The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Where Our Lives Begin

One Year Later

Time changes people. Whether they grow older, grow taller, or just mentally people rarely stay the same. It does not have to be a long time, it can be short too because all it takes is a push off the edge. She had been a slave, cattle to beasts in human form. The slave lost her heavy shackles and received new ones, in the form of clothes; a name. Seventeen years a slave to the vampire and yet deep down she knew it was simply the law of nature and thus foolishly accepted her fate.

Nature was merciless and casted her out, threw her to the wilderness with the thought she would die. The slave decided to act on her own, rather than die she wanted to turn her own fangs against the hands that raised and casted. She was not alone, another who sheltered, comforted her and accepted all that was desired kept the human from falling apart. A human slave who only knew darkness was shown light and though fearful of its majesty embraced it beside her lover. Time changed her—she was no longer afraid and no longer weighted her worth against usefulness.

Her lover wanted her to forget the past, forget being indebted to anyone, forget being a slave. She could not—how could you forget someone who gave you so much to remember? Away from prying eyes of others she prepared for a chance—the Pureblood King knew of her but finding him proved difficult. This life was a start, a new beginning to forget the lies, but the past is what connected her to the present.

What are they waiting for? Normally any who looked for them, for the Syndicate, were killed and yet she remains. There was a reason, or simply she posed no threat and they left her be. Either way she would find them and until then she would be patient and prepare. The idea of revenge had been given up because there was no reasoning to it—it was logical to throw out a threat to ‘that person’. Not all was for her goal, in the time away she has become much happier; freedom was not truly known until being beside the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Sunlight brought little fear to her now, not that it was welcomed, but no longer felt fatigue towards it nor had any hatred for humans in general. Kira found what it was like to be them, a sense of pride she never knew until this life. Her lover, her Emily, showed all the joys of the mortal world had and when their world rose life’s pleasures became intoxicating. Senior year in London was rather different than in the Americas, rather humans and vampires alike were what changed. Different environment calls for different personalities she supposed. It was not their personalities which differed alone, but also their presence—Kira’s senses may no longer be heightened, but she continues to tell...killer intent is not something easily hidden and that somehow, the shadows of the world held a secret and life previously voiceless to the world. Emily leaned over Kira from behind and peered at the paper she paused to write.

“Can’t think of anything?”

Kira leaned back, “No just tired.”

“Last night too much?”

Kira chuckled, she tilted her head back and kisses Emily. Hardly. The student had more than her semester exam on her mind, a collection of theories and suspicions normal people would not have. Seeing the distress in her lover, Emily proposed going out for lunch; another two-story book store had just opened. Kira agreed, dressing for the chilled January weather which included an oncoming snow storm.

London is where Emily had grown up when she was human—during the infamous ‘witch trials’ and ‘monster hunting’. She was a merchant’s daughter who was doomed to marry a hermit of a nobleman. Emily had told Kira because she had been curious, where her lover has been born, what she did before she became immortal. On the eve of her twenty-fourth birthday she met a beautiful woman, long fiery hair had made her stand out above the rest. Emily had followed this young woman to the balcony and spoke briefly before being taken.

As it happened the woman was a Pureblood Vampire who yearned for a companion for when she was sent back to her prison. With Purebloods few the woman was carefully guarded, and, in this case, she was imprisoned by her betrothed. Emily woke with her dark gift, not that she despised her choice taken, but out of sympathy she served the Pureblood Vampire. Two hundred years passed and the two fell in love—Emily’s first love just before Kira. That love did not last long, for the husband of the imprisoned, who neglected and controlled her, had her killed shortly after their second child’s birth. Kira left the past alone, she didn’t want to being up a painful memory, even if Emily says it isn’t it feels that way for her.

“Have you finished Da Vinci Code yet?”

Kira gave a confused look, “I finished that last week, I’m already on the Angels and Demons.”

She read it faster than either thought, considering Kira wasn’t always the type to actively read. Remembering the book, she picked up yesterday, Kira slid it across the table as a present.

“What’s the occasion?” Emily smiled bashfully. Her lover shrugged; does there need to be? Dates such as these happened often, making them a usual occurrence rather than an actual date.

To conclude the weekend they went to Octave, a bar in London’s own Red-Light District. This bar was special, though in the shadier part of the city, it was owned and operated by vampires that served both human and inhuman customers. The manager was a stern man, who didn’t welcome most humans, but tolerated those who didn’t get drunk before ten each night.

The staff enjoyed Emily and Kira’s company (Kira believed Emily had done business with them in the past) and would every-so-often close the bar early for them. It was an interesting and rare sight, to see a human and vampire in love and well...for the human to still be alive. From these vampires Kira got a small vibe, but vampires in general have it: killer-intent. In the absence of her memory, Kira wondered how her has had been at that time...

“So...” Miss.Triss, one of the bartenders, leaned over the bar and wrapped her arm around Emily’s neck, “When are you going to leave the pipsqueak and come live with me?”

Emily playfully tried to wrestle off Triss, but found Kira made her own move and had wrapped arms greedily around Emily’s waist.

She stuck her tongue out, “Mine.”

Emily was happily surprised at Kira’s boldness, “You heard her.”

Emily’s pager sounded—great.

“I have to go in.”

Kira growled because today was supposed to be her day off. With Emily being the best in her field it only natural she’s called out of the blue. Everyone sent the doctor off, giving her no worry to Kira’s safety with returning home. Emily left, and Kira waited a bit before bringing up her questions.

“Its gotten worse; a patrol from the Association was massacred last month; two other Investigators were publicly executed...”

Kira watched the television, “The Syndicate do love their public executions.”

Kira sipped her drink then leaned forward, “Serves them right for sticking their nose in other people’s business.”

The staff laughed—they knew all, but and exception was Kira herself. No records, no known associates outside London, she just appeared out of thing air; girl with the cursed tattoo. Rumors jumped between the bartenders, a popular one being that Kira ‘used’ to be a vampire, then became human. Of course, they were only rumors. I hope brother is alright at least. Kira went home alone, not that she was any safer than any other human in the city.

Keeping tabs on the ongoing war was a past-time a best. There was no interest in something that could having nothing done about. As they past each other a shiver ran down the woman’s spine; aura that very much was like her own. She stopped and spun around to see who had caused this chill—a young girl, older than her daughter walked away; raven hair; a tattoo on her neck. Filled with curious rage she stormed toward the girl and grabbed her shoulder,

“Señorita...” The girl grabbed her wrist, twisted it down and leaped back.

‘Ms. Kira!’

Elisabeth ran into Kira and knocked her down. For a second she thought she was being attacked, an end to her search, but upon seeing the vampire’s face she knew she was mistaken. There was only one-way Kira could see herself out of this:

“O-oye, get off!”

Roughly she pushed Elisabeth off and sprung to her feet.

“The bloody-hell is wrong with you! Is knocking someone on their arse how you greet someone?”

She twisted her words to attempt to sound native to the United Kingdom, a quick trick she had come up with should something like this happen. It was a surprise, how minor Kira was, she would not think a noble’s daughter would remember her, but this is Jake’s fiancée. Acting normal, acting like an oblivious human, that is how she would do it because back there she doesn’t exist.

“Don’t you remember us?” Elisabeth asked worried, “From last year’s ball—I jumped you thinking you were Jake?”

Kira continued this front, especially around that dangerous woman Catherine.

“I think you’ve mistake’n me for someone else—I don’t know a Jake and I’ve never been to a ball.”

Elisabeth looked as if her puppy had been killed. Kira looked to Catherine asking wordless to control this trouble daughter of hers. Catherine finally egged her daughter to move on because clearly, they had made an error. The girl with raven hair left, giving an annoyed look before departing—how peculiar, not only did she possess a strange presence, but she appeared to have no memories; could this be a drawback from becoming a Ghoul? Of course, the servant who was Kira Nightraven disappeared from all records and memories of any human in town not to mention every vampire aside from Jake acted as though she never existed. Coincidence? What’s it matter? One human is insignificant no matter whose daughter it is.

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