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Beauty and The Blindfold

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Chapter 2- Screaming Orgasms

Song: Sexyback-Justin Timberlake

Dinner and drinks with Krew turned out to be really enjoyable. I realize he isn’t the man everyone has made him out to be. He is fun and has a great sense of humor, and could make me laugh and since Rodney that’s been a task for most people.

“So how do you know Jace?” He asks as he leans forward and tucks a fallen strand of hair behind my ears. When his fingers brush against my skin a tickle of desire warms my lower belly. Moving away from Krew I take another sip of my third glass of wine, I shouldn’t be drinking this much but Jace said to just let go so that’s what’s I’m doing. “You have a little wine on your bottom lip.” His thumb and pointer gently pinch my chin, then he turns my head towards him.

"I don’t know what you’re doing to me ma belle enchanteresse. I feel the desire to kiss you?” Letting him kiss me would be a really bad idea but I can only imagine what those lips would feel like on mine.

“Yes.” His lips brushed mine, delicately. Like the wings of a butterfly, just long enough to inhale his breath and I get a taste of his imported beer. When his tongue swipes my bottom lip I pull back and glance up to see my friend smirking. I glare at him basically telling him to shut it. I don’t want to admit that kiss, even if it was just peck made me feel alive again. I haven’t felt that in almost three years and it felt nice.

Krew waved over our waitress, she comes over with a smile on her lovely face. “What else can I get for you tonight?” She asks with a friendly tone, but I catch her giving Krew the side-eye. I can’t blame her though, the guy is sex personified.

“Do you want another glass?” Krew turns to me.

“No, I’ve had enough.” After I answer he moves to Jace and Sam who both say no, the waitress goes to hand out our bills but Krew pushes them back in her hand and he seems kind of angry.

“These three are my friends and are not to be charged.” The poor girl looks like she’s about ready to cry and I feel bad for her.

“I can’t let you do that, I’m more than happy to pay.” Krew’s dark chocolate pools flick back to me and a hint of darkness swims in around his pupils. I should be afraid but I’m getting lost in them. He takes my hand in his and once again that bolt of electricity jolts me back. I can tell he’s affected as well since he his eyes are glued to mine.

“It’s already done.” He answers with a gruff and husky voice which goes straight to my deprived core. “I want to take you somewhere?”

“Not sure that’s a good idea.” He grins. “Relax Jace and Sam are coming too.”

“Okay, where?” I question and Sam squeals,

“We’re going dancing, baby!” Oh, this is most definitely a bad idea.

“That sounds fun but I’m going to pass.” Sam frowns at me and Jace being the persistent guy he is says,

“Remember, I said I wasn’t going to take no for an answer Oakland. If you don’t go, Sam would be really disappointed.” Rolling my eyes, I scoff,

“Jace, you know how to lay on the guilt. Fine, I’ll go for a little while but then I really need to get home.”

“Good girl.”

A little while later we’re all walking into Le Rêve Final which I was told is owned by Krew as well. The place is loud and crowded, it’s so not my scene, I already feel a headache coming on and we’ve only been here five minutes. Someone in the crowd grabs my ass,

“Hey, there sexy thing, wanna dance?” The guy reminds me of the sixty’s disco dances, with a handlebar mustache and a soul patch. His shirt is bright yellow with a mix of bold colors, and bell-bottom pants, this dude doesn’t have a chance in hell in getting a dance with me, but it hasn’t anything to do with his appearance; he’s sleazy.

“Hey, man, she’s with me and if you touch her again, I’ll break your hand.” The guy cowers when he sees who’s talking to him.

“Y...Yes, Mr. Russo. I...I’m sorry, I didn’t know she’s your girl.”

“I’m no...” Krew stops me by pushing me behind him and for once, I’m not angry for having a man protect me.

“Even if she wasn’t, you shouldn’t be putting your hands on women,” Krew tells the slimy man then slides his arm around my waist, holding me to him. “I’m sorry about that Oakland, I can take you home if that’s what you want.” I should accept his offer to take me home but the way he’s gazing at me makes me change my mind. I’ve never had a man look at me with so much hope and maybe even longing, not even Rodney.

“I think I’m okay. Who was that man?” Krew leads me over to the bar and pulls out a stool for me.

“He’s just a regular who gets a lot of complaints.” He answers as he sits, the bartender sees us and moves our way.

“Good evening Mr. Russo, what can I get for you and this beautiful guest?”

“I’ll take a beer and she’ll have the club special.” The bartender chuckles and winks at me.

“Going easy tonight?” The younger bartender asks. “You sure you don’t want something stronger? Mr. Russo here is not the most likable person, in fact, he’s a giant pain in the ass.” I must have been wearing a strange look because both guys burst into laughter.

“Oakland this is my younger brother Kayson, he’s part-owner so he thinks he can get away with being a dick.” Now, I feel stupid, cause now that I’m paying attention, I see the resemblance. Kayson’s eyes are a light blue with flecks of green, Krew’s are solid dark chocolate, the younger brother has stubble on his chin and a mustache, Krew’s has thin sideburns with a goatee and a thin mustache.

I also see the difference in height, Krew is about an inch taller than the younger Russo. They are both equal in the looks department though, and some of the similarities are their medium brown skin tone, Krew’s hair is short and spiked where Kayson’s is long and falls in his face.

Kayson throws his hand in my direction. “I’m the hotter and funnier brother, if you ever get bored of this douche, give me a call.” Kayson’s personality is charming and contagious, I can’t help but feel lighter around him.

“I think you may be a little too young for me but I’ll keep that in mind.” The younger brother smiles and I notice a small dimple on the side of his mouth. Krew has both.

“My age doesn’t matter sweetheart, it’s my size that counts.” Kayson winks and before I respond, Krew is flying over the bar and pushing his brother away from me. He starts shouting at him in French and even though I haven’t a clue what they’re saying it’s definitely heated. I hear a thump and see Krew pulling his hand away, Kayson’s rubs the back of his head and says,

“What the fuck bro!” The older brother just stares and looks like he wants to punch the younger one. “I meant no harm, you know that’s how I am.”

"Je l’aime vraiment, tu me dope et je n’ai pas besoin que tu ailles la chasser en étant toi-même!" Krew shouts at his brother, I’m hoping he’s only being loud for the fact one can’t even think over this music.

“Je ne savais pas, tu n’as jamais prêté autant d’attention à une fille à moins que tu ne saches qu’elle était une vraie baise. Je vais lui présenter mes excuses.”

“Je vous remercie.” Krew says calmly and his brother waves him off then goes to the bar and pulls out a beer for Krew. Once it’s in Krew’s hand, he comes back over and sits back down.”

“Well, that was fun,” I speak up to break the awkwardness. “Is he always like that?” Krew gulps down his beer then slides around to face me. He reaches for the stool and pulls me into his open legs, my knees touch the inside of his thighs. The delicious man leans forward and whispers in my ear,

“Do you have any idea how sexy you are?” His hot breath on my skin elicits white-hot lust and it’s becoming apparent I want this man. “Je te veux!” I can’t bring myself to respond to him so I flip my attention to Kayson who just set down a vanilla milkshake with chocolate shavings sprinkled on top.

“From me to you Tweety Bird,” Kayson says and Krew growls.

“Tweety Bird?” I question.

“It’s perfect because you look sweet and innocent, but I see the bad girl wanting to come out and play.”

“How can you possibly know that when you just met me?” He’s got my curiosity going. He chuckles.

“I don’t need to truly know you to see it. It’s just a matter of being perceptive. Enjoy your drink it’s large and ribbed for your pleasure.”

“Fuck, Kay, I told you to knock it off!” Krew shouts at his brother who just stands there grinning.

“What is it?” I question, neither of them answers until I begin to take a sip.

“It’s a screaming orgasm.” I nearly choke but am able to gulp it down, Kayson’s playful grin stays on his mouth when he asks,

“So, how is it?” It’s time to beat this kid at his own game.”

“Hmm, I’d have to say I’ve had better.” Krew’s loud bark can be heard over the blaring dance music. “However, it is good but I think it’s going to take a lot more to get me to admit anything to you.” His blue-greens widen with shock and mock disappointment shows on his cute face.

“Game on, Tweety Bird.” Kayson walks away and even though I told him I’ve had better, the screaming orgasm is actually really good, I only wish I could get a real one.” I’m lost in my thoughts, not even paying attention to realize I’ve finished it off, and another is being set down in front of me. Turning my head I see Krew downing three shots of what I’m guessing is Tequila, and staring at me with hunger in his eyes. I take a couple of sips of my screaming orgasm and feel the buzz kicking in. I’ve never allowed myself to get completely drunk because bad decisions get made, like what I’m about to do.

Jumping off the stool, I reach for Krew’s hand. “I wanna dance!” Krew doesn’t budge from his stool.

“I don’t dance.” He replies gruffly and I pout.

“Fine, Kayson will dance with me.” Without even asking the younger brother is jumping over the counter and pulling me to the dance floor. I feel Krew’s eyes on us the entire time so I decide to put on a show for him. Sexy back by Justin Timberlake comes on and I feel Kayson’s hands on my hips, my head lays on his shoulder and I push my ass into his groin and start while he digs. I don’t grind on him but we just make it look like that way. I close my eyes and get lost in the music until I’m turned around and pressed up against a hard chest. His hand slides down my side and lifts my leg up, and lines us up so we’re chest to chest.

Throwing both my arms around his neck I cling to him like he’s my lifeline, and his mouth comes down on mine hard and demanding. His tongue thrust into my mouth and the way he played with my tongue and my body feels like I’m spiraling into the deep abyss of sexual ecstasy. Suddenly he pulls away, my leg is dropped and I’m turned around with my back pressed against his chest.

Large hands work their way down my body while we move to the music and this time I get forget where I am because his hands on my body feel out of this world. It’s been so long since I let a man touch me this way, I’m so tired of feeling unworthy and disgusting. I gasp when his hand slides up my inner thigh and under my dress, my panties are soaking wet which he’ll soon discover. When his hand reaches my center he rubs his hand over my underwear, then he breaths in my ear,

“I sure hope you’re not this wet because of my brother.” Oh, shit, in my drunken haze I forgot I started dancing with Kayson, they had to have switched at some point. Heat rises to my face when I think about how big of a tramp I’m acting. Krew grips my panties and tugs them to the side, he glides a finger through my wet folds and rubs my swollen nub with his thumb adding to the aching pressure. I peer around to see if anyone notices but everyone is lost in their own world, so I give in to Krew.

Arching my back, I lay my head on his shoulder and wrap my arms around his neck from behind, I suck in my bottom lip bite down, I’m afraid to make any noise and draw attention to us. “Just let go, Oakland, let me give you this.” Krew pleads and who am I to ignore his pleas? I drop my guard, he inserts a finger and starts thrusting, I begin to rock my hips and match his rhythm.

Krew adds to the heat building within me by kissing my neck and working his way up, he sucks my ear lobe into his mouth, and with one final thrust, I’m lost in the euphoric bliss as my orgasm electrifies me and sends me flying through heaven and hell and I’m happy to knock on either gate if it means this kind of pleasure.

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