The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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By your Side

Walking. Walking. Walking. Walking and when she arrived at the thought day turned to night. She continued walking without much thought what would come after. If she stopped there was no guarantee she would started again therefore the only two words come to mind: keep walking. The end mattered none, only not to stop, not to lose what little piece of self that was hers alone. Eon was hidden within her jacket, shielded from winter’s brutality—Kira was not so lucky.

She didn’t feel the cold much anymore, rather she cared so little about anything her body reacted the same. Don’t stop walking, keep going, if you do you may slip on the crumbling path and fall into despair. Walking. Walking. Walking. There was no stopping, no going back she had to go forward, had to make her own reason—having the will to move her feet was her sole concentration. Keep going, don’t turn back; nothing to go back, find a reason; kill or protect; live or die.

The blizzard kicked up, now her body rejected this will and soon began to lock. Walking. Slower and slower until her body stopped. Walking to what again? Where was she going, what was she going to do? Thinking made her hesitate, made her succumb to a purposeless life. She clenched the snow in her fingertips, feeling them grow numb and cold. Move. Her words were silent, but sound was seen nonetheless as she searched her conscious for purpose.

The king; promises of strength and truth—purpose. Her legs moved again. Walking...walking...find him, the king—the vampire who caused this. Find him; keep walking; purpose. Eon rustled in her coat and eventually poked his head from Kira’s neck and licked the bottom of her chin. A pitiful smile and delay in walking. There was at least one thing left to protect. Shortly after, Eon leaped from the jacket and onto the ground then stopped in front of Kira.

“I can’t...stop...”

Eon nipped at her pants and tugged forcefully because she had to rest. His friend would not last in this weather and would freeze to death before the night was done. Finally, Eon resorted to hissing, a resort he never wished to do. He leads her to an elder pine, with long thick branches where needles that protected its trunk from snow. Kira who was about five-foot-four, could sit against the trunk and have no branches in her hair.

Sleepiness suddenly pressed against her entire body and it became very difficult to keep her eyes open. If she could fall asleep forever then her suffering would end. Kira welcomed the idea of falling asleep in her sleep, quick, painless; over. Maybe one day, I’ll see Emily again... Her eyelids dropped down. In an out she woke then fell back sleep as quickly; hearing someone shouting then feeling a warm touch then soft.

Kira opened her eyes to a familiar ceiling, one she had woken to many times—Emily’s house. How did she find me? On the one side the vampire slept and on the other Eon on the pillow. Without disturbing either Kira dressed (she noticed Emily had treated her wounds) and left. She would find a car and head to the nearest city; there had to be someone who knew where the king was or at least knew one who did. Walking. Walking. Hours went by and a car raced past, screeched to a halt and spun to block the wanderer. Emily came out in a fit and ran as Kira continued walking.

“Where are you going?” She demanded.

Kira did not stop, “I’ve been banished, obviously anywhere, but here.”

Emily was dumbfounded, the queen actually ‘banished’ her—that wasn’t—! She authorized Kira to be treated like an animal and left her in a fragile state, able to shatter at any moment! Emily would tear that woman apart the moment she saw her! The young girl continued, she would ignore Emily, severe the last connection to the nation because if they continued Eona would kill her.

“What then?” Emily ran to her, “What are you going to do once you leave?”

Kira answered in a mumble, “I’m going to find the Pureblood King.”

They passed the car. Kira actually believed she had nowhere to belong—Eona must have threatened her, the Kira she knew would never think this way! Kira you... She’s broken, but why would she believe the king of all people would help her? This has gone on long enough, to be helpless and weak against a superior power; Kira won’t submit to the whims of the Purebloods any longer!

“So you’re just going to leave!” The doctor questioned in a panic, “Did you even bother to think about those who care about you; what it would do to ‘me’?”

Walking. Walking on, forever into the black; a betrayal for a betrayal! Kira kept walking, but her heart had turn to stone, shielding itself because anymore and she would shatter. Protecting herself, she couldn’t bare anymore and it was selfish and arrogant to think of what would happen of she stayed with Emily. Emily wasn’t apart of this, Emily shouldn’t be dragged into this—this was Kira’s fight.

“You’re going to leave me and run away to get turned? Is that it? Do you not care that much that you’ll forsake all the effort put into avoiding that?”

Kira cringed, how wrong she was. The signal that marked her sin, that was to turn her ‘safely’ failed once it could certainly do so again. Kira became something she was not, she became a Ghoul that would have consumed everything and everyone.

"Avoid?” Kira stopped with an annoyance, “This…thing on my neck—why is it, people keep telling me it isn’t for stopping me from turning?”

Emily hesitated, words were not reaching Kira who had fallen far into the depths of despair. She would not turn but would tear herself spat until she achieved the same strength, and, in the end, Emily wasn’t sure if ‘Kira’ would remain. The vampire watched Kira walk, having been given no proper answered had her to believe the truth she had been told was nothing of the short. If Emily did nothing now then she would lose Kira forever, there would be no hope, no one would exist in her heart ever again—Emily ran; she wrapped her arms around the human, she held Kira and ceased the walking. Not alone, not anymore because even if the whole world turns against her Emily will not betray.

“Don’t leave me...” Tears dropped on the younger’s shirt, “I don’t want to live in a world without you! I don’t—I don’t care where you go just let me come with you!”

Kira’s heart melted—not like this; her personality, her soul could not cast aside the feelings for Emily, even those for Eona were not completely dead. Neither spoke for a time, they stood motionless in the snow with one about to shatter and the other desperate to keep her together. Kira’s pessimistic persona lightened and in a heavy thumb she grabbed hold of Emily’s arm and dropped her head.

“Emily...” Kira felt her dam break, emotions that had previously been shut out now returning.

The doctor moved Kira’s hair from her face then cupped her cheek to rise her head to meet those sky-blue eyes, “We’ll go anywhere, I promise no matter where we are I’ll make you happy.”

Kira sighed defeated, “You’ve already done that.”

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