The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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An Animal Cornered

Kira did not sleep much. Normally between one in the afternoon and seven in the evening allowed her plenty of sleep, but she had been restless. Her entire body burned, maybe because she stayed out in the sun too long or simply it was that time again--though normally there were no problems because she stayed out of the house as much as possible during that week. Her head spun and for a time she debated going to day school...she did so anyway to avoid troubling the others.

The lessons were distant, blurred and fish-eyed, Kira had a difficult time focusing and asked to be excused. The school’s doctor was a vampire, she was kind and considerate and what her kind considers a ‘vegetarian’--drinking mainly animal blood. Dr. Addy sat Kira on the bed and checked for any signs of trauma or fatigue. She was an older vampire of more than four centuries, an average build woman of taller stature than both Kira and Eona. In her time, she was considered a freak for her height, but today she would be just above average. The doctor cut her hair in a bob fashion, having on side a longer length than the other that allowed her to push her chestnut hair behind her ears when necessary. Kira observed her face carefully: the doctor had a sharp jawline and had a habit of wearing non-prescription glasses—something Kira attributed to the doctor wanting to look either smarter or more human considering how strong her eyes were against people.

“Have you been eating enough?” The doctor tapped her pen on the clipboard, catching Kira’s attention and diverting it from the doctor’s face.

“Yes.” Kira answered looking in the distance.

“Were you in the sun too long?” The doctor continued.

“No more than usual, I even stayed under a tree for most of it.”

Her blood pressure is taken, temperature, and mainly simple tests for a minor problem. Kira removes her scarf and for the first time in a long time Dr. Addy sees the tattoo on her neck.

“When did you get bit again?”

The question came as a surprise, automatically Kira assumed it was common knowledge, but then why wouldn’t she remember? Doctor Addy was the one who placed it on her after all.

“Four years ago maybe--”

“Has it been that long?” Emily mumbled.

“You’re still human--then the Stigma...”

Kira tilted her head quizzically, What’s a stigma? Addy noticed her patient’s confusion and relaxed, wanting to ease into the subject. The doctor leans back in her chair, “Didn’t anyone at that house tell you anything?” Kira shook head. Doctor Addy is one of the few in Whitewater who is aware of the human’s master--rather the two are actually rather well antiquated with one another. When Kira first came to live with them, her physical state was terrible and was in need of constant monitoring. Once her health peaked it was no longer necessary and in fact this is the first time Kira has had a check-up in four years.

The doctor sighed, a crease in her brow formed, “One would think Lady Eona would take responsibility—”

Kira averted her eyes to the ground, “It was my fault. She was suppressing her thirst, I mean constantly having a human must be bad for vampires.”

Doctor Addy pats Kira’s head saying that it wasn’t her fault in the slightest. The fact ‘Lady Eona’ of all people lost to her thirst means there was another factor in it. The maids nor have the guards have had an issue, therefore there must be another reason. Of all people Kira had to be bitten by a ‘Pureblood’ and not just any, their queen.

“What do you know about how we’re made?”

Kira began wrapping the scarf again when giving a textbook answered, “Well...vampires can be born--either human or vampire, then there are ex-humans, and Purebloods are those who have no trace of human in them.”

Doctor Addy nods with approval, “Ex-human vampires are humans turned only one way--being bitten by a Pureblood.”

Kira fell silent. Lady Eona is a Pureblood, why is it she didn’t turn then? If you’re bitten only two things can happen: you die of blood-loss or you turn.

“There was only one way I knew that could keep you human. The Stigma on your neck is a technique that was created for a different purpose, however thanks to the Queen’s power it was able to be modified to suppress your turning.” Dr. Addy shuts her eyes with a tired yawn, “Seeing as it was her power that suppressed your turn, it would not come as a surprise if you shared a few similarities.”

Kira touches her neck--Lady Eona gave her powers, to keep her servant human. Obviously Eona cares for her, otherwise she would have just let her turn. This could be a reason for Kira feeling ill, because Eona might be feeling the same. Though it has never been proven it could be an explanation. Four years...only for the sake of ‘suppressing’ the process? The doctor gave Ibuprofen and allowed Kira to rest until the remainder of the class was over. In order to keep Kira human at that time...was that really necessary? She shuts Kira’s document, Even you would have realized...what could happen?

Music was soothing, there were hardly any troubles from classmates and since she was in the orchestra there was the hope one-day she could play in public. Play in public huh? Of course, it would be for vampires, what could she hope to gain by playing for humans during the day? Kira tugged on her scarf. A life among humans...what does it even mean to be human? Is it their physical means? Their mentality? How can one species place their judgement upon another when that other has an entirely separate idea of ‘morals’?

Gym was the last period for the day--an annoying consistency of running in the sun, climbing up a rope and a few ‘games’ of dodge ball. Honestly how can this be fun? Normally Kira would not change back--it involved showering and if the others saw her scars and the tattoo it would further be difficult to conceal her temper at their mocking. To avoid troubling the main house this was necessary.

“Is she not gonna shower again?” Girls whisper loudly, “That’s disgusting!”

Kira paid no mind to them and went to collect her belongings. The senior from a while back slams the junior’s locker, inches from snapping them on her fingers. Blankly she glanced at the senior then forcefully removed her hand--struggling at first, the senior then slides her hand from Kira’s grip and slaps her across the face.

“Don’t you dare touch me you disgusting bitch!” She shouted
She pushed Kira into the locker, grabbed her shirt and threw her toward the showers.

“Why don’t you wash that smirk off your face!” The senior continued

The girls began chanting, like some cult they followed the senior as though she were a god.

“Rip it off! Rip it off! Rip it off!”

One turns on the shower and the senior proceeds to kick Kira into the freezing waters. This punk is always looking down on them, a stupid, arrogant, brat doesn’t belong here! She always acted tough, always gave an annoyed expression and even now she takes this beating as though its nothing!

“What are you hiding?” The Senior cult leader questioned.

She reached for the bandage on Kira’s neck--her wrist was seized and kept in place.

Don’t.” Kira threatened, her word silencing the chant with it dark malice.

The girls hesitated at the senior’s order, but eventually jumped, taking a limb, and surprisingly it took two or more girls to hold even a single limb. They did not know, but Kira was not even using half her strength. The senior pulled Kira’s hair and head back and removed the bandage.

The Senior stopped, “The hell is that?”

To humans it was an odd tattoo, tribal in nature, it had four sections and a cross in its center. Clearly, she was part of some freak-show, or maybe had gone to jail, hell even a cult could do it. Kira glared angrily, but something else began to surface, an old feeling from that past. Being out-numbered, backed into a corner, there was only the time as a slave that related to this: fear. If this emotion was left unchecked Kira could relapse.

Now Kira began to increase her power, now pulling with enough force to break an arm free--this helped with her left leg, then her right and finally the other arm. The girls staggered back, but the senior only pressed forward, quickly gripping Kira’s shirt so not to have her flee. The shirt began to rip.

“Hey Jess this might be too much...” These voices were all in agreement that this was going too far, “Yeah, maybe we should stop.”

Jess snapped at her friends’ weakness and continued to pull. Kira began to be engulfed by panic, if they saw, saw what was under, then surly things would--

Kira was consumed by the instinct of survival, “LET GO!”
Kira swung, missing Jess and landing her fist into the tile--this created a bloody impression of it in the broken clay. The others saw the damaged, one managed to let out a scream in surprise to the loud *crack* of tile. Jess continued to pull, she kicked Kira in the back, bending her forward and tearing the shirt back.

Cautiously Jess pulled, “Come-on let’s see what you’re hiding!”

The back of the shirt separated, keeping in Jess’s hand, revealing the truth of Kira’s secret. On her back was firstly a brand--circular in nature, it had a symbol in the center; in the vampiric language it was her former-slaver’s icon to place her as his property. Lastly were eight unsightly discolored gashes, healed over and scarred in Kira’s back from the time her life was nearly claimed by her mistress.

In that moment even, Jess was at a loss of words at the sight of them--Kira slipped into a corner and panicked. She yelled, covering her head as though the vampires had come once again to take her red water. The door was broken down; in an instant he came, drenched in shower water Jake crouched over Kira, shielding her from the humans.

‘Kira, what happened!’ He asked in their native language.
Breathlessly Kira clung onto Jake, she grabbed the collars of his coat and cried into his chest.

’Please...Please...Get me away from them...the humans...
Jake wrapped his arms around Kira and saw what those humans revealed.

Kira were you a...′

Kira had been reduced to a feeble state. Without a moment’s hesitation Jake lifted Kira into his arms, wrapping her into a towel and bolted out the door. Covering her head, he made for the car and drove off. They arrived at his mansion, miles outside the town and even further from the main house. He had been right to return to the school--seeing the hidden bruises the night before he knew something was not right. Such a thing he did not expect, for Kira to be bullied and to a degree such as this. Inside, the servants were surprised certainly to see he has brought a human home, but when they recognized who he brought their worry increased. By the looks of it she had been attacked.

Jake kept his friend in his room, the curtains were shut, no servants were allowed inside, and no one was to inform his father nor any who asked for her. There Kira clung to Jake like a lost child, hiding feebly in the darkness she was born into. This was comforting to her, more than the main house, maybe it was this mansion or maybe being away--perhaps it was Jake...her best friend, a vampire who longs for night as much as she. Kira hid under a blanket with Jake beside her, trembling at the memories of her past. Hours past and the frail human finally withdrew from the blanket. She sat on the bed and held her head.

“How are you feeling?” The Noble began to rub her head.
“Like my fucking heads’ been hit with a hammer.”

Jake laughed commenting that it sounds like rough sex. It made Kira chuckle and forget the relapse she succumbs to. She was tired and hungry, and Jake took it upon himself to have food brought to her, this made her feel guilty at all the trouble she caused. It was only a matter of time before he knew if he didn’t already—Jake is a genius after all. Kira explained her circumstance, the fact she lived her first years as a slave, to be nothing more than cattle.

“Lady Eona was the one who saved you.” The noble stated.

Kira could no longer be surprised at the knowledge he held. Knowing him, he probably figured it out long ago and never said anything because it wasn’t his place to. It wasn’t much of a secret though, she had the same surname as the queen after all. Kira is special...the only human in service to the Queen of Vampires and by her treatment she is not simply food--that would be too cruel. Jake is dumbfounded, nonetheless, at Kira’s unwavering loyalty to his kin regardless of what they’ve done to her she has yet to lose her faith in them. He assumed it was only natural then, just the same could have happened among humans--if not worse.

“Those claw marks on my back...” Kira touched her shoulder, “It was an accident.”

There was no reason to hate her master, she could never bring herself too. Regardless it was obligation, or siring, Kira knew that ‘she’ has no want to hate the queen--even if she was betrayed...Kira will do what she can to help. Kira was given a shirt to wear and shorts that were too large to fit comfortably. Still she was thankful. Jake has always helped her, always looked after her since the two were young.

“Listen, Jake—please don’t tell anyone about today.” Kira begged.

He questioned this request. A member of the queen’s house was viciously attacked and Kira wants to hush it up?

“I don’t want to cause anymore trouble than I already have. Knowing Lady Eona she’d probably have those girls expelled, Wolfgang would try to have ‘me’ kicked out--its just too much trouble over a human servant--”

Jake pushed Kira down and rammed his fist into the bed.

“You need to quit with undermining yourself.” He growls, “You need to get that arrogant ideology out of your head! You matter as much as any other vampire, even more!”

Kira returned home, explaining to the maids she had been delayed do to a project for the day class. The servant walked straight to her room and ignored her usual duties, she was far too tired. What is this feeling? Kira threw off her clothes and slumped onto the bed. You need to get that arrogant ideology out of your head! Scratching at her neck Kira lets out a heavy sigh. So what if its arrogant? If I’m happy with that what’s it matter?

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