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Beauty and The Blindfold

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An uptight event planner hired to organize a charity gala for one of the richest families in New York. Only she doesn't know she's the main attraction.

Romance / Humor
Amanda Jensen
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One-Le Clair De Luna

Song: The Wolf-The Spencer Lee Band

“Sasha, please come to my office.” I set my phone down and panic builds within me. Why? Well my boss Jane just sprung a huge event on me. As the newest event planner, it’s a big deal for me. Apparently, the family hired me to organize this year’s charity gala and want it to be new and bold.

Sasha softly knocks on my door before entering. “You look frazzled, what’s going on?” Sasha and I have been friends since Freshman year of College. She found out my brother is Ryder Jenkins who was at the time the newest upcoming country singer.

When he was twenty one he auditioned for a singing competition, like American Idol and won. He was offered record deal and seven years later he’s made millions and is a household name. When he first started out he would headline for Brad Paisley, Brett Young, and Carrie Underwood. A few years ago he toured with Chris Stapleton and was on the cover of Rolling Stones and People magazine. Yeah, my brother is kind of a big deal but he doesn’t let it go to his head.

When Sasha heard I had the same last name she approached me and asked me all about him. I found that I really liked her because she was honest and didn’t force a friendship with me just because of who my brother is.

Ryder had given me two tickets to his latest concert and since my fiancé was stuck in a study group I invited her. When she saw that we were able to watch it from backstage she was so overjoyed, and when Ryder met her it was like an instant connection.

Six years later they’re finally engaged, don’t ask me why it took my brother so long to propose cause I don’t have an answer.

“For starters, Jane is pissed.” Sasha makes a face that mimics my boss.

“She’s always pissed so that’s nothing new. I swear that lady needs to get laid and have that stick pulled out of her ass.” My assistants choice of words makes me giggle. “What set her off this time?

“It might have to do with me being asked for personally by the biggest client this agency has ever seen?” Her blue pools widen with shock and her mouth drops open.

“Really? This could be good for you and your career.” She exclaims.

“I hope so.”

“Who is it?” Her chipper voice is full of excitement.

“I don’t know, Jane won’t tell me anything other than the family is very wealthy.” Sasha plops her butt on my soft plushy couch.

“That’s a bit strange.”

“Tell me about it, they want to remain anonymous until I meet him tomorrow. He’s sending his driver to get me.” My friend grimaces and appears concerned.

“It all sounds really ominous, I don’t know how I feel about it. Ryder and I can be there in the background, just to keep an eye on you.”

That would be interesting. My protective older brother and his chatty catty fiancé trying to be my watch out? Their cover would be blown in minutes.

“I’ll be fine, you go enjoy your night with my brother.” She waggles her eye brows and I could tell she was toying with an idea in her head.

“No!” I say loudly. “I know what you have working in your head and the answer is no.” Her blues flash with humor and she grins.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“I don’t have too, Sasha. You really aren’t good at hiding your thoughts. I will not be a third wheel with you and my brother.” Sash sticks out her bottom lip and pulls the puppy dog face with me.

“What if I say I have a really cute friend who’s seen your picture and thinks you are a knock out. What if he keeps asking about you and I said you’d meet him?” Bingo! They are always trying to hook me up.

“You can tell him it’s not going to happen. You know I don’t date and I’m tired of everyone trying to set me up. I’m content with my life and don’t need a man to complete me.”

“Oakland, you can’t keep shutting yourself off from men. Not all of them are pigs like Rodney.”

“My decision to not date has nothing to do with Rodney. I just don’t have time with my workload.” Glancing up from my desk. I see Sasha still standing there giving me a pity look.

“Don’t, you have work to do?” I feel bad for turning on the bitchy boss but if I don’t she’ll keep pushing.

“Okay, Oakland I think you need a one way ticket to denial town.” Sasha seems really tickled with herself for that statement.

“Maybe so, but it doesn’t change anything.” Arguing back with her, I see her eyes roll then, she heads for the door.

“Oh, Jace called to confirm you are still having drinks with him this evening.” Shit, I forgot about drinks with Jace. “Rodney called as well, said he needed you to call him back as soon as possible." I can’t, for the life of me understand why, my ex is calling, I haven’t talked to him since our divorce was finalized two years ago. Well, he’ll just have to wait.

“Thanks, Sash, Please let Jace know I will have to take a rain check. I’m going to be swamped with planning this event.” Blue pearls soften and a grimace appears on her mouth.

“You know I know when you’re avoiding something. What’s going on with Jace?” Oh, God where do I start?

“Him and Sam make me want to vomit. I love them but they’re both so into the “I love you, no I love you stage and it makes me feel awkward to be around them.

“You sound a little jealous.” That statement is way off base.

“I’m not jealous of Jace and his girlfriend. I just feel like I’m intruding on their time and they have to hold back because they don’t want me to feel uncomfortable.”

“You have a problem with Jace being in a relationship?” Her tone is accusatory.

“That’s an absurd question, of course, not. I’m happy he’s happy and Sam’s been really good for him.”

“That’s what I thought. He really cares about you Oakland and just wants you to be happy as we all do.” My friend reminds me and I know they all mean well but sometimes it just gets to be too much.

“He also has a friend he wants to set me up with.” Sasha’s big blue eyes grow as big as saucers.

“Hon, you need to go.” I quirk an eyebrow at my friend.

“You’re saying I should go meet this friend when I clearly dissed your friend?” She has the decency to look a bit shameful.

“If you decide not to go, you could be missing out on Mr. Right. If he’s friends with Jace he could be rich and hot.” I roll my eyes and leave it to my friend to bring money and looks into the conversation.

“There is more to a relationship than money and looks.” Sasha’s facial expressions soften.

“I know that Oakland but you at least owe to yourself to find out. Hiding your whole life in work is letting that asshole ex of yours win. You still give him the power because all he sees when he looks at you is how he destroyed you, and he loves it. So the best way to get back at him and say fuck you Rodney, is to get back out there and move on.” She’s right but her words cut deeply, I am allowing Rodney’s infidelity scare me from having a true relationship?

“Plus, there is no written rule that says you have to date the guy. You could just have a little fun with him.” Her eye brows waggle in suggestion.

“I’m not a one night stand kind of girl Sash, but I will go.”

“I’m....” She was interrupted by my the shrill ring of my cell phone. “I’ll let you get to that, just let me know what you need from me for your appointment tomorrow.” Reaching into my bag I grab my phone and see it’s Jace, before I answer I turn my attention back to my friend.

“Thank you Sasha, I will check with you before you leave for the day.” She nods and walks out and I answer my call.

“Hey, gorgeous.” Jace’s deep tenor cuts through the silence.

“Hey, I have to bail out tonight. I’m really sorry.” Jace chuckles into the phone and I hear his girlfriend shout,

“Nu- Uh, you’re coming.”

“I don’t know if it’s good idea. I just got assigned to a very important event so I need to be on top of my game.” I hear Jace sigh into the phone, he’s always been a bit of a dramatic one.

“That’s just an excuse Oakland and you know it. The guy I want to introduce you too will be there tonight and I really think you two will hit it off.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” My reply was a bit sarcastic.

“Seriously Oakland, you need to come out with us tonight, and get out of your head for a little while. It’s not going to kill you and we won’t take no for answer. If I have to come to your condo to drag you, out I will.

“Fine, you win.” I hear a gasp.

Rubbing the bridge of my nose, I wonder how I even became friends with the man. We are such polar opposites in everything but he is one who calls me on my bullshit. “That was easier than I expected.”

“Well, to be honest, I had already planned on it, I was just dragging out my answer cause it’s fun to see you beg.”

“You’re a wicked woman Oakland Jenkins.” Jace cackles.

“Don’t you know it. I need to get back to work so text me the address and I’ll met you guys there.” I reply.

“Alright, we’ll see you soon.” He hangs up and I get prepared for my next appointment.

“Oakland, do you need anything before I head home?” Sasha’s voice comes through my phone speaker.

“No, have a good night Sasha.”

“You too and have fun tonight.” She replies.

“Yeah, you know fun and I don’t mix well.” Sasha laughs.

“Just try to make the most of it and enjoy yourself for once.”

“I’ll do my best.”


Later that evening I’m standing in front of my full-length mirror judging my appearance, Jace said to wear my black dress but that’s not happening because that one screams fuck me. I don’t want to come off as easy but I also don’t want to look like a troll. Ugh, I miss the days when I could just put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt

I’m wearing a black sleeveless body con dress, with a blue silk wrap and my blue suede stilettos. My hair is down in soft natural waves and my makeup is neutral tones. I feel good and truthfully, I’m kind of excited to be going out with my friends. It’s been at least a month since I’ve had drinks and dinner with Jace and Sam, and if his friend shows up, well more the merrier but it doesn’t mean I’m going to date or hook up with him. No matter how gorgeous he is.

Walking into Le Clair De Lune, I’m greeted by a brunette young woman with a charming smile, “Hi, I was told to escort you back when you arrive.” She says with a chipper attitude but I’m a little taken aback by her knowing who I am. “You’re friends told me what you look like when they checked in, they said you might try to walk out when you stepped inside and I was supposed to stop you before you could.” She looks a little scared that she may have done something wrong and I feel bad.

“My friends are quite persistent and thank you.” The young woman smiles again and escorts me back to my friends. Jace and Sam are squished together on one bench and the other is left empty. My heart plummets when I realized I’ve probably been tricked, it’s not like this was going to be a date for me but I was excited of the prospect of not having to be a lone bystander in the uncomfortable display of new love. Jace pulls away from his girlfriend and sees me,

“Oakland, you made it and you look stunning.” He brings me in for a hug, which is still slightly unnerving since I’m not a huger or a touchy feeling person. I used to be but that was a different time. “Here, sit, I’ve ordered your favorite.” He points to the glass of red wine.

“Thanks, Jace, this place is amazing.” Jace smiles.

“My friend Krew owns it and is very proud of it. Oh, look, there he is.” Jace turns his head towards the bar and I follow but all I see is a very nice backside, so I turn back around, take a sip of my wine and a small moan escapes.

“Must be a great wine if it’s making you sound like that. ” At hearing a deep husky timbre, I jump in my seat and come face to face with the hottest man in existence. . Holy shit, just one look and I understand why women would sell a limb to spend five minutes with him. He stares at me with smoldering intensity and I feel as if I could combust. He screams of power, old money and sex appeal, I find myself wondering what it would feel like to be with him. Not even caring if he catches me, my eyes scan his body, and oh my God is he built. He’s wearing a white dress shirt with a few buttons left open, exposing his defined chest and black dress pants.

“Krew, this is my friend Oakland, the woman I told you about.” This man takes my hand in his and brings his lips to the back of my hand, I swear I could feel sparks.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Oakland. Jace’s description of you does not do you justice, you are Beauté envoûtante.” I stare at him, transfixed. His salacious voice wraps around me like a satin sheet.

“I...It’s nice to meet you too.” Fuck, this guy has me stuttering and acting like a horny teenager. Enthralling dark chocolate orbs lock with mine and I’m glued to him, the corner of his mouth turns up ever so slightly with a flirtatious smile. Heat rises on my neck and works its way to my cheeks. I’ve never felt so much desire for a man I just met, and just looking at him causes an ache between my legs.

I send up a prayer to the Almighty that I have enough willpower to walk away from him when the night is over because, with the way he’s gazing at me, I have a feeling I won’t be going home alone.

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