The Chaperone

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The pro-wrestling bad boys of Retribution are back and out of control. IWX owner, Davis Preston, hires the feisty sister of the intimidating duo, the Doom Brothers, to become their chaperone. Retribution gets more than they bargained for when the rough and tough sideshow firebreather, Holly Bordeaux, gives them a run for their money and shows them who’s in charge. Colt “45” Wesson, the new leader of the group, finds he has met his match when Holly becomes a thorn in his side. Holly loves to fight and her tough girl persona is threatened when she starts to fall for the IWX bad boy in the last book in the Wrestling with Love Series.

Romance / Drama
Loretta Kendall
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Chapter 1

Wrestling with Love Series (Book 3)

The Chaperone


“Sam. I don’t know what to do with Colt. I should have never allowed him to continue with Retribution in Slade’s absence. It was out of control when Slade was in charge, but now this? Colt is on a huge ego trip since Slade’s been out injured and he took over. Since Slade is out, we have no one to keep them in line.” Davis rubbed his temples from the huge headache that was coming on.

Sam chuckled. “He may be pissing people off, but it’s making good ratings and fans are loving it. Slade and Gage think Colt is going to be the next big thing and the fans agree.”

Davis huffed. “Fans. What do they know? Any ideas on how to get these guys under control? Colt never listens to me anymore. They need a damn babysitter. They are making The IWX Alliance and everyone else looks like fools. Even Candy can’t talk any sense into them and Colt and they are close friends. Candy is a great general manager but she’s pregnant and doesn’t need to have to deal with all this stress. It’s not just on the show. It’s behind the scenes too.”

Sam shrugged. “Uncle Davis, it’s not entirely a bad idea.”


“A babysitter. What if I can find someone to be our watchdog. Have them under watch 24/7.”

Davis sat and thought. “Hmm. Could work.” He stood up walking around the room thinking. “Has to be someone tough. A real hardass. Someone who will not take any of their shit. Someone who can really give Colt a run for his money. Be their manager but keep them in line too.” Davis smiled his maniacal mad wrestling scientist grin. “Get on it. I want someone by next Monday night.”

“On it, Uncle D.” Sam headed out.

Davis sat in his office chair grinning. He may actually get some control over the group of degenerate playboys once and for all.


Sam worked hard to find the perfect person to watch over Retribution. After consulting with some of the top talents on the roster he thought he had found someone perfect for the job. Wraith Evan’s, the oldest Doom Brother, knew someone who was as tough as he was. The person could hold their own in the ring too. Perfect for keeping Retribution in line.

Wraith walked into Davis’s office before the house show. He greeted Sam and sat down in the chair across from his boss.

“Need to see me, bossman?” The tall tattooed Doom Brother said in his deep intimidating voice.

Davis noticed a new tattoo and shuttered. He hated needles and didn’t see how Wraith could cover his whole body in tats.

“Sam told me that you may know someone who can help me with this Retribution situation. I finally got Gage Logan and Isis straightened out. Slade and Candy are doing great. Now I have to deal with Colt and his new faction and they are out of control. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the men in this company? It’s like every damn single man in IWX has too much testosterone for their own damn good.”

“Isn’t that Candy’s job to keep tabs on the roster?”

“She’s pregnant and has dealt with so much already. She needs to focus on Slade’s recovery and having a healthy baby. I don’t want to give her more to worry about.”

Wraith nodded. “I agree. Isis tells me Candy is worried about the pregnancy. She’s a good kid. She and Slade are going to be great parents. Okay... what can I do to help?”

“Tell me you have an answer to this. I need someone good to step in. You know Colt doesn’t back down from anyone. I need Retribution under control.” Davis sat back in his chair, rubbing his temple.

Wraith chuckled. “I know the perfect person. But, you may not be able to tame this one. They will want to work alone. No micromanaging from you or the boy wonder over here.”

Sam rolled his eyes. He was always the nerdy fanboy backstage that got on everyone’s nerves. He just got his job because his uncle wanted to show him some responsibility.

“Real hardass. huh?” Davis asked.

“You could say that.” Wraith crossed his ankle over his knee smirking and tapping his finger on his motorcycle boot. “In twenty-four years, I haven’t been able to get any control over them. The only person in my life that is more badass than I am. Well, at least they think they are, anyway.”

“I like it, Uncle D. So who’s the guy?” Sam was excited rubbing his hands together and almost bouncing in his seat

Wraith scowled looking over at the bosses nerdy nephew. “Who said that it’s a guy, pencil neck?”

“A girl?” Davis laughed. “Wraith, no disrespect but we both know that Colt is a ladies man. I don’t think a girl would be able to do what I need to get done.”

“You want someone to get them in line? Get them focused and do what’s best for business, right?” Wraith said sternly.

“Right. But, what girl can get those idiots in line? Colt thinks he’s invincible.” Davis was skeptical.

Wraith frowned. “My sister. Holly.”

Davis instantly dropped his smile and swallowed hard. A cold shiver crept over him. “Oh… umm… well. That’s different.”

Sam spoke up. “Wait? That the same girl that was arrested for beating the shit out of five guys in a bar because she thought they looked at her funny? The same one that Cyrus says he is a little afraid of? I thought she was a firebreather in a slideshow.”

“One and the same. She is a wrestler too. Mostly hardcore matches. Holly just didn’t want to be a part of IWX because she doesn’t want to be treated like some bimbo traipsing around in bikinis and underwear. She only has fought men in the ring and never does that bra and panties shit that Davis tried to bring back. This isn’t the 90’s old man. It’s time you realize that women are not Barbie dolls in this industry. They are as tough as the guys. Look at Isis, Tomi, Sahara, and Candy. Those girls are tough. Our female roster isn’t just meek little princesses anymore.”

“It was one time, Wraith,” Davis grunted. “It was a beauty contest. The girls who entered had fun and made good money that night.”

“Money isn’t everything. It was a shit show and you know it. Anyway, Holly dresses sexy but she is not some Tinkerbell. Davis, if I did allow you to bring her in, I better never see her doing that shit. Thank God I have Gage watching over Isis. I don’t have to worry about you putting her in shit like that because Gage will kill you.”

“Oh. No. No. Of course not. Bring Holly in. I would love to meet her.”

Davis was a little unsure of himself. What woman beats up five men alone? More-less intimidates people as much as Wraith and his brother, Cyrus.


A few days later, Wraith and Cyrus brought in their sister Holly to the Chicago office. Holly was complaining all morning. She was excited to finally work with her cousin and best friend/cousin Isis, but it wasn’t worth the hassle with the project she was asked to take on. She had visited the show a few times but never settled into signing her own contract. When she did, she wanted to be on her own. Not with a faction group unless it was her brothers.

“Geez, Wraith. You seriously want me to play babysitter to a bunch of assholes?”

“Stop calling it that. Chaperone or manager. You call the shots with these guys.” Wraith led her to Davis’s office.

“Ahh! Miss Holly. Come in. Welcome.”Davis held out his hand to welcome her.

Holly walked past in her signature red leather jacket, jeans, black stilettos, and cut up band t-shirt while ignoring him. She was very sexy yet intimidating like her brothers. Black wavy hair down to her waist, big brown eyes, tone body, and voluptuous curves made any man take notice but few dared to approach her.

She flopped down in the chair, throwing her feet up on Davis’s desk chomping her gum. Crossing her arms she was seemingly not excited to be there.

“All right. Well, let’s get down to business then.” Davis seemed annoyed by her dismissive attitude.

Wraith shoved her feet down and gave her a scowl to say ‘cool it’. Holly rolled her eyes popping her gum and twirling her hair in her fingers. Wraith was the only person who she ever really listened to. Even though she was very definite, he was still bigger and stronger. Only her brothers were able to get any control over her. Just like her cousin Isis, they were her closest family. Holly sat up straight and relaxed, watching Wraith glaring at her.

“So? Who is it I’m playing babysitter for, bossman?”

“Their manager, Holly. You go in there calling it babysitter and it’s not going to fly. You think you can handle anything but Colt is just like you; a cocky, big mouth, pain in the ass. If you go in without a game plan he will feed your ass to you.” Cyrus scolded her.

“Oh, Please. Wait… Colt? Like Colt 45 Wesson? The Bullet? Slade’s bestie and one of Gage’s old proteges’?” Holly threw her head back laughing. “Oh my gosh. You want me to watch over Retribution? Oh, man. That’s freaking hysterical.” She was suddenly interested. “Why didn’t you say so. Those freaking frat boys who are a bunch of wannabe badasses? This could be fun.”

Wraith grunted. “Holly. Respect. This is a business here. Davis is your boss. This whole thing might teach you something too.”

“What exactly will they teach me? How to be a total dick sucking douche bags?” She looked over and Wraith was scowling at her. “Okay. Okay. Geez.” Holly rolled her eyes and she felt her brother Wraith flick her in the back of the head. “Hey!” She rubbed the spot scrunching up her nose at him.

“Holly Bordeaux, right? That’s your stage name? You were a hardcore wrestler. Cyrus said a firebreather and fire dancer in the sideshow circuit. Ironic since Cyrus’s was burned as a kid. Maybe we can work that into a storyline sometime in the future. You also ride a motorcycle. That combo could be a really good entrance for your character.” Davis looked over her paperwork. “I know no bra and panties matches. Wraith and Cyrus would kill me. But, you are hot. Sorry guys but she is,” Davis chuckled.

Wraith growled at him and he instantly stopped laughing.

“So you are going to come in as a sexy powerhouse. Just like Isis did. Only this time, more metal rocker style. We know you will be the most dangerous woman on the roster. This is what I want. I want you to come in all guns blazing with these guys. Part hardass fire-breathing-biker chick. Part sexy vixen. You will have to be tough. But, also feminine. Use your sexy side to your advantage.”

“Sorry, that’s no go with sexy stuff on stage. If you mean that old school diva bullshit you’ve been trying to bring back, that’s a no. I am not a fan of acting like a slut to get off fat dudes watching wrestling in their mom’s basement. I can be sexy but I’m not going to be treated like some skank. Props to the girls who pull it off but that’s not my style. No judgment here with those girls but it's not me. I understand my fire breathing is sexy but it’s also a very dangerous performance. Not some kind of fetish shit.” She huffed glaring at Davis.

“No. None of that. I want you to dominate. Be in charge. Intimidating just like your brothers and even Colt. But…” Davis rubbed the back of his neck. “Colt and the guys will not back down easily. They are tough. Especially Colt. The Retribution faction are ruthless in and out of the ring. He’s pretty fearless. Deep down Colt is a great guy but his ego is out of control right now.”

Holly smirked and popped a bubble with her gum. “I can break him. They all do.”

“This is a full-time gig. Backstage too. When we’re on the road, you’re on their asses. You will be part of Retribution but also the thorn in their side. You report back to me.” Davis was adamant she had to take charge.

”Got it. But I want something in return. Tit-for-tat. I’m not stupid. I know where the money is. Title shot. It doesn’t have to be right now, but soon. I know you will want me to wrestle girls at first. But that’s just not who I was trained to fight. I have fought in back-alley brawls with men twice my size. I’ve done shit your girls here would run away from. Wraith and Cyrus trained me and I’m a fighter.”

Cyrus rolled his eyes. “Because you can’t keep your hands to yourself and think you need to fight everyone. We trained you to keep you out of trouble. Not get into more.”

“Whatever. I don’t want to hurt one of your little barbie dolls, Davis. I only know a couple of them that are really tough and I’m down with being in the ring with them. My brothers taught me so I can go toe-to-toe with guys. When the time is right, the World Heavyweight title. Men’s title. No title shot. No deal.” Holly smiled crossing her arms.

Wraith looked over annoyed, shaking his head. “You’ve got to be kidding me? My sister is an idiot.”

“No. She’s into something. Men’s title, huh? Hmm… I think if you show you have what it takes, we can do that. But, you’ll have to work for it. We have a deal?” Davis sat back in his chair sizing her up.

“Oh, and if I do this, I do it my way. Don’t question my methods. I will make sure they stay in line. You'll still have your Retribution cash cows wanting to stay at IWX too. By the time I get done with them, Colt won’t know what hit him.” She nodded, licking her lips like she was ready to eat Colt alive.

This was going to be fun.

Davis sat back pleased with her moxy. “Agreed. You have full access. I will step aside on this project. Just do your job. The key is doing what’s best for my business and helping our talent to succeed. What exactly that is, it will be for you to decide. I trust you are the one who can make it happen.”

Holly got up, shaking his hand. “You have yourself a babysitter… oops… chaperone.” Looking over at Cyrus to taunt him. “Sorry brother. I mean… manager.” She said in a snarky tone.

Cyrus shook his head resting it in his hand. “This is such a bad idea.”

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