The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Banishment from Life

Life-support continued for over three weeks due to the horrifying condition of her body. Broken bones; punctured limps; ruptured organs; torn muscles; a miracle is well what her survival had been. No one has ever become a Ghoul and back, yet even more surprising was every trance of Eona’s venom and blood has been purged from her system—Kira held no more foreign DNA. Emily stayed beside her everyday, talking for the brief hour or she was conscious then awaiting still as she slept. In all that time Emily refused to speak of what happened, explaining that everything would be alright once she got better and went back home. It was the doctor’s orders: no more fighting.

She had no memory of what happened and her knowledge of what really happened would not be told. The doctor was furious when Kira lay unconscious because the queen had not once shown her face, she had no right to hide away in shame—Kira needed her. Ian and Jake visited often, Jensin sent flowers, but rarely did they catch Kira conscious.

Her wounds healed as a human should—slowly, but in a surprise of occurrences there was no scarring; a pitiful relief and testament to Kira’s miraculous return to normality. Oddly enough it was as though she was saved by a greater power than both the doctor’s and the queen’s. Unlike the queen, Emily had been researching methods not to counteract becoming a Ghoul, but to reverse it once it occurred. Honestly the only way she knew was to stop Kira’s heart; resuscitate her in theory, killing the Ghoul in the process—obviously that didn’t go as planned. She should not have been able to become a Ghoul in the first place. Something else interfered with the stigma and overwhelmed the queen’s power. Kira healed, but some wounds, those unseen, did not—Eona had not come to see her; no message, care, not a single person from the Main House came.

“What do you know about the Pureblood King?” Kira asked pealing an orange.

It was not a question the Doctor wanted to answer because it would mean throwing Kira back into the spider’s web. The human does not acknowledge the fact she was almost killed; in her mind it was luck that she hadn’t. Such a mentality was wrong for a young woman to have—accepting death so easily and for a person whose affairs have nothing to do with her! Emily thought to tell her, but her love for Kira told that this human should no longer be apart of this world. This time death brushed her cheek like a leaf, but next time he may not be so merciful.

“Don’t ever fight him again.” Emily began, “Or Catherine—they’ll kill you without a second thought. If you ever see them again…run.” She leaned forward, “Kira you got lucky this time, but luck runs out.”

Kira did not protest, rather her small theory was proven right: they are going to keep her out of it. Humans from school came surprisingly—Jess, in the time of Kira’s absence, had made honest friends; a completely different crowd than what she was used to. Along in her thoughts Kira replayed the king’s message; what went on in her subconscious during that lapses of memory. Young human, why are you fighting me? Inside this darkness, she sat on the only crumbling platform in this hell-hole. You are human, not even a true Nightraven, our affairs have nothing to do with you. Kira hissed, Who gives a fuck if I’m a Nightraven or not! Those people you attacked—they are my friends and family and I will always fight for them! The king’s mask was half-broken, revealing he was a youthful young man with short blonde hair and someone who resembled the queen very closely. Your Queen has lied—Kira cut him off, Like I’d believe you. He sighed then pointed to his neck, Do you even know what that stigma is for? Kira jumped—he knows about it? Its not to stop someone from becoming a vampire—it’s to turn you into one, you’re nothing more than a Guinee-pig to them. Lies. He’s trying to turn her against Eona; there were no lies in the queen’s words. If you’re trying—The king came closer, he patted Kira’s head and his rough and heavy presence lightened. Have you not once questioned the nature of your life? Do you not care that you remain a slave to Eona? A bird trapped in a golden cage is still a trapped bird. Kira’s chest began to burn, like her whole body was on fire from a furnace within that chest. I don’t— Kira hesitated, I trust Eona, she has never lied to me. Her hands curl into fists, I won’t let you turn me against her. The king chuckles, It’s not me, Kira, that will turn you against her. One-day, very soon you will realize the truth and I will be there, waiting with open arms to welcome you. He braced himself as he burned away in the flames that consumed the space and Kira awoke in the hospital shortly after.

She hadn’t told anyone about that odd meeting, considering Kira herself did not trust it to be real—he almost killed her. Its hard to judge what is truth or not in her mind now a-days. The king was a danger, if not to Lady Eona, but to all humans as well. Kira does not know when she started to care, but for some reason, being human, remaining human mattered a great deal now. A lingering emotion; fear of becoming something she was not. Where this fear came from Kira did not know, all she understood was it could not be her—those feelings, this doubt, they could not be what she felt.

Kira was dropped off at the bottom of the hill, she wanted to return on her own and walk by the strength of her own feet. Her time in the hospital had dulled her senses, the ache in her body was at the cause of doing little physical activity, and against the doctor’s instructions Kira wanted to begin re-training her body now.

“Call me when you get home?” Emily asked with pleading eyes.

The cold winter breath blew against her cheeks; her feet made crunching sounds as she trotted thru the snow. The scarf, whose scent had faded, provided little protection; its warmth had left her side. I can’t wait to get back. Kira blushed, noticing snow once again began to fall. I wonder what everyone’s been up to—they must’ve been too busy dealing with aftermath of the attack to visit. Eon hopped vigorously towards Kira, he nipped at the end of her pant leg and pulled.
“Eon, what’s wrong?” Kira smiled lightly, lifting the shivering ferret into her arms and proceeded forward—Eon squirmed, fell out of Kira’s arms and stopped in front of her.

Kira thought nothing of it—she first thought he was playing, though his eyes did not hold the same idea. Without success of driving his friend from the grounds he climbed and settled on her shoulders. I wonder why he’s acting up— Shadows in the setting sun, with eyes of red; standing all around the front of the Main House, weapons drawn—Kira halted.

“That’s quite a welcome...” She laughed pathetically not finding this to be a joke, even by the queen’s standards.

Kira took another step, and found bullets shot at her feet.

“Watch it! You could have hit me!” Kira yelled insulted.

‘That will be your only warning.’ Wolfgang spoke from the top of the yard’s fountain.

Why were they acting this way?

“What the hell!” Kira shouted after jumping back from surprise, “What kind of warning is that!”

‘You are no longer welcomed here.” Wolfgang announced, “By order of Queen Eona Nightraven: Kira Nightraven, Slave 276, you are, hence forth, banished from the Vampire Nation!’

Her heart skipped a beat, “Banished?” Kira’s eyes widened in disbelief—for what?

Eona wouldn’t do that, not Kira; the house is her world, her reason for existence—what reason could they have for casting her aside like this? Had she been bad? Useless after being prepared to die; having been killed for the queen’s sake? Kira breathed heavily and loudly, clenching her fists and grinding teeth at the pulsing anger.

“Why?” Teeth were bared, “What did I do to deserve that!”

Wolfgang moved to in front of the fountain and explained, ‘You tried to kill the queen—be grateful we are merciful enough to allow you the chance to flee with your life.’

Kira retaliated angrily, ”THAT’S BULLSHIT, I’D NEVER TRY TO KILL E—!”

Wolfgang, grabbed Kira’s collar; Eon leaped into the commander’s face and was ripped off and thrown violently. Kira shouted and pulled with all her might to get free, Fuck!

‘Let go, you son-of-a-bitch!’ She’s thrown down and has a sword’s tip placed in her face.

‘You are a pathetic human, unworthy to utter the queen’s name.’ Wolfgang growled.

‘I would never try to hurt her! Hell—’ Kira grabbed the sword’s blade, slicing her hand open, “I nearly died trying to protect her!’

What happened after the lights went out? There were no memories, no feelings—nothingness. Nightcore had turned against her, not a single person believes her—someone had to have betrayed her! Banished from the nation, the only family she has—out there she would not survive; dying would be better than this! Kira knows vampires are smarter than this so there must be a justification she can explain. For all she knew Wolfgang, or the Syndicate could be setting her up!

‘EONA!’ Kira rolled, evading a deadly blow.


She gripped her arm, feeling her body’s warmth seep between her fingers and melt the snow leaving nothing, but red. This was a dream, this hand to be a dream—Eona would not abandon her and she would never betray the queen. A shadow cast over her, Kira recognized the shape and yet as she looked upon the figure the only thing reflected in those crimson eyes was disgust. Don’t... Kira stared at her eyes in grief, Please don’t look at that.

‘You have betrayed me—’ The queen’s gaze was unwavering, ‘I who gave you life; clothed you and educated you; such gratitude an insignificant slave is capable of.’

Kira Nightraven did nothing wrong. She was a timid, kind-hearted girl who did everything to make others happy; going as far as dying did not faze her. How could vampires, the wisest of all living things, persecute someone for an act they did not know they did. Kira gave an empty chuckle. This is how her existence ends—Eona has abandoned her too.

“I don’t have anywhere to go...this place is my...”

Eona walked past her, ‘That is not my concern—from this day forward it will be as though you never existed. Your name will never be spoken, any record of you will be burned and any proof of your life will be erased.’

Eon leaped—Eona went to strike him, yet the only thing she touched was the cheek of Kira’s face. The human had shielded the little pest, not that it mattered she won’t last long. Her blood trickled down her face, but the cold winds had already made her face numb giving little room for pain to register.

The queen paused, ‘You are banished from my nation. If you dare enter then you will be killed; if I ever see you again you will be killed—’

“Kill me then.” Kira mumbled, “I have nothing outside of here, no friends, no family…”

Kira held the ferret against her chest and weep-ed.

Eona ignored her, ‘That’s no concern of mine, go cry to that whore doctor—’

Wolfgang caught Kira’s bloodied fist long before it came near the queen. This doesn’t make sense. Her leg came up, Wolfgang evaded it, just as expected leaving Eona open, I don’t remember. The queen snatched Kira’s face, then curled her fingers around the tiny neck. Instinctively Kira grabbed the wrist with both hands and squirmed, struggling to free herself. I don’t remember! Every time she tried to remember after she hit the ground, from the king’s attack, there was nothing—a black void accompanied only by a shadowed figure holding out their hand. The sharp pain in her head was accompanied by ringing as she tried desperately to remember actions others accuse her of.

Remember. The queen’s hold tightened, beginning to suffocate the human as she scratched and clawed at the vampire’s arms to release her. I have to remember! She squeezed harder, struggling to breathe as black and white spots came into her sight—if this continued she would pass out. She’s going to kill me! Eona revealed the truth, one which Emily would not, not in the fragile state her lover was in. Kira heard what they witnessed, the beast, the Ghoul, that nearly killed everyone—how Emily tried to save her. Eona tried to kill her. Kira realized every person in the house knew what her fate would be, stood by and watched. She did not remember anything, but surely, she could not be accused of a crime she had no memory, no control over—whatever attacked Eona…that could not be Kira.

A tear came down Kira’s face, “I…did that…to you?” Eona loosened her grip.

“That couldn’t…I couldn’t…” The tears dropped on Eona’s hand, “Not to you…I never wanted you de…”

The queen cast the hollow shell aside and ripped the crimson scarf off as the woman flew.

‘You are not even worth killing.’ Eona sighed flicking off the bit of blood that touched her.

The human lay still, long enough for snow to gather on top and for much of the pain in her body to fade. If they were going to banish her, why couldn’t they have just have killed her back then? Emily... Kira opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. You were the only one…to try to save me…I thought…at least Eona would…. Death would be kinder, but Purebloods are not kind; its always her, why do people keep abandoning her? This is the end—the dream is over, all that remains is death. Kira looked to the ferret who limped to her and nuzzled his little nose against her hand. Slowly it moved, gently stroking the head; Eon walked to Kira’s face with sad-looking eyes. You tried to tell me. It hurt to sit up, but even more was to find the will to stand after.

“Tell me then…” Kira shivered in the cold, “Was it all a lie?”

Her feelings she thought she could bury away were one-sided after all. The vampire played with her emotions, made Kira tear herself apart over this false sense of duty. That’s alright though...she prepared for being cast aside, but she never thought it would happen nor that it would hurt this much. Kira lifted the ferret into her arms and stared at the house—feeling that if she returns it would be on a different side.

‘Don’t be so conceited, human, you are nothing more than livestock.’ The queen rolled her eyes.

Kira’s eyes dropped—in Eona’s heart she doesn’t exist anymore. Why bother to stand? Why does she walk when there is nothing for her? In the world of light, a shadow does not belong; a human with no connect to another cannot survive. Where is this will to live? Stay here and die quickly rather than live in anguish until something else kills her. Kira shuffled toward the gates, dragging a dwindling spirit like a shackle.

There was no one to turn to, none she would risk the queen’s wrath and therefor the only option was to disappear from the memories of all who knew her:

One-day, very soon you will realize the truth and I will be there, waiting with open arms to welcome you.

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