The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Dance in the Moonlight

Every year there is a grand ball, a Masquerade, held by the queen and a selection of royal Purebloods. Normally the queen and most of the staff travel to the palace, leaving Kira, but for an odd reason it is held here this time. For over two weeks the main house prepared for nearing three hundred guests to arrive--the house hardly suited the vast amount. Kira was both excited and nervous; being around so many vampires has yet to happen and as to the what-if to what she would be doing around them.

She skipped day class (not if she was to have anything to make up) and worked longer hours in the burning sun. Though short breaks were frequent she quickly recovered and even was allowed the opportunity to extend invitations to all the nobles, in her class, at their homes.

“Kira why don’t you come here a moment.” Lady Eona motioned.

“I’m really busy, if you need something could you ask one of the maids--”

The atmosphere grew dark as Lady Eona’s ominous gaze set on her.

Kira laughed nervously once, “Yes, coming...”

Kira became coy when brushing her master’s hair. Quietly the human still took joy in how soft the lady’s hair was. These moments were peaceful and rare now-a days, making each moment extra special. The gown Lady Eona was to wear was red and fiery, a perfect match to Kira’s scarf.

“Perhaps it is time we got you a new scarf--that one is rather old.”

Kira shut her eyes and smiled, continuing her brushing.

“May I speak freely?”

Lady Eona sighed, “You never have to ask.”

“I would never get rid of this scarf, its the first thing I was given by you.”

“I thought I gave you your name first?”

Kira shook her head, “When I clawed at my neck after they took my stopped me; you were the first person who asked for me not to die.”

Eona teased poorly, “Was I?”

Her chest felt tight, there is no reason for her to remember such a minor thing, but there was a hope. Lady Eona listened for the heart’s flux-cation and was satisfied with its tempo. As always Kira smiled and left it at that--it was only a dream after all. Lady Eona’s hair was braided then as her servant left she asked another question, “How is your violin coming?”

Kira’s face lit up to a degree, “Very good, the orchestra actually has a performance in Blue Ridge soon...I was--going to ask to miss a few days to go.”

With a wider smile Lady Eona spins around in her chair and exclaims, “Of course you may! I must say I was a little worried about you going to the day classes by yourself, but I’m glad you’re making friends!”

It was the first lie Kira ever told, no verbally, but in her eyes Lady Eona saw a distant gaze. Kira bowed and went to the door. What was that? For a moment her eyes expressed weariness and that in itself is very rare, Kira is often filled will energy.

“Kira--! How about you perform with the night’s orchestra? You won’t have to be bothered by the party and I would love to hear your music!”

Kira tried to contain the large smile and the blush on her face and as monotone as possible said, “If that will make you happy.”

The door shut and Eona began to smile with hunger. She’s so cute when she’s embarrassed. Another maid enters with a bottle of vintage wine, aged one-hundred and seven years. Of course, she won’t force Kira into anything, but sooner of later everything will come to light. This ball is being held here for Kira’s sake--for her to become more integrated into vampire society. Based on Doctor Addy’s report Kira may never be able to rejoin human society for the remainder of her life.

The ball began at sunset, but Kira and Eona both arose long before even the earliest of staff members. For no peculiar reason she told Kira to meet her in the bright sun, under their tree. Eona was there first, unknowingly sitting above in the tree. For a time, her servant walked around the Willow Tree then after a time she sat down looking toward the house. Out of no where a ferret appeared, running eagerly around and near Kira like the two were old friends.

“Hey now, hey now--don’t let her see you! I didn’t bring you here just so you could get thrown out ya know?” Kira was always able to be herself around him.

Eona silently giggled, You are friends with all sorts. The ferret ran in and out of Kira’s shirt then into her lap as though out of energy. This was the first time the queen has seen Kira act so carefree nonetheless heard her giggle childishly--its normally her who does so. Eona decided to watch for a bit longer...seeing Kira so relaxed was a pleasant break. Of course, it was only a matter of time before she fell asleep--still not a day person. The little ferret seemed to be aware of Eona’s presence, but never alerted Kira.

“You seem to be good friends with Kira.”

Eona extended her hand, giving the unspoken request to pet, which was granted. He was soft for a feral little one and rather docile given the fact he’s from the forest. Eona’s eyes wondered, Considering Kira was raised as an animal...its possible some of those instincts will never fade away. For years Eona wondered why she became attracted to Kira, not simply because the girl was human, but maybe it was fascination. After the incident four years ago...the moment when she nearly took her precious human’s life it became clear.

“Kira...” Eona bent down and shook her.

Slowly Kira’s eyes opened and, in those eyes, she witnessed a beautiful light. Eona’s marble features broke from the sun’s obscured light and nearly made it too bright for the human to gaze upon. Who...? Eona touches the girl’s cheek then rubs her head. That feels good... She gently eases Kira to her lap—this is a nice dream; the young woman believes. This is a good dream...

“Five more minutes, right?” Eona giggled.

The small girl had already fallen asleep again. She leans forward and kisses Kira on the forehead, “Sweet dreams, Kira.”

Kira awoke in her room in a daze but shook it off quickly. The night’s attire involved her wearing a suit as opposed to a dress (not that Kira complained). Like her uniform, the tuxedo was white, peculiar considering one would believe black to be a traditional ‘vampire color’. On her dresser was an equally peculiar mask, certainly not what she picked (that one had been replaced this other). Her’s was originally a conventional masquerade mask while this one was far more elegant (as one can get with a men’s mask). Lady Eona likely switched them out as a prank. After retrieving her violin Kira set it on a chair in the orchestra and began assisting the others...attempted to anyway.

For once it seemed as though she was getting in everyone’s way and then decided to sit on the steps near the Staff Quarters. Did I go out today? It would not be the first time she has woken up someplace else, but for Lady Eona...Kira blushed. Its just a dream because something like that is impossible from the start. I’m human and she’s a Pureblood! The more Kira thought about it the more it became confusing and so--the entire thought was cast aside. All that matters is serving her master and nothing more. No love, no family, just living in service to her savior is what’s important now—if she asked for anything more...nothing good would come out of it. Recovering from a nearly catastrophic phenomena Kira went to meet the members of the orchestra and lose herself in music.

A man said from behind, “Ah so ‘you’re’ the violinist we’ve heard about!”

The director was a cheery aged man, by his appearance he looked extremely familiar. His hair was long and grey, kept in a gothic-style braid that traveled halfway down his back. Kira bowed introducing herself only by first name. Everyone here was very relaxed and ‘normal’ (comparing it to school and staff life). Many were young vampires a couple decades or so, but still acted like college students. Most were not even aristocrats and just normal vampires both born and ex-human, aside from her and one other. Finally, the director gives a half-smile at seeing how intently Kira looked at him.

“Yes, I am ‘the’ Wolfgang Mozart—”

Kira’s face lit up passionately—‘the’ Wolfgang Mozart is a Vampire, even more the world’s greatest composure is alive! She is overjoyed, never had she thought it possible to meet such an iconic master of the arts! A sudden chill crept from behind—there is another ‘Wolfgang’ among them.

“Ah uncle!” The director said happily.

Kira realized the connection--the Commander-of-the-Guard must be the ancestor to a human descendant that lead to Mozart who must be ex-human. She scratches her head on how such a complex explanation made sense. For a while the queen’s guard dog and servant glare at one another, then the dog turns his attention to his grandson. The two seemed to get along well, but Kira never took Wolfgang for an admirer of the arts much less that she would be playing tonight. After a lengthy conversation of how immortality has faired the both senior said fair well to junior and once again senior and Kira locked stares.

“Bitch.” Growled one.

“Asshole.” Hissed the other.

Sparks ignited between them and was not put out until junior pulled Kira away--sending senior on his way.

“I see you and uncle get along.” Mozart chuckled.

Kira huffed and ignored the subject until Mozart changed it. The party would begin in two hours and the new violinist had yet to practice with the entire orchestra—for a musician and a director this is not ideal, however adaption becomes necessary when the unexpected occurs. She uncased her adored instrument; the first instrument she had bought with her own money and for a second she stared at its flawlessly carved bout, at the scroll shaped as it is name then quickly set it on her chair and withdrew her bow.

Tonight, would be a ball—elegant and traditional it would only be natural to play Mozart’s archetype of the classical style. Minuet—a slightly old-fashioned that was aristocratic in origin, elegant and stately. A favored of the Queen of the Night. Certainly, it was a difficult piece, even for Kira who had practiced for five years on such difficulties. Music seemed to be the only thing she learned with a quickness as a child.

The masquerade began hundreds of vampires, all hidden behind a mask, danced and socialized under the main house roof. Kira paid no mind to the ball itself and focused on her music, at the movements of director Mozart as the tempo rose and fell, as grand crescendos softened instantly to pianissimos. There was much life in this symphony. Finally, the music ended at the climax of the night reached at twilight--lights dimmed, making it difficult for Kira to see much of the room. At the top of the stairs stood the masked Queen of Vampires. In all the queen’s beauty and light Kira was likely the only who was not entirely captured by those eyes. She could not risk being—the only thing between them was master and servant, admired and the admiring. The queen spoke in her first language,

‘Welcome my beloved kin, my fellow dwellers of the night. May we take this celebration and not remember those of the past but look onto the future; forever and prosperous it shall be!’

The mass clapped as she descended to her throne. The music played again. Once or twice Kira glanced at her master, hoping to be noticed, but knowing she would not be. One human in a room full of nobles. Many vampire men came and greeted the queen requesting to have a dance, but they were all denied politely. By now Kira could hear their annoyance, such that the queen was in need to pick a suitor at ‘some’ point. She thought to herself as to why must Lady Eona have a suitor? Vampires are immortal and unchanging and Kira’s master would not be killed by the likes of them. Though seeing she is not the first in her line it does beg the question of what does lead to a vampire ruler’s passing of the crown. The human found herself feeling jealousy at whomever become Eona’s suitor.

Kira shoved aside such thoughts and continued to play un-distracted. For a time, the musicians were dismissed, giving her a chance to meet her fellow staff in the kitchen--once again she felt in the way and left for the balcony.

Outside in the cool breeze the young woman found this the ideal spot, away from the party, to untie the bow and unbutton her collar. It felt suffocating and now letting her neck breath felt relaxing. She pulls off her silver mask and leans over the edge. The cool breeze of the night was refreshing and relaxing, sitting at the perfect temperature to night freeze nor blaze an individual.

“Seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t like crowds.” A lavender voice said.

Kira spun counter-clockwise and dropped down to a single knee, in that instant a hand offered to pull her up. Hesitant, she stared at the gloved hand without any idea what to do next—her mind had gone entirely blank at the sight of such beauty. Lady Eona giggled softly, she touched Kira’s chin—an unsaid telling to rise. Kira did so but continued to watch the ground or not directly look at her master in fear of her face matching the queen’s dress. Eona knew what was happening and thought to provoke further--she changed her mind; a bit to much teasing considering the night.

“Mozart always knows which music to lift my spirits—you know he used to be my teacher when I was younger?” Eona looked up to the sky. Kira smiled, her master was also a musician.

“I still practice the harp in my spare time, maybe we could play together sometime.” Eona suggested.

She heard the mortal heart pulse faster and faster. What music could be matched with such a powerful beat? Kira knew how loud it must be racing and did the best she could to calm its hurricane. It would not be settled. The tightness in her chest returned, unwelcome, it felt hot making the urge to dress further and release the heat extremely difficult. For a long while they stood quietly, watching the moon as it gradually climbed the sky. Eventually Kira felt the need to return to the orchestra and for her master to rejoin the party, but such an idea was forsaken when Eona refused to move. She’s like a spoiled child. Kira sighed carefree knowing it would be best not to leave her master at this point.

Eona continued, “You know I like it when we’re alone like this...its nice when we can relax together every-so-often.”

Kira could not quiet her heart now, it felt as though it would burst from her chance and it took all her will to keep herself motionless. She must not speak her mind, must not show anything other than appreciation--Kira is a servant and nothing more. A part of her felt cheated from her own choice; for what she has suffered can she not have the happiness and love she craves? The other part knew that was arrogance and nothing was entitled. Lady Eona leaned on Kira’s shoulder, then coiled her arms around the human’s.

“Can you at least pretend to act normal with me? Its always the ‘master’ ‘servant’ treatment with you.” Lady Eona growled quietly.

“Well...” Kira began trying to keep herself from rasping, “Its how I have to act—”

“Liar.” Eona purred in Kira’s ear.

The human’s face flushed red, the sound of her master’s voice in her ear, the feel of her touch on her, the scent of lavender slowly causing her to become drunk on its scent. She released her servant, having felt the shaking and had mistaken it for something else.

For a long time Eona was afraid to ask, afraid to know what her precious human thought of her. A living testament to the dark side of vampire society it would not be surprising of she digests the very presence of vampires. Abandoned by humans, used by vampires its likely Kira hates this entire world where she feels she does not belong. Eona wanted to, she wants to change that feeling, wants to claim it for herself, but in reality: she wants Kira to be happy, with her.

Eona gave a small smile, “You must hate me.”

Kira’s heart skipped a beat, cause her body to snap in a cold sweat from the previous intoxication.

Eona looked down to the front gate, “I don’t mind, vampires are often’s only natural—we’ve caused you so much pain after all.”

Eona turned away from Kira. As long as Kira could so much as continue working here it would be enough, but she has no obligation to. She can leave right here, right now and not a single person would stop her—rather they would help provide if enabled. They owe her that much. It could be thought as despicable for the queen to bow her head so low for the sake of a human, but none of that matters. Who cares if its a disgrace to all vampires that she would value this girl above her kin—she never asked to be queen anyway.

This life was forced onto her and when at last she found a life worth protecting she ended up ruining it. Eona put her golden mask back on and walked toward the door to rejoin the ball. Hate you? Kira’s sight began to blur, losing focus of the queen. What—? A sudden sickness began to overwhelm her senses—the side effect Dr. Addy spoke about?! Is she feeling what Lady Eona is feeling—is this intense sadness what her mistress feels right now? Why would she think that? Kira watched her memories of the two flashes in mind. I’ve never—not for a single second—Lady Eona’s kindness is what has made her life worth living! To work under her, to stand beside her—teasing, jokes, even being attacked has not once fazed her! I—was afraid you hated me! Kira lunged forward unconsciously and grabbed the queen’s wrist. Both were speechless until Kira bit her tongue, forcing words out she did not entirely think to say.

“Don’t...” Kira clenched the wrist with an un-monitored tightness, “Don’t ever think for a second that I would hate you!” In her eyes a flicker of her day-self sparked in response to her sorrowful anger.

“Even if I hated this entire world—I would still never hate you! So please—!” Kira clenched her teeth and dropped her head, softening her tone, “Don’t make a face like that...not because of me...”

She whipped the tears from her eyes. Lady Eona meant the world to her, she was her world. This person was the only one who could betray her, who could do anything to her and never would she feel hatred against this person. Eona was let go and after a pause, she took that step back, pulled Kira, by the curve of her back, against her own figure and pressed their lips together.

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