The Immortalized Kiss (Book 1 Original version)

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Beneath the Mask

It was a great time before Eona broke the connection between them. She wanted to savior the taste of Kira’s lips longer but felt that anymore would have her abandon the ball and take the human now. Kira was certainly not ready for that.

Eona giggled, “That’s the first time you’ve ever yelled at me.”

“S-sorry...” Kira stuttered red in shock.

“Don’t be—I was being unfair to you. I deserved it.” Eona giggled with enjoyment.

She wishes in the future Kira could be more honest like this, seeing more of her ‘day-self’. It could be the influence of humans to, regardless if Kira realizes it or not she may be naturally able to express her pent-up feeling toward her own kin than towards vampires. Eona held back. She turned away from Kira and began to return to the party, knowing her inner beast would not be subdued if she remained a moment longer. Just before leaving the human on the patio, the queen glanced back and saw Kira barely able to keep herself up, having dropped on the ground with her face as red as the queen’s dress and eyes wide with shock. It seemed the shock of what had occurred had been quite delayed.

A trio of maids came towards the patio, having caught Kira’s scent and humming heartbeat. They had not seen the queen and found their daughter alone on the patio in a sort of trance that took them a few snaps to return Kira to this reality.

The women laughed apologetically as Kira struggled to create an excuse, however came up with a blank slate. While the teenager hoped to return the party and avoid eye-contact with Eo--the Queen--for the rest of the night, the maids had something else in mind. They were her mothers, caring for her since she was seven, but now they were like friends, setting up disaster. They bickered when Kira tried to flee, complaining about the necessity of their plan to work. By the time they were done Kira looked nothing like herself--not that the attire from before did, but this was entirely different.

“Don’t worry Mozart is the one who helped set this up!”

The servant was now a noble. Thanks to the owner of this suit Kira’s scent would be masked and would be further once Eona was beside her.

“Maybe I should dress you more often.” Jake patted Kira’s back and laughed loudly.

Kira bled red at the realization of ‘who’ she borrowed from. After the incident at school Jake had become annoyed at Kira’s concern of worrying their lady. Its not something a human, let alone Kira, should worry herself over. He came and talked to the staff wanting to get a better idea of the two’s relationship. After that it was a matter of getting Kira (the only person who could make the queen laugh) to present herself as a noble and suitor to the queen--at least that was the plan.

“Jake...why are you doing this?”

Her best friend fixes the collar of her (really his) dress robs then helps attach a sword.

“I don’t like seeing you pout.”

Kira gives a suspicious look, “Your fiancée is visiting, isn’t she?”

“Well...there is that.” Jake practically hit the ground at how quickly Kira found him out.

Quickly he caught her presence and began to panic. Kira ushered him into the closest and quickly put on her mask. Through the door Jake’s fiancée, Elisabeth De Sandres, marches in demanding her future husband’s presence. Kira began to panic, She must think I’m Jake because of the scent on his clothes! Kira opened her mouth to speak but was cut off when Elisabeth jumped her.

“My turn!” She yelled gleefully.

“Wait I’m not--!”

Her fangs reached toward Kira, but quickly Kira put up her hand, hoping the fangs would not reach a major blood vessel. If any caught the scent of human blood there would be trouble. Elisabeth stared at Kira as one fang just barely pierces the skin of her palm.

“’re not my Jake.”

Him and I don’t even look alike! Kira laughs apologetically, “No miss, but ah, he left not too long ago.”

Elisabeth removed herself and disappeared in the same moment. Kira looked to the door then dropped to her back with a loud exhale. I’m glad she didn’t puncture anything.

A noise rustled under the table, “Is she gone?”

Kira felt a twitch of annoyance come out, “Your girlfriend just jumped me, thinking I was you and you’re worried if she’s gone!”

“What?” Jake shrugged without accusation, “It’s a game we play, that I may or may not have included you in—”

“That’s not the point jackass!”

The two laughed as though they just finished an exhausting run. After collecting themselves one went to pursue his lover and the other to fulfill this silly plan everyone knew about besides her. Kira stood in the shadow of a pillar, her body shaking at the sight of all the people. Before when she was focusing on the music she did not notice just how many people where here, but now mingling among them:

‘Jake...’ Kira said nervously, ‘I’m scared...’

Jake looked to the crowd then to the queen who sat above them. He knew how nerve-raking this could be, but he also knew Kira had to get out of her comfort zone because sooner or later it would cause her more harm than good. The noble looked to the queen again, then brushed his shoulder with Kira’s:

‘Don’t think about them.’ Jake started, ’Look at Lady Eona, only at her and you will forget we are even here. ′

Kira remained frightened for a moment, then at Jake’s suggestion looked up from the masses and focused on the queen. Her beauty, after all, exceeded all. Jake took the chance, he pushed Kira into a space in the crowd, one she could not escape and had no choice, but to go forward.

Though others would not notice, Lady Eona was extremely bored. She had been pleased though, to know Kira’s true feelings were that. There was hope for her yet. Suddenly the room became quieter, even against the music it was thought to be without sound as yet another suitor approached the queen.

This man was smaller and younger than the rest it seemed—he had long, thick hair thought to be darker than black; braided down his back. His mask was eerie, something that resembled more of a helmet which had jagged teeth and black pits for eyes that matched the overall color of his mask. He stopped further away then the rest and did not set foot on a single stair. This noble bowed then stood speaking with a voice as creepy as his mask.

‘My lady...’ This tone sounded gargled and hollowed as a banshee’s hushed scream, ‘Would you care to dance?’

Kira’s heart raced and at any moment she felt she would faint. Everyone else would hear it, but with the amount of people they would not know whose heart it was. Eona smiles rising from her throne and walking down her steps.

As the music determined their quickened steps Kira’s beat gradually matched the queen’s. people whispered: ‘who is that noble?’ ‘Is he Lady Eona’s suitor?’ ‘She seems to know him.’ Kira was glad her face could not be seen but wondered if Lady Eona knew it was her. What did it matter? She remembered when the two used to dance when they were younger. For a long while Kira could not dance anything faster then a slow waltz. Now at the highlight of the year the two of them are dancing together in front of every important member of vampire society.

‘I have yet to see you until now.’ Her majesty curls a smile.

‘I was not present on the ballroom. Dancing is not my forte, but when I heard you had yet to dance there were many who took it upon themselves give me a little shove in your direction.’

An inner-Kira was already curling her fists at the plots her fellow servants made without her knowledge and approval. That included Jake who had literally shoved her into the crowd.

She was surprised she had gathered her senses enough to even take a step into the main hall. After what they shared on the patio Kira almost refused, fearing the distance between them has already been compromised. If she allowed things to continue, she would go past the point of no return and navigating that uncharted territory truly frightened her. The fear, the doubt, all of it disappeared when Jake gave her that push. Kira vowed that after this she would certainly get back at Jake and the maids for forcing her into this, but such an idea was out of mind when Kira drank in Eona’s appearance. Wow. This had been the first this night she looked directly into her master’s eyes. Tonight, she is especially beautiful, no, ‘she’ had made everything a thousand times more beautiful. Its not that I regret being human...but...why couldn’t I have been born a vampire? Then maybe we really could be...

The song ended. To Kira’s dismay she would not be able to remain another dance, else she may rouse suspicions further and enough had been risked with her action.

‘Thank you.’ The queen held the stranger’s hand a bit longer before releasing, ‘I certainly did enjoy this dance.’
Kira bowed and slipped from the crowd, finding a place to quiet her beat. For a time, she believed herself to be alone and undisturbed and yet this was a misconception when a voice came from behind.

“That was quite a performance, Mr. Nobody.”

A vampire woman stood in a lavish black dress at the corner. Kira bowed her head respectfully but said nothing--she was speechless at the resemblance, how this woman looked much like Elisabeth. The mother perhaps?

“I know all the nobles at the party and seeing as you I do not know, you are no noble.” The vampriss placed her hand on her hip and rose her brow as a sign of dominance.

Quickly Kira found this woman unlikeable, “I simply arrived at a later time, now if you would excuse me I have other business to attend to--”

The woman appeared in Kira’s path of travel and gloated. A fear appeared in the human’s chest that perhaps she had been found out--impossible, Jake’s clothes, Lady Eona’s presence surely had to mask her human scent. Calm down. This woman is likely testing her; therefore, she needs to keep a level head.

“Then you will have no problem in providing a name Mr. Noble?” She reveals her pearly fangs.

Kira slowed her heart rate, “I never said I was a ‘noble’ only that I had arrived at a later time.”

The woman smiles with curiosity at the statement then changed to another form of test, ‘You are a very mysterious person.’

Kira bows humorously in response, adopting the persona this woman gave off--she was someone who enjoyed the pleasure of power, ‘Such is a joy of a masquerade ball is it not? To hide your self beneath the mask that reveals the reflection of one’s heart, is that not a thrill?’ She had to create a different speech pattern, something that would not be detected by the most careful of detectives.

The woman smiles, appearing to be satisfied with those words: “I am Duchess Catherine de Sandrise, to who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

Kira wanted to flee, but knows she has already dug too deep of a grave to escape. Either by a curse of God or a blessing from Satan, Wolfgang came and greeted the Duchess, practically stepping between Kira and her.

“Ah Wolfgang it is a pleasure to see you again. How goes guarding our precious queen?”

The human’s body cringed--this woman is one of ‘those’ nobles. A member of the Senate who wants Purebloods for nothing more than their blood! Wolfgang would have thought to be holding Kira back as he engaged conversation with this woman.

“This is an adopted member of my house. He had gotten lost and informed me of the delay, I apologize if there was any confusion.”

Wolfgang he just...protected her? Just as Kira was to leave, Wolfgang elbowed her slightly a signal she took as to ‘not be rude’.

“I am Mortem, Duchess Sandrise and I thank you for the conversation.”

When clear from her sight, Wolfgang grabbed Kira and instantly took the both into a room. He roughly threw her to the ground and shoved clothes in her face, her clothes. He of all people...Why?

“Don’t think this change anything. You better drop to your knees and thank my grandson for asking me to save your sorry ass!”

Wolfgang threw an apple at her head as well.
“Never forget that you are alive because of vampires and that your life belongs to Lady Eona alone!”

He slammed the door behind him leaving Kira alone. That had been the kindest thing Wolfgang has done for her since taking her from the prison. Kira rolled her eyes at him, You’re an asshole, but thank you.

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