My Last Valentine Day With Boss

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Chapter Six: The Ending

They arrived at Laura’s neighborhood and James stopped at one of the houses right in front of her.

“I was afraid to tell you this because you might think that I was a stalker, but I bought this property.”, James said, pointing at the house in front of them. “I had no idea that you lived just next door. I swear!”.

Laura laughed.

“I believe you…”, she said. “That house has been in the market for a few months now. But… why did you want to buy a house here?”

James exhaled and looked away.

“Because I want to get away from my family… I want to get out of the company. I want out of everything and live my life how I want it.”.

She could tell that James was very upset about it and that it was hard for him to discuss this matter. She also understood his reasons and she suspected how complicated his life was. She was also quite happy that he would be living just next door to her house. It would certainly make things better between the two of them and allowed them to get to know each other for the next few days.

“That’s why you couldn’t tell anyone. I don’t want them to know where I live.”, he explained.

“Will you be running away from them?”

“In a way, yeah. But I will still visit them, I just want to find another job and leave all of that behind. They will never support me though, so they will probably be the ones who’ll want me to run away from them.”

“I’m so sorry…”, she said, holding his hand tighter.

“It’s okay. I really need to do this.”, he said, putting on a forced smile. “Shall we go inside?”, he asked her.

Laura nodded positively.

The house was expensive, she knew that because she had seen the ad online. On the inside, it was already decorated with everything that his money could buy. The furniture was very modern, elegant but simple, it was a cozy place.

James was doing a tour of the house when suddenly his bedroom’s light bulb exploded, cutting off the power from the whole house.

“Are you okay?”, he asked her.

“Yes.”, she replied.

It was pitch black and neither of them knew the house well enough to move around in it. Also, they had left their phones on top of his living room table, so they couldn’t use them. James held her body in his arms and both of their breaths immediately intensified. Without even realizing, Laura had her face touching his and she suddenly felt his lips tasting hers.

It felt amazing. They were kissing on each other lips and, in a matter of seconds, their tongues were already dancing inside of their mouths. She was grabbing onto James’s body like glue and she was letting loose all the desire that she was holding on for most of her life. Laura grabbed his head with her hands and intensified their kiss.

Then, she took her hands to his waist, feeling his abdominal muscles on the way down. He had his suit on, so she unbuttoned his coat and took it off. James pushed her against the wall and she moaned a little. She had never moaned before; well, she never even had sex. She did use a few sex toys to entertain herself, however, so it wouldn’t be that bad.

James began to remove her shirt, revealing that she only had her bra underneath. She then proceeded to remove his shirt, unbuttoning everything. It was too many buttons! They both laughed and then he held her head with his hand, kissing her once more.

She had already felt his boner as they rubbed their horny bodies against each other, so she unbuttoned his pants and took them off. She couldn’t see anything but she could definitely feel, with the palm of her hand, the shape of his hard penis and she could tell that it was a big cock.

Laura got on her knees and placed her face close to that jewel, kissing it and touching it with her hands. James was starting to moan a little and he placed his hands on her head, stroking her hair. She took off his briefs, making his hard dick bounce and hit his belly.

Surprisingly, his dick smelled amazing. He must have used a good shower gel. She kissed it with her lips, feeling its soft skin and then she opened her mouth to receive it. She could take it. James was now moaning loudly and his hand movements on her hair indicated that he was loving it.

The fact that she was the reason for the pleasure that he was feeling, was enough for her. She kept going faster and she even got her hand out to help as she’s seen in porn movies.

“Hold on. I’m close.”, James said.

He pulled her up and kissed her lips once more. The taste of his penis was now mixed in with both of them. James unbuttoned her bra and remove it from her body. Her breasts were not small, but they weren’t that big either. He placed each of his hands on each of her boobs, holding them and squeezing them softly. Then, he began to kiss her neck, moving along to her stomach. Laura still had her pants on, so James also removed them.

Like what she had done to him, he began to kiss her underwear and feeling her pussy. She never had someone going down on her and his lips against her labia felt amazing. He pulled her panties from her body and kissed her vagina softly. Then, he licked it. That was a feeling that she never felt before. His wet tongue was making her vibrate. James licked it a bit more and then, with the help of his fingers, placed it inside of her. His tongue was disappearing inside of her vagina and she began to moan loudly.

She felt close to coming too, so she stopped him. They both held hands and started to touch everything around them, to find the bed. Once she was able to feel the mattress, she was pulled onto it, with her back laying on its soft sheets and with James on top of her.

They kissed and she began to feel his dick rubbing against her vagina. She could feel his warm breath on her face and she was ready for him to put it inside of her. She took her hand to his cock and pushed it to her pussy, making it go in.

Laura screamed.

“Is everything okay?”, James asked, out of breath.

“Yeah.”, she told him.

Laura didn’t know why she screamed, maybe because she had never felt anything like that before.

His lips glued onto hers and James started to go faster. Her body was in heaven! She was trying to moan loudly, but his mouth was holding her tongue captive. She could hear James moaning and breathing heavily too. They were both close.

“I’m going to cum.”, James said.

“Don’t stop.”, begged Laura, close to climax too.

They both screamed this time, as they simultaneously came. She could feel his cum pouring inside of her and his dick pulsating as he screamed. Their breaths were so audible that they kind of sounded like dogs.

James took his dick out of her and lay in bed beside her. They were both staring into absolute darkness, but they were both the happiest people on earth. Laura wasn’t sure of the future had in store for her, but she knew that she wanted to be by James’s side. And know she knows that he wants the same thing too. The past few days, her life was better than ever before and today, was the happiest day of her life.


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