The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Hunters of Beasts

Existing since the beginning, the beginning of the war whenever that was. That war will never be over, but it’s difficult to maintain such a title seeing as an open conflict has not occurred for centuries. There is no truce between them, but rather an agreement: to manage one another for an opportunity to coexist. Most of them saw it as petty words to avoid an all-out extinction. The only good vampire is a dead one.

From what they heard the vampires were divided: one faction followed their precious Pureblood queen and the other enjoyed revealing the true nature of the immortals. For a long time, humans were caught in the center of fighting, they had no real means to fight back, to defend their lives; families, homes and untold numbers of good hunters died in the war. It was not until sixty years ago that humans could finally make a stand--the creation of Anti-Vampire Weapons gave the association the means to effectively kill the vampire. Though the knowledge of the existence of these demons is not public, many know the truth and thus employ the services of the Hunters Association. Publicly they are known as Omnicron--a multi-million-dollar company that develops weaponry for militaries.

Vampires refer to them as hunters and nothing more because they are nothing more. Whoever ends up on their list are binge-eaters who either couldn’t clean up after themselves or degraded into insanity. Many vampires did not mind having a cleanup crew and did not try to save any who fell on that list because most were a nuisance to them also. As for the hunters themselves--nearly everyone has had their lives ruined or scarred by the blood suckers. Among this association was a rank structure, much the same as the vampire society.

At the top stood the Association President; currently this is Mason Jensin a man who was born into the life of a hunter and betrayed by a woman he loved. There are five levels in being a conventional hunter: soldier; investigator third class, second class, first class and finally special investigator. Only investigators were allowed AVWs seeing as the process to make such weapons were expensive and difficult. Between the Queen of Vampires and the Association President lies a truce of cease-fire on reckless hunting a killing. Both know the days of butchering each other are something this world will no longer allow and seeing as neither wishes to be extinct such an agreement was made. At least with those under the queen.

President Jensin is an older man though, the ways of old still influence his decisions, but its arrogance and personal pride that have him try to work in modern times. The enemy is not gone, they have only evolved. Everyday humans are murdered, families are torn apart and young children are broken. Every now and again the President will go out on a hunt to ensure his blade never dulls and his skills do not whither. It also serves as a reminder to why he fights, why everyone who works under him fights--protecting humanity and the ones they love; if he had any. Today they would meet the queen to discuss the Masquerade Ball she holds every year. It’s mainly to ward off any suspicion as to why so many gathers in a single place.

“You moved it?” He asked as the two-sip tea and chat at a fine-dining restaurant. This was most unusual for the queen and certainly suspicious.

“I am hosting the ball in my home this year, rather than the castle.” The queen explained, sipping her wine.


The queens eyes shun their bloody wickedness as though the President has sparked her furry: “It is of no concern of yours what I do with ‘my’ kingdom. Do not forget my mentioning of these are a courtesy in order to maintain peace between us.”
The Association President held his temper and sipped his tea again, contemplating what to say next. The both know he is an accomplished hunter and even more so that he wields his personal AVW on him at each of these meetings. The queen giggled knowing the end of this ever-so-short meeting had come.

“I shall be on my way then Mr. Association President. I have a ball to prepare for and someone to see home.”

“See home?” He questioned, having not heard a statement as this before from her.

“Humans and vampires are not so different, both need schooling and I have someone who will be coming home shortly.”

The President quickly glanced at his watch, it’s still day and right about now: Impossible—could that person be a human? It’s completely unheard of for the queen to have a human in her company--the Queen of the Damned does not keep humans even as pets! Could it be a blood slave then? The queen began to leave.

“That person—are they human?” Jensin asked aloud
She stopped and looked back at him quizzically, “That’s also none of your concern.”

President Jensin disagreed, he threw two hundred-dollar bills on the table and pursued the queen. Sticking to her side, he side-tracked her path of travel and diverted it to the public sidewalk. This was done because he knew she would not dare attack him in front of witnesses, for that matter neither could he. The queen decided to entertain this jester of his but would be the one who decided the direction they would go.

“It’s not like you to take in a human—I have to wonder if this person is there willingly.” Jensin began, giving an eye of suspicion.

The queen laughed lightly, “Despite what you think of me Mr. President, I happen to be quite fond of most human company.”

The hunter remained unconvinced. The queen, no, Purebloods in general are well-known for their finding of a human that processes quality blood; keeping them as pets and having them become an ‘on-demand blood bank’. However, these humans are generally treated well, due to the idea that a healthier human produces better quality blood, they live a relatively easy life. Nonetheless…those humans do not have a long lifespan and often ‘expire’ do to the toll on their body in their early-to-mid-twenties. The President has seen hundreds of cases like these in his life, but unfortunately these Purebloods, and sometimes Nobles, often brainwash these humans to the point that they believe that is an ‘expectation’ of humans and that they are performing a normal service expected of their kind. They are loyal to their vampire masters to a ‘T’ and it rare cases die of a psychological ‘withdraw’ or kill themselves rather than live without their masters.

The queen would be thought no exception to this, had the President not understood her to mention that this human she houses to be attending school—THAT is something exceptionally rare indeed. Most vampires do not educate their livestock, it places ideas of ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ in their minds that would cause resistance to an otherwise easy access to quality blood. Out of the hundreds—maybe thousands the Association has not even touched or known about—the President has only seen one perhaps two that educate their humans. Those humans, in particular, have an even stronger connection to their masters and even kill for their masters without mercy or remorse. Regardless, the educated ones live slightly longer than ordinary livestock, but there has been no case of those vampires offering to free or giving a choice to those one or two humans. In any case it is in the President’s professional opinion that any beaten dog will lick its owner’s hand if it’s given a warm bed, treats, and the slightest bit of affection.

“What’s that human to you?” Jensin finally asked, “How long will this one last?”

The queen shot him a dirty look, “Take care what you say, Association President. You are speaking to the Vampire Queen.” Eona continued without giving him the chance to reply, “What I do with the members of my house are none of your concern! However…” The queen lowered her aggravated tone, “If you are truly concerned then I will arrange for her to come with me to the next quarterly meeting.”

The President swallowed his pride for the moment and extended an official, Presidential, appreciation for the queen’s adherence of the hunter’s policy towards human-vampire relations. A vehicle pulled up beside the queen, a sleek, black limo having appeared now of the conversation’s end. The queen and president bid the other a stiff farewell one leaving for a three-hour drive home, the other to catch a plane to return to headquarters.

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