The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Near their house there was a Japanese-style bathhouse that opened a few weeks ago. It continues to be popular, but the couple managed to find the perfect time, though later at night, where there were only a handful people present. Occasionally they received left over rice balls and sweets that would otherwise be thrown out. Another fact about Emily found out was her proficiency in speaking Japanese though she could not write kanji to save her life. The waters felt as an authentic hot spring and melted away all un-pleasantries. Emily laughed at Kira’s mellow expression and for that received a dunking of her head.

“I’m thinking on taking some time off, about a week or two, what do you think?”

Kira placed a cold towel on her head, “We could travel, run around the United Kingdom a bit.”

Emily was thinking somewhere sunnier and less gloomy. She got out, grabbed a pamphlet and brought it to the tub, showing it to Kira.

“The Bahamas?”

“Why not?” Emily said with excitement, “I’m starting to remember why I left London—all this cold weather so how about somewhere nice and sunny?”

Kira giggled, certainly her resistance to the sun has improved greatly, by that’s asking a bit much. She’s probably be out before noon. Knowing Emily however, she wouldn’t mind the least in staying inside alone—in paradise—with Kira. The young woman turned exceptionally red, which brought out Emily’s more ‘persuasive’ side.

“I’d love to go!” Kira answered eagerly.

Emily leaped at Kira in rapture and knocked both into the water. Its been a time since they had a vacation and this will be the first together and strictly for each other. All had already been planned out: school was informed, work was scheduled without Emily and their flight would be next week, and Eon, having finally come back would be with them as well.

This is her family, this is her life and something never thought possible. Kira never realized until now just how short her chains had been, how strong the cage had been over her; she would have set herself for a life of regret had she remained a servant to ‘that person’. Perhaps now it would be time to call brother, she had been unfair in avoiding all contact with him especially since he had nothing to do with those events. The Association had separated themselves from the Nation, making it much harder to have any peaceful contact with them, but at least they cared: Kira recalled seeing a poster with her face on it; Missing: Kira Nightraven. At least there is some record of her in the Nation technically. Irony.

They walked down their usual path to home; cutting thru an ally here and there walking a block and then they would be home. I forgot to buy Eon some food and bedding. Holding hands, they walked beside a construction site for a new office that would be done next summer. The heat from the bath would have boiled them had they not lived in London, with its freezing temperature and snow. Their bodies steamed as they walked, and though only one smoked, the other mocked by taking an icicle and breathing out as it hung between her fingers mimicking the action.

Kira hesitated, as she swore that someone had grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. She stopped in place, catching Emily off guard as well. Her lover asked what the problem was, her sentence cut off as the look of horror was plastered on Kira’s face. The human tried to focus in on this dread, but somehow the hand that had grabbed her was her imagination, but something else was taking its place outside of her mind. Emily’s voice eventually broke thru, and the moment it did Kira’s head shot up and saw they had been surrounded. The doctor acted, lifting Kira into her arms she dashed, jumping between buildings and alleyways. They arrived at a large construction site, Emily set Kira down looking around for a place to hide her.

“I’m not leaving you!” Kira removed her jacket, threw her arm out and torn the remaining fabric as the blade shot out above her forearm and hand, “We fight together!”

Emily would not tempt an argument and for argument’s sake, Kira has enough fighting experience that she would be better to fight than for Emily to protect her long enough for escape—the doctor is not a fighter. The group that tailed them was large, a massive force of more than twenty, unusual, but understandable—if what Kira was told was true: The Ghoul she was slaughtered a force massing in a similar size. They were wise to not underestimate her, even as a human.

Emily and Kira stood ready, as the force began their attack, Kira and Emily collided, neither having fought like this in quite some time. Each of these vampires wore a mask, but every mask was the same shape and size, the only different being the painted design, each bearing a sigil Kira recognized to be a demon’s. They all fought the exact same, their movements, reactions; no abilities; no gifts; Emily and Kira stepped back standing side by side. The battle was dragging on and though they had taken care of quite a few, the number did not change, at all—Kira was the first to verbalize it.

“I’m not the only one who noticed right?” Kira breathed out, exhaling deeply.

Emily nodded, “No, I see it too.”

Kira went first, colliding with one of the vampires; she grabbed their arm, pulling it down and with her free hand reached for the mask and removed it—they had no face.

“They’re fake.” Kira yelled, driving the blade thru its chest, “Find the real one!”

Emily became wide-eyed, “Fake? No! Their illusions!”

Emily stopped fighting, moving to Kira, she kicked the next illusion out of the way and scooped the human into her arms before dashing for the exit. Someone knocked into Emily, having Kira and her thrown from each other; Kira slid across the ground, hitting the wall of the constructing building as Emily went the opposite way. The impact of the concrete against Kira’s head had her unconscious, a pool of blood formed, the scent catching Emily’s imminent attention.

“KIRA!” Emily shouted across the grounds, scurrying to her feet as she went to help.

The human was unmoving, but Emily heard her heartbeat and was able to locate a pulse on her neck, “Kira you have to wake up! Please, love, wake up!”

A shadow grew bigger above them, Emily looked up, seeing an entire crane being brought down on the two of them.

Where am I? *Bum-bump*

“She has Blunt force trauma to the head!”

Sinking deeper and deeper into an ocean with no surface, there was no escape.

“Wait—who are you—!”

“Get out of my way! I’m her doctor! She needs a blood transfusion now!”

A black shadow emerged from the depths of the crimson waters. Blood? Transfusion? That shadow was unaffected by these waters, she walked with no resistance, standing above Kira and looking down on her with pity. She knelt slowly—hoping not to startle—placing her hand over Kira’s heart, she tried to ease the pain and confusion. There was nothing else she could have done and sad that they must continue to meet like this; perhaps one day it will not be so. The shadow held Kira’s hand, feeling the hard squeezing as the human felt everything hurt. It’s alright, I’m here, I will always be here. Her words could not be expressed as to how comforting and welcoming they were—the one who kept her close smiled, their hair fluttering in the waves of water. Its warm. Kira thought. *Bum-bump* *Bum-bump* Hearing the heart, strong and loud its no wonder why vampires enjoy the beauty—it truly sounded as music. Emily...

I’ve done a lot of reading since I met Emily. Most of them were fictional romance because it was a fantasy I thought I would never live. In my short life, I’ve loved two people: A Pureblood Vampire who gave me life then took it and an ex-human who showed me what it meant to be human. A lot of things happened between the three of us and things became...confusing after awhile. I won’t lie and say I’m a saint or innocent because I’ve done horrible things; hurting the ones I cared about, betraying, killing; I’m no different than any other human.

I used to hate my own kind because I was abandoned by my parents, but over-time I abandoned humanity altogether. That was a mistake, I didn’t know what it meant to be human and even now after all the books I’ve read, all the people I’ve known, I still can’t come up with an answer. Maybe there’s no meaning to being human or vampire, or there is meaning and I just can’t find it.

Emily is the closest I’ve been to finding that meaning, rather finding a meaning about the purpose of my life; the person I fell in love with of my own free will, without confusion or doubt, without worrying about statuses or duty. Still...what’s happened to me reminds me of the manga ′Tokyo Ghoul′ that I skimmed thru once for a failed reference to the vampire Ghoul. The main character was a normal young man who had a lot of bad things happen to him. He fought and fought to protect his friends and suffered a lot and in many ways he and I are alike. If I remember correctly the title of the first chapter was ‘Tragedy’ and something he said reminds me of this moment:

“I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything...I’m just a college student who likes to read. But...if, for argument’s sake you were to write a story with me in the lead role...It would certainly be a Tragedy” --Kaneki Ken

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