The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Queen of the Damned

Among vampires, there was a single one Kira held no respect toward—Wolfgang. He is Eona’s commander and his underlings belong to that of Nightcore. They are highly-trained vampire warriors whose sole reason for existence is to protect Eona Nightraven. Wolfgang was the vampire who brought Kira from the prison cell that was once her world, but that is not why they hated each other.

“You always say you hate humans, yet you display strength less than them!” The eldest immortal barked.

Kira slid across the floor by the power of his thrust--this was better compared to being launched or even refusing to fight. This, Commander-of-the-Guard, hates humans and with no regard for her circumstance, hates Kira for even breathing. He thinks of humans as nothing more than tools to the superior vampires--he’s to be summarized, is an ‘old-school’ vampire.

The human rose again gripping the wooden sword harder. When Kira asked to be trained by him, Wolfgang laughed at her; what could a human possibly do that vampires couldn’t? She could never hope to protect herself, much less another from vampires nor humans. Unlike their Commander the rest of Nightcore never had an issue with Kira’s will to fight, but rather found it strange why she would learn this if she never used it.

The only one who did not know, the one who could not know was Lady Eona--Kira has been bullied by the humans since the start of school and recently it has become very violent. They commend her however, if she had been a vampire she would have already torn those girls apart, but its not like she can’t do anything...she chooses to suppress her anger. Kira charges again, this time she aims at Wolfgang’s feet; he jumped, moving instantly to her blind spot, but found Kira had predicted that and thrusted back. Though she had gotten faster over the years it was not enough--once again she losses.

“Humans don’t belong here, you don’t belong here.”
Wolfgang snarled when throwing both his and Kira’s swords back to the armorer. The human drops on her butt and leans, back looking at the vampire.

“Why Lady Eona keeps you around is beyond me.”

Kira instantly rebutted, “Because I’m more pleasant to look at when human ambassadors come.”

The insolent little brat! Wolfgang threw a knife at the human who was able to evade easily. Whatever reason their master keeps this human alive is indeed her own, but if for a second he believes Kira means harm to Lady Eona he will kill her without a second thought. Wolfgang leaves, ordering his underlings to continue training.

Kira scratches her head when standing--Wolfgang wasn’t always this way...up until four years ago the two of them were tolerable of one another. Kira sighs, I guess it was my fault though. The others continued training, leaving Kira alone on the bench. Kira clenches her fists, Don’t you think I already know that? She rubs her neck, I’m nothing more than food. Leaving on a solemn note Kira returned to her room and lies on her bed, staring at the photos on the nightstand.

When she was still a child the maids took care of her, raised her like their own daughter. They taught her words of vampire and human alike, history and the duties of a maid and butler. Lady Eona took it upon herself to teach about the world, light and dark, and for Kira to understand what ‘life’ meant. Kira was happy...she felt she belonged somewhere...she felt she lived for the sake of another. That is how she felt, but it changed after that incident four years ago.

Six years had gone, and Kira obtained the intelligence of a ten-year-old. When raised as an animal for the first seven years of life, the process to reverse such a thing was impossible and held great difficulty in surpassing it. She could speak both languages with no difficultly however as for dealing with humans, socially she was still an animal. Kira constantly had nightmares and greatly feared the sun, though she could venture out she could not without Eona’s company.

The lady was out often, tending to the duties as Queen of Vampires. This caused both the human and vampire distress, but they managed. Kira looked to the vampire queen with admiration, she believed, in her learning, that since the queen freed her and gave her this life that she was to stay beside her forever. How conceited she was. One night the fourteen-year-old received a grim reminder of their differences. It was only natural—Kira is human and the prey for vampires who crave human blood.

All those years Eona held her reserve and fought against her instincts, but eventually the hunger built up too much. Eona could not understand it herself, why this unquenchable thirst existed regardless how much blood she consumed. She grew afraid and began to distance herself from Kira in order to keep her safe. The maids told their daughter the lady was ill and said it was best to allow Eona to rest. What they did not know was how much their queen suffered because of the thirst.

Wolfgang offered his own blood and many others, but the queen would not have it and sent all away until the beast could be suppressed. Never has there been such a longing for blood, but why? Kira wanted Lady Eona to get better though she was naive to the utter hell of a vampire’s starvation.

As everyone slept during the day she traveled to the lady’s room with flowers she picked in the sunlight. Lady Eona had loved the sun and her hope was having these flowers picked in light without company would help her to feel better. Kira knocked, but found the door ajar, thinking the Lady was out she planned to leave the flowers on the bed. To her surprise the lady laid on the couch twitching as though she was having a nightmare.

Just as she had done when the young girl had them, Kira began to caress Eona’s head. Eona’s eyes opened, catching a sweet scent nearby. What was this delicious smell? Something that she wanted, something that could satisfy this painful lust? Kira had not seen Eona’s bloody eyes since their first meeting and for a moment she felt a sudden chill.

“Lady...Eona...?” The human asked quietly.

The vampire rose from the couch and pulled Kira into her arms. She nuzzled her face into Kira’s neck and listened to the beautiful rhythm of this girl’s heart. What a sound. Kira didn’t know what to feel--this kind of hug was...never received until now. The hug became harder.

“Ah…there you are…I was just about to call for you.” Lady Eona’s voice trembled, “My sweet girl.”

Kira is swept off her feet and forced onto the bed. Eona appeared on top of her, further nuzzling her face on Kira’s neck. Her tongue tickled the girl’s neck and with that Eona’s eyes glowed brighter. She sat up and undid the scarf, placing her slender hand on Kira’s shirt she pulled up. Eona’s hands work their way under the shirt and to her back--feeling the brand for a moment they hesitate.

The instinct overpowers the hesitation and with a craving for the flesh the queen’s fangs pierce Kira’s throat. What...? Kira takes a second to recognize...the sound of her own blood being sucked by Lady Eona. She could not speak, could not move, and could do nothing as her master dug her nails into her back, dragging them down to further grasp the prey.

The fresh scent of blood awoke the entire house, a shocking sudden-ty of the sweetness of Cherry Blossoms sent everyone into panic. Everyone ran in search of Kira. Eona regained her rationality, seconds before claiming her human’s life. Imminently she yanked her fangs from the throat and stepped away.

“Ki...ra...?” Eona realized in horror.

The breathing was shallow and staggered, but Kira’s eyes, though slightly, were still open. She tried to speak, yet with so much blood escaping her jugular it was an impossible wish. Eona cried out, cried for help when pressing to stop the bleeding--the blood on her hands forced her to know the condition of Kira’s back as well.

That day Kira stepped away from Eona; became independent, she acknowledged the differences and set out to keep the line between the two. The human knew, even if her mistress did not mean it, even if she did not want it; Kira was a human and only a servant. She was not special, not significant, but the thoughts remained to be as useful as possible, no matter for what.

Four years had passed and Wolfgang still blamed Kira for causing Eona her suffering. Since then Kira became a maid and a butler--a servant to the Queen of the Damned. Now that Kira thought of it, she woke up with the tattoo on her neck and wasn’t given a clear reason for it. No doubt Eona blamed herself for the barrier between the two, but it wasn’t. Kira never mentioned the incident, but its not like she hated the queen, nor that she was afraid of her. She didn’t die and she doesn’t remember the pain therefore Kira doesn’t dwell on it. A knock on the door sends the servant to attend to her duties

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