The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Two Sides

During the day Kira drove. The sunlight was too bright and it was too hot to run down the mountain and having the tinted car made the drive tolerable. By all means Kira had no physical problem with the sun or sunlight, rather she was somewhat afraid of it. Of course, for someone who was born in the dark this is to be expected and it was something she never grew out of.

The electives were annoying classes that were required for graduation, but the good thing is that they were short. Economics, Home Ed, Gym, Music, and sociology are what she suffers through for five hours each day. Throughout the day Kira makes the effort to avoid as many humans as possible and thus has been labeled as an outcast.

There are a few who have dared to speak to the ‘gloomy girl’ who sits in the dark corner of the room but get a one-sentence response typically. Rumors spread about her scarf, the reason she wears it everyday and to the burn on her back. Abuse, self-mutilation, cult, Kira has heard all of it. The teachers explained Kira has a medical reason for the scarf, but its simply what they were told. Students whispered, jokes, insults, either they pitied her, ignored her, or aimed to get a reaction—always disappointed.

Around humans she was only like this because unlike her they could not be trusted, not befriended--turning on one another for the sake of self-preservation. Lunch was more of a bother, humans have the tendency to group together believing in ‘strength in numbers’ when gaining up against another. Kira was challenged many times by these clicks, but often ignored them and continued on with her meal—teachers were always around so there was never a need to become violent. She laughed silently to herself at the irony of their chances of winning.

When shutting her locker Kira pauses. She’s human too so would that not make her just as bad? Shaking her head, its known that despite being human she has been raised by vampires and from that a distinct line between her and humanity. If only her kind were ruled by vampires then many would see as she does, to recognize the beautiful danger of the immortals. It was an impossible dream like many others she had. Unlike during the night her senses felt dulled and to the point where she had not noticed a quad of girls approaching until already upon. These same girls have been trying since her admission to get a reaction, and for whatever reason they picked Kira was beyond her mentality. One would think they would have learned—most humans are slow however so a small lesson would hurt little.

“So what kind of girl wears the same scarf everyday? Trying to hide something?” One of the sidekicks asked snobbishly.
Kira spun her lanyard around her finger then caught it.

With an annoyed and tired tone, she spoke, “The only thing I’m trying to hide is from your fake personality.”

The senior cringed, trotted toward Kira and clenched Kira’s shirt. A lot of nerve for a nobody junior—letting go, quickly the woman cocked her fist back and threw it into Kira’s jaw. Into the floor and with a splatter of blood the outcast was helpless, weak and arrogant. The girls began to laugh, but soon the joke was over when the outcast stood wiping the blood from her mouth.

Kira let out a lazy huff, “You done?”

This was nothing, now being hit by a vampire...‘that’ is something to cry about and boy did Wolfgang hit. Further infuriated the girl hit again and again and again and each time Kira stood back up and acted like it was nothing. The other three goons began to lose their bearing, becoming fearful that this person showed no signs of being troubled. The last time Kira was sent to the ground it was against a locker, which was used to check the time.

“Why--won’t you--just stay down!” Desperation was fluent in her words.

Kira rolled her eyes, “Because you hit like a bitch.”

The final punch is turned against the senior—her wrist is grabbed, then the arm and following the twist the entire body slams into the locker. In that one blow the attacker is rendered unconscious and left motionless on the ground. Casually Kira picks up her bag and heads to the car, spinning the lanyard around her finger once again.

Halfway up the mountain Kira pulls off to the side, she looks into her mirror and sees her lip has been cut and part of her eye is swollen some. Closer inspect reveals the human senior managed to leave a few marks—though they didn’t bring a sharp pain, Kira did feel a soreness anytime she touched a bruise. This is why I hate humans.

There was no worry because only a few vampires were awake and they were just security. Those whose opinions mattered slept soundly in their rooms—Kira too returned to her own feeling very fatigued. She wanted to sleep, even for a few minutes and she would be satisfied, but her mind would not allow it. Thoughts were filled of Lady Eona, of what she would say seeing her like this and of what trouble she must bring on the house. Jake would no doubt tear apart those girls, but Kira refused to allow it—a vampire should not stoop so low that they would protect a human, not even that, to protect her. Her restless mind finally pushed her to venture out again, for what reason it would have her walk outside is beyond her. Nonetheless she does so, finding a nice tree in the outer-fields with a heavy amount of shade. Fondly Kira looked at the carving in the tree.

E + K

When she was younger Kira was far more fearful of the sun than today. So, frightened in fact she refused to go anywhere near windows (unfortunate since the main house had many) and often hid under a bed for sleep. The first time she came out without cover was with Lady Eona holding her tiny hand. Her master found this tree and sat Kira down to be outside yet protected from light.

This was their playground, their tree, their sanctuary from both duty and fear. Lady Eona is much more adult-looking than she was back then, when they first met she looked no more than a teenager and to have grown this much in ten years is an accomplishment for both. Responsibility pulled Lady Eona away from here and Reality to Kira. They were two different people, from two different worlds and Kira knew such from the beginning, yet it was a nice dream for her at least...while it lasted.

Kira spit blood that had since collected in her mouth off to the side—hopefully everyone was asleep enough not to catch the scent. The walk here wore her body out further and even her mind grew tired by the sun’s rays. Kira laid against the tree and tilts her head back...its nice weather, for day-time. She shut her eyes, hoping that by being out here her mind would tire considerably.

Sleeping on such a beautiful day was difficult. The nice breeze, the sun’s warmth; Eona had an optimistic view of the day unlike her kin. She guessed by now Kira would have already left, regardless if she wants to go its noticed that there is often a different side of the servant seen when away from the house. By night, a loyal and obedient servant who is stoic and kind. At day, though Kira is unaware, Eona notices a type of ‘bad girl’ attitude emerge, yet at the same time this is when she is the most vulnerable.

Patiently sitting, waiting, Kira’s scent finally is caught and a joyous rapture is expressed silently. Just as walked to the window Eona hesitates. Blood? Kira’s is distinguishable above all others—the sweet scent of Cherry Blossoms always followed her precious human around. The staff were asleep making this rare chance she has to catch Kira off guard, after all, seeing Kira act like a normal nice.

Eona went to find the servant but caught onto her moving outside. Outside? Kira hates the daylight, the fact she is leaving and on her own is...unheard of. Vampires are not susceptible to sunlight; no death would come from a wooden stake though it does hurt, but they are naturally nocturnal--Eona is not precisely a ‘normal’ vampire. She enjoys sunlight the warmth it brings, how it can reveal many beautiful colors and breathes life to all on earth. Kira...hates sunlight, rather she fears it; what kind of future waits for a human like her? Eona never wanted her servant to be so integrated into vampire society and yet regardless of what vampires had done to her, she choose to be with them. Maybe she felt indebted to Eona, the vampire who saved her, but if that’s all...Kira is better the world of light. Beyond the garden, on a hill stood a lone oak.

When Kira was still an adorable girl she refused to leave the house, yet Eona always pushed for her to venture out. The vampire admits—Kira was a brat when it came to sunlight. Finally, fed up with the attitude Eona forced the human to go outside—this meant having the tiny body carried all the way to a hill over a mile from the main house. Kira passed out on the way there but awoke under the tree’s shadow with no idea she was still outside.

Ten years seems like an instant and as Eona watches Kira sleep the reality of time reemerges. One day Kira will be old and wrinkly and disappear from this world while the immortal remains unchanged and ever-beautiful. What cruelty it is to watch something so precious, someone she raised die. Eona reaches her hand and gently brushing Kira’s hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. Her eye is swollen, a cut on her lip and traces of blood are in her mouth. Had she gotten into a fight with humans? The vampire’s eyes trace the pulsing vessels, following its path to her jugular—her fingertips touch the soft, pink, flesh.

The lust grows, she struggles to contain the beast that yearns for this girl’s blood. Wanting to devour whole, wanting to take everything about this human, the desire, for now. Eona retracts her hand then glanced at the faded carving above, she smiled. Kira moved, she turned toward her master unconsciously and after she finished her adjustment Eona sat beside. Kira’s hands were red, blue and purple--she didn’t fight back. When touching her hands Eona enjoys feeling the warmth that her human emits, its much more welcoming than her chilling skin. Kira awoke with sleepy eyes and either did not have the bearing to know its was her master or this was a rare glimpse to the other side.

“Good morning.” Eona brushed her thumb along Kira’s cheek while greeting.

Kira rubbed her eyes then dropped back down, now facing away from Eona.

“Five more minutes...” She groaned. Eona giggled and whispered into her ear, “Awfully full of yourself, aren’t you?”

An eye opened and glared at Eona irritably. My someone’s moody.


Eona smiles refusing to do so--Kira must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. She could be angry over whatever happened today as well. Either way this is a refreshing view of her, a sign that Kira hasn’t been manipulated to enjoy being a servant of vampires.

Eona leaned forward, her words heating Kira’s inner ear, “You’re cute when you’re moody too.”

Kira shot up, her eyes wide open at the realization who she was speaking to. Imminently she shifted to her knees and sank her head into the ground. Repeatedly she asked for forgiveness for her behavior and that she would accept any punishment, do whatever it is she asks no matter what. Eona just stared at Kira quizzically then curled a mischievous grin and the human instantly regretted her words. Her vampire mistress took her chin and lifted it until their eyes met.

“Whatever I want, hm?” Those eyes become crimson gleefully, “Why don’t we play a game then?”

Kira is lifted and pushed against the oak’s trunk. Eona’s smile become lustful as the vampire master leans closer, sniffing Kira’s long hair.

“Can you guess what I want?” Eona purred in question.

Gradually her hands touch the scarf, tugging on its end until it began to unravel. The servant did not move, rather she was too shocked to; Lady Eona’s thirst has not been satisfied? The scarf fell to the ground revealing the crossed seal, tattooed on her neck. Kira’s remained fixed as she was caught in the vampire’s inescapable crimson eyes. Eona leaned closer—


Kira jumped, hitting the ground nearly suffering from a heart attack. Eona laughs picking up the scarf and wrapping it around Kira’s neck again. The lady could not help the temptation, she enjoyed every expression Kira made, “Sorry, bad joke.”

Kira gasped and dropped on her back. That was mean, she thought Eona was serious. It was worth it, to see Kira’s expression was certainly worth teasing for. Eona lies beside her and the both stare up at the light that breaks the branches. How long has it been since the two relaxed like this? Kira is always proper, always reminding Eona of her place, like she’s ‘less’ than vampires. For starters who said vampires were superior? If anything, they maybe worse than humans, but one cannot judge another with their own laws.

“Kira...” Eona’s started, “Do you not think about living among your own?”

“No.” Kira whispers when turning on her side away from Eona.

“Why not? Vampires and humans...they are similar and not all humans are as evil as you perceive them.” The immortal asked.

Kira answered in her own way, “Why would I live with people who abandoned me?”

Eona’s heart sank, she had forgotten...Kira wasn’t born a slave...she was sold into it. Its no surprise she holds resentment toward her birth parents, but why lump all of humanity together? The two fell silent for a time, until Kira achieved the courage to speak again:

“If I had the choice to go back...I would rather be a slave and to have met everyone here, rather than to have a human life.”

Eona smiles, she was glad to hear Kira speak from her heart—the smile fades. After everything she has suffered because of vampires because of her master its a miracle that she continues to love them as her own family. Eona has never known something so precious could exist in this world...truly an act of the Ancestors that they would be together. Eona leans over Kira, wrapping her arms around the human’s tiny waist she nuzzles her head closer into the broad back.

“Lady Eona?” Kira said with worry.

“I’m getting sleepy...” Eona answered quickly, “Let’s stay here for a while.”

In her chest the heart pounds as though it is about to burst, “As you wish.”

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