, seeing the shadow in the black void of nothingness, feeling the comfort and peace of such a place. It was nice, but it was not something she would welcome, not yet.

“I don’t want to die…” Kira stood up, “I want to live, I want to fight; I want to protect Eona, Emily, my brother; I want to protect everyone.”

The shadow smiled, her eyes full of crimson with no hint of another color or shade, ‘It will be done.’ She touched Kira’s neck. ‘This may be the last we speak for quite some time so allow me to pass wisdom: do not regret your choice.’

Kira’s neck burned, the outline of her tattoo stretched, and her blood ignited as a venom entered her body once again and overpowered the strength of the stigma.

*Bam-bump**Bam-bump* In the fleeting abyss she heard a sound, an echo of a voice. Brief glimpses of the moment of her death and seconds after faded in and out of the darkness. Not yet. *Bam-bump* *Bam-bump* *Bam-bump* Get up... *Bam-bump* Kira commanded her body to move, commanded the faint beats of her heart to become strong, to beat loud and powerful so all may hear it. GET UP!

The king continued to hold his hand out, but he came closer, pressuring the queen into an answer. She would refuse and draw out this ugly war or agree and lose the peace between vampires and hunters sought by this nation for millennium. Kira…If only I held onto you tighter…this wouldn’t have happened to you. The queen ignored the king for a moment, she moved to Kira, seeing the emptiness in the corpse’s eye, she reached out and shut those eyes so perhaps in some way, the human the immortal had fallen for would not see the decision she made. Somehow, she hoped Kira had died believing that she had fought and successfully protected the queen. The king held by his patience for a time longer waiting for this sentimental woman to finish before urging again. The queen walked away from the body, now going to the king to confirm her decision. The Pureblood King extended his hand, offering it to the queen as the means to seal her decision.

*Bam-bump* The creature came between the Purebloods, it held the arm of the king with a hand having protruding claws from its fingertips. The king hesitated not because he had been grabbed, but because he did not so much as feel its presence until its hand held him. What is this? All stared in amazement, at ‘who’ they believed to be alive, walking—with a heartbeat they had not thought to sound at all. Eona’s jaw dropped, Wolfgang’s eyes thought they had deceived him; Ian could not fathom what he saw and Jensin became alarmed at the impossible. The king attacked swiftly, his arm continued to be seized as a blade ripped thru his arm, across his chest, and deep enough to blow out his right shoulder. A foot found its place in his chest and the rest of his body was sent flying into the wall across the room.

All were frozen in shock and the only one to speak was Wolfgang himself, “Kira?”

The queen stared at the back of the figure who stood in front of her. As the bloodied wounds, the holes ripped thru her body stitched and steamed until any trace of injury ceased to exist on her flesh. The tailcoat once white and pure was now stained crimson, dirtied with black and brown; torn to the point only a single fabric held the coat to the body. Her hair once neat and tied back in appearance now flowed freely and wild, adding to the monstrous appearance of the one before them. The presence before them was evil, demonic and could not be, by no means, human.

She vanished, mercilessly cutting down the vampires of Syndicate standing between her and the king. A banshee’s shriek sounded in the air, because before them was not a human being—a human being could not move at this speed; slice a vampire with a swing of their hand; tear into their throats and drink blood with razor fangs. The scarf fell to the ground, revealing the stigma’s fracture—the beast’s neck turned black, the signal itself tried to contain, but its glowing roots were soon to fade completely. Eona saw a glimpse of those eyes, what was once deep blue and white had been over-powered by red in its entirety. This was not Kira—not this creature, whose hair began to shade with strains of white.

The Commander recognized the danger and reach before the queen could make a lethal mistake, “Eona stay back!”

Wolfgang pushed the queen back, knowing what had transpired, though never expecting to see the mythical horror in person. Eona knew as well, this was the outcome she did everything to delay, to stop—this is the fate worse than death, worse than insanity. The creature continued to consume, to fight, to kill. The hunters would not know of such a being because its existence was purged from all memory and record. For starters it is neither human nor vampire, someone who was caught on the brink of turning, but did not. That person remains on the brink forever and essentially has one hope of salvation—death.

“What happened to—that is not a vampire!” Eona cringes as Jensin’s question.

Kira was certainly dead, she was killed because of the queen and yet something else arose and continues to fight. Eona could not hear a heartbeat as Kira lie as a corpse, but somehow this thing has one. This isn’t her. Jensin held his sword up as Kira continued to kill indiscriminately.

Eona gripped Jensin’s blade with a regretful steadiness, “That is a human whose failed to become a vampire—a Ghoul.”

Soulless beings with the mental stability below that of an Insane, inside human bodies. They craved flesh and blood and will continue killing in futile efforts to satisfy an unquenchable thirst. With no written record only, memories of the highest-ranking vampires provided a hope for an end. In Wolfgang’s experience he had only heard of one means to ‘save’ and that would be to kill the Ghoul. Eona knew that before them was not her Kira, but still her hand hesitated.

The Ghoul was surrounded, a spiraling wind circled it with a vampire as its cause. First it was a single cut along the hand, then the cheek; gut; back; bit by bit the ghoul would be shredded like a ribbon. Following another ear-bursting screech the ghoul threw its arms out, causing a shock wave which tossed the vampire into the crowd and destroyed the floor. The king returned to face his attacker, someone that suffered at the whims of the Nightravens. I don’t know how you turned into one, but it was not by accident.

The Ghoul bent low, it shot from side to side; unable to be read, unable to be seen until the Pureblood felt his arm removed. The king sighed, if this progressed any longer it would be troublesome—an idea came to mind. He took the Ghoul serious for a short time enough to land a nearly fatal blow and seize the momentarily paralyzed beast. His remaining hand dagger-ed into the Ghoul’s chest and took hold of the heart. I suppose I must go about another way to bring you to your senses. She stopped for a moment, then twitched, becoming fully active again. The ghoul grabbed his arm and kicked him away—the wounds sustained closed, protruding steam at the accelerated regeneration. That did not go as expected—she pushed me out?

The Ghoul took another step and suddenly stopped, its body shaking, and movements restrained as it dropped to its knees and grabbed its head painfully. It was their time to depart, staying any longer would mean the risk of succumbing to a rampage and even a Pureblood would have difficulty survive that.

‘Consider my offer Eona, if not for our people, but for that girl’s sake.’ The king said, departing with the rest of his forces.

They vanished, leaving the agonizing Ghoul to be torn about by the blood of two Purebloods. Stop— There was thought left in a mind struggling to suppress insanity. I—I have to control—! Eona moved to face the ghoul and heard one beat, then two, and more and more until the heart became strong and human. The Ghoul saw only another vampire, only an enemy to fight, to kill. It charged the queen, attacking whatever remained functioning. Eona dodged these attacks and could not bring herself to lay a hand on the person who was once Kira.

“You can hear me, right?” Eona asked, hoping that perhaps there was a lingering remainder of her human, “I’m…” The queen cringed, “Sorry.”

The Ghoul was attacked by its own blood, the thick blood of the two lines of Pureblood that broke from its flesh to subdue the creature. It staggered back a couple steps, clawed its cracking neck and leaped forward again, smashing its head into the ground. President Jensin slid in a gap between them and thrusted his sword thru the ghoul’s shoulder; lifted it over him and threw it across the floor. Now he must do his duty—eradicate the Insane Vampire. Nightcore also, they must protect the queen regardless of who that person was any who attack the queen shall be slaughtered. Eona commanded all to stand down, she took the Anti-Vampire Weapon from the Association President and threw it across the room.

“Kira was a member of my house...therefore, she is my responsibility.” The queen’s order was not ignored by any human or vampire.

As Kira once said any problems within the territory of a vampire should be dealt with by the vampire and the Hunter’s Association will not interfere. Eona’s eyes became crimson, reflecting her resolve to end the life of the woman she loves. The air turned foul with killer intent, suffocating all lesser vampires. This surely could not be a vampire’s power. The Ghoul’s blood painted the walls red, its fighting never ceased no matter how many bones broken, no matter how much pain she suffered—fight. The Ghoul landed beside a dirtied piece of cloth, something with a silky touch and a past forgotten. I have to—save—her... That person’s name she has already lost, someone she treasured close to her heart, but at the same time loathed more than any for the choices taken. This scarf... The Ghoul reached its claws and gripped the red in her palm—just as she could not remember. Wait…What...was I... doing...? She stood again, feeling her blood boil, burning inside her chest and throat.

Eona saw the Ghoul take the scarf and witnessed a bloody tear trickle from the soulless eyes—she paid no mind to it, believing it to be a trickery to her own wish. I—want...I want…to live… Kira’s heart was beating and the louder it sounded, the weaker the Ghoul became. Again, it dug into its neck, ripping flesh against the feeling of daggers within. Kira’s body was fighting back, the seal was regaining control! This—This isn’t right—! The Ghoul flashed to Eona’s right, raising her claws she swung ready to take the vampire’s head. In that instant Eona was faster, she seized the ghoul’s neck and arm finally suspending her in the air. The queen hissed at the screeching Ghoul, asserting her dominance over the failure. Emily and Ian arrived to the violence against Kira. The doctor was the first to act, not knowing, yet knowing what was happening.

“Don’t kill her!” Ian shouted as he ran.

Nightcore attempted to hold the doctor back also, but she slipped thru with ease. The ghoul snapped her claws into the queen’s arm, spun around her arm and got free from the grip with enough quickness to skip back and create distance. Eona glared at Emily and with her power threw the doctor back.

"You will not interfere!” Her raw power kept the ex-human in place.

“Please listen!” Emily could not move, “You’ll kill her if you continue—!”

“That is my intent.” Eona growled hatefully.

“You can’t!” Emily shouted desperately, “I can still save her!”

The queen’s crimson eyes glowed with rage, but a softness sparked from the love of that human and the chance to have her back.

“How?” Eona clenched her hands.

Emily was allowed at her side, “Look at Kira’s neck!” The doctor gestured, “The Stigma is still working—I just need a chance to strengthen it!”

The Ghoul stared at the two vampires. She had two enemies now, two targets to fight in order to protect that person! I have to—her, I have to—Who again? She dashed again, appearing then vanishing in different places—from the back she launched another assault. Eona did not hesitate in taking that chance and used her gift to throw Kira to subdue. Emily could move again, and, in her freedom, she grabbed Kira by her waist and dropped both to the ground. She pinned the ghoul’s hands down and held the violent woman, trying to save her from the Association’s and Eona’s judgement. Eona’s power took the place of Emily’s hands and held the Ghoul down in this last-ditch effort.

Emily placed her palms on Kira’s neck doing what she can to repair the fractured stigma. Kira could be saved, her heart was still beating—the Ghoul retaliated, kicking Emily off, she grabbed Emily by the neck and thrust her into the floor. She hacked blood; her body suffering at the rapid ravaging and healing. Eona had had enough, she could not bear to see this creature wearing Kira’s face continue to live.


Everyone jumped at the gargled sound.

“—pro—ec—h-er—” The Ghoul clenched the scarf, “I—ha-ve—pro—tect—Eon—a—!”

Eona snapped her wrist, her sharpened blade shooting across the air and slicing Kira’s chest with enough force to immobilize her. Emily caught Kira falling, the black of her neck peeling away revealing pulsing wounds. Emily held Kira tight as she drew blood into her mouth and pressed against Kira’s cracked lips. Her fangs withdrew, claws broke apart and the crimson that colored her eyes faded until all that was left was a half-dead human unconscious for something she would not remember.

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